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Imam's Retreat - Part III

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    01-16-1999 Randolph, Virginia Imam s Retreat - Part III By Imam W. Deen Mohammed Question. _________ Answer: Use the word requital Day of Requital I think it
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      Randolph, Virginia

       Imam's Retreat - Part III

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed

      Question. _________


      Use the word requital Day of Requital I think it is the same as paying up the debt.

      Genesis is creation of human

      Question: Seven seals, seven heavens, seven Prophets


      Yes they all have reference to the same thing and that is to the potential in human creation for man's life as G'd intends for him in society or in community, they all have reference to the same thing and actually the creation of the world in Genesis is not really the creation of the material world at all, it is the creation of the human world and all these metaphors are used because man is really the expression of matter, man is the highest expression of matter.  

      So man's life is really created to express the whole scheme of matter and therefore there are signs in the mater and there are signs similarly in man.  And one philosopher in western thought he said that there are in man are all the creatures of the wilderness. And we know that the Bible itself describes man as the cosmic figure having clouds in his figure or in his picture and having stars the sun, moon and all those things in his picture, so he is really pictured as a cosmic figure himself.  All of that is to say that the real story of the creation of the world is not at all the creation of the material world it is the story of the creation of the human world, beginning right with the construction of man as G'd intended for him to be constructed in his own human life and he needs to grow up just like a child grows up.  A child grows up from its hands and knees crawling on four like an animal and it stands up and then begins to be made aware of its own existence, the direction for its own life then it starts to evolve.  

      Seven heavens Prophets 

      Bukhari Vol #1-345;

      Heaven 1st Adam

      The nature for that the whole matter holding all the possibilities for that kind of development or ascension is in the matter G'd created it so Adam is in the first level, level I - Adam representing just what I just told you.

      Heaven 2nd Jesus, John

      And in the second level or plane is Christ Jesus and John representing the spirit in that matter, one representing the matter that holds the whole thing because after all, all of these seven evolved out of Adam, the potential was in the man that G'd made the material that He made.  So the second level represents the spirit in the matter and the spirit expresses itself in mainly two descriptions one is positive the other is negative---Jesus positive, John negative---peace be upon the Prophets, Jesus came to affirm, John came to denounce but both are the same spirit.  In man's spiritual body is the need to affirm as well as the need to reject or denounce that is why they are on the same plane not because they are equal in their contribution, but because they are equal in their nature, they are the same nature.

      Heaven 3rd Yusuf, Joseph

      Gen. 1:2; Spirit on surface of waters 

      You move to the third level now and there is Yusuf now after the spirit what happened?  The psyche and darkness was upon the deep and the spirit moved along the face of the waters and G'd said let there be light and there was light.  So here is the spirit now giving assistance to something else it is moving along the face of the water, I'm going to give it to you sometimes I hesitate and say should I do this?  Yes I am, so here is the human psyche, your psyche, you know what psyche is?  You know what a psychic is, they have them on t.v. all the time a bunch of women waiting for a phone call so you know what the psyche is, it is that mystery part of your mind, your intellect, that mysterious part.  

      Here is the spirit moving along the face, surface of the psyche and G'd said and let there be light and there was light so Yusuf represents the pscyhe, no he is fourth, we are coming to him from the 3rd plane.  So you know Joseph and Jesus are tied together aren't they and its confusing so don't try to straighten it out, what you do is look at it and put it back in the chest, not in your chest but in the chest, in the old container for it.

      Matt 13:55; Jesus Carpenter's son 

      I Cor 15:8; Man born out of due time, season 

      Now here in the Bible, Gospel they have Jesus as the son of really Joseph you know he is called the son of G'd and also called the son of Joseph, now how is he after Joseph when in the ascension he is before Joseph?  Doesn't the same Book say he is a man born out of due season?  

      See it doesn't have to always happen in that order, that is, the order that G'd made it, but it doesn't have to happen in that order.  Sometimes the one above gives help to the one below and brings the one below up and sometimes the one below gives help to the one above, enables the one above to come alive in his claim.  So it can happen both ways, you can go upstairs; you can go down stairs.

      Gen 27:12; Jacob ladder 

      I said that because Jacob says a ladder extending up into the heavens and he saw angels coming up and going down.  

      Q. 12:41, 47; Joseph interpret dreams

       Yusuf is on the 3rd plane and Yusuf in my understanding represent the psyche, all of these are natural properties of human matter or creation that is all they are, so Yusuf represents that and history bears it out.  Why was he loved so much by the Ruler of Egypt?  Because of his psychic powers.

      Heaven 4th Idris

      Q. 87:2-3; He created, perfected then guided 

      The fourth level is Idris, and look how the language of Al Islam helps us, Idris literally means study, it is taken from the root meaning study, lesson "darasa" means to study something; Idris means he is associated with lessons, study. Khalaqa fa sawwa qaddara level 3, fahada then he guided.

      So Idris represent knowledge for the society, this is knowledge for the human society, this is not localized at all, this is talking about what is universal.  So Idris is knowledge for the society and I understand him now as representing the universal culture of mankind, we have our local culture but also we have our universal culture, is that clear if not you can ask me questions. So he represents the cultures of mankind, isn't that how man has evolved?

