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Samson & the Conspiracy - The Hidden Tyranny: The Issue That Dwarfs All Other Is

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    01/28/1979 Chicago, IL Samson & the Conspiracy The Hidden Tyranny: The Issue That Dwarfs All Other Issues By Imam W. Deen Mohammed A Transcription – (has
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      Chicago, IL

      Samson & the Conspiracy

      The Hidden Tyranny: The Issue That Dwarfs All Other Issues

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed


      A Transcription – (has slightly been re-edited from the original to make for easier reading flow)

      As Salaam Alaikum

      Dear beloved Muslims, brothers and sisters, friends. We have a wonderful Muslim with us from the east, from the Muslim land, who has come not only to meet us as a brother and get acquainted with his brothers and sisters over here, but he's come to share his knowledge, to help us raise the level of Islamic education over here in the West.

      So we thank Allah for the generosity of our Muslims abroad, especially for his Excellency Sheikh bin Baz, who is constantly trying to do something to help us over here. Our brother's name is Abdul Rahmaan. And insha Allah, we're going to get acquainted with him soon.

      I like to begin by saying, all the praise is due to Allah, The Guardian Evolver and Sustainer of all the worlds. I bear witness that nothing deserves worship except Allah alone. And I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and His messenger.

      I want to make a few comments before going into a talk this afternoon. I don't know how many Masjids are listening out there. We have terrible weather here in Chicago and appreciate the attendance that we have here today. It's very good considering the weather here.

      And I know that we are now speaking to other Masjids, in the United States by telephone hookup. So we wish our brothers and sisters who are listening to this hookup throughout the United States and elsewhere---if we're going out of the United States, sometimes we even go out of the United States---we wish them peace and happiness, health and guidance of G-d. And I hope that we can gain something from this talk this afternoon that will be useful to us in our daily life as well as for the life to come.

      On Sundays we speak to the non-Muslim.

      Dear Muslims, as you know on Sundays we usually speak to the understanding of the American or Christian people; whereas on Jumu'ah day we speak to the need in the Muslim community for Islamic faith and understanding. But on Sundays we speak to the non-Muslim community and to the Muslim community, to bring about understanding between our two communities in hope that the clear light of understanding will be a means for uniting us together; Muslims and non-Muslims in America. We hope that non-Muslims will become Muslims.

      But the least we expect is friendship, fraternal respect and friendship to exist between Muslim and non-Muslim. And there is no reason why that should not exist. If people say they follow the Prophets, whether they are Christian, Jews or others, there should be an opportunity for them to come together and work, at least as human beings with human concerns for the wellbeing of society and for individuals of the society.

      So I thank Allah that He has blessed me, to be a product of the Nation of Islam, and to come into the light of the Qur'an, the light of the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad; and to guide my friends, my brothers and sisters from the Nation of Islam, on the straight path of Allah. I thank Allah that He has blessed me to do that.

      Chinese American Friendship Association

      Last night dear, beloved people, we celebrated the Chinese New Year with Friendship Association, Chinese American Friendship Association U.S. China People Friendship Association.

      Some time ago I became a member of that Association to receive their correspondence. I'm not an active member in the Association. I'm only a member who receives---because of joining and paying their dues, the registration fee; I think for receiving correspondence---I receive correspondence from them. I would just like to say to you that I think that association was in a real sense instrumental in helping to bring about normalization of relations between our United States of America and Red China. Yes.

      I visited China with them almost about two years ago now I believe it is. Yes. And I was really thrilled to see that Communist China was not as spiritually dead as we thought it to be. By that I mean, I found people very human there. And many people with a religious light on their faces. Although I saw no evidence of the freedom of religion. But I saw a religious light on many of their faces. And you know I met some Muslims there too. In fact there are a good number of Muslims in China.

      We had delicious Chinese food with the Chinese people prepared by them, that is, at the Chinese restaurant. And we listened to some of what I thought were very eye-opening speeches and comments on China and the normalization from leaders of the Friendship Association.

      We had a wonderful time. We, that is, the World Community of Al Islam in the West, occupied two tables, two full tables. I don't know if any other group had two full tables. I believe we had the strongest representation there except for what I would say was racial representation. But as for group representation I think we had the largest or second largest representation there. That was very good because it's a great step forward for peace in the world, when any two great countries like the United States and China come together and begin respecting each other as independent nations.

      A Quarter of the people on the face of this earth

      Many of you may not be aware, that the Chinese people represent about a quarter of the people on the face of this earth. Great numbers---they have great numbers. And Red China is the mainland. Taiwan was a government set up with the help of Western power; it would not have existed without the help and protection of the Western power. So it was not a representative government. It didn't represent the Chinese people. It represented only a minority, a small minority of the Chinese people. For America to take this stand, to make this change, and normalize relations again with China, after many years of struggling to solve the problem, I think is a victory for all citizens of the United States of America, if they understand what the significance is for such recognition.

