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Adult Dawa

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    03/20/2005 Chicago, ILL Adult Dawa By Imam W. Deen Mohammed With Allah s name, the praise and the thanks is for G d, we thank Him for the gift and blessing of
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      Chicago, ILL

      Adult Dawa

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed

      With Allah's name, the praise and the thanks is for G d, we thank Him for the gift and blessing of the model human person Muhammed (pbuh), the honorable and noble servant and Messenger of G d and what follows of that salute or that traditional salutation to the last Prophet (pbuh), the seal of the Prophets mentioned in the Bible as it is given in the Qur'an.

      Easter Jesus new creation in its original nature

      Qur'an 39.4; Allah choose a servant from what He created

          "Had Allah wished to take to Himself a son He could have chosen whom He pleased out of those whom He doth create: but Glory be to Him! (He is above such things.) He is Allah the One the Irresistible. "

      Qur'an 55.1; Allah taught Qur'an and created man

      1. (Allah) the most Gracious.

      2. He taught the Qur'an.

      3. He created man.

      4. He taught him clear speech.   

      Easter says East it is not West, it has to come another time only East comes with Jesus Christ, he is a way to get to the West. He comes as the new life, new birth, new creation in its original nature created by G-d. He says when He wants a servant He creates one from among those He already created.  And then the explanation comes in surah Rahmaan that Allah  taught the Qur'an and created the humanity it says in Qur'anic Arabic "`al-lamal Qur'an, khalaqal ensaan," translate He taught the Qur'an and created the human person from those who were already existing. Muhammed the Prophet (pbuh) is the one who it is referring to directly. He didn't know revelation, scripture but G-d revealed it to him and then taught him.  It says we shall teach you, make you know and understand revelation by of teaching.  There are many references, not only one that say Allah swt is going to teach him, Allah swt is going to ease his way, ease his difficulty, take the burden off of him and teach him.

      Bukhari 1.47; Servant girl will birth her mistress    

         Abu Huraira reported the Prophet (pbuh) said "A questioner asked "Then he further asked, "When will the Hour be established?" Allah's Apostle replied, "The answerer has no better knowledge than the questioner. But I will inform you about its portents.

      1. When a slave (lady) gives birth to her master.

      2. When the shepherds of black camels start boasting and competing with others in the construction of higher buildings. And the Hour is one of five things which nobody knows except Allah."

      The Muhammed the Prophet (pbuh) he gives in his own word a hadith that they have, I'm not sure of those hadiths whether the people formed them in the name of the Prophet (pbuh), but I accept the hadith because it is in accord with Qur'an and that is what we should do. Test hadith by the Qur'an.  The Prophet (pbuh) points to a time that is thought to be the end of time by the scholars an din that time he says the signs will be that the servant girl will give birth to a child for her mistress.  We know that Hagar, may G-d's peace be on her, she bore a child for Abraham and Sarah was her mistress and she was the handmaid or servant girl and she bore a child for Sarah and Abraham and he became a Prophet and is thought to be the father of the Arabs Ishmael. 

      Then the Prophet said some of the signs of the time will be that the servant girl will have birth a child for her mistress, now he is saying the sign is in the time, but that had already happened before him with his ancestor Ishmael.   Another sign he says will be that the average common person will be competing with the big people in the construction of skyscrapers, tall building reaching up to the sky. These saying according to the teachings of the Prophet (pbuh) are to be understood in two ways: they are to be accepted just as they are given, that it is really going to happen.

      Qur'an 2.127; Abraham, Ishmael laid Kabah foundation

          "And remember Abraham and Ishmael raised the foundations of the house." 

      John 17.24; Before the foundations of the world

         "Father, I will that they also, whom thou hast given me, be with me where I am; that they may behold my glory, which thou hast given me: for thou loved me before the foundation of the world."

      Al Hadith 3p.701#605w; Qur'an explicit and implied

           Ibn Mas'ud reported the Prophet ((pbuh)) said "The Qur'an has been revealed upon seven dialects.  For every verse there is an explicit and implied meaning." 