      Heaven 5th Aaron

      Q. 7:150; Moses grabbed by head 

      Exod 32:2-4, 21-23; Aaron trouble

      On the fifth level he saw Aaron, and look at the name listen to the name don't go out and just pretend that I misguided you or something like that and twist and weaken what I'm telling you give part of it, give it out of context, some of you all do that because you're uncomfortable with your own self, don't do that please.  But listen at the name Aaron you can get out of Aaron a trip and when you choose to use that kind of language you're not saying that anything correct was done. You are just saying that somebody went from one place to another, he ran an errand it could have been a bad thing, could have been wrong, it could have been the wrong thing to do when he made an errand, he went on an errand, maybe he was carrying drugs we don't know what he was doing on the errand, he just went on an errand, right?

      Al Hadith Vol2 p.738 #8; Use before you loose 

      So err is in it isn't it?  Err, to make a mistake is in it and we know according to the Bible Aaron erred, Moses was up in the mountain trying to get some help from G'd for them. Aaron let the people influence him to make a golden calf, (this is in the Bible) to go back to shirk. And in the Qur'an he responds after he is caught and realizes what he has done, "please don't grab me by the hair of my beard", that is where my fault is, my mouth. I have just been chattering too much and wasn't obeying. He was a great man with the words that is why he was selected to talk with Pharaoh and his magicians, he had a great conversation.  So in our fifth level where we are subject to err that is why the Prophet say take care of five before five becomes your undoing and he gave an indirect reference to the five.  The five it is talking about is our five senses.  

      Habit can undo senses

      But he expressed it in the great appetites and needs we have in life that you take care to do those things in the time that you're able to do before a time come when you won't even be able to use those senses, habit will take your senses out of the mold, the nature that G'd want them in and then the very senses that was given to you to help you they'll become your undoing or your trouble.

      Heaven 6th Moses

      Q. 15:29; Breathed of My Spirit in him 

      And on the 6th level there is Moses, so we have the natural body with its great potential that is expressed in this ascension from Adam the first father, then we have the spirit of human life but also G'd has not given us just one spirit, G'd have given us the spirit of our own life but G'd has also given us something of His spirit so we are a creature not only with our spirit we also have something of His spirit.  And understand this in a practical or rational way, man is created by a Creator so he bears a design on his life that the Creator put on him and that design on his life influences direction for his life.  The influence for that direction in his life is the spirit of G'd as simple as that.  

      With the natural gross body, with the great potential then the spirit of that body that is expressed negative and positive and that the second level and then the third level the great potential or the psyche of that body for arriving at knowledge without the use of the five senses or without the five senses being given the credit for that achievement or that success, not that the five senses are not used, but the five senses don't get the credit, that is intuitive knowledge, knowledge that we get by intuition.

      I'm talking about true intuition on the big scale, universal picture.  You know we have a lot of minor expressions of the intuitive powers but when you train to establish your life in the context of the world then what is given if you're successful in having the intuitive spark come on is direction for society in the world, that is the great Prophets, that is what they were given.

      So we have that on the third level then on the fourth level because of that, that is what makes possible direction for ourselves in the world knowledge, culture comes as a result of the mind benefitting from intuitive knowledge that is how it comes.  So even primitive cultures---if you study them---they have their psyches and they have their leaders, their holy men who were leaders because they had such powerful psyches, they had psychic powers and they were the ones who were the teachers of the tribe, they taught the tribes because they got knowledge from a mysterious experience and they are called mystics, sages are called by different names, mages called by all these different names meaning that they were blessed with some special powers of the mind or the soul.

      Intuition assists five senses

      This fourth level is made possible because of the third level and then you reach the fourth level and the fourth level makes possible the fifth level, it is the fourth level that establishes the five senses.  Intuitive knowledge then gives assistance to the five senses and the five senses know then how to digest the knowledge in matter or how to pursue the knowledge and eat it, digest it, that is in the matter.

      Bones fifth level

      Q. 23:12-14; Creation of man 

      And look at another comparison in the Holy Qur'an in the Revelation to us through Muhammad the Prophet of course, Jibril and Muhammad the Prophet (PBUH) and that is the metaphorical picture of the development of human life from dead matter and then sperm and then etc. clot and fetus lump and bones so the bones are really the fifth level.  

      Ezek 37:1, 7-10; Valley of bones 

      The Prophet Aaron he is in the 5th level representing the five senses but that level also represent bone where bones have been formed, that is the level where bones can form.  And bones are symbolic of logical connections and the Bible speaks of it in the valley of dead bones and the bones coming together, they are dead, separated but when you put them together they get life again, the hip bone to the leg bone, we use to sing it on the streets and didn't know where we got it from, church passed it on to the streets, we would be singing all those songs, dry bones.  

      Culture -> Logic -> education

      So it is also logic, it refers to logic, and culture evolved logic didn't it, see how plan and simple it is? Pristine culture or culture in its innocence evolves logic then after the bones we are told by the metaphorical language of Qur'an and He clothed the bones with flesh.  So after logic, logic evolves what?  Education, classic education, you can't have education without logic, education must form to logic and that is the 6th level Moses and don't they call him the teacher, the Jews, the great teacher of the Jews, Moses peace be upon them.

