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A Force That Would Challenge G'D - Symbolic Language

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    1984 Imam W. Deen Muhammed speaks from Harlem, N.Y. SYMBOLIC LANGUAGE By Imam W. Deen Mohammed A FORCE THAT WOULD CHALLENGE G D We are going to digress to a
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      Imam W. Deen Muhammed speaks from Harlem, N.Y.


      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed


      We are going to digress to a little symbolic talk. Do not worry, you will come out of it alright. Some people go into the maze and they come out amazed with no understanding. But, insha'llah, we are going to go into the maze and come out with King Midas and his bull.

      Now, the Bible says that there is a certain force in the world that is challenging truth, challenging the good purpose of G'd and His creation, and that the aim of this is to set itself up as the control, as the boss, as G'd in the life of the people. In other words, it dominates, takes complete control of the life of the human being, even if it means destroying the faith in G'd.

      We have seen the Western World come to just that point.

      The Communist world abandoned the Church, abandoned the religion. Now the Capitalist world has not gone Communist yet, but is has abandoned G'd, and abandoned religion—laughing at G'd, laughing at religion—encouraging the silly-minded masses to do the same. This is a great trick that they have played on the world. They give you an irrational religion; they give you a phony religious presentation, but demand of you that you be obedient, that you be righteous and faithful. Then whenever they want to, they can come and shatter what they gave you and get you to laugh at what they gave you.

      So they plan now for your tomorrow. They give you something today and it is a plan for tomorrow. Any time that they need to get you off into something else, they can break your faith, break your G'd that they made for you any time they want to. If they had given you the truth of religion, they would not be able to do that.

      Those people in Christianity and in other religions who have gained insight into the knowledge of religion, they cannot be mastered like that. They have not been made to turn against G'd because their knowledge was too deep, too potent, too real. With us, however, they can show us a movie and make us laugh at G'd. We won't even go back to the church again. Or they give us a professor in the college, he comes with his self-made logic and rationalizes G'd from the dignified concept that we were given to something to be laughed at as "Oh, that's for children."   And the students buy it.  Praise be to Allah, we are not in that trap.

      This force that would dominate the life, taking G'd's place in the hearts of men, would not be brought down by hand. So what will it be brought down by? We have heard of the "Sword of Truth" and the Book says that a certain one—many think this to be Jesus—slew the wicked with a sword that proceeded out of his mouth. So we understand that symbolically the sword is the tongue. What kind of tongue? The tongue of enlightenment, the tongue of truth.


      Dear beloved people, we have to have a grip on our life. We have to have leaders that are not made by outsiders. You have never been successful with a leader that was made by an outsider. Praise be to Allah, you have a leader in me that is not made by an outsider. I have depended solely on my own ability to go on the urge of truth, honesty, sincerity, well-meaning, good person, and to trust Allah, that Allah will guide me, Allah will help me. I have been able to do that alone.

      And I have had people walk off from me in disgust because I would not go their way. They try to sell me on their philosophy; they think that they can make a better job of me if I were to follow them. But I am here and they want something from me. I am not asking them for anything, but they want something from me.

      I think that is justice. It is time that We are blessed. Why should we keep on following other people? We have been so conditioned to play down the importance of our own independent leadership, that if I were to claim that a white man taught me, I would have so many people following me—but it would not last. It. would be something doomed to failure.


      We talked about the "S-WORD": secret word or sacred word. It is "sacred word," but to them it also means "secret word." Now let us look at something else. We have the symbols: circles and squares. Now, if we start counting from four, that is: four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, four represents a square; five represents a circle; six represents freedom; seven represents insight into the scientific order of the universe; eight represents the ability to apply that insight—to make it work for you in the world; nine represents the two separated: conscience and the insight into the material world.

