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Re: Disable Beacon on LTAR? Covering the receiver barrel will stop the lock on and IFF stuff, but they won't stop proximity warnings, e.g. the "Danger!" voice. To stop that, you have to
Greg Gaub
6:02 PM
Re: Disable Beacon on LTAR? Add a switch or just use some tape
4:37 PM
Disable Beacon on LTAR? Is there anyway to disable the notification beacon on the LTAR taggers? Specifically, the notification that sounds when you are aiming at someone or the danger
1:28 PM
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Re: Taco Bell commercial I had to watch the commercial a few times to spot the box, around the 25 second mark. Higher quality video http://youtu.be/clZBO_kBgUM
4:43 AM
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Re: Rechargeable batteries? What gun are you using? I use them in all my heavy use guns and get many isolated uses out of them. Great that they don't go flat while just sitting around!
Ian Larson
Apr 23
Re: Rechargeable batteries? I also use enelope white version but only get 45 min out of them, which I'm not empressed with. I have a titanium md-1600L 16 bay charger... which had positive
Apr 23
Re: Rechargeable batteries? Thank you!!! Sent from my iPhone
Apr 23
Re: Rechargeable batteries? I use Sanyo eneloop. Use something similar since they have low self discharge.
ian larson
Apr 23
Rechargeable batteries? All, I believe in the past someone posted some information regarding which type of rechargeable batteries to use/not use for the Phoenix LTX Does anyone have
Apr 23
Re: Taco Bell commercial Netflix had a commercial that included the WoW lazer tag as well http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYzTeWf3nOQ James This one?
James Crumpton
Apr 23
Re: Taco Bell commercial This one? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ng9NMXdukyI
Greg Gaub
Apr 23
Re: Taco Bell commercial I don't watch much TV. Can you describe the commercial, or link to it online? -Greg
Greg Gaub
Apr 23
Taco Bell commercial Just wondering if I am the first to spot it. It being the WoW Lazer Tag
Apr 23
Re: Laser Tag in Media (Goldbergs) Couldn't stand to watch the whole thing, but I did manage to skip to a part where the dad comes down stairs in his civvies wearing a full WoW Lazer Tag get up.
Greg Gaub
Apr 16
Re: Laser Tag in Media (Goldbergs) Cool! I'll have to watch it. ... -- Robert Bontrager www.BlasterBattles.com Sent from Gmail Mobile
Robert Bontrager
Apr 11
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Laser Tag in Media (Goldbergs) This week's episode of The Goldbergs has a laser tag birthday party. If you are unfamiliar with the show, it is set in the late 1980s time period and very
Apr 11
Re: ZZLT LTAR Display installation video Thanks for the compliment. Yes, I absolutely agree on the drill position. I noticed that too while editing. Holding the plastic and drill like that was crazy
Apr 11
Re: Any Tag in Indiana? Oh, there is a group outside Dayton, but they use MilesTag. Send Jim Robertson a message at Combat Tag at gmail dot com (no spaces) Sent from my T-Mobile 4G
Andy Hasara
Apr 10
Re: Any Tag in Indiana? I am still here, but it is hard to find people to play.  I think I need to stop sending things to you gijoe address, too. Any interest from the others in
Andy Hasara
Apr 10
Re: Any Tag in Indiana? ... Good luck finding players! :) Be sure to ask again in a couple months when the weather really starts getting good. Also, be sure to post in various
Greg Gaub
Apr 10
Any Tag in Indiana? Hello Everyone, Is anyone playing any kind of Tag in the Indianapolis, Indiana region? I am starting to get desperate to play. Also anything in the Dayton or
Apr 10
Re: ZZLT LTAR Display installation video Great video, very thorough and concise. Thanks for sharing it! Also nice choice of solder-mask and silkscreen colors. My only criticism would be right near
Apr 10
Re: ZZLT LTAR Display for Sale ! [1 Attachment] Ha, thanks. I have heard mixed responses to the Bucky wire connector. To people who don't like it, the circuit is installed face down. ;)
Mar 27
Re: MLTA - Season 9 Planning Wow, dude. that is awesome. I'd LOVE to have an epic tagging park like that in my BACK YARD! No wonder you chose THAT house when you guys bought one. :) In
Greg Gaub
Mar 26
MLTA - Season 9 Planning Boy oh boy am I stoked for Season 9. The Midwest Laser Tag Association has a lot of new things going for it coming into our next summer season of weekly
Mike Lovejoy
Mar 26
Re: ZZLT LTAR Display for Sale ! [1 Attachment] Great video. Very well done and easy to follow. I love how the solder points on the display are made to look like a buck toothed smiley face. :) -Greg
Greg Gaub
Mar 26
Re: Hosting Mod? I recently purchased a lazer swarm and can vouch for it as a very solid hosting device. I played around with arduino hosting for a long time and it can be very
Mar 25
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Re: Hosting Mod? Check out my product, the Lazer Swarm Command Center. http://lazerswarm.com/ http://lazerswarm.com/ If you want to make something of your own, I have
Mar 25
Hosting Mod? I am considering making a "hosting unit" for LTTO which would have greater range and be easier access for setting up hosted games. Anyone have any experience
Mar 25
Re: ZZLT LTAR Display for Sale ! Back again. This time with white color matching ZZLT LTAR Displays that look awesome when mounted on the iron sight. I also took some time this weekend and
Mar 23
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