      Heaven 7th Ibrahim

      And the seventh level is Ibrahim our father, another father, our second father, Abraham and this level in the development or ascension or growth pattern for the intellect, showing the growth pattern for the intellect in its interaction with material world.  It cannot have any growth unless you put the seed in the ground, the seed has got to go in the matter and then it can have life. So man's mind has to impregnate the matter---the knowledge body of matter---go in there and then he can have growth and life.  So anything that make us separate our life from this material world it is shirk and it is designed to deny us our life whether intentionally or not; it is designed to deny us our real life our true life.

      Abraham is called the father of the nations or the leader of the nations in Christianity and he is on the seventh level.  

      So teaching logic what does the teaching need?  The teaching needs to serve human life, this knowledge branches off into certain special fields and become special disciplines, specialized knowledge right?  And it leaves the main purpose of the knowledge and the main purpose of the knowledge is to edify human excellence, life gives construction to it so that it can have its reward that G'd intended for it in the society of human beings, that is the purpose of it, all these other things are fringe benefits.  The electric fan or the central heating and cooling in the house all these are fringe benefits of it, but some will take their minds to these special fields and they leave the main path for this development and they punish the human life in ignorance but finally they all have to be reconciled with the human person don't they?

      We see that now, what they call urbanization, urban renewal looking back at it we see many mistakes that was made. It was not done with a conscious awareness of what human life is asking for so a big mistake was made and I'm giving that just as a helper to help us see how civilizations of the world have erred and have gone into sciences. And this and that and have lost focus on what is more important and that is to free man and structure man in his life and society so that he realize the best conditions intended for him by G'd through matter, you see?

      Exod 20:8-10; Sabbath keep it holy 

      Abraham then represents the focus in knowledge to keep knowledge whole and it says and keep my Sabbath whole, seventh day.  So Abraham represents the focus for keeping it whole, he is the universal thinker, his heart is universal, his intellect, his spirit is universal and G'd says that he fulfills his debt to G'd.

      Abraham Universal teacher

      On this level what is he?  He is knowledge that preserves what is universal, and in his universal composition it aids and helps and corrects that which is local and keeps it from going astray so he is really the universal teacher.  

      Moses intellect

      Moses is the intellect that teaches, but teaches for a particular need and for a particular people, particular situation not the whole world.  Abraham is the teacher for the whole world not for any nation, he actually left his nation, he was a national citizen under the rule of his father, he broke with it and he left his nation and finally G'd called him. He said you're going to be my leader of the nations, isn't it wonderful.  I'm fasting, thank you any way but I'm fasting.

      Al Hadis Vol 4 p.393 #101; 

      Muhammad lead other prophets prayer

      Now Muhammad (PBUH) and the Prophets, servants of G'd, he was shown by G'd the way up through these levels and on each level he greets them to show what his relation was to each one of them, he greeted father the first man, brother, brother and when he got to Abraham he greeted him father and then he led his two fathers and all of them, Christ Jesus in prayer.

      Al Hadis 4 p.317 #7; Prophets building brick last

      So how can Muslim scholars think that Jesus is coming back and do what Muslims have not done so that Muslims will have salvation?  I'm telling you if that is not Daal leen its maghdub.  Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) leads them in prayer and he said that a building was being constructed and G'd sent His servants each one to make a contribution to the construction of that building and there was only one stone left, now you all are going to look everywhere but the right place to understand that.  The place to understand that is the context of Revelation, everything that comes in Revelation the place to understand it is in the context of Revelation not outside of Revelation. 

      Luke 20:17; Stone builder reject 

      The Bible says, "and there was a stone that the builders rejected", not the builders chosen by G'd the builders who were following their way in the world they sought to build a house and they rejected the main stone, it was the corner stone.  Masonry in the olden days, in ancient time you first find the angle and from the angle, in fact I think they still do it don't they?  You first need an angle and from the angle you can get the other dimensions but you first need an angle, it sets the pattern so that everything is in balance and bear correct relationships, conform to a pattern so it is the beginning in the pattern forms the right angle.  And it is called right angle, that is a hint right there, you form the right angle first.

      Black stone symbol of heart

      Bukhari 4-583; Kabah - Abraham re-built 

      Bukhari 5-170; Prophet - Kabah re-built

       And we know the corner where the black stone is, we know what it symbolizes from tradition, it symbolizes the heart of mankind and we think of it as the heart of G'd's pure and perfect servants.  So in Adam's original body it is the heart of Adam that is why the tradition says it was first built by Adam this is in tradition, like myth, then rebuilt by Abraham and finally restored by Muhammad the Prophet.  The black stone represents the human heart now we know the heart outside of the body when dead turns black. I know it because I use to dress poultry and if you leave the chicken heart out too long it turns black, you drop one on the floor in the saw dust----I use to work in the market---drop one they neglect it, leave it back there too long when you find it, it is black.

