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Scripture’s Most Critical Message

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  • visionaries4
    08/03/08 Scripture s Most Critical Message By Imam W. Deen Mohammed Scripture s most critical message offered to man for avoiding unnecessary crisis, comes as
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      Scripture's Most Critical Message

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed

      Scripture's most critical message offered to man for avoiding unnecessary crisis, comes as a moral life condition warning man.  Man is urged to protect his intelligence.  This can be achieved if man chooses to keep his five senses in a morally innocent environmental plan, or the Garden, the Paradise, the Eden concept.

      Man in scripture represents an overriding moral strategy for safeguarding the social community and all of its necessary features.  Hence, ultimately, destiny, concerns moral life, and industrial life ingenuity, that give us all these material things that we see and enjoy and recognize as progress on earth for human condition on this planet earth.

      The story of humans in a community setting, starting life on Earth in a paradise given the name Eden, serves to assist man, that is, industrial man, working man, for avoiding crisis, and, explaining crisis.

      It all got started when object, (spelled) o-b-j-e-c-t hyphen reasoning(object-reasoning), won sway over moral urges, or moral urgings, in the human soul.

      The serpent, or snake charmed "Adam", into accepting to rationalize moral issues, that were in the way of man's path to world leadership, and world dominance.

      Did the snake do this with man's interest in front of him? No. He did it with his own interest in front of him.

      In other words, the serpent, or satan, would never help humanity rise to world power, or to world leadership.

      Moral design supported by cosmology, (spelled) c-o-s-m-o-l-o-g-y, c-o-s from cosmos, cosmology, and universal logic were sacrificed to free "intelligence design". That's a new expression, relatively new, "intelligence design".

      This strategy was contrived by satan. Hence "humanism", h-u-m-a-n-i-s-m, "humanism" and "secularism", s-e-c-u-l-a-r-i-s-m, in quotations again like "humanism", "Secularism" developed in time.

      These two developments develop in time as a result of the scheming, or planning and plotting by the satan, shaytan.

      Now some of you all can't follow me too well because you think satan is a mystery.

      Our scripture says satan is your plain enemy, your open enemy. He's no mystery, he is not hid.

      But you don't find him by looking for a person or race, or a particular color.

      You find him by looking for evil that is oppressing the humanity of mankind. And when you find that evil, and find who supports it more than the other, most likely you identify the plurality of the devil.

      And he's not in one people. He's helped by everybody that want to benefit from his strategy that they believe in, because they think this is the way, to become the rulers on earth.

      Satan disguised as the serpent, charms world leadership, now you understand more what Adam represents, world leadership, charms world leadership into serving his plan, as opposed to the creation plan.

      G-d made the universe to give us the plan for our advancement. How can I speak with such confidence, that I am representing the Scripture or the revelation that comes from G-d?

      Our father Abraham, Ibrahim, in Arabic, Qur'anic Arabic, when he was threatened by the ruler, who was a dictator, and a ruler that wanted to dominate all other nations and people, on the planet Earth.  This was one of the oppressive pharaohs, of Egypt.

      Abraham replied to his threats by saying, "The One who created me, Will guide me".

      Now scholars who search for G-d's meaning, not for the meaning that may satisfy me, but the scholars that search for G-d's meaning in what He says, they come to the conclusion that G-d is saying, "I made the world as a map, I made the world as a plan, to guide you to all the things you need, for your existence, and for your progress and prosperity.

      Creation itself.

      Now think about it, what can you show yourself or others, that is valuable in your life, or in the life of others, that hasn't been produce, by man using his brain, his mind, women included sometimes, while studying or working with the material world.

      What can you think of?  Nothing!

      I have on clothes, where (did) they come from?  Out of the material world.

      I'm wearing eyeglasses, where it comes from? Out of the material world.

      I'm leaning on a podium here, because my back is sensitive, I have a little nerve problem in my back, what is giving me this support?

      The earth.  This came out of the earth.  Came out of the material world made by G-d.

      I see the electric light bulb shining, and I see an umbrella, that's holding the light in the area that they want it to be in, for the benefit that they want from that.

      Where was it made, where did it come from?

      The earth!  It came from the earth……..

      ……Satan, not wanting to appear to be rude, and condescending, satan very gingerly tells man, your moral innocence is stupid.

      A casual look into western psychologies' evaluation of the human soul, and its intelligence bears out, what is here said.

      Keeping our five senses in moral life, begins where a male and a female decide to make their home for themselves and for their children.

      This is the message of Eden.  It's a concept it's a picture, not to be taken as something that existed before the world was or before human history started, but mainly as something that is given to us, as a picture to open our eyes, to what's going to transpire, to prevent man from coming into,  the life that G-d created for man.

      Satan wants to keep us in the dark as to what G-d wants for our life.

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