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Re: Selling tiger laser tag guns Extremely interested in the Tag Master Blaster rifles. We are a film crew in West Monroe, LA and we're looking to buy a large # of tag master blasters.

Feb 25

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Re: Selling tiger laser tag guns I'm also interested in the remaining rifles. (and maybe a few more guns) it's been a long time since i bought any, so i'm unsure of the going rate. what are

Feb 18

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Re: Selling tiger laser tag guns I have way to many so ill consider any reasonable offer On Feb 17, 2015 1:24 PM, "sdf@... [LazerTagTeamOps]"

Mad Max
Feb 17

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Re: Selling tiger laser tag guns Are you selling them as a lot or individually? I might be interested in a couple of rifles with missiles depending on the price + shipping. Scott

Feb 17

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Re: Toy Fair 2015 And Lyte Shot is expensive with a range that is best suited for indoor play. Haven’t played with it yet but it seems they were so focused on getting the tech

Shannon Bruzelius
Feb 16

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Selling tiger laser tag guns I have bout 20+ rifles and guns and head sets. No boxes but they are all mostly complete missing one missile I think. They are in storage or else I'd give you

Feb 16

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Re: Toy Fair 2015 Skirmos keeps updating their FB page with stuff. It's not frequent, but it's ongoing. -Greg On 2/16/2015 6:13 AM, Mike Lovejoy mlovejoy86@...

Greg Gaub
Feb 16

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Re: Toy Fair 2015 Haven't seen anything from Hasbro on it. Haven't seen anything for Skirmos. LyteShot seems to be the lone Laser Tag item there. On Sun, Feb 15, 2015 at 11:12

Mike Lovejoy
Feb 16

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Toy Fair 2015 Anyone have any Lazer Tag news from Toy Fair? Here's something I found for an interesting, new product.

Feb 15

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Re: Best setup for shooting at (and maybe from) RC plane? The code at that link has not been debugged, I know it does not run as-is. I would recommend only using it as a reference. Once you get going, you can also

Jan 15

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Re: Best setup for shooting at (and maybe from) RC plane? Thanks, Dustin and SherpaDoug. This is very helpful. A few questions: - Is this the latest Zombie sensor code: https://codebender.cc/sketch:35152

Jan 14

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Parting with a set of LTTO/LTAR Guns Hello all, I am moving on in my life now and unfortunately one of the things that will not be following is my set of LTTO guns. Prior to sending them out off

Jan 9

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Re: Saw at CES: LyteShot Does look like a fun LARP experience if everyone has the $700 AR glasses... I can imagine turrets and defensive shields could be implemented on the map and if

James Herda
Jan 9

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Re: Saw at CES: LyteShot LOL! Yeah... not a laser tag game. -Greg

Greg Gaub
Jan 9

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Re: Saw at CES: LyteShot Technical Specifications Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless communication ATmega 328P microprocessor Custom IR optics 70 ft IR range Rechargeable Li-Po

Jan 9
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