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The Meaning of Peace for Human Society as Given in the Religion of Islam

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    04/06/2002 Morehouse College The Meaning of Peace for Human Society as Given in the Religion of Islam By Imam W. Deen Mohammed As-Salaam-Alaikum It is
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      Morehouse College

      The Meaning of Peace for Human Society as Given in the Religion of Islam

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed


      It is reported in a collection of reports, by the Russian Muslim scholar Bukhari, that our Prophet said: "Allah invited the great archangel Jabril called Gabriel in English, to view the plan for us, creation.  Upon seeing G'ds plan for earth's creation, Gabriel said to Allah "my Lord how can anyone go astray in such a wonderful creation?" Then Allah caused the scene to reappear after shaitan had put on it his touches. The great angel Gabriel said "Lord, how can anyone go correctly in such a world?"

      Today our lives are so crowded and so busy. That it is painfully difficult to find the necessary peace of mind, needed by anyone, searching and seeking his holy book, for help in these troubled times.  Seeing clearly in a time with violence prevailing, is granted only to a very few.  One has to have all innocent and clean motives.  One has to have a cause, bigger than all perishables.

      A student of sacred scripture I am.  I have learned, for any soul in a condition to receive Allah's present (I am assuming the Imam said present and not presence), that soul's peace is safe, from the troubles of the world. 

      The opinion of the scholars in Islam is that, generally, our present day Muslim nations are missing the Holy Book, and lost from the way of our Prophet (prayers and peace be upon him). The trouble they are suffering is not as much instigated, as it is invited.

      Moreover, in the light of Holy Scriptures, all nations would do well, to look at themselves first, to know the source for their troubles.  Allah does not change their condition, until they change, repent, until they change what is in their soul, The Qur'an.

      Islam invites to oneness. To a complete world.  In Islam, there will not be a satisfying peace for an individual refusing to accept the wholeness of human life.  The perception in our religion, casts all of us in the family of man's spirit, and makes all of us, one collective soul.

      Embracing origin for human life, a common origin that is, seeing our explosive population numbers, pushing us to the edge of our spaces, and occasionally across the borders, bring home the Prophetic picture of man's unity.  One common life, sent out into small circle, until filling the spaces, connects, connects all again, in one essence, one land the earth, one water, one air, one fire. 

      Our religions are invitations to us, to value our intrinsic nature to live intelligently.

      The universe is a logic for human life and progress.  Hence Allah's word in the Qur'an, quote, Islam is the religion of nature, it says urgent nature. The nature by which humanity was evolved.  To call us away from an exaggerated self worth scripture tells man, The Universe is a bigger matter of importance over man's creation. 

      Islam presents nature as a sacred partner, with man. 

      Regarding progress for the hope of peace and justice, the influence from the natural environment, before and under man's influence, is a bigger influence, in the matter of living life on this planet.

      The natural causes are on the sides of peacemakers. 

      The cause of peace and justice is not only carried by man, the natural order of the world is ushering in, the order of peace and justice.

      Driven by nature's ordering of conflict, human society will more and more have to act with respect for the order of nature, desiring maximum agreement and conformity in her call, as ordered by her Creator.

      In the Qur'an, the creation itself, moves man to right conclusions.

      G'd says in the Qur'an, that he did not create, the world of matter or the universe, except for just conclusions.

      Man is invited to cooperate with the best of nature, and with that I would like to say to you, and I read in the Qur'an, and I think it has all to do with this idea that I am trying to present to you at this present time. It says to man wait until Allah comes with his clock. His clock is nature, human nature and also the nature of the material world.  That's the clock that's ticking.  And it ticks after our clocks have all stopped.

      We are schooled and made aware of man's rise through the animal kingdom. That history presents man growing out of the fear and worship of animals, and reaching the top of the heap, of the animal, victorious, the conqueror of animals.  Man the animal, man the hunter, and man the conqueror, in the life of the kingdom of animals, bears a sign that reads to us a message for peace.  It says, quote,

      See your toenails, and fingernails, and how delicate your frame is. Then look at what has been unearthed.  The fossils of huge creatures.  Their huge claws and fangs. And they are all extinct!