      So we have four as a square representing the material world; then we have five as a circle representing the spiritual world. Square = Material Conscience, Circle = Spiritual Conscience. If you take them both and put them together, they are symbolically placed under the number nine (4+5=9). Nine represents insight into the material reality and the spiritual reality Now, can you see the significance of nine judges on the Supreme Court bench. If he has insight into the material realities and also insight into the spiritual realities, he could handle any case; he should be able to handle any case. But if he is a wicked person look how destructive, how dangerous he is. If he has that kind of knowledge and he is wicked, he is dangerous, very dangerous.

      That kind of consciousness is not accepted. Allah does not want us with that kind of consciousness. It is on the Ninth Day of the Hajj that we meet with all the people. We meet all the brothers from all over the world, which means that if we expect to make progress in the ninth, if we expect to make material and spiritual progress, we are going to have to do it openly, not secretly. We have to do it openly and we have to bring everybody into it. The Day of Arafat is a day for Muslims from the world leadership, from the world sciences: banking, engineering, agriculture, whatever—whatever great skill, great profession, or great resource you have, that day is for us to come together in Arafat and share with each other. We share with each other, and when the Muslims go out from Arafat they are much better prepared to deal with the problems in the world. If a world assembly like that is used properly, it can make every man from every country better equipped to go back to his country and advance the material and spiritual life of the people. It should be seen as One, and not be split up (separated) like that: square and circle.

      Now, let us look at the Ka'abah. There is a sign there. The knowledge is there, ancient knowledge. If you look at the Ka'abah, you will see that it is a square. And if you look at the place where you go around, it is a circle. There is a square sitting in a circle, meaning your material conscience should be surrounded and it should be protected by "taqwah" (G'd Consciousness). G'd wants us to have material consciousness, but He wants us to be protected by taqwah.

      Now, look at the heavenly bodies. Wake up and learn something. When you look at them in the sky, they look round, don't they? We call them heavenly bodies. They are symbolic of the saints. They represent principles and movements in the psyche of man. Those who know, they say, "yes". Those who do not know, you say "yes" too because I am your leader. The one with the knowledge, he can say yes when he hears what he knows to be true. The one without knowledge, when he knows that his leader knows more, he should say "yes." When Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) talked to the Muslims, he said, "what about so and so?" They said,

      "Allah and His messenger know best." They were obedient. And Allah puts it in their voice in the Qur'an: "They say, 'We hear and we obey'." Do you want to grow up? Accept this little man as your leader.

      We do not know their ancient sciences. We do not know their symbols. Allah shows us what He wants to show us. The heavenly bodies, those material objects in the sky, because of their rotation, they tend to conform to spheroid shape, round shape. Even those that break up, when they come down here they do not look like they are round. But we know that up there they tend to be round, although there are some jagged ones. Since the majority conform to spheroid or round shape, the heavenly concept is called "round," and it applies also to "spiritual reality" and "spiritual concepts."

      The square shape man makes down here—man makes the square, he builds his house on the square. His first concept of graphic dimension was a right angle, a right angle which makes a square, 90 degree angle that he uses to make a square. Looking at that now, we see the Ka'abah sitting there; but it is not a simple square, it is a cube. It is a square from all sides: it has a square as a base, it has a square on all of its walls, and it has a square at its top. So it has squares all about it, and its angles are pretty well equal. They are supposed to be equal—symbolic of balance, material balance.

      Now we come to the number ten (10). If you get to the number ten, you have consciousness of the material that has now come under spiritual influence. Do not think that anyone can be material and not be spiritual—impossible! No man can give himself to the material occupation or material activities and not be spiritual. What will happen? The more you give yourself to material phenomena, the more the material phenomena will decide your spirituality. You will not stop being spiritual, but your spirituality will come under the influences of materialism.

      So we do not call the man in Al-Islam "four." We say that Allah has given man his needs in four periods. But the man is "five." The man is spiritual conscience. He is five, he is a spiritual entity. Now, what is the fifth one making us spiritual? It is what we call "feeling." It is through our feelings that all of our life, the whole life, is made spiritual. If we did not have a sensitivity, we could not be spiritual. You have to have sensitivity in order to be spiritual.