      In the speech given by the main featured speaker, he referred to the Chinese people as a wise, intelligent people. Well, I bear witness (to that). In my association with the Chinese people I have found them to be a wise people. Now we know wisdom is not everything. Yakub had all the wisdom, and look at what he did.

      But wisdom is a necessity for a nation. A nation without wisdom is at the mercy of those with wisdom. They are a wise people, a very wise people. They are so well known for being lovers of wisdom, that the sons---the crooked sons of Jacob called them the yellow people, the yellow race.

      And many of the naive and duped among the wicked sons of Jacob---naive Americans thought it meant that they had a yellow streak down their back. But the revolution of Mao Tse Tung changed all that. That was not the yellow they were referring to---so much for that.

      And don't be nervous, the boss is here with the hot sauce. Fear nothing when you know you're on the right path.

      Unusual amount of snow in Chicago

      We're getting an unusual amount of snow here in Chicago. I heard one newscaster referring to the snow and to some occurrence on the political scene, and he tied it in and he called the position and attitude of a certain figure, a snow job, "maybe he's giving us a snow job". So I think Chicago has gotten enough snow jobs. So this snow can't mean snow job. I think this snow must mean purity. I think it's a sign that G-d is purifying Chicago, yes.

      First big snow I remember, I recall, I guess I was about five or six years old, around `38 or '39, I don't know, I'm not sure. But I know it wasn't 1940, it was earlier, the late 30s. It was a big snow like this one. And I remember walking in the walkway, and that snow came up to my shoulders and at some places I couldn't even see, I had to do like this to see above the level of it. Now I wasn't a very tall boy, I've always been short, you can see I'm short now, and I've always been short you know.

      So I wasn't a very tall five or six year old, but that snow was high. Believe me, that was a high snow. In fact it may have been equal to the one we had in 1967, and this one. It was pretty close to '67 and this one. Maybe the same or maybe a little more than (the one in) 1967, I don't know. This is supposed to be as big as we've had yet. And I think it's very significant.

      And after three years, four years, fourth year now of working with dark science, trying to turn the light on, we're getting the sign that some moral substance is forming anyway. Maybe the sun is not on, but there is a lot of cold moral substance piling up.

      Sometimes we need that to keep us from the wild passions of our ignorance. A little coolness to temper us, to bring down the temperature---not bad at all.

      You know it's significant again that in the du'a, for the dead, we pray that G-d wash them with snow and with ice; with snow and with ice. Now I don't imagine that G-d is going to actually wash any dead persons with snow and ice, that is no physical person who pass out of this world, because G-d says, "if you don't come alive in this world, there is no hope for you in the next." You see? And again we are told that this side is the opportunity for earning the hereafter.

      Now if you haven't made it here don't ask for snow and ice to clean yourself in the graveyard. So what I'm saying is that du'a is not for our deceased souls that have gone out of this world, as much as it is for these souls that are still back here, but are dead. So those who have passed out of this world, what chance do they have for moral purity. What chance do they have for moral understanding? They are gone.

      They had their opportunity here. It is written that they say, "Oh G-d, send us back. If you would send us back, we will prove that we will be better." "Say Oh No, you have reached the point of no return." In words, that is the reply. You have reached the point of no return. You were warned. You had your warning. You didn't believe in it. Now if you're given another chance, would it be because of your faith that you're good, or because of your fear of the consequences that you now see? Yes. So what good is that faith that responds to the knowledge of a real danger to itself that it can't escape? None!

      G-d wants us to come willingly

      G-d wants us to come willingly. G-d wants us to come with faith. If He wanted to convince us of anything, G-d could convince us right in this life. Of anything that He wants to convince us of, He could convince us now, He doesn't have to wait for us to die physically. So we have to understand this.

      We pray that G-d admit the souls of the deceased into the Paradise. We pray that there would be mercy for them. But it won't be a reward for their purification. It will be a mercy--- that's all---mercy. And mercy is not symbolic of snow. Snow and ice is not symbolic of mercy. Snow and ice is symbolic of a moral development.

      I have here something called a document with a copyright on it, 1978. Oh, we are going to get into our talk, in fact we are on the way now. It's called "The Hidden Tyranny: The Issue That Dwarfs All Other Issues".

      Tyranny, as you know is trouble; trouble caused by a party, individual, party or group that wants to stay in power. And here it says the hidden tyranny. What power is hidden that's causing trouble to keep itself in power? That should be your question, (namely, what is) the Issue That Dwarfs All Other Issues?

