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Faith Can Move Mountains, Change Governments

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    12/17/2000 Ramadan Session Faith Can Move Mountains, Change Governments By Imam W. Deen Mohammed Matthew 17:20 Faith, mustard seed move mountain And Jesus
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      Ramadan Session

      Faith Can Move Mountains, Change Governments

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed

      Matthew 17:20 Faith, mustard seed move mountain

      "And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you"

      See when you are perfect in your faith like the Prophet Jesus Christ (peace be upon him); like Muhammed and Abraham, when you are perfect in your faith G-d increases your faith as He says in the Qur'an, He increases your faith. Now what is happening for us is the great blessing from Allah (swt) in the month of Ramadan to increase our faith, this discussion is to increase our faith, its not to make us scientists, its to increase our faith. And if our faith is strong as the saying goes "faith can move mountains" and you know mountains are government, governments are also mountains in the language, right? Government, so we who are under government we have to understand that enough faith in us can change a government.

      And Allah (swt) is preparing us just for that, Allah (swt) is preparing us to change governments, 1st the US; the rest of them will be very easy. Firstly the United States of America, the rest of them will be very easy, yes if we change the United States of America to have it respect Allah (swt) and what He has revealed and Muhammed (pbuh) the universal leader, the mercy to all the worlds, if we can get them to change to accept that, the people of the United States and the government recognize this in the people of the United States and declare, "yes we have to respect this Religion, it is the most popular and prevalent Religion of the United States. And we have to respect our citizens who the Majority are Muslims and this government has to conform to the will of our people. No more liquor is be sold in the United States, no more pigs will be sold in the United States only for scientific study and experiment, pig go back to the zoo and back to the forest.

      No more gambling in the United States, no more supporting human perversion in the United States, homosexuality, lesbianism and all of it, no more supporting it, you may have it but we're not going to support it, not going to kill you, not going to exterminate you, not going to punish you for being that way, but not going to allow you to propagate your way to others who are not in your way. You have a defect, ok we accept it, but under our rule and knowledge it's a defect, we're not going to have you glamorize it on TV or nowhere else, in books, nothing, you can get a job? Yes you can work on the airplane, you can be a stewardess on the airplane, you can be an airline stewardess, yes you can do it, but you keep your problem to yourself, don't flaunt it, if you flaunt it we will take that to mean you are propagating it and you will be locked up.

      See that's what will happen if the real khalifa comes on the throne of the United States. And we don't know it may come, but first there may be a Jew, Catholic, Jew or something you know and he will recognize say "this man has the authority to say also what is morally damaging and spiritually damaging to the American public, that may come. And one day I'm sure a Muslim is going to have that position, yes sir. May not come for 10,000 yrs, I don't know, maybe 100 yrs, its coming. Allah (swt) would not have don't this delicate work, very delicate, tedious work that He has done to bring Al-Islam to be visible and respected on these grounds, the property and land of the American people, the United States of America. He wouldn't have brought this to happen if He wasn't going to one day have a Muslim as ruler over all the citizens of the country.

      Not imposed upon them, He's going to be pushed forward, "go you should be the leader", they're going to push him forward, yes. They are going to insist that he campaign for the presidency of these United States and they're going to give him backing, money and everything. That is going to come, that's my prediction.

      I told you the Lord has not stop giving us warners. He just finished His universal scheme for the life of mankind in which He had warners to follow each other as the time required. But He has not stop giving warners at the end of His scheme, warners continue to be made because He created us to be warners. He created us to warn our people and He made some of us more sensitive than others, so we are better warners that others, ok.

      Holy Qur'an 27:62 He made you Khalifas

      Or who listens to the (soul) distressed when it calls on Him and who relieves its suffering and makes you (mankind) inheritors of the earth? (Can there be another) god besides Allah? Little it is that ye heed!