      Black stone

      The blood turns black too, after so long it turns black, dark red and then black so it means the heart is dead to the light of the body, the black stone is symbolic of the heart dead to the life of the human body, to the biological life and that is exactly what you have to do.  It is given in the Bible in many, many ways empty vessels, it means minds that have rejected their own authority to think for themselves refuse to think for themselves they ask G'd to tell them how they should form their thoughts in their minds.

      Heart symbol whole appetites

      Prov 23:7; As a man think in heart so is he 

      So the heart that is dead mean, there is no more hungering for anything of man's life or of his body, of his nature, or of his life hungering only for G'd to give it the life so when that happens G'd responds and G'd gives it the light, now it becomes the corner stone in the building, it is the requirement for the beginning for the construction of the life and isn't that true?  Requirement is that you first give up your position, your thinking become dead, and thinking is first in the heart, the heart is the seat of thoughts, you don't think until you want something.  That is why the Bible say as a man think in heart so is he, in his heart so is he, the heart is symbolic of the appetites for the whole life, if we are hungry for food it bothers our heart if we can't get it, we are hungry for clothing it bothers our heart if we can't get it. Anything you hunger for a woman it bothers your heart, if you can't get it I know you're registered that one.

      The heart is the seat, the beginning of desires and appetite and it then activates the mind to find a way for this, solve the problem, show the way, and get what I want right?  It gives the request, the bill to the brain, sometime the brain can't handle it so the heart keep straining for it and the brain without being turned on is illuminated, and it is intuition.  So sometimes it comes directly to the brain from the heart because of the heart's activity not because of the brain's activity.  The heart is straining, wanting to have what it needs, the brain can't deal with it, the brain can't find the answer but the heart keeps straining doesn't give up and after a while the flint stone sends off the spark and lights up the room.

      Muhammad the Prophet as the one who brings that stone that was left out of the building and he puts it in its place now isn't that what he did?  The chiefs asked him because they trusted him to show them how they all could have the share and honor of carrying that stone back so they each grabbed a corner of the clothe, the stone placed in the clothe and when they got it there, they selected him to be the one to put it in its place so they wouldn't have any problem.  So he took his hand that is why they kiss it so affectionately during the Hajj the circling of the Kabah and the government I don't know if it could have come from the ulema, but the government put a silver band around it to let us know this is not the blackness of sin this is the blackness of pristine nature, nature before the world contaminate it.

      Q. 20:115; Adam sin no intention 

      Q. 2:37; Adam receive Word from Lord

      So this was the human nature that was Adam, the Adam that G'd made in his original state that is what that black stone is and didn't Muhammad put him back in his proper place and give him back his proper respect?   G'd revealed to Muhammad, no he didn't sin with an intent, he erred and he didn't give up the direction in his life it finally brought him to meet a Word from his G'd and when he saw the word he repented and G'd accepted his repentance.  Muhammad did that.

      Tape 4 1-16-99 Side b 


      Q. 17:70; G'd honored all children of Adam 

      ...so man does not sin by the nature given to him by G'd, he sins by the nature given to him from the errant world, that was Muhammad that did that and if Muhammad put Adam back in his proper place in the dignity and the construction of the house, he put me and you and all the children of Adam that G'd says He honored all of them, every one.  You see why he leads the seven in prayer?  He is the last, he is the leader of mankind, the leader of the history of mankind, who was in the lead in human history the development of man's intellect, his emotional nature and everything, civilization, Muhammad he is the last one and the leader he is the aim that all of them had and he is the object that all of them was seeking, that is completeness, not just perfection, they all were perfect in their creation but completeness.  They were seeking completeness that was only Muhammad the last Prophet that brought the world to completeness, Allahu Akbar.

      Question _______________

      Answer    Culture 

      Idris, writing, culture only happens because of man's ability to write and preserve knowledge is what made it possible for us to have culture; culture preserved for the next generation so it continues to grow and develop, so he represents culture but writing is the beginning of it, he saw that it should be recorded.  And you know he is not talking about individual anymore as an individual he represents a type that is in all people.

      Question ____________


      Q. 40:7; Eight angels carry throne

      Prophet Muhammad he is the leader that G'd chose to guide mankind, the world into light and freedom, freedom in the classic sense, classic sense is referring to the needs of the human mind, intellect to accommodate his life in society.  So eight holds up the throne refers to Prophet Muhammad certainly and I said and more, firstly let us look at Prophet Muhammad.  Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the eighth one in that picture that we get of the ascension of man and he becomes the leader of that, he is liberated, freed, he is freed from that progression. We may say that seven gave birth to him, seven gave birth to the eighth with the creation and guidance of G'd.  And Muhammad the Prophet (PBUH) represents the application of the knowledge and he represents what has to happen to keep that Sabbath, knowledge whole and by whole is to say, whole meaning keep it consistent.  Consistent means one part of it does not hurt the other part but the parts compliment the other, they compliment each others so that they lend support for each other without being in conflict with each other that is what we mean by consistent.