      And I have lived to see African Americans trying to compete with the big rich people of Chicago building high buildings.  John H. Johnson he built or I think it was bought and he put Jet on it I don't think Ebony was produced by him then. And you pass by there right now on Michigan Ave you can see Jet magazine, it is not as tall as the other buildings but it is down there competing. And I'm sure he didn't know that saying of the Prophet (pbuh) but these things come to pass, we have to take them literally but also if G-d blesses us with understanding we are to know there is also an alluded to language that is not expressed he said it is expressed and alluded to. 

      Islam linguistic or language construction is most important

      What is alluded to is competing with those who have high knowledge, it is not only the material construction but also competing with those who have higher knowledge. We don't know that Qur'an reveals to us the most important construction is not the material construction it is the linguistic or language construction. It says "He laid the foundation of the house," it is talking about the Kabah.  But what is the more appealing, more revealing or the more enlightening concept? It is not that little physical structure we're looking at. The Qur'anic Arabic term for the construction is "Qiwaaid" and the term for constructing sentences with correct grammar is the same word.   "Qawaaid" is the logic for sentence construction. So this higher understanding is not the understanding that we get from looking at a material thing manifest or material but from looking at the construction of revelation and how language is constructed. The building comes from blocks, material that we find on the earth or we make blocks out of material we find in the earth and we form a building. It doesn't come from nowhere it comes from somewhere, likewise it is for G-d's revelation it doesn't come from nothing it comes from a Prophet and from something that is already in the earth. Revelation begins with the natural as G-d made it which is earth, creation that is made to support our material life and it is a sign of revelation that supports our spiritual life and our whole life. All this is a continuation of what came before in the Bible, it is nothing new.

      Ideal human being is man in his created excellence

      It speaks of Jesus Christ as a word and it says he was existing before the foundations of the world so that is to be understood in several ways but one clear way is that G-d is saying that the world of mankind, the world we live in it should conform to the plan of G-d and G-d's plan is for the ideal human being, it is not for every human being, it is only for the ideal human being.  The ideal human being is man in his created excellence, the best moral life and the best rational life with all of the talents and possibilities for him in a real world.  Jesus Christ is a sign of that and Muhammed the Prophet (pbuh) is the proof of that not just a sign. Jesus Christ points to that in his creation Muhammed (pbuh) is the fulfillment of that, it was achieved in the life of Muhammed the Prophet. An excellent society, a just society, enlightened society, compassionate society, humane society, all of that was achieved by Muhammed the Prophet (pbuh) in his life time not something to point to, something manifest, under his leadership it was produced by him leading the people to the way and as a result it fed the whole world not just those immediate people.

      Qur'an 5.82; Christians are the closest to Muslims

         "And the nearest among them in love to the believers will you find those who say we are Christians."

      The language of Jesus Christ and Muhammed (pbuh) belong together, that is why Muhammed (pbuh) said in the end you shall see them together..   Allah swt says in the Qur'an, "You will find the nearest people to you those who call themselves Nasaran, the Christians."  The Jews are closer to us in the expression of the concept of G-d, monotheism, one deity, but obviously that was not important enough to be a problem for our relationship with Christians.  This is in the Qur'an not the hadith, from G-d speaking, "You will find the nearest people to you those who call themselves Nasaran, the Christians people from Nazareth."

      Education seek knowledge to the cradle to the grave

      This is Easter and you should be aware of the closeness of Prophet Jesus and Prophet Muhammed peace be on them and should not be burdened with mysteries but know that Jesus Christ came to personify, if you don't know these words go to the English dictionary, do not be the kind of student who hears a word and do not understand it and do not make a note. When I was in school, I stayed in school after I left the walls of the schools I continued, I kept myself in school wherever I was that was my school. I kept studying, I still do that, I live as a student, the life of a student always studying. Muhammed (pbuh) said, "Get knowledge from the cradle to the grave."