      I can understand if that's true, it should dwarf all other issues. Dwarf means to make all other issues look small. Like a dwarf, it's small. Dwarf all other issues. Well if that's a fact that there is a tyranny, a hidden tyranny existing in the world to keep itself in power and to keep us in trouble, then that issue is the number one issue. Yes I agree with that.

      Now it says, "This is the most sensational manuscript of its time." I received this yesterday. Since I became your leader, I have been receiving a lot of things. You know this world is just like the lovers of money. People who love money won't give you any money until they see you with money. When they think you have got money, hey, hey, hey man can I help you out? They know you are all right now you don't need any help you know. But they would like to have some tie-in with you, because you've got money now. You see?

      So since I became the Imam they've brought me---oh, I don't have space for all those books. This is a book on the symbols, the hidden symbols in scripture, secret symbols, secret doctrines, secret this, secret that. Also "Protocols of Zion", a book on the Jewish conspiracy by Henry Ford, and by others. And now this last one here, "The Hidden Tyranny", which is on the same subject, Jewish conspiracy.

      I took patience and time to read these pages. Why? I didn't know what was in these pages. And it says, The Hidden Tyranny: The Issue That Dwarfs All Other Issues. Would I be intelligent to ignore this? No. I would be a fool to ignore this, because the subject is too serious to ignore.

      It's through and through cow dung.

      The wise don't ignore anything that is serious. In fact, the wise don't even ignore the light jokes that people make. Yes. So I read this through and through. And it's through and through, cow dung. Now I didn't want to say BS. So I said cow dung.

      I think some of the Hitler worshipers might have put this together, I don't know; it kind of smells of their flavor.

      I want this community to understand this---I have not been motivated, or directed, by any of these movements; any of these ideologies or by any of these protests.

      Nothing has motivated me but the guidance of G-d, the Holy Scripture, and my faith in G-d Almighty. That's what has motivated me. That's what has influenced me. So when you hear me making charges, exposing things, don't think I'm speaking from this crap that they been putting out---I'm not.

      This stuff is designed to really divert you, take you away from what's happening. Yes. One other comment and then I'm going into the talk for this afternoon.

      We have enemies

      Don't think we are people left alone. Don't think we don't have enemies. When you are known for your innocence, for your goodness, your enemies don't strike you in the light. They have to strike you in the dark. They strike you behind your back. They strike you in the closet. They strike you from under the rock, from behind the wall.

      They can't come out in the open because people know you for your goodness. And they fear that if they strike you in the open, they will be readily condemned, immediately condemned. But what they do, they start the subtle war to defeat your good efforts, to ruin you. You see?

      So the better you become as a servant of the path of righteousness, as a servant of G-d, the more sophisticated the war of your enemies become.

      Sincere believers in Almighty G-d, they have the worst kind of war waged against them, because it's so deceitful, it's so secret, it's so hidden. Do you know we got people right now doing everything in their might to deprive me and this community of economic growth?

      They are convinced that they can't stop the moral and spiritual blessings because they're coming from a position that's too high for them to reach. So they say we will stop the economic benefit. And they have been trying hard ever since they saw it was no hope to destroy me and those who walk with me morally and spiritually. Yes. You have to be aware of that.

      Don't put heart or hope in economic growth

      They pretend to be our friends. They pretend to be standing around to help us as strong supporters. They are standing around waiting to hurt us, to deny us growth, economic growth.

      I don't want any Muslim to put their heart or their hope in economic growth. No G-d fearing person can ever guarantee (economic growth) or he would never really make any strong promise of economic growth.

      G-d doesn't want our hearts in that kind of thing. Our hope is in moral excellence, in spiritual devotion to Almighty G-d and G-d alone. Our hope is in complete struggle; complete struggle--- moral struggle; academic struggle; social struggle; political struggle; financial struggle.

      Our hope and our dedication are to the total struggle of the human family. Not leaving out anything. If we don't get a thousand dollars next week, but we get 500 pounds of moral excellence, 100 pounds of intelligence; another hundred pounds of social purity. Why we are happy, though we miss the thousand pounds of currency. We hope for currency too. But we will never put our hearts again in currency.

      The mystic teacher came here knowing that we were poor, shut out of the mainstream of the graces of this country, this nation America. He came here and appealed to our hunger for material freedom, material growth. He said follow me and I'll give you plenty of money, good homes, luxury, friendship in all walks of life---he was pimping our community.