      So the strain to apply the knowledge, that is why it is the millah of Ibraham the upright because he perceived the right way but he didn't have the time to apply it, his life span, it didn't permit him time to apply it and it wasn't to happen in his life time either. Mankind had to evolve more into a universal or global community. That had to come (man) had to perceive the universal community of man on earth and have that burden on his heart to have nations live good life and be at peace with each other; that had to come for the strain on the mind to make the knowledge consistent.

      Prophet Abraham, I'm sure he saw the big job, said now we have bring the children together, not the children of Abraham in Abraham's mind, I don't think he saw it that way he probably saw it as the childrren of G'd, meaning the dependents of G'd got to bring all G'd's dependents together so they will be one family, that is the hope of Abraham and how it is going to come about.  

      Q. 21:30; Universe was one 

      Q. 67:4; Look for flaws vision come back Tired 

      G'd blessed Muhammad (PBUH) with the knowledge and the vision to see how to bring it about, the knowledge has to be consistent, the Qur'an is consistent G'd Revealed it consistent and Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) life is consistent it does not have contradictions and conflicts, it is consistent, his teaching is consistent, not with contradictions and conflicts, some may think so but it is not.  And in the Qur'an this is addressed when G'd says can't you see that the creation was once one whole before it was separated sky and earth and again it say let your sight go out, you think there is some defects, errors in G'd's Work, G'd's creation.  Let your sights go out searching, let your sights go out again searching a second time and they return to you tired, you have not found a contradiction.  

      Now you know science they say they find contradictions but they are addressing a different subject, different reality, we are talking about for the human purpose in this creation, all of this serves advancement of the human life, there is no contradiction, everything in the creation, scheme of matter it works to advance, not to send back, regrade, regress it works to advance the human state, the human condition.  But we make the mistake of approaching it wrongly, we didn't follow the logic in the matter, if we had followed the logic in the matter we wouldn't get the bad consequences, we'd get the good consequences and this is out of the reach of many people what I'm saying to you, but I'm sure the language, logic is not out of your reach, you could follow the logic.

      Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) represents freedom from dependency on the potential in man, to liberate man, Muhammad gets Revelation from G'd for the whole life of man not for one level, for all the levels for the whole capacity, whole potential of man, he gets the Revelation, gets guidance for that.  So now man does not have to depend upon his own potential or upon his own life to advance the life.

      Seventh is completion of knowledge

      Eight is application of knowledge 

      Q. 7:157; Sent down with the light 

      Now here comes the final Revelation complete for the whole life of man, now he comes down and begins applying that he didn't apply it until he came down then he went to Medinah after that and that is when he begins to apply it.   So he comes down now he begins to apply that knowledge that is for the whole life of man and society on this earth, humanity he begins to apply it that is the eighth, the application is the eighth, the completion of the knowledge is the seventh, the application of that completion, that wholeness is the eighth. How do you apply it?  His Sunnah enabled him to apply it G'd chose him because of his Sunnah or because of his Uswaa Hasana, because of his very perfect and balanced symmetry.  And we know Abraham had that same because he wouldn't be called the upright if he didn't have it, he had it too.

      Q. 33:38; Allah's Sunnah

      And you notice as some of the teachers tell us that even G'd's Sunnah is associated with G'd too, say the Sunnah of G'd, but for the human being, the creation we have the Sunnah of Abraham and Sunnah of Muhammad and further we have for these two figures that they have in common we have the Ummah of Abraham and the Ummah of Muhammad.  So these men like Adam are plural figures, the single person does not just represent a single person, the single person also represents the collective body as Adam did, the collective body of mankind as Abraham did, the collective body of mankind but with the intellect in focus as it was for Adam in his nature but for Abraham in its expression ability to express.

      Adam Iblis gave certain knowledge

      You know Adam didn't have expression did he?  If he had expression he wouldn't have needed Iblis to give him language, certain knowledge he didn't have and when Iblis told him about it he wanted it and that was the knowledge that you get by reasoning and rationalizing, rationalizing in a positive sense by reasoning and rationalizing, finding the rationale, the rational logic, that is the knowledge you get by that.  So that is the exercise that is necessary for you to become educated, you won't be educated without it, so Iblis wanted to educate him and wouldn't wait for G'd to educate him, Iblis said I'm going to educate him so he will be my man.  So he took the innocent life that G'd created and he started to educate him.

      Q. 20:14; Establish prayer for My remembrance

       Now getting back to the 8th so Muhammad the Prophet (PBUH) being the 8th he is the one that established the prayer for us and G'd said establish prayer for My remembrance [aqamis salate dhikre] so that they will remember Me. And how is G'd remembered?  G'd is remembered when we remember His Words to us that is the best way to remember G'd by remembering His Words to us and in our Prayer we recite the Qur'an the Words of G'd to us by way of Jibril great Angel and Muhammah the Prophet peace be upon them.  