      There is not a time to retire from being a student. I have a spirit to do that I don't have to make myself do that, I can't stop myself from doing that, it is just my spirit and that's life. That is what makes your life so pleasant and enjoyable when you're constantly growing as an intellect. You stop growing as a biological flesh and blood person but you continue to grow as an intellect. Some people get old and they can't think, they can't use their minds so well and it is probably because they haven't kept up the mind by feeding it and giving it the right treatment, just like an old car or wagon if you don't put a little oil on the wheel, the axle every now and then it might get rust and break off and you will lose the wheel.

      I don't see any difference in my mind now than I saw when I was twenty years old, my mind is just like it was when I was in high school, I don't see any difference, in fact it is better. I think better, I think faster, I think clearer it operates better now than it did when I was a young man or teenager.                                  

      The baby is rationally curious before playful

      Play is really a form of education

      Qur'an 6.94; You will return to us bare, alone

        "And behold you come to us bare and alone as we created you the first time."

      Matthew 20.16; First shall be last, last shall be first

        "So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many will be called, but few chosen."

      See how the world is changing to support what Muhammed (pbuh) represents in his life and in his works?  They used to say you start teaching a child at the age of six, now they are saying no, as soon as they are born, and that is Islam, as soon as you're born your intellect is wanting to eat and know, understand things. Before a child becomes playful we think the first life of a child is play, but before a child becomes playful the child is rationally curious, it wants to know, you can see it in its eyes.  The baby who just got here looking at you, you can see it in its eyes, it wants to understand you, thinking, "what is this I'm looking at?" Pretty soon it learns what it is looking at.

      Scripture says, the "first shall be last and the last shall be first."  The brain is before the emotional side, the play side, but when we come out into the world under the influence of our parents and the world of man play becomes first for the child. Play is really a form of education in nature it is educating the child, giving the child skills, helping the child use its mind, coordinate the mind with its body, physical actions etc., It is training for the brain to give the child the skill it will need for an adult life of adult responsibility. So we have failed to really perceive reality and the world that we get of mysticism, mysteries, myths, fiction that takes us from the real reality and takes our minds into the darkness, it doesn't help human intelligence at all because the way it is given to us it is as something you don't question. If I don't question it I carry this burden or either put it down.

      Burdensome religions mysteries people dismiss mentally

      If I don't question it I carry this burden or either put it down and that is what most of us do.  People are not burdened with the mysteries of Jesus Christ or the things they don't understand about Jesus Christ they just accept it, they are told that they are not supposed to question it. The man was born of a woman who had no biological father, he manifested super powers as he got older and he was god in the flesh on earth.  They don't question it, so the nature of the mind is that if this thing isn't helping me throw it off. So they don't understand it. so what do they do? They put it out of their mind and don't hear it again until the preacher starts talking about it. And when they hear it then they just hear it, it's a beautiful story, I feel good and that is it, their life is completely separated. In the religion your life has to separate itself from its nature and be natural in the world of man and unnatural in the world of religion.

      Darkness means the absence of knowledge

      Qur'an 6.1; Allah made the darkness and the light

      "Praise be to Allah (swt) who created the heavens and the earth and made the darkness and the light."

      Qur'an 6.96; Night made for rest         

      "Allah made the night made it for rest and tranquility."     

      G-d says He made the darkness and the light, the darkness should precede the light. This darkness means the absence of knowledge. So it is talking about the creation of man, G-d is always talking about the creation of man and man's world.  The darkness comes first and He made the darkness for your rest, not to torment, not to torture you, not to stress you. And the day or light for your activities this is Qur'an and Bible.  He made the night for your rest it is referring directly to the human body, it has to rest and for activities the body has to get up in the day and be active and take care of itself, its needs.  But now the life that it is alluded to is the eternal life, the real life, the life of the intellect, of the spirit not just the flesh body.

      How, now, is ignorance rest?  Just look at most of our people and you will understand it, they are ignorant and at rest. They are just as comfortable as they can be.  G-d says, "Perhaps what you prefer is worst for you and what you refuse to accept may be best for you." 