      And we know what happened to those who followed that offer. Eventually they became greedy for the material things of this world; so greedy that they became pimps (that were) pimping our community, pimping our young people; enslaving the ignorant of our community. It created a super fly element; a greedy element, for the worldly things in the Nation of Islam. And (it) brought the leader to throw up his hands. To me he said, "son, the record is broken." And the last words he said to me were, "I hope you don't join these wicked people."

      And I told him I said, "No sir". He said, "Well, I know you, you never did show that kind of mind." He said, "You never had that in you." Well I thank Allah that I'm still like that.

      When the Honorable Elijah Muhammad passed, there were people who came around with suitcases bigger than his. Once he opened a big suitcase of money to me. He said, "son, look here." He opened a suitcase and the thing was packed with dollar bills. I say dollar bills but you know dollar bills come in different numerations. And he had another one sitting there that he didn't open. I didn't ask him what was in that one. Maybe it was papers, typed papers or written documents, and maybe it was another suitcase full of money.

      Well, just like some of these preachers, the Hon. Elijah Muhammad had followers who gave him plenty money. And he could've had 10 suitcases up there if he had wanted to; because his followers gave him plenty money. Jim Jones' followers gave him even their lives, in a ritualistic sacrifice, many of them.

      And after his passing, others opened up their suitcases. But I'm still the son of Clara Muhammad, and the wise student of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad. The pocket book doesn't excite me.

      The Navel Cord

      The little baby being formed in the womb of the mother, it's tied to its mother's system, by what we call the navel cord. And that little infant or fetus that grows to be a full developed human being in the womb of its mother has to be separated from its mother's system. You have to cut the navel cord.

      There are beautiful pictures of a people's dependence on others, in scripture. It's told in this connection, this existence through the navel cord. The little child gets its whole nourishment, full nourishment through that navel cord. That is life that it needs for sustaining itself and developing while in its mother.

      But after that child is delivered, the placenta, I think it is called, is separated from the child and the navel cord is cut. That child becomes an independent biological creation of Almighty G-d and start breathing air for itself; and it has to begin eating and drinking for itself and it has to develop its mind so it can live for itself. Is that right? Yes.

      A Materialistic Society

      Remember that this is a materialistic society. It's changing but it's still ruled by materialists; people who care more about money and the power that material plenty can give them, than they care about individual human lives. You must understand that.

      Do you think they are happy to see us separated from the old Nation of Islam mentality? They got the so-called black nationalists---the so-called black minded people; the so-called militants who're looking at us saying, "oh what a pity". Great militant black minded people like that have turned out to be nothing but soft spiritual citizens. (They say),"Oh, what a pity. The Imam is beautiful, but what a pity."

      Where is the militancy? Where is the black consciousness? Where are the muscles, the courage, of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad? Where is the powerful Nation of Islam?

      Good riddance. Something better is on the scene; something more powerful, something more militant, if you can understand it. Yes.

      That was blindness. It was like something developing in the womb. Certainly something is developing in the womb. Flesh is growing, the vessel, the vehicle; the structure for a new development is being formed. But it's being formed in the darkness of the womb. And it's dependent because it's being formed in something and it's depending completely on the thing that it is being formed in.

      The Nation of Islam was a Slave Community

      The Nation of Islam was a slave community; spiritually a slave; mentally a slave; socially a slave community. "Oh, he shouldn't say that. The Hon. Elijah Mohammed freed me." Yes he freed you from (?) existence and brought you into an environment that would enable you to grow as a fetus. But you were in the womb, you were in a prison and the prison was dark.

      We couldn't see the spiritual foundation. We couldn't see the spiritual rationale. We were as much in the air as the church--- rationally speaking. Why? Because the church says Jesus is G-d and they attempt to give us an explanation.

      We were saying Master Fard was G-d, and we attempted to give an explanation. We were as clumsy in defending our theology, as the church was in defending its theology. Yes. We believed in G-d, but we conceived him wrongly.

      We believed in a heaven on this earth, but we conceived it wrongly. Yes. We were a people locked up, afraid to think, afraid to think. We could only ask certain question, others we would run away from.

      So weren't we tied by the navel cord to the symbolism that was darkness? We only existed and survived because we trusted, we had faith, blind faith in that symbolism. But at the same time while we were being fed darkness, we were also being fed, at the same time, material development.

      Material development and the brain was being developed so that when it come out into the light, it would have strength. But we were being fed darkness, brothers and sisters.

      All of a sudden, the time of deliverance came. Nature said, sorry, but the nine months are up. No matter how comfortable you've been in this darkness, delivery time is here. When delivery time comes sometimes we get a deformed thing, an ill-formed thing.

      Most of the time we get normal babies, but sometimes we get some born blind, some born speechless, some born without hearing, some born without good blood, you have to give them a blood transfusion the moment they come here.

