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RE: [LapeerAreaBrewers] Fwd: MHF 2013 Request

  • Fred Folts
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      Put me down Mike.




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      Sent: Saturday, August 03, 2013 8:34 PM
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      Subject: [LapeerAreaBrewers] Fwd: MHF 2013 Request




      Anyone want to volunteer an HOUR of their time on Saturday for the good of the festival?
      See attached email for info!

      Also, anyone that has beer for the festival should chime in and say what they have and when they'll bring it to the campground.I will be there Wednesday the 14th, so come by for a beer!

      Mike Mullins



      Given (MHF) has been in contact with each of you regarding memberships/club sites/etc, we're reaching out for assistance on the following two items:

      1. Volunteers: As this event continues to grow, the need for help grows with it, and especially on Saturday.  We're not asking you to provide a name at this point, but we are asking for each of the clubs to provide a volunteer for just one hour the day of the event to assist with MHF "stuff."  Stuff defined as helping:  

      - sell/distribute shirts & tasters

      - sell 50/50 tickets, 

      - with member check-in

      - other minor tasks that always pop up the day of MHF

      If you, or another club member, already know you want to volunteer, please e-mail me back letting me know the name, e-mail address, and time(s) available.


      2. Membership Activation: As advertised and noted on the site, each club that purchased a "club site" receives up to 10 memberships (for members attending Saturday August 17th), and the club contacts are required to have these memberships activated prior to MHF.  To date, very few memberships have been activated, and many are in "pending" status.  Given we're approximately 2.5 weeks away from MHF, please push your members to activate their memberships prior to the event.  For those that plan to wait until the day of the event, expect to wait in line outside of the club loop gate while completing a manual check-in process.  


      Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, and/or if we should be contacting someone else from your club regarding this matter.


      As always, we thank each of you for your support as we all pitch in to make this a memorable event.




      Pat Craddock



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