      The greater light is revelation that reveals the nature of objects not just the shape of objects

      The darkness means a lot of things, it is beautiful too in the Qur'an. The night is beautiful so it is also representing the spiritual life, the spiritual real and the realities for man's spiritual side in a world that is spiritual and the light of this world is not there in that world.   The light of this world is the sun and it is a physical light shining on physical objects and the greater light is the light of revelation that reveals the nature of objects not just the shape of objects. And the most important object is the object of our own existence, our own human life form as we see it with our physical eyes in the light that is for the physical objects, the sunlight or electric light we're using now.    To see that reality you have to turn your eyes from the world of objects and not be so sure that the only reality are the things that I see with my physical eyes, not the greater reality are those things that you can't see with your physical eye, not just for the word of G-d but also for science.

      Look how science has given us very rich picture of materials things that we only saw as material objects and didn't know that they were also energy bodies and they had workings that worked by logic and had construction just like the material body like the molecular theory that describes how the smallest unit of matter are composed, structured and follow laws.  This invisible form conforms to a logic and shows worlds within hidden, unseeable, invisible worlds, the molecular composition of matter. Molecules, atoms, negative, positive charges, neutrons everything is held in a balance in a definite form man did not know that before the Qur'an was revealed.  G-d says there are worlds you see and world that you don't see, He said that to Muhammed the Prophet (pbuh) and we know that under his teaching the intellect grew and they devoted themselves to higher learning and produced and they became the leaders of the known world at that time. So somebody got off track and lost themselves and lost the world, the Muslims. The Christians got on track, they saw the light they got on there and stayed on there.   And the few Muslims who tried to stay with the higher goal and aim of life wasn't enough and the West just outran all of them now they got surprised.

      Night rest the intellect is rejuvenated

      Qur'an 73.6; Tahajjud Prayer frames the soul

      "Truly the rising by night is most potent for governing (the soul) and most suitable for (framing) the word."

      Qur'an 97.1-5; Lail Qadr

      He made the night for rest. So just like the night we rest our physical body and the night rest rejuvenates us. We get up, we're ready to produce and be active again, we're ready to work, we have energy and we're ready to go, so it is for the spiritual side of man. If we give our intellect to the spiritual side of life and rest from this world as our bodies rest from this world when we're sleep at night the intellect is rejuvenated. And that rest gives you energyÂ…strength, it revitalizes the spirit. You may become so energized you can't sleep even though you need the sleep. You know you went to bed at two o'clock and it is only four o'clock and you only had two hours of sleep, but you can't sleep, the mind is so energized, it is so active you wake up and say "I better put some of this down on paper this is too good to forget."

      The night the Qur'an is revealed in is called the Night of Power. Until the rise of the dawn, once the mind has to come back to this world now it can't be at peace because this world is not conforming to what G-d is revealing.   It says rise you and your wrap and warn mankind. You see what is wrong now you have light from Me, you can't rest, get out of your bed and warn mankind.

      Allah teaches in the dark like a surgeon that put you to sleep

      Allah (swt) teaches us in the dark, when we close our eyes to man's light then He teaches us and He wakes us up from that sleep He gave us while He was working on us just like a surgeon he has to put you to sleep before he works on you.  He doesn't want you to experience the pain. The baby comes here and the doctors in the field of medicine says the baby experiences excruciating pain, but it comes here from mother and does not remember anything, G-d just wipes it all out of his memory, no pain is remembered, the doctor has to make him cry by hitting him then he starts crying.  But all that pain that G-d put him through he made it so it would not even reach his mind, isn't that a merciful, compassionate G-d Who has power over all things, praise be to Allah swt?

      The coming of revelation is described as rain

      Rain similar to the word reign meaning to rule

      Qur'an 21.30; The skies and earth were one unit       

      Genesis 1.7; Water above separated from below

          "And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so."