      Let us go on now. The Bible says, "a beast came up with ten horns." A beast came up off the earth, a mighty beast with ten horns. Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) says, "take charge of five before five defeats you." What does that mean? It means that you have to use your five senses, feelings included (which gives the circle to it and makes it visible), to keep your life on an intelligent course. If you do not use your five senses to keep your life on an intelligent course, the influences of the world, the adverse spirit of the cultural world, or corrupt culture, is going to influence your sensitivity and bring the intelligent use of your five senses under the power of the adverse influences of the world.

      If that happens, your senses will be confused and you will not be able to feel intelligently. Many people cannot feel intelligently or rationally. The human being is a rational being. What makes you human by classification is the ability to think rationally. That is what makes you human by classification: the ability to think rationally. Without that you are just like any other animal. The ability to think rationally classifies us as human and if we lose that ability, if the influences take us off our feet, topple us from our throne of good sense, then our feelings do not feel with the respect for what is intelligent any more—they feel just on compulsion, just on blind impulse, on what moves us. And you are programmed to be moved by certain things which do not have to be in your best interest. What moves you may be to your detriment. If you are just responding to what makes you feel good, then your five senses are destroyed.

      The Bible says, "Let us go down and confound their senses." If you understand the language that was on the wall of the ancient kingdom Babylon: "meene kital kitharthan", it is only symbolic language saying that, "you want to destroy the progressive urge in man." G'd has put a progressive urge in man, G'd has put the urge in man to grow to its full potential, and man is sensitized first through his physical body. His physical body sensitizes him first. Then that sensitizing finally turns on the rational mind, and he begins to reason.

      So man is sensitized now on the level of reasoning. After that, an intuitive urge comes into him. That is, he is not satisfied with his reasoning, something is moving him, pressuring him to go on and look deeper, search further. They call it the "intuitive urge." Those three urges are the progressive life, the progressive behavior and dimension that G'd has put into us. Man is Five and he is One, Two, and Three. So G'd has put those into us to bring us into our full potential, to bring us to the full station that He intends for us.

      But that can be stopped. How? If you corrupt the five senses, the progressive process cannot happen because the three dimensions must happen through the senses. If the senses are confused or confounded, then you will not have that progressive thing moving through the senses.

      So the Book says, "Let us go down and confound their senses." And of Babylon it says, "The handwriting is on the wall" or "meene, meene kital kitharthan" — which means first confuse man's spiritual sense, first corrupt his ability to sense correctly with his spiritual self, and that will be transferred to his mind. So in time his rational thinking will be also confused; he will not be able to reason, reason right. If he stops reasoning rightly, and you have his physical urges now confused, that will make his spirit go haywire. His spirit then will be thrown out in all kinds of wild directions.

      So they say, "meene, meene kital kitharthan" meaning, "reduce him in his senses by corrupting his senses, then give his rational mind to drunkenness; then you will make of him a blind horse." That is what they are saying.

      Now, have you heard about the Apocalypse and the Four Horses of the Apocalypse? Ewe means a female sheep, right? But also Ewe means an animal like a horse. In some languages Ewe also means a horse. We have to understand this. What are they doing? They are laughing at the intelligence of the people. They are laughing at the common sense of the masses. They say, "Look, we are their G'd, we are their masters, we can confound their senses; we can make them obedient babies, obedient good boys and girls any time we want to. And if they do not like what we are doing for them, we can corrupt their senses, confound their senses, and we can turn them into blind horses."

      What is a blind horse for? Horsepower. What is horse-power? Industrial power. They make you blind horses and put your forces in industry to build up the capitalistic society for them.   Also those in the socialist camp, they too are blind horses.

      Let us go on. It says that a beast rose up with ten horns, and then they saw another beast come up with two more horns, right? So here is the science of how to take over the sensory perception of the human being and confound it so that he cannot see for himself; so he cannot work his own life out with his own senses.

