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UPDATE on our offers.....plus some free stuff

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  • Jason, Crystal, Hunter and Amber
    UPDATED Cheapcycle LIST……. We are in the process of preparing for a move – so we are getting rid of lots of items – some free and some for sale. Some
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2007
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      UPDATED Cheapcycle LIST…….

      We are in the process of preparing for a move – so we are getting
      rid of lots of items – some free and some for sale.

      Some of the items we still have for sale are:

      • Have a push mower....Murry... Briggs-Stratton motor. Not self
      propelled. Only used three or four seasons. Getting ready to move
      and need to get rid of it. Was asking $30…now asking only $25 for it.

      • Have a ceramic lawn ornament of a little girl carrying two
      baskets. One of the baskets is slightly cracked but doesn't reduce
      the visual
      appeal of it. We are moving and trying to cut back on what we take
      with us.

      I have a few pictures of it under the "photos" section of this site
      the folder "WhitehornFamily". They retail between $80-$100 bucks or
      more. We will part with it for only $5.00.

      • I have a regular standard red charcoal grill for sell – I'll
      take $5.00 for it. Still sound…not rusted through.

      • I also have a few vhs movies:

      Home Alone 2
      Riding in Cars With Boys
      Nutty Professor 2 : The Klumps

      We will take $1.00 for the whole lot.

      • We have five DVD's: Pearl Harbor (2 disk set), City of Angels
      (Special Edition Release), Hollow Man, A Civil Action., and
      Tribulation.. You can take `em all for $15 bucks.

      * I have a PC game called "Riven" (it is the sequel to Myst). Its
      yours for $2.50

      * In addition, I have PLaystation game called "Final Fantasy VIII".
      Check with your kids who play Playstation (like pre-teen and teens)…
      Final Fantasy is a popular game. We will let it go for $5.00.

      I also have a whole assortment for a rabbit/ferret or small animal

      -Have a partially full bag of puppy housebreaking pads.
      -Large bag of rabbit food
      -part of a bag of pine shavings for bedding
      -almost a full bag of cedar shavings for bedding
      -full bag of alfalfa cubes (used for rabbits, hamsters, etc)
      -An almost full bag of timothy hay for small pets like rabbits.
      -The biggest part of this offering is a pet cage for a
      rabbit/ferret/etc. It is a Marchioro Small Animal Cage (32"W X 20"D
      X 18"H). I am uploading pictures of it to the "WhitehornFamily"
      folder under the "Photos" section of this site. (that section can
      be accessed by visiting
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LawtonFtSillOKCheapcycle ... logging
      in, and clicking on "Photos" on the left side and
      then "WhitehornFamily")

      Along with all the above food, we are also including a willow ball
      (rabbits and ferrets LOVE playing with them and hiding in them), a
      water bottle, a plastic container where you can put or vegetables
      for your pet to eat out of, and a pet "bathroom" that sets in the
      corner of the cage that your pet can me trained to go to in order
      to "potty" (meaning less for you to have to clean up!)

      The whole thing was used for less that a month. Everything together
      was purchased for a little over $100 dollars. We will part with the
      whole lot for $35.00

      Now….for the free stuff:

      In addition to the items for sale, I also have several things for

      • I have an oscillating fan that stands up on a stand to give away.

      • Have a bag full of girl's clothes (including shoes and sandals).
      Clothes range from 2T to 4T.

      • I also have a slew of books for free:

      * From my wife's old Danielle Steel collection:
      - The Gift by Danielle Steel (Paperback)
      - Silent Honor by Danielle Steel (Paperback)
      - Vanished by Danielle Steel (Paperback)
      - The Promise by Danielle Steel (Paperback)
      - Malice by Danielle Steel (Hardbound)

      * I also have Angels & Demons by Dan Brown. It is in
      paperback...literally....because the front cover is missing.

      * have a book called Natural Cures "They Don't Want You to Know
      About" by Kevin Trudeau. The book is a hardback with a dust cover.

      *Finally, for the books, a book called Train Up A Child by Rolf
      Zettersten. It is I hardback with a dust cover.
      * Also have a computer game called "Prince of Persia". It was made
      for Windows 95/98 but it can also be made to use on newer 2000 and
      XP machines..

      We live at 340 NW 65th Street in Lawton. If you are interested,
      please call 536-5823 FIRST. It is much easier to get us by phone
      than email as we check email less often than we answer the phone. We
      will be up until about midnight tonight...so you can call that
      late…..we don't mind.


      Jason & Crystal Whitehorn.
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