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Fwd: Michigan Beer Cup dates and payment schedual

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  • Michael Mullins
    FYI for the competition minded... ... Subject: Michigan Beer Cup dates and payment schedual Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2013 09:13:53 -0400 From: Dan Frechette
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      FYI for the competition minded...

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      Subject:Michigan Beer Cup dates and payment schedual
      Date:Thu, 11 Apr 2013 09:13:53 -0400
      From:Dan Frechette <dfrechette@...>
      To:Rick Hopman <hopmans@...>, Mary Halfpenny <michiganbeerguide@...>, lee cruppenink <lwcruppe@...>, Dawn Funck <dmf_ky@...>, Terry Lowry <lowry25@...>, Brewmiker <Brewmiker@...>

      Registration Opens
      Registration Closes
      First Scheduled Judging
       Friday Overflow Judging
      Saturday Primary Judging
      Sunday Primary Judging
      Cost Schedule Homebrew has changed,  In an effort to balance the size of the competition with the available number of judges an incremental payment has been set up to reduce flood of entries.
      This year we are seeking to judge closer to 700 entries.   My hopes are to lessen the stress on the Judges while improving the feedback on score sheets.
      First three entries $14.00.
      Fourth entry cost $4.00 additional.  Each additional entry cost $1.00 more than the last.
      Example person enters 8 entries.
      Bottle 1,2,and 3 cost $14.00
      Bottle 4 cost $4.00
      Bottle 5 cost $5.00
      Bottle 6 cost $6.00
      Bottle 7 cost $7.00
      Bottle 8 cost $8.00
      Total cost $44.00
      Supported styles.
      All BJCP styles will be supported Category 1-28
      Brewers who plan to enter a Black IPA can submit it as 14-D Black IPA (this is a non-BJCP deviation)
      In addition we will have a Pop Category which will be judged at the Michigan Homebrew Festival.  Further detail will be posted on website.
      NOTE: All Pop entries must be in plastic in order to qualify.

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