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Masculinity and Femininity

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    11/09/1978 Masculinity and Femininity By: Imam W Deen Mohammed Here s another point that needs some attention. There s a lot of talk about the Equal Rights
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      Masculinity and Femininity

      By: Imam W Deen Mohammed

      Here's another point that needs some attention. There's a lot of talk about the Equal Rights Amendment. The women have to be equal with the men.

      I'm for equal rights amendment. I want to see every woman get her rights, but I'm for preserving masculinity and femininity. I don't want to see femininity lost from the women. Our little children need to be exposed to the fine feminine qualities so they can feed and grow on those fine motherly qualities.

      I don't want a woman taking on my image. Growing muscles in her eyebrows, looking like she works at the U.S. Steel Mill. I don't want my daughter to drive a mail truck and sling 150 pounds of mail in a bag, destroying her feminine figure. I don't want to see that.

      I love the mothers. I love the wives. I love the daughters. I love what Allah has made them. Allah has given them a quality that we appreciate in women, a quality we love, a quality we cherish, a quality that has fed us and has reached our masculinity. If they become all masculine, where will I get that feminine quality for my life?

      Every male has some feminine qualities in him. Where do you think we get these feminine qualities? We get them from our mothers. The tenderness, the caring nature, the delicateness: every male should have a balanced amount of that in him. You think a man is a sissy because he is a strong man and humbles himself and speaks sweetly to the weakling; He handles the helpless delicately. No! He's not feminine. He's masculine. But he's a balanced man because he had a mother or a sister or some woman to feed him the feminine quality.

      If our women lose these feminine qualities, where in the heck will we get this balance in our nature? We want women to stay women; we want men to stay men. We need your feminine qualities for our own development.

      It's a shame what the devil is doing to the society. "Equal Rights Amendment — do your own thing." I can't do my own thing; I have to do what is right in the eyes of G_d for humanity. You can't do your own thing, Sister.

      Don't let this devil fool you and make you think you have some sacred rights over your own body — you can go and have an abortion without letting your husband know. No Muslim sister will think of aborting the life that her husband has a share in.

      "I can't do what I want to with my own body," you say. Can the banker say, "I can do what I want to with my own bank" when he has my investment in it? Your body is your bank Sister, but I have invested some money there. Don't you shift my account around without letting me know.

      What is the devil telling the women, telling young girls? "You don't have to get your parent's okay (for abortions)." Who is the burden going to be on? It's going to be on the parents.

      If that child has a baby and wants an abortion, she should come to her parents. The court ought to say, "You are a minor, your parents are taking care of you. Though that is your body, you go and consult your parents."

      But, no, the intention of the devil is to dismember the precious, vital connection of the society so that the society will be thoroughly fragmented. The head and neck will not be together, the brain and heart will not be together, the feet will not be together, the whole body is dismembered and he can play with it at will.

      We are Muslims; let's not give in to the devil. Every time he says, "Woman, you have independence." You say, "Allah, bless me to read your Qur'an and to follow your guidance. I have no independence but what you have given me."

      Allah will try us. We say we will accept good leadership if we get it. Allah will try us. We say we are tired of being on the bottom, we want to go up; Allah will try us. We say we are tired of being divided, we want to unite; Allah will try us.

      Dear Sister, young Sister, don't go and have anything done to your body without telling your mother first. Tell the devil with his television, his media, and all his means of reaching your ears and eyes — tell him to go to HELL!!

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