      Once you do that, what is the next step? To put his mind up in the sky. So another one came with twelve horns to put his mind up in the sky. The twelve spokes in the heavenly wheel is symbolic of the heaven up in the sky. They have their sky pictured as a wheel, a circle with twelve angles or twelve spaces between the spokes.

      Then the beast rose up with twelve horns. Now, what is that trying to tell us? That Jesus came to save the people who had come under the beast with twelve horns. He called the disciples together in the name of sensual science. Twelve disciples representing mastery over that kind of heavenly or spiritual science. He called them together and he said, "Now, come away from the water, let us go on land and become fishermen of men." In other words, go to agriculture, go to industry, go to the factory, and save the man there.

      But what happened? They lied on Jesus.  They never killed him physically. The Qur'an tells us they did not do that. They never crucified him physically, no. But symbolically he represents his people. He represents the Christians. He is not only the head of them, but his body represents the body of them. That is why the Christians say, "We are all members in Christ." Meaning that the whole congregation is seen in the body of Christ. And the crucifixion there is the crucifixion of all Christians—not the crucifixion of Jesus. Jesus was never crucified.

      The Book is telling us that his followers would be crucified, and they would be crucified because they will be taken off course by the Jahcubite; not crucified physically so much, but crucified mentally and given to superstition without any sense.

      If you want to know what happened to the Christian world, look at what happened to Jesus, because he is a sign of what happened to the Christian world and not to him. Ridiculed and mocked, whipped—is not that what the Gentiles did to him at first? Then they put him up on a cross, right? The cross has four points. It means nail him to, or put him helplessly under the mercy of his instinctive drives. Make him a helpless servant of material appetite, of his academic search appetite, of his political appetite. Make him helpless under his natural drives, nail him to it. He has no freedom of hand, no freedom of legs.

      And the Book says what? After they did that, they speared him. Also, they brought him a drink. He had said "I thirst." That was not Jesus saying that, he is a sign of the Christian world saying, "We thirst for understanding." And the Jahcubite says, "Oh, you thirst? We will give you something for your thirst. Here, you want water? No, no water for your, we give you aseta." And they brought him vinegar. Is not that a terrible thing to give somebody who is thirsty? They brought him vinegar.

      But it was not really vinegar. The word "aseta" is a play on asceticism. Asceticism means the belief in the spiritual world, separating yourself from the worldly life: not having wives and children, not being involved in the worldly life. It means going off and living the life of a hermit, priest, or monk. So they gave the Christian community asceticism.

      They gave the Christian people the drink of asceticism under what they call Catholicism. And they brought "Jesus" also hysop, an herb. They gave him vinegar and hysop. "Hysop" is a play on social sensitivity, social urge. Hysop is an herb that reduces blood pressure. The science here is not that this is blood pressure, it is social pressure. They were bearing social pressure, they were exerting social pressure on the establishment. So they gave him hysop, meaning they gave them an agent in their mind to reduce their social urge, that they would not ask for much social life. Those who buy asceticism do not need the hysop—they are not interested in the social urge. They walk away from the social life.

      Then what happened? After they gave him the vinegar and the hysop, he immediately gave up the ghost, so the Bible says. What caused Jesus to die as Jesus? Remember, he is a sign of Christianity, Christendom. What caused him to die? It was Catholicism, that is what killed "Jesus". They know that. There are scientists in their own religion who identify Catholicism as the beast. The drink itself was not the beast. The one that handed him the cup with the drink, that was the beast. Catholics are my friends. I am going to get them to stop taking that drink, insha Allah, one day. With the help of Allah, we will get them to stop taking that drink.

      What happened after that? They took him off the cross and they put him in a cave, so the Bible says. A cave that had never been used before. In other words, it tells us that they did a new thing. The Jahcubite did a thing he never did before, and he is a master at schemes. But this one had never been done before.

