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16015Re: [Lansdale] Another Chunk of the Newtown Line Going >> Going >>Gone

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  • James Evans
    Mar 19, 2014
      On Tue, Mar 18, 2014 at 10:09 PM, <M.poserina@...> wrote:

      In the mean time, nobody is going to fund expansion into the suburbs. Too many state reps in Pennsyltucky that believe SEPTA is just transportation welfare to the eastern part of the state. 

      As somebody born and raised in far Western PA, I'm beginning to believe it myself after seeing how SEPTA operates.... 

      The only way you'll see dollars for rail expansion is if PennDOT assumes control of Regional Rail to serve the interests of Scranton, Allentown, Reading, Harrisburg, West Chester, etc

      Good point.  Having a state based organization in charge or regional expansion is probably the only hope considering that Philly doesn't want to fund the suburbs, and the rest of the state doesn't want to fund Philly.

      As for the original subject of this email, it's sad to see the rails removed no matter what.  The Bethlehem Branch removal especially turned me against SEPTA, seeing how they justified it by saying that the rails and material were useless, but those same useless materials were being used just to the South to provide active service to Quakertown.  

      Railbanked or not, once the rails are out and the trailies are in, there's little chance that trains will ever run there again, especially with SEPTA in charge.   


      (Yeah, I just came up with that.)

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