      Many complications sometimes come with the delivery, but the majority comes out as normal children, don't they?

      I have the majority with me. All praise is due to Allah, I have the majority with me---normal children. Those who want our breech births, our stillborn, our deaf dumb and blind, our diseased blood, they can have them. They would do well to come here because now the babies are growing up. They know how to be doctors and nurses. We can help some of those ill-formed. Yes.

      But if they don't want to come here that is okay. The way is open. "Whosoever will let him come". We are not forcing anybody to join us. If they don't like to join us and want to be something else, help yourself. As long as they don't come here attacking the door, breaking down the doors; as long as they don't come in here saying, "shut up your talking, sit down, we're not going to let you preach" help yourself.

      What they do in secrecy Allah sees it. I am not troubled by what they are doing in secret. Because Allah sees what's done in secret. No Muslim should ever rise up to do any bodily harm to any of those people who won't follow this way. Let them go their way and leave them alone.

      A brother sent me some Qur'an quotes to strengthen my faith. And he encouraged me — to go on Imam, keep moving on, don't worry G-d has sent you the help you wanted. G-d has sent angels for you to do your battling.

      Let me go on now hoping that you've understood what I've said. We have to be our own self. We have to be our own selves. Being your own self means more than conforming to your own nature; it means preserving yourself; saving yourself from slavery to other people or to other ideas.

      The Muslim cannot be a slave to any people or to any other ideas. We are the slaves of Allah. We can't be a slave to any ideology, to the Labor Party doctrine, to communism, to Shiite-ism or any other of the isms, Wahhabiism, or Sunniism. Once a Muslim becomes a "Sunni" rather than a Muslim first, he has taken on Sunni-ism. And Sunni-ism leads to the worship of Prophet Mohammed, over the obedience to G-d or slavery to G-d.

      So we are not worshipers of Prophet Mohammed. We are not worshipers of his cousin Ali, may the peace and blessings be upon him, and may the peace be upon the Imam and Khalifa Ali. We respect them in their proper places.

      Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger Prophet to all of us. Ali was his cousin, a wonderful friend and supporter, but no divine being. We can't worship him. And Prophet Mohammed said "I hope my followers will not do as the Christians did when I pass, that is, go to my grave and weep and make long prayers and fall into the worship, fall into sin." Yes.

      We don't worship Prophet Mohammed. We don't worship anybody. We worship Allah. We are the slaves of Allah. Who guided us to this — through Prophet Muhammad (peace and the blessings be upon him).

      It was that great prophet that guided us to this belief. He gave us this position, that we are slaves of G-d and slaves of no one else, no other ideology, no other person, and no other people.

      Fard's Picture on our Walls

      What do we look like, having Master Fard's picture on our walls in our house talking about that's my savior? If we are Muslims indeed, how can we have a picture of a man on our wall talking about he's our Savior?

      Before he was born Adam was saved. And the great prophets were saved. Before he was born my ancestors were saved. They came through many trials before his day and they were saved. Yes.

      So why should I now worship Master Fard?

      Some of them hate me simply because I say to you; Master Fard is nothing but a man, a common man. Not even a prophet. And that you should not worship him. They are mad because I've taken away your white god. Yes.

      The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that Prophet Muhammad was a white man. He said it in one of his articles.

      I say to you Prophet Mohammed was racially no whiter than Fard Muhammad and history tells us that. His ancestry comes from Ishmael. And the mother of Ishmael was Hagar. And Hagar was an African woman. So he descended from Caucasian and African lines, Prophet Muhammad.

      And Fard Muhammad, according to the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, also descended from African and Caucasian lines. He said his father was a black man and his mother was a pure Caucasian. Isn't that what he said? All right.

      So now they look at me and they say… they talk that old twisted politics of deception---and they say "the chief got you niggas over there following an Arab. The Hon. Elijah Muhammad was a black man." But he was only the mouthpiece for the white man, Fard Muhammad. And he said, "I represent W. D. Fard, G-d in person."

      And when you prayed you didn't say dear savior Elijah Muhammad. "Dear Savior Fard", "Dear Savior Master Fard". Yes.

      If I did no more than take you from that, you should have a yearly holiday for me, to celebrate the coming of Wallace D. Mohammed. That's right. Yes.

      That was enough just there to make you have an annual day of celebration, celebrating my coming into power. Why? Because I took you from the worship of Caucasian flesh.

      They called themselves black, but who did the job of Black consciousness? Was it them or me? Huh?

      Black consciousness means to stop worshiping white images

      Black consciousness should provoke you at some time or another to stop worshiping white images.

      Now if they truly represent black militancy in Islam how come they still have a white image before their people, and I say, no more white image. Huh?

