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Commentary on the movie, Blade: Trinity

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    Unknown Date Commentary on the movie, Blade: Trinity By Imam W. Deen Mohammed There is a movie out called Blade Three . Wesley Snipes, he played in all of
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      Unknown Date

      Commentary on the movie, Blade: Trinity

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed

      There is a movie out called "Blade Three". Wesley Snipes, he played in all of the movies, Blade One, Blade Two and now Blade Three. It is interesting, especially Blade Three. But what is more interesting is that it is not just Blade that is coming out with all of this religious symbolism addressing Christianity and the Christian public.  You notice all of these movies coming out with President Kennedy. There is a reason for that. I heard maybe two years ago that the church was preparing to put out movies and someone told me by word of mouth that some Jews told this person who brought it to me that they were preparing many books on religion that they would release soon and I imagine movies, too.

      I think maybe because of the times we are living in people are becoming more active with their religion in the public life of the whole world, not just one country. We see religion in bad condition; like a house it looks like the shades are falling off of the walls and nobody has been there to keep up the property. It looks like it is abandoned property. That is the condition of religion in most of these churches that are in our neighborhoods; or they are fancy, looking like places for talk or politics, money and mostly styling. There are guys entertaining and styling. The whole stage is set up for nothing but entertainment and styling; or they are so poor and uneducated until it looks like the place is abandoned. That is the state of religion in most of these public places, especially in the big cities of the United States of America.    

      Even small towns are not much better. So religion on the whole is down, but at the same time we see world leaders of these different religions like Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Al Islam and others, they are very excited about the future, helping nations to help them with their religions to call them back to the best of their religions, to the best presentation of their religion, to reach them through their leaders, not through the church, mosque or synagogue but to reach them through their leaders. So we find that this work is strong.  As you know I am an international president of the World Conference of Religions for Peace. I know what they are doing there and we get a chance to talk with the leaders of other world organizations. I'm speaking from firsthand knowledge. I know exactly what's going on. 

      I think these movies are addressing this time when religion in the public life seems to be in bad shape. But religion in the heads, minds and works of educated leaders of these religions is in excellent shape. One example is your community and your Imam, W. Deen Mohammed. Muslims on the whole have a bad picture but we're not in a bad condition. We think we're in the best condition. In fact, I couldn't imagine being in the good condition I'm in.  I couldn't have dreamed that I would be in the good situation and good condition that I am in as a Muslim teacher or Imam, preacher.  My knowledge, it is unimaginable for me. In my earlier years I could not have imagined having this kind of knowledge and not only the knowledge but the opportunity that I have now to meet with big people like the Pope of Rome. That is no small thing. I say the Pope of Rome because everybody knows him; but I met with some other big serious world leaders and I could not have dreamed that would happen. 

      We sit down and we respect each other. It is not like someone saying, "Here comes Imam Mohammed. We know of you, how is your people, brother?"  They say, "Imam Mohammed, we want you to join us. You need to sit with us in discussions." That is recognition. They say, "Would you accept to be on our board as an advisor?  If not as a member would you accept to be an advisor or consultant?" I could not dream that would happen and if I would do what they want, the Jews would have me as the chief rabbi somewhere. But they want all or nothing. They say, "If you won't give us 100% just stay where you are. We're working with you, anyway."  They have their thing going everywhere.

      They say, "We're deciding a big part of your agenda without you being among us". The Jew is powerful. Don't ever underestimate the Jews. They have the jump on the world and are the biggest influence in the life of the world and that is no joke.

      Blade movie

      There is a movie, Blade Three, Trinity. They have had three movies. Look, what my mind tells me right away… you had Blade One. You had Blade Two. You have Blade Three and named this one Trinity. So this must have been a part of the trinity. The first, second, was a part of the trinity and the third one was the last part of the trinity.  So they waited until they got three to tell what the number one and two were about, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, right?  I just want to make a few comments on the movie. They chose Wesley Snipes. He is the good guy. He is no normal, natural guy. He has natural sentiments and natural concerns, but he is an unnatural creature. A natural creature couldn't do the things he does. He can do the same thing the unnatural guy does.

      The unnatural guy in Blade Three, he's white in color and Wesley Snipes, Blade, is black.  Who is the bad guy?  The white guy!  Who is the good guy?  The black guy!  Do you see what they are telling us?  Black in this world's knowledge is sin, ignorance, death, but when you go back to the origin of colors in scripture, black means original. That is why Mr. Fard said, "Who is the original man? The original is the black man."  In religion when you go back with the term black, it had a good meaning. Do you know the Arabs still have a good meaning for black? 