      So they put him in a cave, a dry cave. And they rolled a round stone at its opening to seal him in there. And certain people were assigned to care for him, and they could come into the cave. When they came into the cave, they would put certain ointments on him, they would light up the incense, the candles, and use the sweet-smelling herbs and oils. In other words, what it is telling us is that they practice their sciences in secret.

      The incense stands for science, the smell of it. Every spice they use stands for one of the sciences; the oil and every spice oil they use stands for one of the sciences. The light stands for understanding of the sciences. The smell stands for the good spirit you get when you hear the wisdom and you appreciate it, so it smells good to the nose. The nose is a play on "gnosis" (pronounced "no'sis"). Gnosis is an ancient Egyptian word meaning "soul." Knowledge of the soul in ancient time was the highest knowledge. Therefore, gnosticism was the highest knowledge in those times. So, "gnos", "nose", "gnosticism"—all represent the same thing.

      And, Black Brother, your Black people in Africa were the builders, the founders of this high science of the soul. That is a fact. Not white Egyptians, not Arab Egyptians—it was nappy-headed, African men who founded the high sciences of the soul and brought psychology to the West. Believe it or not!

      Now, Jesus was the Thirteenth, right? Twelve disciples representing the heavenly sciences, the spiritual sciences, and Jesus was the Thirteenth among them. He is that one who brings in to connect again and be reconciled with the material sciences. There is a continuity of the sciences and the rational principles that apply to material sciences applies to the spiritual science, both. The world still keeps them divided: they call it the human sciences and the physical sciences. But we know that they are both sciences, and that both are part of One Reality—the creation itself.

      They put him in a cave that had never been used before. In other words, there was no spiritual life there in that cave. Pure gnosticism, no spiritual life.   They were not spiritual people, not that type of people.   They are worshippers of the light, the light of pure science.   That is what happened to the religious order—it went into there.   But the masses of the religion, they were not in there; they did not go into the cave.   Only certain elected ones had that post, had that privilege. The masses of the people were on the outside. And Jesus was cut off from them, they were cut off from Jesus.  What blocked it?  A round stone.

      The round stone stands for spiritual conscience, spiritual concepts and spiritual consciousness. So they brought the whole Christian world to be dominated by spiritual consciousness. They did not give them the other consciousness, the consciousness of the material world which is represented in the square. Those who are in the sciences: Masons, Shiners, and others, they place so much importance on the square, right? I do not know what degree you may have, brother, but I do not need your school. Praise be to Allah.

      Jesus, then, represented the reconciling of these two worlds, and it was not completed in his day. Allah says Jesus is a sign of it. But Prophet Muhammed came. And what does the Qur'an say that was revealed to Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)? Allah said to the heavens and to the earth, "Be you joined together willingly or unwillingly." Is that right? He said to the heavens and the earth, "Come you together, be reconciled again." Praise be to Allah.

      So we know that the Qur'an came for that purpose, to reconcile the spiritual concepts with the material concepts, to bring back again the unity of the sciences where the spiritual concepts are not at odds with the material needs and material life. We cannot live fighting material life and material kinds of interests and concerns. We have to be in accord with that, we have to appreciate those concerns, because those are necessities of our being.

      Allah wants us to keep spirit first, taqwah, faith in G'd—keep that first. And He wants us to have all of the material interests protected by our faith and our obedience to Him. He wants us to make progress in this material world. He says, "Seek with every means that I have availed you the Hereafter, but do not forget your share of the material world."

      Let us look up symbolism again. Here they have a sign they call it the symbol for female and male. They have a circle, and outside of the circle they have a cross attached. They say that is the symbol for the female. For the male, they have an arrow attached shooting out from the circle. They say that is the symbol for the male.

      So what are they saying? That consciousness, that the spirituality of the female is checked. A cross is a cross, but it also means checked. When you cross something, that means check it, it means buy it, it means many things. It also means unknown, because there are checks that the world uses on you that are unknown to you. That is a fact. Allah is my witness and those that know are my witnesses. Praise be to Allah.   So the cross represents the check—the spiritual consciousness is under check.

