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Re: Gibberish Laughter Combo Exercise

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    Thank you, thank you verrrrrry much (apologies to Elvis). I m happy to report back that TV Reception Gibberish Laughter got a great reception this morning.
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 31, 2010
      Thank you, thank you verrrrrry much (apologies to Elvis).  I'm happy to report back that  TV Reception Gibberish Laughter got  a great reception this morning.  ha ha hahahaha....sorry, I just couldn't let that one slip by. 

      It was pretty darn fun to see people's hidden talents on television.  One woman simultaneously moved her eye pupils from side to side, and there was some extraordinary ear wiggling with wide screen laughter....no doubt the best TV show programming we'd seen in some time.

      Dr. Has - Being that you are so much younger than yours truly, I doubt you would remember the indoor top of television antennas nicknamed "rabbit ears".  Tough luck.  ha ha.

      Anxiously awaiting the Emmy Awards...


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