      See these are the things that you all overlook. You don't see that my quiet revolution is the true black revolution and their noise making is bull S... That's all it is, nothing but cow dung.

      "Oh how can you leave our savior, Master Fard Muhammad. When he came over here we had no help. Nobody helped us. He was the only one that helped us." That's right. That's true. He was the only one that helped us. But I don't like his help.

      Don't take me from one Jesus in a white body and put me under another Jesus in a white body, I don't like that kind of help. Yes.

      So I agree with you, he is the only one that helped us. And the Christians in the church, they say that Jesus was the only one that helped them. And I say to them come away from that Jesus, that's been the only one that helped you. You need another helper, by G-d.

      Can the devil fool a Muslim? Now you know that was a prophetic statement. I don't know if Fard Muhammad himself, may he rest in peace, mentally and spiritually, I don't know if he himself really saw into the future, the significance of that statement. Can the devil fool a Muslim? Not nowadays. Oh no.

      You don't change clothes and come out here and think that we're going to worship you. Yeah that's all the Caucasian race has been doing. It's just changing clothes for us and giving us another Caucasian in different garments.

      And if you don't think the old Nation of Islam was a white supremacist movement, you've got a lot of learning yet to do.

      The subtleties of the devil

      You don't know the subtleties of the devil, the Satan. You don't know him yet brother. His way is to lead you as your advocate. But he's working against you.

      In scripture he said that he would come at you; he told G-d, "I will come at them from their right, from their left, from behind them and before them. He said "when I'm finished with them, you won't find many worthy."

      Shouldn't that tell you something? That means that the devil can take up your cause. You want liberation, you want freedom, you want Black power? He can take up your cause and lead you. But he's not serving your interests. He's not serving your hope. He is not going to take you to your promised land. He's taking you to his hell again. In fact the direction hasn't changed at all; he's taking you right where he was taking you before.

      But he tells you, "Oh yes they are devils don't follow them. They are devils, follow me. I'm for the Black man." And then give you a white man to worship.

      They tell you you're original and charge you with making the devil, and all the trouble in the world. They say that little black head, big headed, Yakub a black man made the devil. That cripples you---cripples you! Gives you a guilt complex; gives you a terrible guilt complex that won't allow you to stand up against white aggression and white supremacy.

      In your mind you conclude "Oh no, we can't, we can't really say too much about it. We made the devil." And then they give you a Caucasian as your savior. "And no help came to them until the coming of the son of man in the person of W.D. Fard." Did I quote that pamphlet right?

      There's an Eclipse Coming

      There is an eclipse coming February 26. I don't know if you've heard about it. But they reported already that there is coming an eclipse this February 26. It's the first one on this scale in about 40 something years, that is, in America.

      It will be seen as a total eclipse in some northern parts of the United States. But in Chicago we will be able to see it.

      Do you believe in the signs of G-d? I do. The longer I live the more I see that G-d's hand is in everything. As the scripture says, "They plan and He is the best of planners." He overrides the schemes of all the schemers. And even in our personal life, the little things we are doing daily, like brushing our teeth, putting on our clothes, we are acting, but G-d is acting too. Oh yes.

      And don't think that these things are empty signs. That G-d has made the sun and the moon and the stars and caused planets to be eclipsed and that this is an empty sign, no!

      G-d hasn't done this for nothing. And the Holy Qur'an tells of this. Don't think that he has done all of this in jest, done all of this in play, just for your entertainment. No!

      People from far and near are going to come out and see the eclipse. The astronomers are going to go nuts. The astrologers are already nuts and they are going to come with their nuts to see the eclipse.

      But let me tell you something, it has a special meaning for the Nation of Islam of yesterday. This eclipse is predicted to come on the 26th. Now we know the Hon. Elijah Muhammad didn't always celebrate on the 26th, but it was in that time. Because of certain circumstances sometimes he celebrated earlier, sometimes later.

      But this eclipse is predicted to come on the 26th of February. It's a sign, that that old school has been eclipsed by G-d. That it wasn't W. D. Mohammed who brought the eclipse on February 26th. It was G-d's Will.

      But look again at the beautiful sign. On the 26th of February, our annual celebration in 1975, the old leader rested and your Imam came upon the throne of the Nation of Islam, as it was called.

      Look how quick it was. You know many times the leader dies and it is weeks and months, sometimes years before a new leader is put in the office. The eclipse only takes a few minutes. It hardly ever goes over a few hours. Is that right? Yes!