      So there is going to come a time when they are going to recognize the khalifa, the man that G-d created not made by the world. And he's going to be a Muslim and they are going to select him. Say, "Why you say he's going to be a Muslim? If he's a khalifa he is a Muslim. You don't understand your Religion yet, a good Christian can also be a khalifa, a good Jew can also be khalifa. A good person following Scripture can be a khalifa and not be a Muslim, can be a khalifa. He made you khulifa in the earth, just as He made you human, He have also made every human to be khalifa. He have made you "khulafaa" the plural means many khalifas, made you many khalifa in the earth. That's not just Muslim your khalifa property its your property by virtue of your creation, every human being is created with it. Some live to discover it, some don't, come live to grow into it, fulfill that requirement, some don't, very few do in fact, but all of us created with it, the khalifa.

      Now should we have an order of rule? Just think about this politically, should we have a sensible, rational, moral order of rule by a person who's called khalifa and that's not us also? We shouldn't choose a foreign person or a foreign creation to rule over us, the creation we choose to rule over us should be the creation we identify with. And if we can't identify with his power, his limitations as a creation, we shouldn't be under his rule.

      Holy Qur'an 17:95 Angel on earth would send angel as messenger

      He should have a higher rule, he should go find him some super beings to rule, he should not be over us. That's why Allah (swt) says "And if this world had been populated by angels He would have sent you an angel as a messenger". He have to send you something of your own nature, of your own make, of your own limitations and your own possibilities. He has to send you a creature like yourself "Basharun Methlekum", He has to sent you creature like yourself.

      So the Khalifa has to be like us, if he's an angel he can't be our ruler. He can be angelic and be our ruler because angel is one of the properties of the human being too, the angelic essence and properties are also our properties.

      Holy Qur'an 2:30 Allah said to angel I'm making man

      Holy Qur'an 15:29 I breath My spirit in him bow

      But to become completely angel you have lost your human creation. You're not human anymore if you become completely angel. And Allah (swt) was not satisfied with complete angels He said to the angels "I'm making a ruler and when I have completed him and put my favor on him, you submit to him, you accept him and you take a second, lower position to him, you give your service to him then, that's what G-d said to the angels.

      Holy Qur'an 2:34 Iblis refused

      Rev. 12:4 Third of stars in heaven

      So that means man in his weaker form as a creation when it comes to moral obedience and etc., was chosen by G-d and G-d says "and I know what you know not. Yes his form as you see it is weaker than yours, weaker than the angels but wait until I have put in him something of My Spirit into him. When that happens I'm your boss, you know your boss angels, when that happens you give up this mind of yours; you give up this spirit of yours, no not mind. You give up this spirit of yours and you make your submission to him, that's what G-d told them. And they all accepted according to the Qur'an report, not so in the Bible, the Bible says and satan took down a third of kingdom, the Qur'an say no he didn't take one 100th of it, you only took down one and that was the rebel, Iblis. But Iblis refused, they all accepted but Iblis refused who later came to be known as shaytan and later became satan, yes.

      So we know that the human person should be ruled by human person not by any supernatural human person, but it was the way of devious man, tricky man, it was the way of tricky man to form the first political orders and have the political order headed by a person that was seen as superhuman, not human like everybody else. Go to any primitive society their rulers are seen as superhuman, not just humans like everybody else. The witch doctor of Africa, and Islands, the Magi of Asia and middle east too, all of these persons are seen as supernatural divine beings, they are not on your level, their creation or their content is not on your level, its above you, you don't have the possibility for it in you.

      So the witch doctor will never say I in you and you in me, I am a common mortal just like you, oh that will destroy his bag man, that witch doctor's bag will be shattered. Bottom fall out and all his goods roll on the ground, he couldn't say that.

      Peace, returning to the peace, peace is the greatest power in the creation of human beings, peace, its also the greatest power in the universe. Peace is condition that G-d molds His creation for. He is molding His creation for the state of peace, it is called in Qur'an Dar Salaam the abode of peace. We're all headed for heaven, but not only heaven, what is this heaven? This heaven has many descriptions. One description is the Dar Salaam, the abode of peace, praise be to Allah (swt).

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