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Prophet Muhammed Is Second Coming Of Christ

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    2002 Ramadan Session Prophet Muhammed Is Second Coming Of Christ By Imam W. Deen Mohammed Rev. 1.7; Every eye shall see him Behold, he cometh with clouds;
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      Ramadan Session

      Prophet Muhammed Is Second Coming Of Christ

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed

      Rev. 1.7; Every eye shall see him

      "Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindred's of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen."

      Al Hadith 3p.410#579; Prophet's character the Qur'an

      Sa'ad bin Hisham reported I went to Aisha and asked: Oh mother of the Faithful, inform me about the conduct of the Prophet of Allah (pbuh). She asked, "Do you not read the Qur'an? Yes, replied I. She said "The conduct of the Prophet (pbuh) is the Qur'an."

      Muhammed is the return, the second Christ

      The Bible says "Every eye see him", not G-d, His Word, His revelation. His revelation is what is growing man, it is the real life of man, it is the real life of man, His inspiration and His communication is really the real life of man. That's why Aisha she said of her husband Muhammed the Prophet (pbuh) he is the Qur'an living among us, the Word of G-d living among us. What is she saying? That he is the second coming of Christ, the word has again appeared among men, that's exactly what she's says, he is the Word of G-d manifest and living among us.

      Jesus and Muhammed be together

      If he is the Qur'an, the Qur'an is the Word of G-d, so he is the Word of G-d. And he said, "In the end they shall see me and Christ Jesus together," and Imam Warithud Din Mohammed, this little black son of Elijah Muhammed the strange guy is the one telling the world that today, I'm not just telling you that. I'm telling the pope of Rome this, I'm telling the whole world this, Allahu Akbar, praise be to Allah (swt).

      This communist idea, this communist theory, they are nothing but theories, in fact all man got is theory, scientific theory, communist theory, all theories. The only One Who has reality is G-d, He has the real thing as the youngsters say, praise be to Allah (swt). And He gives to whomsoever He pleases, that is what He says in His Book.

      Jacobite wants to present Israel as god to the world

      They say matter is evolving man, but they shouldn't stop there, they shouldn't just say that, they are really trying to project themselves as god for the Gentiles, you heard me I said exactly what I wanted to say. These thieves in the sacred knowledge they are trying to get the Gentiles their instrument, they think is their instrument, that instrument is going to deceive them again. They are trying get their baby that they created to recognize them as G-d almighty, as the presence of G-d almighty on earth.

      This present government in Israel is influenced more by these thieves than anything else. And they are trying to bring America to be police, the robo cop. Don't think that they are not also the creators of robo cop, they are the creators of that too. They are trying to get President Bush, our great president and beautiful president, the man is a beautiful man, but a victim of heavy foreign political trouble right now and battling almost alone. And he has an advisor breathing his suggestions into his ears and into his heart. They are trying to get through the Christian church leadership and through our government; they are trying to get the message to our public through our leaders that Israel is god.

      Psalm 2.7; David begotten son of G-d

      I will declare the decree: the Lord hath said unto me, Thou (David) art my Son; this day have I begotten thee.

      Why do they not accept the Prophet, Messenger, servant and Christ, Jesus peace be on him? Because they have schemed and planned to introduce themselves, their own power as the Christ, the son of G-d. Is this something new for them? In their scriptures they say David was a son of G-d, G-d's beloved son, His only begotten. And then later introduced Christ Jesus as His only begotten son of G-d, the same people that influenced the reading of scripture to say that one of their great leaders, David was the begotten son of G-d. The same ones who introduced Christ Jesus improperly and said he is the son of G-d.

      And the same ones who permitted the West to put Jesus and the picture of a European Gentile with blond hair and perfect Aryan, white European features. And just recently changed after the Hon. Elijah Muhammad started saying that the white man is the devil. They liked that these thieves they liked that, they say, "Yes this is the devil we created, Elijah is right we know our creation, he is the devil. But look they are hurting our projections of the coming savior, Israel. They are going to be suspicious of this blue eyed, blond hair Christ Jesus. Aren't we controlling the literature? Well let us change the way he is presented. Let us make him look darker, give him dark hair, he has to look Semitic not Aryan." They did it; they took that picture out of circulation.

      And where was that picture more popular or more present than anywhere else? In the poor black neighborhoods, in the homes of the poor black neighborhoods, hundred and blond hair, blue eyed Christ, to tell you, "This is your god and don't you make no mistake," it's a blue eyed white man. It is terrible, we are halaling that goat, praise be to Allah (swt). When we get through with him he going to be clean and fit to eat, praise be to Allah (swt).

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