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Adam's Loins Testify

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    11/30/2001 – 12/02/2001 Ramadan Session Adam s Loins Testify By Imam W. Deen Mohammed Question: Verse from Qur an when we drew from your loins we formed from
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      11/30/2001 – 12/02/2001

      Ramadan Session

      Adam's Loins Testify

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed


      Verse from Qur'an when we drew from your loins we formed from the Children of Adam from their loins, their descendants and made them testify am I not your Lord who cherishes and sustains you? They said, yes, we do testify. Lest you should say on the day of judgment of this we were never mindful.

      Imam W. Deen Mohammed:

      I remember that reading. This is saying in plain language that G-d created human beings to know upon the strength of their own nature to know that they were not their own creators and to know that they were not their own providers. G-d created the world and created the things, the food and everything that we use. We are sustained by that, that we found here when we came here from our mothers, or go back to the first man, from the loins of Adam.

      QUR'AN 86.7; Man is from between backbone and ribs

      7. (Man) proceeding from between the backbone and the ribs:

      The loins means where life issues. It says man is made from the life fluid that issues from between the loins and the ribs. This is in Qur'an, also. So here is another mention of loins, man's life actually forming there and issuing from there, "Baynes sulbe wat taraa-e-be" and translated, means between the loin and the rib. We say "this child is from our own loins" right? This is my piece of cake. I'll get hung up here and will be talking for too long.

      It's only saying in plain language that G-d made man, created human beings in their natural human form. If they trace it back to the first man that He created, that means that you're staying in line with the original nature.

      You will have to admit that your own human nature that you got from G-d's first man that He created lets you know that you are not G-d and that you didn't provide the sky that gives you rain to have your crops grow. And the sun that shines to feed that crop and the earth that gives form to it, you did not create that. That was all here before you. You found it, so your nature will guide you to testify that G-d provided me with my sustenance. That is what it is about.

      All the other talk is just to give this line of reasoning. You go off from your own nature and start thinking you are the masters and you are the one that should be in charge of the food supply. It is not yours. G-d gave it to you.

      Let's read it again now since we are seeing it that way. "What your Lord drew forth from the children of Adam, from their loins their descendants and made them testify". So it looks like G-d is saying He took something from the children that came from Adam, from their loins. This is just talking about their descendants, that's all.

      It means from Adam, the children of Adam, his descendants. G-d required of them that they testify and they testified.

      "And made them testify concerning themselves". That means every natural man; he knows the truth about himself. He knows he is not G-d. He knows he didn't create the things we have to use to sustain our life. He knows that. "And made them testify (saying): "Am I not your Lord (who cherishes and sustains you)?" Food sustains us. The air, all of these things that G-d created that are necessary for life, vital to the existence of life and growth and progress for life, G-d made those things. G-d provided us with that, even ourselves.

      But He also said, "and your Cherisher". Your Cherisher means you were not even able to take care of yourself. That is what the Qur'an is comparing, the two, the individual and the society. And it says just like a baby that is born, comes here knowing nothing, needing help, can't manage itself, it needs parents. Societies are born like that, primitive, ignorant, unevolved, not enlightened etc. They are like babies. So here is a baby and also a type of a society that is a baby and the Hon. Elijah Muhammed said "We are a baby nation".

      QUR'AN 16.120; Abraham was a community

      "Abraham was indeed a model (community) devoutly obedient to Allah (and) true in faith and he joined not G_ds with Allah:"

      So here the society is just like the baby. The type is the human and the society is the collective body always in the Scripture. My friend the grand Mufti of Syria Ahmed Kuftarro, I was over there and I listened to many of his lectures. And in one of them he said, "Abraham was a community". A few years later, maybe two or three years later, I was with another Imam not from here in America, not from our association and he said, "You know Abraham was a community". So I said "What is this"? I heard that in Syria, now I'm hearing it again. When I experience things like that I believe it is Allah (swt) not those people. Allah (swt), through the people, wants me to think about that and I did.

      QUR'AN 18.110; I am a Human like you

      "Say: "I am but a man like yourselves (but) the inspiration has come to me that your Allah is one Allah: whoever expects to meet his Lord let him work righteousness and in the worship of his Lord admit no one as partner."

      John 14.20; I in the father, You in me and I in you

      "At that day ye shall know that I (Jesus) am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you."