      Qur'an 18.49; What kind of revelation leaves nothing out

      This is the reality and we should see them connected sister Ruth brought an article from the New York times and brought to our attention the Nobel prize winner who shared the win who shared his win award of the prized with a a doctor in physics and he was awarded for his work, on the coming together of religion and science, when she said that I gave this statement from the Qur'an, "Can't they see that  the heavens and the earth were one continuous whole before it was separated if it was separated who separated it??  G-d did not separate it, He made it a continuous whole. Man separated it and this is given in the Greek myth where a mythological deity separated the waters above from the waters below and if you accept it the way it is given it is saying that once the waters were all connected and this powerful deity being regarded as a god in those myths of many gods separated them meaning sky water and earth water were separated.  The coming of revelation is described as rain in some places of the scripture of Qur'an and the Bible. And the waters below are naturally the waters we understand as oceans, lakes and rivers etc, these are the waters below.

      If you look at the word rain it plays on another word reign which means to rule, why is the rain given representing the light from heaven or that which feeds the life on earth from heaven and called rain and then has a play on rein which means to rule?  In the Qur'an Allah swt revealed to Muhammed (pbuh), "They say what kind of revelation is this? That leaves nothing out small or big?"

      In the Qur'an it says if you remain faithful He will give you a life here after and it will be in a garden with rivers flowing underneath the surface. We're used to rivers flowing on top of the surface that we see.

      These will be rivers flowing beneath the surface we won't see those rivers they are flowing beneath the surface we abide therein eternally, never to be kicked out of there. The Jews can drive the Palestinians out of their land but once Allah (swt) gives you this land with rivers flowing underneath the gardens nobody can cast you out, it is yours eternally.  Which one would you like to have? The one that somebody, the new landlord    Comes and say "Move," or the one that keeps the same landlord and he puts you there and they can't even see your garden or your rivers, they are hidden from them and the disbelievers cannot see them, they are not meant for their eyes, so they cannot take your gardens away. That is a good situation to be in, to get the benefit of this world that man has.

      Body formed hidden in the womb like the inner person is formed

      Allah (swt) forms life in the mother hidden from the view of human beings and when He delivers it, it is complete and it is only a sign of how He forms the constitution of the human person, his reasoning, his sensitivities, his interest, his vision formed all over again and nobody sees that construction going on until it is delivered we recognize this is a new person.

      Easter chickens lay eggs not rabbits

      On Easter day they are going to have rabbits and beautiful eggs. Man is so arrogant, his ego is too big for his reality, they enjoy that saying "They don't know the religious world gave them all this stuff this is what we think of it.  Eat a lot of chocolates that is how you celebrate your G-d" The business world they laugh at the religious world they laugh at us, all these ideas we can't understand and bow to them and it and takes over our soul and our mind.  Eggs are from chickens not rabbits and when they call a human being a chicken they mean you're a coward, a weakling.  The Rabbi gave the religion to Peter. Peter and Paul were Rabbis and they gave the religion to the Gentiles and the business world is saying your Rabbi is a rabbit, he doesn't even deserve to be called a chicken because a rooster is pretty dignified. He'll defend the hen yard, he will fight a human being sometimes he will actually attack a human being. But a rabbit a little branch can fall off a tree and he is gone, he doesn't look to see what happened, he can just hear something happen and he's gone. 

      The world laughs at the religion. I saw a movie and I made a point in my mind I said, "I'm going to remember to share this with the class my impression of the movie "Robot."

      It is all about mechanical creatures made of all metal and the story has a theme, a direction, a good plan and it starts with a man who is made of metal and he is obviously a poor man washing dishes and he has a special son, he has special abilities, special talents and he grows to want to be an inventor.  He feels sorry for his dad having to wash all of these dishes. Do you remember me telling you I had a job that I did not keep it long?  It was on Lawrence Street on the Northwest side I was in this job at this bakery and restaurant a big, huge place and no dish washer and they were giving me all of these dishes and they were piled up just like in the movies. If you see the movie "Robot" you'll get a good picture of just how I felt washing those dishes. They were stacked up high, I could not see outside and they were constantly bringing dishes to me.  I told them "You do not have a dishwasher?" I can't wash all of these dishes, then they gave me some help they told one of the ladies to help me and the two of us we still couldn't do anything with all of those dishes.  The next day I told them I wanted whatever I had coming I didn't care if it was two dollars. 