      Black in Arabic is Aswad the derivative is sayyid Mister

      Black is "Aswad," the term Sauda is the feminine form.  How do you say Mister in Arabic?  It is "Sayyid" from the root word for black, literally it means black.  All languages didn't have bad meaning for black without complimentary meaning.  As I told you the last time I was here, when I was in Rome there was a lady standing by me. She said, "The Madonna in this place for those people is black." I had heard and read about it in books. Some people saw the mother Mary, peace be on her, as being a black woman giving birth to the son of G'd. That is their language.  Here is black giving birth to the son of G'd.  What they are saying is the original nature.

      Qur'an 19:17, 20; Angel appeared to Mary

      Luke 1:28, 35; Angel overshadowed Mary

      [28] And the angel came in unto her, and said, Hail, thou that art highly favored, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women. [31] And, behold, thou shall conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son, and shall call his name Jesus. [34] Then said Mary unto the angel, how shall this be, seeing I know not a man? [35] And the angel answered and said unto her, The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee: therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of G'd."

      The Bible says the Holy Ghost appeared to Mary and overshadowed her, right?   We know any object, it can be a white stone, and if it blocks the light it can cast a shadow. What color will the shadow be?  Black; it overshadowed her.  The Holy Ghost, black, the son white, the Holy Ghost appears now, but it first appeared as a messenger from G'd. It did not say G'd overshadowed Mary. It said the Holy Ghost overshadowed Mary. But the Holy is one G'd in the trinity, right?  So here the Holy Ghost overshadows her and she becomes pregnant with a son. So the Holy Ghost is masculine. It could have said Holy Spirit. 

      Black is purity in the nature White is conscious purity

      The third one is the Holy Ghost, too, or the Holy Spirit. The three are Father, Son and Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is Blade Three and this man has played in everyone of them. The black man played in Blade One, Blade Two and Blade Three. So what is it saying?   Although the son is white, the father is black, not the father as a person, the father as a spirit. Those things that are purely nature, or nature in its purity, are called "black".  If your faith is pure, it is described as black. That is why you see the Catholics wear black.  White is conscience or conscious purity. It really represents the light and consciousness means the light of the mind.  

      White is light, consciousness, purity in the mind or in the conscious.  Black is purity in the nature.  Purity in the nature works to bring revelation.

      Three trinity pure intent, pure rational mind inspiration

      Guidance comes from purity of intent

      Qur'an 87:2-3; Allah created and brought guidance

      2. Who hath created and further given order and proportion;

      3. Who hath ordained laws, and granted guidance;

      Bukhari 1.1; Actions are judged by intention

      "Umar bin Al Khattaab I heard Allah's Apostle saying, `the reward of deeds depends upon the intentions and every person will get the reward according to what he has intended.'"

      If you have purity of intent, purity of mind, you will come into purity of spirit and when all of those are pure G'd will bless your life to have guidance and understanding. It all begins with purity of intent.   If your intentions are sincere and truthful then G'd will bless you also to have your conscience pure; and if you remain pure and sincere in intent and in conscience, then G'd will bless you with intuition. Light will spark inside of your mind and G'd will give you revelation or guidance. These are the three. 

      The Holy Spirit or Ghost and then the child of that is the rational mind in a Prophet, or Jesus.  From the purity of soul and intent you arrive at a rational mind or conscience that is pure and if you hold to that you will have intuition. Light will start to come on, but it has to come on because you are straining. It suggests some effort is being made. When the light comes on you start to see the logic for what you're dealing with; then the next step is to have G'd help you to find how to apply that logic in an environment, in your community, or in the world. That is given in Qur'anic Arabic, "Khalaqa," translated as, "He created"; "Fasauwa," then He brought about the balance.  "Qadara" He empowered the spirit, "Fahada" then He brought about guidance.  These are the four that are given in the Qur'an.

      Theology concentrates on just the three, right. Let us see what they are going to come out with behind Blade Three. Certainly they are going to come out with another one. The way it ended it was like Blade might appear in his true form, later. The guy who was the demon, the white guy, they showed him in different pictures to tell you something.  They showed him looking like a monster, but they also showed him with horns looking like a satan, the devil, with two horns sticking up out of his head. He could take different forms. When he died Blade was victorious. As he was dying, he told Blade, "Well, I have to accept I'm defeated and I'm dying. We don't have anybody else left but you." That is what he tells Blade.  It went off like that was something that Blade has to deal with. Blade may not be coming back in his innocent role. They might come out showing that the devil overpowered Blade, even in his death and Blade may be the instrument of the devil in the fourth one. That is possible, I don't know. Then it is possible that Blade might still have a good role, but he may be a person who is at war with himself; instead of having this evil spirit or entity separate, maybe both of them will be in Blade and he is contending with himself. Maybe that is what happened. I don't know.


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