      You don't have to go to bed and wake back up to see it or stay up overnight to see it. And that's exactly what happened. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad went out one day, next day there was a new leader. It was so quick that the position wasn't even vacant; the seat of leadership never got cool. In fact, it was he himself who had already given me the freedom to go all over his nation, delivering talks while he was sick. Not knowing if he would recover or not. Yes.

      If you believe in signs, look how good and plain the sign is. Who would think that an eclipse would come on February 26th, in the early years of my mission? You don't think that's significant? It's highly significant that they are predicting an eclipse on February 26th, in this early stage of my mission.

      I don't have to say this to strengthen the faith of those believers who are already strong in faith. This is for those who sit straddled the fence, whose head is constantly looking at me, and looking at Silas; me and Farrakhan; me and Silas. Yes.

      And there are many other signs.

      Now, let's get into our talk.

      There is a saying in the Scripture---the Bible---it asks the people to question their understanding. It asked them, "Who do you come to see, a man in dyed garments?"

      You know, this problem of really seeing properly in religion, has been the major problem for the religious society; vision--- proper vision; seeing the right way and looking in the right direction; looking to the right object. This is really the salvation in religion.

      People have been greatly disappointed because the man that stood up to represent them didn't have the colors that they thought he should wear.

      Say, "Who do you come down to see, someone in dyed garments?"

      Fard Muhammad said he came in the garments of the West--- dyed garments. And he told the people that one day you will see me in my native robe. Said you are going to see me one day in my native robe, my holy garments. I don't know if you spell that with a "w" or an "h", but I'm glad to know that Allah didn't have to wait for him to come back and show me the kind of garments we should wear.

      But I say to those who are still in that old teaching and still want to hang on to the old teaching, he said himself that his garments were not his identity. He said he did not come in the garments of his own self. He said he came in the garments of the West, and that one day we would see him in his true garments.

      What do garments mean? "Oh it means his flesh". What does flesh mean? It means your conduct---your knowledge that sets the pattern of your conduct, of your behavior.

      People are known by their dress

      People are known by their dress. Police wears a police uniform which tells us what should be his conduct, what should be his behavior and what is his job. A doctor wears his outfit. The bus driver wears his outfit. People from long time ago have been identified by their dress.

      The preacher wears his dress. Is that right? Which speaks of a certain knowledge that he has, that dictates what his conduct should be? What his role and his conduct should be. Is that right?

      Now if Fard Muhammad said that he came in dyed garments, but sometime, one day you'll see me in my native robe, then he told us that the knowledge that he gave us did not truly identify him.

      Why did he use that? Because he said that he was coming in the role of Jesus Christ, according to the New Testament. Said he came as a thief in the night. Said he came in disguise. He was seen and the world knew him not.

      Often men pickup roles out of books by philosophers and many times out of scripture; and they come in the role of the text. To understand them you have to know something about the text. If he picked his role out of the text then the explanation for it is in the text. You understand? All right.

      What is this story about Jesus coming in disguise? It's not the story of the true Jesus. It only has a hint; it only implies something or suggests something of the true Jesus. But it speaks directly to the Antichrist---the Antichrist.

      Has G-d made his servants to be deceivers? Over and over in the Qur'an, Allah says (subhana wa ta`ala, Highly Glorified is He), He says, that it has been revealed expressly for the purpose of making it plain and open. Not that it should be hid.

      The Qur'anic text is against this idea that G-d sends prophets in disguise. Or that G-d Himself comes in disguise. No! It's the devil that comes in disguise.

      Why should G-d disguise Himself?

      Why should G-d disguise Himself? Not G-d Almighty. The invisible Kingdom of the conspirators, believing themselves to be god, they come in disguise. They take on garments that are not really theirs.

      But I hope you can listen. "He, who has an ear, let him hear." Look at your ear sometime in the mirror or just think on it. It's a question mark. The ear is a question mark. That's where they got the question mark from---the shape of the ear. And the exclamation mark is the shape of your nose. Yes.

      Some language has the question mark backwards. Some have them upside down. And problems like that exist in modern society. Some ears are backwards, some ears are upside down.

      This is more important than anything else you've got to do. We haven't been able to distinguish between Satan in disguise and the Christ.

      That's why Christ is called a mystery in Christianity; the great mystery, Christ! And Satan is also called a mystery in Christianity, the great mystery. You're familiar with that? I know Sheikh Shabazz is. He had to go to another occasion. It's very good. Don't worry; he's taking care of good business.

      Al-Islam, never Islam

      Now, for Muslims, it is very, very important, that you not confuse the role of prophets in Islam, in Al-Islam. And I say Al-Islam because the Qur'an gives us the word Al-Islam--- never Islam; always Al-Islam. Speaking the English language makes us cut things and make it short for the convenience. But I say certain things shouldn't be shortened. And if the Qur'an says Al-Islam; if Allah revealed it to the Prophet Muhammad as "Al-Islam", we should say Al-Islam. But some of you think your friends know more than me. So you refuse to say Al-Islam. You refuse to give the greetings as I give the greetings. We all are known, by our marks.

