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Hagar And The Well Of Zam Zam -Part 1

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    HAGAR AND THE WELL OF ZAM ZAM - PT. 1 Imam W D Mohammed Those of us of African descent have heard some reports our ancestor, Hagar, was once a slave. She also
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      Imam W D Mohammed

      Those of us of African descent have heard some reports our ancestor, Hagar, was once a slave. She also was cast into the desert or wilderness. History tells us that before the Europeans came into Africa and destroyed its civilization, some of us were slaves there. Some of us were servants of the King. Some of the Africans were captives of war. Hagar was an Egyptian woman and she was the slave of an Egyptian King. We must understand, however, that slavery in Africa was altogether different from the kind of slavery that was established by the Europeans. The level of cruelty, dependence, and inhuman treatment that accompanied the European Caucasian slave system was the worst in the annals of history. 

      Some African Americans, just like Hagar, were once enslaved by their own people. It is also reported that Hagar was cast out into the desert or wilderness because of jealousy. Sarah became jealous of Hagar because Abraham was paying attention to Hagar and the baby. Sarah felt that she was better than Hagar and that she (Hagar) was not worthy of such good treatment, therefore, she insisted that Hagar be cast out. 

      History also tells us that the African American people were cast out into the desert and wilderness of European racism and slavery because of jealousy and white supremacy. When the White man came into Africa and saw the great achievements that we had made as a people, the flames of hatred and jealousy began to burn like a raging fIre. When that White man from the caves and mountains of Europe saw our ancestors living on a highly advanced scientific level, when he saw the beautiful climate, physical environment that ALLAH (G'D) had blessed us with, when he saw that G'd was giving us attention, he became angry and vicious. The Caucasians lived like savages in Europe at the time when Blacks were living like dignified human beings. This is a fact. The White man was in the dark. Europeans were raising cannibals while the Africans were raising great men like Hannibal. 

      G'd had blessed the Africans with fertile land, clean air, wisdom, social unity and respect. The Africans had a high regard for family and a deep respect and love for the elders. When the White man of Europe travelled from West to East and saw the splendid light of civilization, his dark mind and heart grew jealous and hard. The Black Africans were/are very spiritual, whereas the Europeans are extremely physical. 

      The White man's hatred and jealousy caused him to despise us and enslave us. He cast us into a barren land. Symbolically speaking, women represent society which produces cultural habits. We are a product of our society. Therefore, Sarah represented a society that became jealous of another society. 

      The African American, like Hagar, has been searching for water in the wilderness and desert of America. Water represents life, it is essential for the survival of life. Not only does water sustain life but it is the birth place of life. 

      Holy Qur'an - 25:54 

      "It is He who has created man from water."  

      Holy Qur'an - 21:30

      Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together (as one unit of creation), before we clove them asunder? We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe?

      Hagar ran to and fro between two hills Safa and Marwah seven times seeking that which would sustain her and her baby's life. She was searching for that from which life begins. She ran seven times, which means she made a complete search. Seven represents completion. Remember she was from Egypt, a place of great symbolisms. In in Egypt there was the mythological figure called Isis, symbolized by the moon. Isis had seven veils. She represented complete secrecy. The moon comes out at night. Darkness or night covers the day, therefore it also alludes to secrecy. To keep something in the dark means to keep it hidden. The 

      Holy Qur'an - 92:1

      "By the Night as it conceals (the light)." 

      Hagar running between Safa and Mawah seven times may mean that she was applying the symbolism of Ancient Egypt, and that she was trying to uncover the veils or secrets of the desert in hopes of finding water (life). The reports of this story say she was unsuccessful. Remember she was a slave in Egypt which means she did not know how to enter Egypt, she did not know how to break the riddle of Isis and unlock the secrets. She was kept out of the knowledge. But she tried. She ran desperately to and fro. She was driven by her spirit, her natural instinct and her love for her baby. G'd blessed her. The story says when she returned to her baby she found the water (life) that she was looking for. In other words, when she (society) returned to its original nature and posture before G'd, her life was sustained. The Bible says, "unless you come as babies you cannot enter paradise." 