      This was the kind of situation his father was in so he came up with an invention and he was able to handle the dishes so much faster.  His mother didn't want him to follow his dream but his father gave him up, his mother wanted to keep him at home, his father overruled the mother and told the child to go and pursue your dream. So the little robot went after his dreams and he was looking for robot city and he finally gets help from Halley Berry she takes and helps him towards this city and he finally gets to the big city and who he is looking for is "Big Well".  Big well has been overcome by a treacherous mother of another child. She had a child all shining and clean looking like new metal all over, they used to say sometimes, "You look like new metal, meaning you're all dressed up and clean.  She is like a demon red looking like she might be the devil and her son is very attractive, tall, neat and shining but his manners, his behavior is not outwardly he is attractive, what are these people trying to say? How she had a son like that is hard to figure that out, she with her unattractive self got this attractive son. She's the brain behind them and the two together have separated Big Well from the world that he is supposed to be in and nobody could find him but this little fellow found him.

      Peter betrayed Jesus and becomes the leader of the Christians

      Matthew 26.34; Peter deny Jesus before cock crows

         "Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, that this night, before the cock crows, thou shall deny me thrice."

      Mark 14.38; Watch and pray

         "Watch you and pray, lest you enter into temptation. The spirit truly is ready, but the flesh is weak."

      Imam WD Mohammed:

      I want to get back to the chicken and the rabbit and explain how they are criticizing and laughing and making mockery. Jesus, peace be upon him, said to Peter in the New Testament "before the rooster crows three times you would have betrayed me,"   This is what he said to Peter. That is a statement of Jesus Christ in the Bible so the same person who said would betray him becomes the leader of the Christians so how do you reconcile these things? How do you make these things acceptable, that we accept the first pope as Peter and Jesus said you will betray me?  And he actually betrayed Jesus Christ and gets the following and it stays with him and the Catholic Church ruled all that time up until Martin Luther. These things are something else.

      Rooster is a dignified social, family leader

      The rooster is a dignified creature and now here a rabbit replaces him in the Easter playful scene, the eggs are there but the rooster is out of there and the rabbit has his eggs. What they are saying is that the Christian leadership is sure went down to a rooster and then went down to a rabbit and it is supposed to be a social concept. The rooster is a dignified creature in the social concept, he wakes up early he cares about his family---I've seen them because my mother had me taking care of the chickens we were raising---he comes and he finds food, when he gets up and he is hungry and he finds food do you think he is going to eat that food?  No, he clucks until the hen comes, when she comes, he pulls back and the hen and the little babies---the chicks eat and when the rooster sees them eat then he goes and picks up something (to eat).

      He is a dignified, social, family leader and he is alert, watchful and the Bible says, "Watch," be alert and he is, he is watchful. He is alert all the time for what is happening in his circumstances with the females and their children, he is a very alert caretaker and watchman.  The rabbit doesn't have that nature, he's hopping all the time his life is just eating and hopping so the commercial world is sure laughing at the religious world and we just go for it.

      Christmas saint Nick, Santa Claus is the devil

      Christmas looks beautiful and everything but the hint is that Saint Nick is really the devil that is the hint. The Santa Claus and look at what he says, "Ho, ho, ho," this world of Christendom is a whore in the flesh, a whore in the mind, a whore in the spirit, three whores just a whore all the way thorough. And look what the scripture charged what behavior is described as adulterous behavior or (what is) the whore in the scripture, it is the same as that commercial world, making commercialism big on a time when you're supposed to be devoting yourself to G-d and obedience to Him, you are giving the material world all of your attention and spending all of your money with it.  That is the whore in the scripture who forsakes G-d for the world.