      The proper image of the Prophets

      Now, once we know that the Bible doesn't represent Holy Scripture, for Muslims. It does not represent pure scripture. It represents symbolic, even corrupt scripture. And the Prophets, as we see them in the Bible, are not in the proper image that we should see them. G-d as we see Him in the Bible is not in the proper concept; not in the proper role.

      When we understand that, then we will stop confusing our religion with Bible. Why should G-d hide from us; thinking that G-d should disguise Himself? Why should G-d hide from us? You can't see Him anyway, unless He reveals Himself to you.

      Why should He hide Himself, when He is already hidden, because of the limited power of the human being to conceive the Divine Reality? He's already hidden. He doesn't have to disguise Himself. "Oh Allah is a black man, but he has to disguise himself as a Pakistani, or as a Turk, a Caucasian".

      That is silly talk, in this day and time. When I was a boy in the Nation of Islam, that talk was ok. But now that the light is on and an argument is out here that even the fool can understand, it's silly to talk that kind of talk.

      Some of us have gotten so Black

      When we make the pilgrimage to Mecca, we put on Ihram--- two white sheets, or white cloths, with no dye. The natural fabric, not fabric made artificially. But the natural fabric as G-d made it in nature. We put on that; one piece around the lower

      part of our body and the other piece around the upper part of our body. And the color of that fabric is white.

      Why? Because white is comparable with light. Light gives whiteness or brightness. And white, even without a light, gives off brightness. Is that right? Yes. Don't worry if you're black. You have the white I'm talking about---if you're a decent human being.

      Now, let's continue. Some of us have gotten so black; we don't think we have white teeth. We forget we have white in our eyes. I'm telling you.

      We had gotten to the place that we thought nothing white should be accepted by us. "You eat white sugar? Ah. Brother what's wrong with you?" Won't eat white sugar; won't eat white rice. Don't eat white bread. Many of them stopped eating white cakes, made the cake with whole wheat flour.

      I'm not joking. I'm not making fun of anybody. I'm telling you the truth. One of the poor scientists, he couldn't see that milk was white. He went on a total milk fast; he drank nothing but milk, refused to eat anything else, or take anything else, taking all white, nothing but white milk.

      Morals don't come before learning

      But his mind had become so warped, with an artificial black consciousness, that he couldn't even recognize that the milk was white. He wouldn't eat any white bread. (Laughter) Black and white is necessary for vision. The pupil of the eye is black. And the field about that pupil is white.

      Without light, without whiteness, there's no vision, and without blackness, there is no vision. Black is symbolic of reflection and of memory. Light is symbolic of learning. White is symbolic of learning. And morals come with learning. Is that right? Yes. Morals come with learning. You don't call or term something moral, unless there's some learning involved. If there is good conduct without learning involved, you don't call those morals. You just call it natural behavior. Is that right? Yes.

      We don't say the cat acted morally because the cat cleaned itself, or buried its waste. We don't say it acted morally. We charge that and attribute that to nature. Is that right? But if a human being does something properly, we say, he's a moral person. Right? That is because learning was involved. So we have to understand that morals and learning are tied together. Morals don't come before learning; learning and then morals. You see? Yes.

      Knowledge is symbolic of light

      And this knowledge is symbolic of light. And the whiteness of it is symbolic of the morals that develop in our knowledge. Yes. And the black is symbolic of the conscience, before the knowledge comes in. It's sustained by nature. Is that right?

      By nature, so black is nature. Black is natural spirit. Black is nature. Black is consciousness before knowledge starts coming in. Yes. And Black is memory; because often the light goes out. And we have to get the facts back from the darkness---from memory. Is that right?

      So don't think that you're bad because you're black. You're good. And the white man should be proud that he's white. Black and white are beautiful symbols in nature. And they can't work without each other.

      When the eye becomes all white, we call that state glaucoma. That's blindness. And I'm sure you wouldn't want that pupil to just keep growing and the whole eye becomes black. Now that would terrify everybody. (Laughter) So the pupils should stay black shouldn't they? Yes.

      He shouldn't leave nature. I'm going to make it plain to you. I'm not going to leave you in the dark. The pupil should not leave nature, but it should embrace the whiteness of moral knowledge, that comes with learning.

      Dyed garments represents this world's knowledge

      Now, let's continue this talk.

      Dyed garments represent this world's knowledge. This world's knowledge is made artificially. The garment as G-

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