      Sajdah Prophet before Muhammad 

      Gen 17:3; Abraham  pray sajdah, prostrated 

      Matt. 26:39; Jesus pray Sajdah, prostrated

      Manual of hadith p.149 #21; Sajdah close to ALLAH

      And he gave us the sajdah didn't he?  We know the sajdah was done by Prophets before, the Bible have Jesus doing sajdah, peace be upon him. But Muhammad established it, it wasn't made an institution or an established practice until Muhammad the Prophet and he said the position of sajdah is the best position of the salat, this is according to report and in this position eight points of the human body are touching the ground, grounded, right? The open hands (2); the forehead (3); the nose (four); the two knees (six) and toes of each foot (8 points).  There is a lot of symbolism in this and brother Imam asked me if that had significance or reference to Muhammad as the 8th in that picture we get, that shows us the ascension of human essence.  

      Q. 86:7; Man from between backbone and ribs

       And I said yes and no it definitely refers to it because we know that feet are fundamental or basic in the structure, the feet we stand upon our feet and knees are next but if you really look at the human structure how it is structured there is another important part that you don't put on the ground and that is the waist, the hips the backbone, we move backwards and forward, we need this movement badly, right. There at the base and we know that it is said that the life germ, the beginning of life comes from between the loins and the ribs that area in the back bone, that backbone area where we bend.  I don't think we can submit that to G'd that is a part of ourselves that we can't submit to G'd cause we don't have conscious awareness of just what's happening in that area, we can't make the life and we can't explain how its made. That belongs to G'd and stays with G'd.

      Q. 2:260; Abraham place birds on each mount 

      Gen. 2:10; Four rivers, heads

      I said it has reference to something else because it does. In the Scripture the universal concept is given in a square with four corners and it is given in many ways, four winds, four rivers, remember this is in the bible, so there you have wind, water given in fours, four hills or mountains in the Qur'an and the four points of the sun its two points of rising in the east and its two points of setting in the west so all of this is addressing the universal concept of our existence, the material world and our existence.

      And to bring life to the bones what does Ezekial say?  Let the four winds not one blow on these dry bones and they will have life, so a spirit for a universal perception, if it comes into your logic your logic can have life, it is plain language it isn't any mystery and the answer is all in Scripture not out here in our heads, it is not in the secular knowledge it is all in Revelation.  

      Q. 39:6; Eight head of cattle in pairs

       So here we have four as symbolic of what is universal and Qur'an also says and He Reveals four heads of cattle in pairs, right?  So you double the pairs to become eight that is why I said it wasn't all of it, it is something else and He revealed four heads of cattle in pairs so we have four for human universality, human science is different from material science.  We have four for the science, we have the universality of human life and nature we have universality for the world knowledge and nature, they're different, the human being is on a higher plane spiritually and on a higher plane mentally than the rest of creation.

      Q. 23:14; Another creation

      So because of that his creation is called another creation so they clothed the bones with flesh and it is still an animal but by G'd's Will it becomes another creation.  So this is the special human life and G'd creates that life, by giving life to the human mind or intellect.  So really the beginning of mankind in Adam is not the beginning of your flesh; it is the beginning of the dawning of the intellect as G'd intended for it to become enlightened.  And we are not the only one that know this the higher ups in Religion in the world know this so now you know if you accept it.  That is what it is all about.

      What can we learn from just studying our flesh we can learn the life of the animal that is all we can learn. But when we study our soul and intellect now we learn the life of man.  Four in pairs and He revealed four heads of cattle in pairs now to understand this again you got to go back to Scripture, find the Scripture of the people of the Book that talked about cattle before it was mentioned in the Qur'an you have the golden cow but you also have the references to cow or to calf, cattle in many places of the Bible.

      Judges 14:18; Plowed my heifer 

      I'll go to the story of Sampson for the meaning that we want to see here.  Sampson said "if you hadn't plowed my heifer you would not have broke my secret" so here the cow stands for a body of knowledge and a class of people that is devoted to that particular body of knowledge.  So He revealed eight heads of cattle in pairs, He revealed the knowledge for human edification human sciences and He revealed the knowledge for material edification, physics, chemistry all these things that is what it mean. The G'd of creation is the G'd of both realities and therefore He is the teacher for both realities and through Muhammad we got that and the proof is that the world came into enlightenment and into proper civilization after the advent of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the teachings of Al Islam and the Qujr'an and his sunnah, is that not a fact?  See how clear it is?

      Morocco 8 point star

      Hollywood they play with these concepts. One movie I saw, this bad guy came to earth in the form of a flat piece of glass, square piece of glass, that was a square coming out of the heavens down to earth, that is universal perception or grasp of what is universal for him.  So the Moroccan people have long been with the sciences of Al Islam---Morocco Africa---their star is two squares, eight pointed star, two squares one imposed upon the other one and positioned so that the angles are all equal, it is the 8 point star and really if there is any star accepted by the Islamic world it is this star. They use the five point star but in their teaching and knowledge or in their sciences they identify with the 8 point star.  So the star of Morocco is not just the star of Morocco it is the star of the nations of Islam, 8 point star and it means reconciling of the human sciences with the so called objective sciences.  And Prophet Muhammad made that possibl---the dawning of enlightenment---the destiny of Abraham was realized so the rational knowledge would be found to serve the needs of man in society, not just one people but all people that is what has happened. Now we are benefitting from the sciences and we are benefitting from human sciences from both sciences we are benefitting and all of those students are the children of Abraham but it took Muhammad to show them to the way of the destination, Qur'an and Muhammad the Prophet. 