      So Santa Claus comes out there saying, "Ho, ho, ho," and he has a sled driven by rein-deers and the sled is for snow but he is flying, traveling in the air, it is slicker up there than it is down on the ground.  I thank G-d, He has shown this thing to us, they cannot get us ever, none of them can get us---Saudis or anybody, and we are not their property and never will be, thank Allah swt.


      On the radio they said Easter is a pagan holiday.

      Imam WD Mohammed:

      And also Christmas, they were celebrations under the pagan order of the world but that is not bad if they have a plan to wean them off of these things, to come into their structures that they have, bring the spirit, the interest, the principle into their structure so that the new life that is coming in the old order eventually transforms the old order or changes the old order so that the old order is respecting the new.  And I think that is what is happening now but it is being forced, they are not doing it willingly, one of these days all of these things will be done away with for Christians..

      I think we're helping to bring that time on.

      Janazah The original pure life never dies

      Qur'an 31.28; Dead, resurrection as one soul

          And your creation or your resurrection is in no wise but as an individual soul: for Allah is He Who hears and sees (all things).

       Al Hadith 1p.567#9; Adam mankind created on his pattern

         Abu Huraira reported the Prophet ((PBUH)) said: "Allah (SWT) created Adam according to his pattern, his length was sixty cubits....   He said whosoever shall enter Paradise will be in the image of Adam.

      John 11.25; I am the resurrection and the life

          "Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:"

      Getting back to the question they wanted to ask me shrouding the body itself and wrapping in three parts and placing it to face the Kabah. The Kabah represents for us what the Christians see in Jesus Christ as the life and the death. He said, "I'm the life and the resurrection from the death." The dead body is turned to the Kabah because it represents the original life that G-d created or the original pattern upon which He created all people.  It is the original human pattern; it is symbolic, a symbol representing the original human pattern for life at home and in the public or in society.

       That original life is with us always, it is eternal it never goes away, we may become unconscious, unaware of it but it can be revived in us and the dead body is turned facing that way to say, "He has died in our world but G-d has the original pattern and now we look for him, we look to the original pattern for his new life or revival."  And Muhammed the Prophet (pbuh) said, "None dies or is resurrected except on the original pattern of Adam and his pattern was sixty arm spans."  That is why we turn the dead body that way because he is out of our hands, we have no more authority over him and there is nothing we can do to help him, we leave him to the original pattern of nature and G-d can resurrect him upon that pattern or G-d can leave him, it is in the hands of G-d.

      Male three wraps is the aim in the mind, soul, to destiny

      Qur'an 53.7-10, 19; Have you seen your gods

      7.  When he was on the uppermost boon.

      8.  Then he approached and came closer

      9.  Then he approached and came closer

      10. So did (Allah) convey the inspiration to His Servant, (conveyed) what He (meant) to convey.

      11. The (Prophet's) (mind and) heart in no way falsified that which he saw.

      19.  Have ye seen Lat an Uzza

      20.  And another the third (goddess) Manat?

      Three wraps is for the male I think five wraps for the female, you sisters should know it is in the book on burial directions.  A man---this is typical of a male, not to say there is not an exception to every to rule---his drive, man is suppose to have a nature to drive himself to achieve in the world and that spirit or drive is first in his body as flesh that he is born with, then it manifests in his mind, he becomes conscious of the drive and then it manifests in his spirit, so he goes through these three. The aim in the spirit manifests in the mind and then the mind deals with it and if he is blessed the aim comes in the spirit and it is supposed to be in the spirit and there he finds peace and he goes to his destiny, he achieves in the eyes of G-d and in the eyes of himself in the spirit.