      Water is the birthplace or beginning of life. A baby is the beginning of human life in terms of our exposure to the outer environment. Therefore, baby and water go together. Water is also symbolic of moral life and natural revelation. Another example of water and baby being together is Moses being placed in the water. We see that Isma'il and Moses are associated with water because both of them, as babies, were associated with water. 

      Returning to Hagar, the story says that when Hagar came back to Isma'il she found the water (life) she needed. Some accounts of this story say the baby laid on the ground and as he moved his heel several times, he uncovered some water; then Hagar came and found the water under the baby's heel. 

      The heel is a round bone and it represents spiritual activity and spiritual balance. Isma'il moved his heel several times upon the earth. Movement represents activity. A circle represents the spiritual, and the square represents the material. All things that are round or circular ,are capable of moving. Round objects can roll. The heel as a round bone represents spiritual, and the movement of the heel symbolizes the life or activity of that spirit. 

      The baby rubbing his heel on the material earth symbolizes the act of applying spiritual activity to material life. In other words, if we keep spiritual conscious or spiritual activity in our material life, and in the society, then the moral (water) substance will continue to flow in the society. Morality is the foundation of civilized society. The heel is a part of the foot which is our foundation. We stand upon our feet, they support us. The water coming from under Ismail's feet means the moral life must be at the foundation, not up in the mountains. The leadership that stands above the masses keeps a code of ethics and morality among themselves, but they don't give it to the masses. In secret, the leadership practices very high moral wisdom and principles. They use the high moral codes of the Qur'an among themselves, but they encourage the masses to be immoral and indecent. If you don't belong to their secret order, they won't give you the moral sustenance that you need for your life. Hagar represents the deprived masses who go to the government seeking life. She represents the rejected and despised. In Egyptian Mythology it is said that Isis searched diligently to restore her husband's life. Hagar, our ancestor, also searched constantly and persistently for the means to sustain her baby's life, but she went to the wrong place. African-Americans have also been going to the wrong places pleading and begging for food and water. We have gone to the Republican party's Mountains and The Democratic party's Mountains looking for water. Some of us have gone between the mountains seven times; some of us are completely in love with the establishment. Some of our leaders are so in love with the Democratic party and the establishment until they will do anything to be accepted by them 

      African Americans have been looking to the Democratic Mountains and the Republican Mountains for life too long. Running between two hills or mountains also alludes to the church and the Government. The Western Church and the Government have not provided us with what we need. The proof of this is that most of our leaders are Christian Reverends but do not demonstrate a real fear of G'd. They don't tell us that if we don't vote, or decide to have G'd's truth in our life, that we will be in a bad situation. They don't tell us that. They say, "If you don't vote for the Democratic party the Republicans will get in and you will have hell in your life, and we will be in a bad situation." 

      The answer is within. ALLAH (G'D) has blessed us with a good human spirit, an excellent nature, and a mind that is as potent and sophisticated as any other human being on the face of this earth. All we have to do is humble ourselves before G'd, apply the spiritual activity of Scripture to our material appetite, and stand upon moral principles. The Bible says the Kingdom of G'd is within. The Scriptures tell us that G'd blessed Abraham and Hagar with a son, Isma'il, who became a Prophet of G'd. An even greater blessing came with the birth of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) in that G'd rewarded Abraham, Hagar and Isma'il by choosing one of their descendents as the Model and most excellent human being to ever walk the planet earth. ALLAH chose a descendent from a slave woman to be the best of all the creation and the last messenger and Prophet of ALLAH (G'D). Isma'il received the revelation from below his feet, and Prophet Muhammed Ibn Abdullah (PBUH) received the Last Revelation, the Qur'an from above.

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