      Should spiritual consciousness be under check?    Let us see.   The Bible says that Four rivers went out from the Garden.   The Garden represents the conscience, the circle, the conscience.   Four rivers went out from the Garden and became Heads.   Did G'd want that?   Yes, He wanted that. The man was in the Garden and he wanted to stay in the Garden.  But it was necessary for him to go out of the Garden in order for him to grow up and one day make the outer world like the Garden.   So G'd let him go out of the Garden into the world and get the experience he needs to make the world a Garden.

      So it says the Four Rivers went outside the Garden. The Qur'an says that "He made the earth in Two periods," right? Then He ordered it in Four. He ordered it in Four and then arranged them as Seven Heavens. That is the Qur'an. That tells us that Allah wanted us to move from Two, to Four, and then to Seven. And how did He move us from that? Out of what did we move into Two, into Four? Out of Five—out of five senses, out of consciousness we moved into Two to know what is bad and what is good, to know what is rational and what is not rational. That is Two, that is moving in the principle of Two. Then He made us Four, driven by our natural urges, by the natural instincts, driven by them. And then He arranged them into Seven Heavens, seven firm heavens, firmaments. And He says there are a like number in you. That tells us that whatever He is talking about outside of us is also inside of us.

      If Allah intended for us to have this, and Four is good for us, then we have to come back to it. We have to come back to the practical life, or material life and the material concerns. But we do not come back to them as Four as such, we orientate our life on that concept, or on that need.

      So the Muslims turn towards the Ka'abah, which is a four-sided figure. He turns toward the Ka'abah to orientate his whole life on the principle of what his life naturally calls for. And his life naturally calls for material insight, material growth. The material insight and material growth will bring him into rational growth. You cannot have institutions of learning; you cannot have academia, without insight into the material world. But out of that comes different "Fours".

      Out of the Four base comes other Fours, still under the material concept.   But you have academics, you have political science, you have all of these sciences coming out of that: the Four essential sciences that man needs in order to live and make progress on this earth.   This is the concept that will stick in your mind.   This is the concept that will keep you in touch with your life; it will keep you moving forward in the right way.   Without this kind of concept, you just hit and miss; you do seasonal things—you are in the right way and out of it without knowing it.   But if you orientate yourself toward the Ka'abah and understand what that symbol means, it is telling us that we must stay in touch with our essential life.

      Now, the Ka'abah itself is in a circle.   We make seven circles around the Ka'abah, symbolic of ethics.   Allah wants us to evolve ethics on the bases of what is materially needed in man's life.   In this country (U.S.A.), we have the "Ethics Committee."   The Ethics Committee symbolically is Seven. It rules over the whole of the American peoples' life.   It will tell business when business is doing something wrong, it will tell culture when it is doing something wrong.   Now, we know  they  are not doing their job here, they are not faithful, but at least the Ethics Committee does exist.

      Now, let me tell you something, beloved people. I am not telling you this to make you Black conscious. I am telling you this to make you natural, to make you feel good and be natural in your good state. The first people to establish ethics for the world were Black people. The name Ethiopia means "Ethical Vision." "Ethi" is the form for ethics. "Ethia" means seeing. Ethi-opia means "Ethical Focus." They, the institutions of the world, will not give to you the glorious past of the African man. They will not share that with you. They have destroyed most of it, and what they know they try to hide it from you.

      The African man was not always a dictator or a war-maker. No, he was the leader of the sciences, and he demanded of the people moral excellence. One of the greatest moral teachers of the late-day Africa in the time of Al-Islam, in the history of Al-Islam, was an African ruler who brought ethics back to his land. Yes, in our history.