      Spirit, inspiration, intuition you have no rational control over it

      From rational or from reasoning to the spirit, the spirit means that the spirit has now come from his body into his mind, it has come alive in his mind as a rational effort or hunger for what he is seeking. And then something happens and he is aided by intuition and he has the power of intuitive knowledge etc.   Then when that happens ---now he was able to come from reasoning to intuition.  Because his spirit continued to want understanding---he didn't get enough with his own mind---so G-d blessed him with a third principle to bring him (along) and intuition brings him into another progression for his effort or life, ability. Striving to know and understand comes into his spirit as intuition. And it is called pure spirit because he has no rational control over it, it comes to him and he responds to it with his mind but he can't lead it, he follows it.  It goes ahead of him and it is given in the Qur'an, "You haven't seen this G-d" and the word came to Muhammed (pbuh) to say, "Have you seen your god Laat and `Uzzah?" 

      Man meets G-d in man's purpose

      Then it says, "And as two arrows shot from one bow," and they went to their target not deviating and he met Him in the far horizon.  It did not say he saw G-d but it said man's spirit and G-d's spirit were going parallel, straight to the target, the aim and purpose and he met Him in the far horizon.  So man meets G-d in man's purpose and G-d's Will and man's will go parallel to the purpose, so that is the spirit.  G-d reveals to you and you start seeing things and understanding things that you were not able to see and understand before. That is G-d in man and G-d's will.  Man has been so desirous of doing what G-d wants that he has conformed so perfectly,that man's  will and G-d's Will goes together, parallel, side by side to the purpose, to the destination.

      You wrap them in three wraps the Qur'an says man is brought through three veils of darkness.  Meaning the flesh will not reveal for us our purpose, our destiny, the mind cannot reveal to us our purpose or destiny, not even our spirit can grasp or perceive the purpose or destiny all these dimensions of human life are darkness until G-d enters into the spirit and then He aids man with His spirit and then man can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We wrap them in three, this is the way---if you're going to be reborn---this is the way you have to be reborn, it is is going to have to manifest in the material, then in the mind, then in the spirit and you have to have G-d with you in order to see the light. We wrap him up, saying that if there is any hope this is the way it has to come. G-d has ordered it that way, there is no change and we turn his face towards the Kabah.

      Qur'an 51.56; I created man and jinn for My worship

        "I have only created Jinn and men that they may serve Me."


      Is that far horizon the Kabah?

      Imam WD Mohammed:

      I t doesn't say what it was, it just means at the point of purpose, when you arrive at the point of your purpose for existence that is the far horizon.  And "we have not created men nor jinn except for My worship", G-d says that. That is the destiny, to devote our whole life to service under G-d and that is the far horizon.

      Tashahud pointing the finger


      As Salaam Alaikum brother Imam I just thought about something when you were talking about the arrows and G-d and man's spirits, when we're in sajda and we're bearing witness with one finger and then the two fingers is that like that spirit going into the same?

      Imam WD Mohammed:

      Yes, Al Islam, the whole religion whatever G-d revealed it is addressing the life of mankind and it won't focus on little unimportant things when there are bigger more important things to focus on. Before revelation came to Muhammed the Prophet (pbuh) the Jews had the idea that this finger (index) represents the finger of intelligence---the mind, so Michelangelo the great artist has something symbolizing the hand of G-d and the index finger of G-d touching the index finger of Moses or man and passing on the light from G-d's finger to man's finger to enlighten the life of man.

      This finger is also the finger that registers the spirit. When you get angry you start pointing it, it is the finger that holds the pen with the thumb it is assisted by the thumb. This represents man, but this is the spirit (middle) the spirit goes out further than your mind can go seeking, looking, searching with your imagination. Your spirit sends your imagination out farther than the rational mind can go.  The middle finger represents the spirit and the index represents the mind, intelligence. 

      The intelligence G-d touches it, so (it) means turn over your mind to G-d so it in you becomes G-d, not you, you give up yourself in this one. And then your spirit can go parallel with the Will of G-d if you give up what you want for what G-d wants. So they go parallel, the spirit goes ahead of the human mind because now G-d's revelation---what He has revealed is working with the spirit so the spirit now is going with G-d's revelation and going ahead of actually what is in your mind, that is true I have experienced it. The spirit is

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