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Samson & the Conspiracy - Part II

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    01/28/1979 Chicago, IL Samson & the Conspiracy – Part II The Hidden Tyranny: The Issue That Dwarfs All Other Issues By Imam W. Deen Mohammed A Transcription
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      Chicago, IL

      Samson & the Conspiracy – Part II

      The Hidden Tyranny: The Issue That Dwarfs All Other Issues

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed

      A Transcription – (has slightly been re-edited from the original to make for easier reading flow)

      That's why in psychology in this particular context it's called a little boy. Your little children, before they are able to compete with you on an intelligence plane, they are already using psychology on you.

      So psychology is an early development in the human being. That's why the Jahcubite's cousin, Fard Muhammad said Yakub conceived his idea at the age 6, as a little boy, a psychology.

      He'll be surprised to know that I know that. I hope he gets this. I understand that he's back home now. So he'll get this message, Insha Allah.

      Now, let me continue. With the help of psychology, he finds his way to the foundations of the new society. And when he gets to the foundation, what does he do? He forms a cross of himself and he begins pressing with all his might.

      That's what the Scripture says. Said he pressed with all his might, with all his strength on the pillars, after forming himself into a cross. What does this mean? This is more than trinitarianism, this is the psychology of the mentality that trinitarianism has produced.

      Weaknesses in the mentality that trinitarianism has produced

      He has now learned that there are certain weaknesses in the mentality that Trinitarianism has produced. And he knows that he can appeal to their emotions, and he can push in two directions at the same time.

      He didn't pull the pillars---he pushed. He can push in opposite directions at the same time; to make one people give in to emotions, and the other people give in to logic. Push them, so that some will become highly emotional and some will become highly logical.

      And in doing this, the logic will act against the emotions, and emotions will act against the logic. The emotional makeup will kill the logic, the logic will offend the emotions, the society will be divided against itself and the pillars will fall.

      Don't you know that's a strategy that is used in this Society? Whenever the hidden evil in the structure is about to be exposed they began firing the society with emotion, sentiment, flower children, love for everybody, crazy kind of sentimentality and emotionalism.

      They fire it up and build up strong emotions---this is depressing. Now when he does it it's going to drop the whole thing. If he can be successful and bring in the sentimental and emotional elements against the logic; it's going to destroy the whole thing.

      But look, he will certainly be killed; he will be killed as a knowledge body. He was already blind wasn't he? What the hell has he lost---nothing? Once he brings it down, he would start up all over again. Do, ra, mi, fa, sol, la, ti.

      By the Grace of G-d, through IWDM, America was not destroyed

      Just in a few years that have passed us dear people, that scheme has tried to destroy America. But by the grace of G'd, through me, America was not destroyed. Why do I say through me? Because I was the only one that came out when the trend was to go in the form of the cross; when the trend was to become emotional, highly emotional and give one side to dry logic, I came up in the middle of that action and said there is a scheme going on, there is a trick going on.

      This whole thing is designed to fire up your sentiments, to fire up your emotions in order to topple the society. Somebody must have heard me and believed me and others who had been talking before I started, and all of it came together to save America. Yes.

      See initially, they didn't believe the others who were saying, there is a scheme, there is a hidden scheme. But when I began to speak, they said "look, now we know this boy, we've been watching this boy since his father raised him up. We know that this boy is not a tool of outside influence. So if he says these things that ring a bell, where did he get it from? We believe maybe G-d is inspiring Wallace D. Mohammed". So they went back to the desk. And they began to pull out things from the old file and they studied history all over again. And they said that "Wallace D. Mohammed is an inspired man, he sees something. And what he is saying is what we've heard before. It might be something to it. How else could he get it?"

      Simple Simon met a pie man on the way to the square

      Said, "oh no, let's check this thing. Let's check this thing. He said I'm sorry; you can't get sixpence today, only one. Sorry, we aren't buying pies today. We're buying cakes". You've heard that old story of Simple Simon … "Simple Simon met a pie man on the way to the square. I think it goes," … said Simple Simon to the pie man, "would you have a sixpence to spare?" And I think he said, "If I was selling sixpence, I wouldn't be selling pies!"

      Well, that's another one of the conspirators' riddles. And I will tell you what it means. Sixpence means the knowledge behind the scheme. It's said the man was made on the 6th day. The sixpence is the knowledge behind the scheme. Simon was given seven (7), not six (6). He couldn't see 6, six (6) was ruling seven (7). But he wanted the six (6).