      And when we make sajdah it is very importan brother Imam to know that when we make sajdah we are demonstrating that we have accepted G'd Creator who have created the matter that we came out of and we are agreeing with His Plan for our life in the matter that He created that our physical matter and the matter that He created is one scheme, one matter it is one and not different.  Human in his physical makeup is the same creation as all the other material creation no different in his material makeup but in his potential as an intellect and as a soul or spirit he is another creation.  And we are saying that we accept to have our life reconciled with the material scheme that G'd made, G'd intended it all to serve him and our life has evolved out of this mother, material world that birthed us and we are agreeing in our mother again.  We are reconciled by our mother and by being reconciled by our mother we have progress, standing up again means progress.

      Two sajdahs first sajdah, this is nothing new for me I have known this many years, I have been with this understanding and I shared it with some of you all, two sajda is what G'd says that comes immediately to our mind when He says "and He brought out the green pastures" yes so its in the immediate understanding that comes to mind that mankind has been supported by the material growth out of the earth not only for food but from the growth he got food, clothing and shelter and also tools and instruments is that not a fact?  

      Yes so actually the whole material existence, culture and everything was first born out of material earth---the ground---as a growth so we acknowledge that; making that first sajdah means we acknowledge that, we acknowledge that we didn't supply our needs, G'd supplied our needs out of our mother. He supplied our needs and we raise up and we admit that we went astray, G'd forgive us show us mercy.  Because we were giving our self credit for all this culture and science and development we were saying man is the benefactor, no G'd we know you are the Benefactor, you are the Creator you are the Teacher, you are Everything, you are our Lord you raised us up from nothing, we ask forgiveness and mercy. Then we go down in sajda with the mind straight and forgiveness asked we go down for the next sajda and we come back up with the sciences of the universe---that is the possibility---not that we come up with it all the time, but that is the possibility, you go down the second time and you come up with the sciences of the universe.   

      So you don't just eat from trees you get the secret of trees' development and growth, you get the secrets of the stones I mean the pure sciences that is the secret that is held in there, the sciences are locked up in there like secrets but the intellect that renders itself to G'd for G'd's Purpose, G'd opens up His creation to that intellect and you come up with the light, first time you got the gross body fruits and everything clothing and shelter, the second time thst you went down you came up with the life, praise be to Allah.    

      Qur'an miracle of Muhammad

      Q. l7:88; Qur'an reproduce can't men, jinn  

      Hadith ___  Qur'an miracle of Muhammad 

      Our Religion is something, I'm telling you, that is why the miracle of Muhammad is not the parting of the waters the miracle of Muhammad is the Qur'an itself, when he was asked what is his miracle he said this is my miracle the Qur'an itself. "Say try to produce this get men and jinn together see if you can produce the likeness of this", can't do it, no, so we thank Allah that we are alive in this day and time.

      I decided I'm going to go in the year 2001 I don't want to go in the year of the Christian millennium because that might make them think that we agree in their Religion or in their knowledge and we are not completely agreeing with them so I decided to wait at least another year so it would be 2001 and I plan to make Hajj and I had different ones express the desire if you are going there brother Imam I would like to go. So I am inviting the community to go with me in the year 2001.  I told brother Rafai it won't be 300 this time I think it will be a thousand it could easily be 2001 I do believe that. Personally I prefer the tents not hotels and one thing I am asking you all to not let any persons that is not from our group lead us in the steps of the Hajj, we will lead ourselves in the steps of the Hajj.

      You see them doing this way the thumb and the finger I like this way "V" for victory seven up and seven down is 8 isn't it in Arabic, go back home with it its an 8 in Arabic.  And I think Zeus in mythology in the Greeks knowledge he is the one that did this they got a picture of him doing this the gods got to come down from the heavens to establish life on earth.  Al Islam didn't disrespect any knowledge the disciples of the Prophet they studied the Greek sciences, knowledge they extracted the best took that which was not in conflict with Al Islam and they helped revive the sciences for the whole world.

      So you all going to follow these sheiks and Mufti's and stuff and so called Imams from around the world that lock you up in a little piss hole and you think you got the real Religion and you won't listen to me. "We are not going to worship Imam W. Deen Mohammed' sure won't, not while I'm living I won't let you worship me but you are worshiping those gurus that call themselves sheiks and Imams you are worshiping those silly gurus that don't know anything to do but make slaves of you become they are slaves and you think you are in heaven eating halal and brushing your teeth with a stick.  Islam wants progress for us; we have to make improvement on that stick.  I love you I want to get you out, break you loose from that grip they got on you, they are holding you in bondage that is why they don't like me, I deny them their slaves, that is the only reason they don't like me and I follow Muhammad they don't.

      Star of David

      I am a student of concepts with an interest in knowing what G'd want for us. That is my interest not just to know those concepts but I want to know what G'd want us to know so I studied the Star of David and I'm going to give it to you it is perfect---I put my life on it. G'd is my witness, it is perfect,  David, like Jesus Christ, peace be upon the Prophets, was a spiritual force more than anything else he was an emotional, spiritual emotional body more than anything else and we can see that in the psalms of David, he is a very emotional person.  