      I came to the conclusion that Christ Jesus is a community and it means that the Prophets are types, and the person in the picture of an individual is not the biggest message. The bigger message is that this type represents a collective body and it is clear that Jesus, his body, represents his followers in the Gospel, in the New Testament. But we should understand that Abraham is a community. Christ Jesus is a community, and Muhammed (pbuh) is a community.

      So Muhammed (pbuh) is a community and he said the same thing Christ Jesus said. Jesus Christ said, "I in you and you in me". And Muhammed (pbuh) said what G-d told him to say. G-d said, "Say to them, oh Muhammed. I am a mortal just like you". So his model is for the collective body. All of us are suppose to be in his model, his "Uswatan hasanatan", his symmetry, his well balanced, beautiful symmetry.

      Symmetry sounds like sym a tree

      Now balance not only refers to the physical body, but balance refers to the mind. We say "Oh that guy is imbalanced, man". We know what it means in common language, "he is off'. So it is not just a picture of the people in their physical body. More importantly it is a picture of their human constitution. Their human constitution is well balanced, a beautiful symmetry.

      And look at the language symmetry—"Sym a tree" It goes back, too, to the time of man's culture before it was revealed in Scripture. The Greek philosophers, the scientists, they studied the human being. They fell in love with the human being as a creation or as a type and they were the first in my understanding to actually draw a man in this balance like a cross.

      His arms stretched out showing that he has perfect balance and his arms are the same length, so when you stretch them out they improve the balance. The tight rope walkers they stretch their arms out like the crucifix so that they can do that great skill of walking on the tight rope. So you get greater balance when you stretch your arms out.

      Uswatan Hasanatan see as the collective body

      QUR'AN 33.21; Prophet is an excellent model

      "Ye have indeed in the Apostle of Allah a beautiful pattern of (conduct) for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Final Day and who engages much in the praise of Allah."

      We should understand. We see Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) in his individual life and in his individual body, but we should see his "Uswatan Hasanonn" as the collective body. The Qur'an says "Certainly you will find in Muhammed (pbuh) a model to emulate, to copy for any who believes in G-d and the last day". This is for righteous people. This model is for righteous people, for believers in G-d and the last day. Others might not want to be in that symmetry. They might want things in the world and they do not want to be held to that kind of symmetry. But that is the symmetry. That is the mold that G-d made for man. "Fee ahsane taqweem", that's translated as the best mold G-d made for human beings.

      Mark 5.34; Go your faith made you whole

      "And he said unto her, Daughter, thy faith bath made thee whole; go in peace, and be whole of thy plague."

      When life is consistent inside, when life is united, when you are united within yourself, when there is harmony for the constitution of your life within, when there is harmony for it, you have a beautiful symmetry uniting it. The New Testament says that Jesus Christ said to the lady that was with him "Go, you have become whole. Your faith has saved you". And in another verse he said "You have become whole". That is the greatest blessing, to be reconciled within where your rational life is not in conflict with your spiritual life, but they complement each other. That's the balance for the two.

      QUR'AN 24.24; Hand, feet testify against you

      "On the Day when their tongues their hands and their feet will bear witness against them as to their actions."

      So getting back to this, our own souls will bear witness in the judgment. It will testify against us. The Prophet (pbuh) said and the Bible said this too, that the hand you use will testify against you. It will say "Lord, he used me wrongly". Your feet, your eyes, everything will testify, if you use them wrongly.

      So this is in line with that kind of reasoning, when it says He required of the children of Adam that they testify "Am I not your Lord?" And they testified, they said "Yes, we do testify". How are we to understand this in our common everyday life? Brothers, sisters, men and women, when they hear the plain truth their minds know it is the truth. Their heart knows it is the truth. If they could just be cut off from having any judgment over what their own minds and hearts are doing and instead of having the rationalization, the escape route, cut them off from their rationalizations and from their escape route and they will speak straight from the heart and straight from the truth of the mind. They will say "Yes, this is the right Religion".

      But there is something blocking it. It is their fear of losing something, their hunger to gain something that is unacceptable. These desires that cannot be accepted are blocking them from speaking actually what their soul, heart and mind wants to say. So when they are cut off in the judgment, they are going to be cut off from the ability to grab a rationalization or an escape route and their own souls are going to speak out and say "Yes, we do testify". That is what it is saying.

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