      "What is the secret in this? Will you tell me please, Mr. Pie man?" You know what Pi is? 3.1416, I think it is; it's a formula for finding the circumference of the earth. It's a formula for world dominance. Now I'm not saying anything that I didn't want to say, I know it's a formula for finding the circumference of a circle. It's also a formula for world dominance.

      If I was selling my own secrets do you think I'd be selling pies?

      And Peter, the Catholic Church wanted it. But the conspirator wouldn't give it to them. He said "if I was selling my own secrets do you think I'd be selling pies? Do you think I'd be telling you how to get the world, if I was selling the secret of how to get it? Do you think that I'll just tell you how to get it; I'm not going to tell you my secret. You get it from me through a bargain". Yes.

      All Peter got was some magic beans; he did manage to get those didn't he? You remember that riddle? Nursery rhyme, whatever you want to call it; Jack and the beanstalk. Yeah. He had Jack, which is nothing again, but Peter, or the Western society. Pardon me, I shouldn't say Peter, not Peter, Jack is not the Catholic Church, it's the Western society, Protestant society. Catholic Church headquarters is in Rome. This is typical American. Jack is talking about typical America. That's why we call each other Jack. You know, hey jack, what's happening Jack?

      Yes, so, it was Peter, the Pope who asked them for his sixpence. But Jack, the American Christian society, they asked for magic beans. Well really they didn't know what to ask for. All they wanted was really to be rescued, because their cow had got so lean, it was about to die.

      Everything was going bad. And they wanted to know how to bring back life. How can my cows get fat again? How can the society thrive again?

      So, while they were (wandering) wondering, this funny looking thing jumped out in the road. And he made himself visible and he said, "Magic beans want to buy some magic beans, like to buy some magic beans?" And Jack agreed to give his cow up for the magic beans. I'm showing you that this is not only in Scripture. If it is only in Scripture that means that what I'm talking about may not be existing in the world today. Or maybe it was just a story that was only in Scripture, maybe it was just fiction. But if it's in the world too, we should listen.

      What do the magic beans represent?

      Now, says this little funny thing---a man who jumped out, and he talked Jack into giving up his cow for these magic beans. Right. Some of you remember it. He went away with his cow. What do the magic beans represent? A way to, again come into the secret knowledge in Christian religion; it is a way to the secret knowledge in Christian religion.

      And dumb Protestant society gave up their lean cow for this heavenly knowledge. What is the lean cow? The lean cow represents what they had before. What did they have before? They had rational growth. The Protestant movement began with an interest in rational growth. Is that right? Yes.

      Our knowledge is weak, our cow is lean

      They wanted to pursue knowledge. The Catholic Church had suppressed enlightenment, had suppressed education. The people weren't allowed to learn. The masses couldn't learn and educate themselves. So a thirst for knowledge came with Martin Luther. Right. And they began to want knowledge to develop their minds.

      Here comes Jake---Jack, pardon me, feeling himself desperately in need of help. We have the interest in rational development of our society, but our knowledge is weak, our cow is lean. We haven't yet produced anything. We need help. Who would help us?

      "Oh Lord Jesus, help us. We have this logic. But Rome is powerful. We have this logic and Rome is powerful. G-d help us please!"

      Ding, ding, Jahcubite conspirator: "I will help you"! Would you like to have some magic beans? If I give you my magic beans you'll have to give me your lean cow". In effect he was saying the same thing that Samson said. "I'm going to give you a new world, but you're going to have to give me the one that you have now". And if you give him the one you got now, when it becomes fat, who does it belong to? It belongs to him. He got it. He got it in exchange for the magic beans.

      Over the heavenly kingdom was a mean old giant

      So he (Jack) went home and planted. He went home and he didn't know the value of them right? But I think accidentally one fell into the ground right? The thing grew up and it went up, up, up. He saw it going up past his window, he ran out and jumped on it, and the thing took him up into heaven. (It) took him up on the plane of clouds, into a castle that was in the clouds. Right? Yes.

      There he found a nice old woman that befriended him. But over that heavenly kingdom was a mean old giant. Is that right? Yes. He said "fee, fi, fo, fom, I smell the blood of an Englishman, be he live or be he dead; I'll grind his bones with my bread; with my bread". Remember bread is of two kinds. Leaven and unleavened. "I'll grind his bones with my bread".

      So, he managed to escape with the help of this woman up there, an old woman who was nice. He managed to escape. Who is the old woman who was nice? It means people in the religious knowledge of the secrets of religion that weren't corrupt. They didn't have evil designs on the world like the conspirators. They shared with him after he got up there. They shared with him some knowledge; helped him to get the golden knowledge down from heaven.

