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Crucify, blood from Jesus side is removal of social science

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    12/18-2005 Homewood, Ill Crucify, blood from Jesus side is removal of social science By Imam W. Deen Mohammed Dua before eating addresses the last supper Al
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      Homewood, Ill

      Crucify, blood from Jesus side is removal of social science

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed

      Dua before eating addresses the last supper

      Al Hadith 2p123#15; Dua after Eating

      Abu Saeed al Khudree reported when the Prophet (pbuh) finished his Abu meal he used to say: "All praised is for Allah (swt) Who fed us and gave us drink and made us Muslims." Timirdi, Abu Daud, Ibn Majah

      Whenever you recite the Qur'an you don't have to do this when you eat, there is a different dua for eating, it ask only to pronounce the name of G-d when we eat, that is to recall G-d, His name, Bismillah and we can eat, but most of us say more than that, some of us say the whole Al Fatiha and then there are other traditional duas to say.  I like one that says "Praise be to G-d Allah swt Who gives us our food and gives us that for our thirst and Who has made or caused us to come together as believers." I like that dua because its addressing the last supper when Jesus representing the word of G-d personified in the world told them to take of his flesh and that the bread was the symbol of his flesh and to drink of his blood and the wine was the symbol for his blood.

      Drink thirst for spiritual understanding

      That is giving food and bread came first right? And then a drink "alladhe atanal" food first "Wa saqanaa" and then drink and then He brought us together as Muslims, it is deep there is a lot of meaning in that. This thirsting is not thirst for physical food it is the thirst for spiritual understanding, in the book you hear the people expressing that they thirst to know, to understand, they thirst to see their lord as He is. So this is a spiritual hunger that is called a thirsting and then they also want to be delivered from their cruel rulers who denied them the things of the world that G-d created for them to have, they take the wealth and keep them in poverty so they also wanted to have the material too, not just the spiritual, these are the two things. Material is associated with a science or knowledge and the spiritual is associated with a science or knowledge so you want to carry it a little further to be at home with the real issues then it is not just a thirsting for personal benefit, no its religion, spiritual life that we have been called to or that we have in this world it leaves us thirsting, wanting more understanding. So this is something we want to come into our spiritual teachers so we are thirsting for what? True spiritual sciences, not this stuff that they give us without guidance.

      Rational sciences are social sciences

      This is a thirst for the spiritual sciences and the other is the meat and also the rational sciences. One refers to the spiritual sciences and the other refers to the rational sciences. The rational sciences are social sciences this is where things went bad in the religion, those who wanted to dominate the world and keep the majority of the people ignorant so they can rule them and short change them and not have to worry about them, occupy them with mysteries.

      What they did they took the social sciences out of the religion and just gave us the spiritual sciences but hid the real keys for unlocking even the spiritual sciences. They separated the social and got rid of the social science, the social logic, not teaching the social logic and the social sciences.

      Crucify, blood from Jesus side is removal of social science

      John 19.33-34; Jesus stabbed water and blood came out

          "But when they came to Jesus, and saw that he was dead already, they brake not his legs: [34] But one of the soldiers with a spear pierced his side, and forthwith came there out blood and water."

      They got rid of that out of the religion, that is the sacrificing the blood in the secret. So don't think of the cross as something that really happened the cross is a revealing, hidden revelation from the average person so they don't know what's happening and don't know what it is talking about, but the shedding of the blood is the taken of the social sciences out from the teaching of Jesus Christ or the body and knowledge that Jesus Christ represents. And, also it's taking the spiritual sciences out of it. It is separating the two so they are not living together inside the body of knowledge. They are not existing and performing together inside of the one body of knowledge. They are separate, spiritual on one side, social on the other side. Isn't that just what we have in America?

      Qur'an 41:11; Come willingly or unwillingly

         "Moreover He Comprehended in His design the sky and it had been (as) smoke: He said to it and to the earth: "Come ye together willingly or unwillingly." They said: "We do come (together) in willing obedience." 

      1 John 5.6; Jesus came by water and blood

          "This is he that came by water and blood, even Jesus Christ; not by water only, but by water and blood. And it is the Spirit that beareth witness, because the Spirit is truth."

      We have the secular world and the social sciences being taught to us by the secular world and the spiritual sciences left with the spiritual world, whatever, this is how it is, it is a separation.  Jesus didn't come to separate that, he said, "I come not only of water I come of water and blood."  And what did he come for? To reconcile the two, which means bring them together in one life where they belong; water and blood belong in the same life. To reconcile those means there were mistakes in them, mistakes in the sciences and in the education that causes these things to be adverse, in opposition to one another and G-d made them to be in agreement with one another. So he comes to reconcile them, it means to bring them back into agreement, bring these two lives into agreement, the spiritual life and the social life.

      When a man is searching for understanding in religion like I have all my life almost; you don't have the social interest and the spiritual interest at odds with one another, they are working together. Social interest in my intelligence is working with my spiritual interest in my intelligence, they both are working together. I'm not seeking to have understanding in my spiritual life only; I want to understand it in my social and my spiritual life.  And I want the spiritual understanding to better my social life; that is what I want it for, so that my social life will be free and better so they are together. And Jesus came to bring them together but the same Jesus who came to bring them together he's crucified and they are separated.  Gnostic order of the church

      Gnostic order of the church

      Look what happened to his mission when he came, he addressed social issues didn't he? Not just spiritual issues! In the New Testament the coming of Jesus is the coming of a man who addressed social issues and spiritual issues. He questioned their theology, how they understood G-d, he questioned their understanding of spiritual matters but he looked at the suffering of the people and he turned his heart towards them and then he charged them with being negligent and he told them to care for these suffering people.  So here is a man who came addressing social issues and spiritual issues and he is a morally upright and pure person, very just and that was lost and then they established the Gnostic order of the church.  That order remained until Al Islam came, only Al Islam broke them from that order. 

      When Al Islam came they began to reform the church but it wasn't until late after Al Islam that they really made the complete reformation and brought the church to be involved in the social life of the people. And the first colleges and universities established for the Western world were headed by the church, under the church. The very church that freed the people to have these things that were denied them under the old church, the Gnostic order had to yield to the government, it freed them and they grew powerful, got support of the masses then the church had to yield to the influence and power of the government and then they established themselves as a spiritual order and spiritual kingdom only, and the government took over the social life, political life, economic life and everything but the spiritual, that is how  they existed until now.  That is being challenged now and the authority in the white house doesn't have any respect for that old language, they do what they want to do and they are getting by with it, they are getting the support of the preachers.  I read a caption in the paper, "Is Bush changing things, separation of church and state is Bush changing that?"  No, Bush is just saying you got by with what you did I'm going to get by with what I'm doing.

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