      We do not have to write a false history, we do not have to write a mythological history to make us feel good. The truth of us shows us as big as any other man. Tell the truth of the Asian, he looks big in history. Tell the truth of the European, he looks big in history. Tell the truth of the African man, you will see him big in the history. Psychology and ethics have shown greatest and brightest in Africa, more than they did anywhere else in the world. And I do not think it is an accident that Allah is bringing in a new movement from the descendants of those people. We will champion ethics, morality, and science. Praises be to Allah.

      Let us go on with this now. The Bible says, "And the Beast was taken out but not with hands." Can you see that this knowledge that we are talking about right now, it can break every grip that the Beast has on our people. But do not come with their game, don't come among us with their game. They can give you stacks of books, more than you can read, with symbolism and wisdom. But tell me, do they make more sense than what I am telling you? They are only fascinating you, they are charming you. But how well does it work in your life? What I am telling you will enable you to get a grip on your life again. Praise be to Allah.

      We know in America today, they say the number one concern is unemployment. But we know, however, that unemployment is not the number one problem. That may be the number one concern, but it is certainly not the number one problem. The number one problem is the problem of the inability of the people to function properly. Their sensitivities do not work right any more; their minds do not work right any more. They are not in touch with the vital life of society any more. They are going crazy, they are out of touch with the essential life of the human being. That is the number one problem.

      They are not productive because they are in that shape. And they are in that shape because the world masters do not want a lot of productive people now. This is the wrong time for it. This is not their time of great production. So they take people out of that qualification. If they have a lot of people qualified for production, they will have demands on the establishment; they will have demands on the master-minds to employ these people.

      Who is hollering about unemployment? Is it the unemployed? No. They are the "plants" among the unemployed who are hollering "unemployment." The average person who is unemployed, he is not crying. Why? Because he is employed—Rick James has him employed. Rick James occupies him. He is working all the time. The disco has him employed; the dope has him employed; acting like a monkey on the street, the new monkey fads have him employed. They have all kinds of concerns, all kinds of monkey interests to occupy him. He is not unemployed. What makes you think he is unemployed? You have a hard time getting him to listen to me because he is too busy. He is busy!

      Nobody is sitting around out there crying, "I wish I had something to do." The manipulators have given them something to do. And when they want their energies to go back to the factories, to go back to industry, then they turn their sensitivities again in the direction of respect for  family,  respect  for social life,  respect  for education, respect for material things, respect for the society, respect for the government.   They will turn your sensitivities back in that direction again, and they will want you on the job. But as long as they do not need you, they have excess workers, there is a surplus of employable people, what do they do to contain that  surplus?  They entertain them, reprogram them, reduce their level of intelligent function so that they will be satisfied to be occupied in just foolishness and self-destructive things.

      When they want you again to do the work, "Oh, yes, we have got to build up industry. There is a new field coming up, or some new scientific information has been given to us, and we are going to spark up a new industry. We are going to need new workers; we are going to have to need the masses again to work."

      Now, I am not here to stop that. "Oh, brother Imam, you cannot stop that. The people are too big for you." I am not here to stop that. I am here to select a few right-minded people and we will be the example for our people. We will be the example for our lot. We will be the hope for our lot. The  masses  may be whipped season after season; they  may go under every  four points of the year; but, inshaa- Allah, we will stay  around  to  always  be an encouragement to them, showing  them that it is  not completely hopeless if you want to follow our way.

      We are not crazy. We are not naive. We do not expect that we can convert all of these people and make them follow this way. No. That never has been done. Allah just wants a good model in society. We have been following the model of other people: the model of the Irish, the model of the Catholic, the model of the Englishman, the model of the African, the model of the Arab. We have been following the model of other people, and for once we have a model that is our own.

      All we want to do is select the people who are with me. And I am not saying "me" because I want attention. I am saying me because we need focus on a person, we need focus on leadership. You need to see where the knowledge is coming from. Yes, we need to organize these people, select these people, and then form a model group. We want to plan to set up model groups in many regions of the United States, and we are going to do it.