      The Golden knowledge came from the hen right; the hen that laid golden eggs. But the hen couldn't lay any golden eggs without music playing. When music played the hen would lay the eggs. When the music stopped, the hen stopped laying the golden eggs.

      Which means that the wisdom is tied to music?

      Do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do. Do, ra, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do. Now when he got the musical scheme, he came back down with the hen and the music harp plus the knowledge, and he tied them together, then he had wisdom.

      He had wisdom to bring back down with the hen, and the music harp right, according to the story. From heaven, he brought back with him, they don't say heaven, but it is the heaven of religious symbolism — Biblical symbolism. He came back down with the music maker and with the egg layer. You needed both in order to get the wisdom. The golden egg means wisdom. All right.

      Giant's fall from heaven left a big hole in the earth

      The giant fell from heaven. Is that right? He was so big and heavy that when he fell he knocked a big hole in the earth; he left there a big hole in the earth. The giant was finished. Who was finished? Who is the big giant that was finished? They were the people in the secret religion---the Pope. The Pope and certain others that I don't care to name right now, that hoard the secrets of religion. When the Protestants were given the secret way to get it, and when the Protestant leadership got it---got their share, don't think they got it all---they got their share. The Catholic got his share yes. And Protestants got their share. The conspirators got the whole share. When they got it the position of superiority of them over American Christian leadership fell. When it fell, it knocked a big hole in the ground. What is that symbolic of? Actually they were not spiritual people, they were material people.

      And when they fell, a big part of the material that they had before was taken out. So much of the material wealth that was under Catholicism, and under other secret conspirators in religion, fell to Jack, to the American Christian Society. Is that right? Yes.

      Then they began to rise. But they only had magic beans. Magic beans is not knowledge, it is Magic. The only way you can get it is through magic. You have to have the knowledge of the magic to know how to work them. And, they were secret, so only a few of the Jack people can have them.

      Jack: the American Christian society

      Let me quickly tell you what Jack represents in the American Christian Society. It represents the intelligent leadership; Jack represents the intelligent leadership. Now Jack is not as long as Jacob. So their knowledge is shorter than Jacob, you see?

      Jack is a derivative of the word Jacob. Jacob is the origin; Jack is a derivative, derived from Jacob. So Jack is just a shorten form of Jacob…. they don't have Jacob that is a longer name. But they do have enough to enable them to keep this same rhythm going.

      Rotating events, with a seven note scale, or is it eight. Yes, an eight note scale that goes to seven, and comes back to where it started. Right? Do, ra, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do, it comes back to where it started. So they were given knowledge of how to keep society going through these changes, psychological changes.

      So America unknowingly, has been going through these changes. Look at the trends, one fad behind another. Pretty soon you are wearing what you wore 20 years ago. Right? Pretty soon you're dancing the way you danced 20 years ago. You are talking the way you talked 20 years ago. You are thinking the way you thought 20 years ago.

      So they keep rotating. They have the Jahcubite scheme, but they have only that pie that Jahcubite wanted them to have. Jahcubite sell pies all over the world. Jahcubite sell pies all over the world! They sold the Pope a pie. They sold Protestant America a pie. They sold Communists in the East a pie, called it the red pie. Yes, the red pie. I'm getting ready to let you go now.

      What does the red represent? What do they mean red? You say passions? That's to trick you. Yes,

      Red means passions in the other octave. It has been played. It's another octave. It takes on another color, it takes on another dress. It don't keep the same dress, it says I will sell you changes. You see?

      Yes, it meant passions in one place, but not passions in Communist Russia, although passions are involved. It means the social life. Red means the social life. What ties me together with my brother? Blood. Blood is red. See? So people, as a social group are tied together first by blood. And they call each other brother, you see? So that's blood.

      Red stands for blood. What blood? Human blood. Human blood, according to the Bible, New Testament in particular, should combine with water, which is human spirit, symbolic of human spirit.

      So people should be spiritual, as well as social, according to the New Testament teaching. You shouldn't just be blood. Christ Jesus says, "I come not of water only, but of blood also."

      What does this mean? It means that before him, the people were all spiritual, but were neglecting the social development of society, the development of the relationship of person-to-person, people to people, communities to communities.

      He came to bring the blood, means to bring the social life up too, with the spiritual life. This is in the Scripture.

      So now, if the East has become red, it means that they now have gone to another…. see the world was spiritual, and then it became religious.

      Now they are trying to get it to become all red. No spirituality, take the spirituality out of it. Make it all red, that we are social group and we are born out of materialism, so that material concepts should govern us; we shouldn't have spiritualism in our life; Give up, give out the water, only the red.

      As Salaam Alaikum!


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