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Re: Infantry unit #3

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    Play on a Larger table. ... times, ... in ... only raw ... the
    Message 1 of 10 , Mar 20, 2007
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      Play on a Larger table.

      -- In LarryLeadhead@yahoogroups.com, "Mike" <quidveritas@...> wrote:
      > Well I have hit an all time low.
      > We have a WWII campaign in progress and units will gain experience
      > just for not routing or getting wiped out in a game. Nine (9)
      > my German Infantry Unit #3 has been routed from the table -- often
      > tough circumstances. After a year of play, they remain my
      only "raw"
      > troops.
      > Last game I was able to attack the rear of a relatively weak Russian
      > position. Infantry unit #3 was able to start the game just a few
      > inches from a Russian 76.2mm Field Gun section. Further they were
      > able to advance to contact without being detected. Further still,
      > Russian gun crews were pinned by supporting fire from a German Heavy
      > Machine Gun position that was blazing away at them at short range.
      > Things just don't get any better do they?
      > Well, you guessed it. My German Infantry Unit #3 launched a close
      > action into the rear of the Russian gun position and were repelled.
      > Not only repelled but shaken. Not only shaken but routed. Not only
      > routed but routed without the possibility of being rallied.
      > Russians rolled a four sided die and rolled a "4". I rolled a 12
      > sided die and rolled (what else?) at "1". Russians not only beat me
      > but quadrupled my roll.
      > Ten times on the table and ten routs.
      > What should I do?!?!?!?!?
      > Retire the unit;
      > Melt the suckers down;
      > Renumber the unit;
      > Something else??
      > mjc
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