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Improve Your Vocabulary: Word Groups

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       Improve Your Vocabulary: Word Groups
       | General English  | Vocational English
      Kenneth Beare  from Kenneth Beare
      One of the most common and effective ways to learn vocabulary is by learning words in related word groups. Learning word groups helps provide you with context which is important when relating words to one another for long-term memory. This lesson focuses on two types of word groups: General vocabulary categories and vocational (job) English.
      General English
       Key Vocabulary Groups
      Words are divided into related categories which all relate to the general specific. Also included are pronunciation example pages and definition and example pages for each related category.

      The Body
      The Mind
      The Senses
      The Weather

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      Vocational English
       Core Vocabulary for English
      These core ESP (English for Special Purposes) vocabulary sheets provide more than 2,400 key terms and phrases divided into professions. A must for both teachers and students who need English for professional activities!

      English for Advertising
      English for Banking and Stocks
      English for Bookkeeping and Financial Administration
      English for Business and Commercial Letters
      English for Human Resources
      English for the Insurance Industry
      English for Legal Purposes
      English for Logistics
      English for Marketing
      English for Production and Manufacturing
      English for Sales and Acquisitions

      Kenneth Beare

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