      Three man's purpose

      Four represent society environment

      Q. 41:10; Four days measure supplied all things 

      And the spirit for man's purpose in life is represented for the human interest is represented by the number three not four, the society the environment is represented by four and the environmental potential in man. You see, man is a product of the environment too and the environmental potential in man is four and G'd has given every creature or its provision in four measures this is Qur'an "in four measures".  

      Q. 10:16; Life time among you

      That means that what you need to establish your life in society is already inherent in you, those four provisions, and Prophet Muhammad it is said of him, that he has already lived a life time among you. What was that life time before Revelation?  40 yrs, so that means he was expressing consciously that potential that G'd created for every man, that is, his inherent excellence for living and expressing life in society.  Muhammad was already doing that consciously so that 40 stands for that.  

      Zero conscious

      Four is the concept, zero means you're conscious of it, it is a conscious body not just in your potential and three represents the ascension that is made possible only with G'd's help you can't do it by yourself.  G'd has to lift you up into the heavens.  So you have four on the ground, representing the earth and the universal potential in you, really it is the potential in the matter itself, the earth.  And then you have a movement up into the heavens and you go down again but not at the same point of ascension. You go down on a different point, you have to make an angle, triangle like this, up and back down, touch the base.  

      And if this didn't have a connection with Jews then why did it say his mind was on Jerusalem?  And their Qiblah was a burden on him and then G'd raised him up from the Qiblah, house of Abraham into the heavens and took him to Jerusalem, isn't that a triangle?  That is three and that is the Jewish star it is two of those, not the world they aren't interested in the world they don't have 8 they don't have two squares they have two triangles in other words personal, individual attention and completeness, just for individual not in society.  

      So they don't live a life for the society they live the life for the individual and if you listen to them they will tell you its best for you to have your matters private, that is what they will tell you its best for you to keep your matters private, work in the world but keep your own matters private.  So the world is for exploits I'm not using it in a bad way, the devil likes to use it in a bad way the world is for exploits it means for you to profit from, so you don't work to make the whole world good they don't believe it can happen. Wasn't that in Iblis?  You can see why now why they are the so called children of Iblis in the Bible because that was Iblis. Mankind is not worthy of this, this is suppose to be for the few.  So the triangle is for individual aspirations and fulfillment of the individual need but it has a power and a magic, it is a science for them, human sciences.

      I think it was Joshua who .........

      Tape# 5 1-16-99 Side a 

      Bible ____ Joshua blew trumpet three times 

      .... but he blew the trumpet three times and the trumpet is symbolic of the spirit, wind, he blew the  trumpet three times, that means spiritually waking up the spiritual body, blew it three times and the walls came tumbling down, their defenses came tumbling down.  

      Trojan horse fifth column dominate 5 senses

      We have stories and myths in Religion of different numbers having the power to penetrate defenses and conquer the land, the Trojan horse is one of them, the fifth column they call it where they built the wooden horse and put the men inside the horse and they got the people to think that the horse was just a show piece, something for merriment so they permitted the wooden horse to be brought into the city, once they got into the city and the horse door opened up and out came the soldiers and I think they call that the fifth column. I am sure in the language that it means a strategy for defeating your enemies; you hide your forces and make them think it is something innocent until you get in to do damage.  That is the way they use culture to invade your culture and they sneak their destructive forces into your culture and then once they get in there when you discover it is too late, their soldiers have already defeated you, the soldiers of cultural influences, cultural language and expression and etc., they were already defeated and it is too late, the fifth column, dominate the five senses yes, victory of the five senses.

      The Star of David had two of those and it means the spiritual body and the material body is reconciled into one but it is not for the community it is for the individual, science of individual not the community.  Muhammad brought us the science of community, the knowledge of how to establish community life as G'd wants us to establish it and really personal life is a personal matter, it is a personal matter, your personal life is a personal matter.  And if the life of society is established correctly every individual will know how to live his personal life and responsibility for that is his own business. Islam is never supposed to have spies tapping your phone or spying on how you live in your house that is for you and your G'd.  If you was to be marques de sade or whatever  you want to be inside your house that is for G'd as long as you don't bring it outside in the public and disturb us with it, that is between you and your G'd.  

      Wouldn't that make society much better if we did that? Yes, just don't bring it outside, if you bring it outside we are going to cut your hand off or your head off or something, we are going to stop it.

      Q. 5:60; Apes be like 

      Because you know you become corrupt, that is what that knowledge is to tell us, that G'd doesn't want us to do that because if you practice that you are soon going to have a sophisticated department spying on people and giving yourself to that full time it is going to corrupt you, take you out of your human form.  So let the people be as long as they keep it out of our sight leave them be, can't stop them.

      I saw a monkey masturbating, can't stop---I did at the zoo this is true---I was a boy I saw a monkey masturbating right in front of everybody, so I guess he thought we all were monkeys, when I looked at it I wanted to whip him I actually wanted to take my beltÂ… so you can't stop it, just need to do it in private.  I am not talking outside the context of

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