      Conqueror, where are you and your nation headed.  I am brother with Jews.  I am not anti-Semitic.  I salute their contribution.  And their sacrificing, their self sacrificing. In the present world history and in sacred scriptures I find their sacrifices.  However, a reading in sacred scriptures would have man be aware of his fist falls.  There's a tendency to be hasty and foolish says the Qur'an, in man.  Who would take upon his back, responsibility, for all people and the whole world?

      The whole realm of matter exists not as the body of the deity evolving itself into existence, to present man, the Lord up from man, the Lord up from the animal. 

      The cosmic realm, with mother earth, exists to grow up humans in society.  To educate humans in society, and to humble Hitlers, and all little big men.

      We would like to say to Arafat, who is existing in a prison in his own land, he's a prisoner in his own land.  We'd like to say to him, Mr. Arafat, our brother, Muslim brother.  Recall Abraha, with his mighty war machine.  And Hashim, the grandfather of present world Arabs.  When Abraha, with his might army, stood on the sacred grounds of our Qiblah, Abraha asked, "Where are the defenders?  Who protects this land?"  Hashim replied to him, Hashim and old man.  A caretaker at the Ancient House.  With his keys, he spoke saying "Its Lord is its protector.  And he will defend it. 

      For everything under the sun, there is a time and a season I read.

      Also for survival, in pursuit of freedom and justice, Christ Jesus, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., their way for man serve Muslim jihad, as an option for this devilish time, that we're living in.

      Our sacred house, in it are signs of guidance, mercy and abundant blessings.  It holds out to all humanity a great treasure.  Its sign invites us to unity.  It urges the acceptance of father Adam, peace be on him.  For the sacred bonding in the life of the human soul.  A focus for our unity.  The first of the houses constructed for all people.  Our holy land asks that we pay honor, to virgin nature.  And keep pure the inherent and sacred social pattern for our lives.

      Our Prophet Mohammed said, oppose wrong with your actions, finding not a way, then with your tongue or your words, further finding no way, then oppose it with your heart, in painful silence, and the third way is the poorest way of the struggle, or the poorest way to struggle.

      While aware of times in the life of society, that might call on Muslims to make sadaqah or charity, by giving our mortal life in the struggle for true peace, we are to remember Allah requires of everything, intelligence and mercy.

      As it is for Christians, Allah does not want Muslims to live by the rule of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. 

      Our Prophet's history is a history of non-violent struggle followed by jihad for peace against those who persecute faith.  For half of his mission time on this planet earth, he was a leader who was non-violent.

      Our Prophet Mohammed, Upon Him Be Peace, coming to Ta'if, to invite to faith, those of greener pastures, in the mountains there, in Arabia.  He was seen leaving that town, with his own blood dripping in his sandals, making an oozing and squishy sound as he moved on.

      The Meccans refused to allowed Prophet Muhammed and his followers their citizenship rights, to engage in business, to sell or buy.  This boycott, which continued through the hardest winter that they had experienced, and at night, winters can be very cold, in that land that's very hot during most of the year.  That winter exacted a cruel and heavy toll on them.  He lost lady Khadijah.  His first and only wife that he had at that time.

      Long last the revelation came to have Muslims fight aggression and persecution.  However the imperative was given, ordering Muslims not to transgress the limits established in the Qur'an.  In addition, Muslims were ordered to incline toward any opening or indication of a willingness in the enemy to discuss peace.  Hence Muslims are called to peace to be peace makers and to be at all time receptive to put an end to violence.

      A great American, skilled in the art of war making, informed us by way of the media that the war against terrorist had to combine economic assistance for the dire poor in Afghanistan. That is Colin Powell.  I'm sure you are aware of Colin Powell making that statement. 

      From our Prophet, who in the Qur'an is called the mercy to all the worlds, we Muslims get our picture of Islam.  He said, quote, Islam is to witness Allah is One, to pray, to give in charity, to fast, and to visit the sacred house, end quote.

      Thank you Morehouse, with your supporters, and thank, I thank, and we thank this honorable audience.

      Peace! As-Salaam-Alaikum.


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