      Allah has done this. If I had done this I would tell you: "I don't know what is going to happen to this." But Allah is my witness, I have not done this. Allah has pushed me, and motivated me, and inspired me and showed me the way. I have not done this. I know that we are going to be successful without any doubt.

      Do you think that I could talk to you this long, with this kind of concentration, if I was just trying to sell you my thing? Your white friends know better than that. If they saw me, they would say, "No, that man is not selling his thing. That man is driven by something bigger than the individual." So do not think that I am trying to sell you my thing. I am trying to get you to see the light, the identity.

      We have had an identity problem for all of these years. For centuries we did not know who we were. Now, I know who I am. I am the leader of a new people. That is who I am. You should know who you are. You are my followers and you should be as courageous as the Jew is, be as proud as he is. Does he bite his tongue when he tells you that Jews followed Moses, or that Jews followed Ben Gurion? Does he bite his tongue? He is proud to say he follows. Is he ashamed to say that he belongs to the Hasidic Jew? No, he is proud to tell you that. Is he ashamed to tell the people that he represents Jewish concerns? Should you be ashamed to tell the people that you represent Muslim concerns? Is he ashamed to tell the people that he wants Jewish power? Should you be ashamed to tell the American people that you want Muslim power?

      The Jew has enough faith in Judaism to tell America, "Look, you will benefit from our friendship. We have something to offer you too." Alright, so I "am telling you right now that I am bigger than your President of the United States. I can offer him something. That does not mean that I do not accept the political reality, that I do not accept that he is the President of the United States. Certainly I respect that Office and I give it due respect. But in terms of how life should be directed on this earth, I know that president Reagan is not nearly as equipped as I am. I know that. I have listened to him, I have listened to his speeches, I have heard him many times. If he had the ability, the insight that I have, I would recognize it. And if he were here today, he would tell you, "The man is right." So what should that tell you? That should tell you that we are not going to let a lawyer come in here and tell Imam Warith Deen what to do. We are not going to let a student of political science come in here and tell us what to do. None of their qualified people can come in here and tell me what to do. If they want to come in here and help us, they have to find out what Imam Warithud-Deen Muhammed wants them to do. And then you would be on solid ground, then you would be right, then you would progress. Praise be to Allah.

      So they are talking about unemployment. We know the real problem. The real problem is that they have confused the senses of the people again. They have manipulated and programmed the people to failure. They just keep the people in a base, suspended, like suspended animation, until they get a new program. Then they say, "Okay, let them back down."

      We know what is wrong. Satan is given time to do that till the end of the world. We are not here to stop Satan's thing. We are here to save those who do not want Satan's thing. America guarantees the right of any individual to choose, to make decisions for himself, to make choices on his own. So we have that right in America—not just a right that is sacred, a right that is guaranteed in the American Constitution. I am not asking for anything that is not provided for in the Constitution of the United States. So we want the right to choose.

      We know that the people do not have the right to choose. They do not have the freedom of choice when their senses are confounded and manipulated. When you take away from them their human identity, their human function, how can they be responsible for freedom? If the devil can be allowed in America to use his deceptive tools of behavioral manipulation, then America—if it is true to its name—it will accept that Warith Been Muhammed, the African-American man, will be free to use the sciences to liberate his people.

      Dear beloved people, we have to understand too that nations have national directions, and the people who survive in nations must also have the science of national direction. If you do not have that science, then you are always at the mercy of the seasonal patterns of the nation. And the people who will survive the seasonal patterns of the nation are the people who have the sciences of the nation. The land has its idea of production; it has its philosophy of production.

      The Communist world has its philosophy of production. The Capitalist world has its philosophy of production. And they all apply many theories to get people to produce. They know how to use the psychology in the sciences to check the people, hold the people in obeisance, until they are ready for them again. They know how to burden production, they know how to lighten the burden on production.

      Do not think that they have a problem that they cannot handle. They have a problem that they have accepted. They have prepared for this day. They are not going under. They are going to be here. Even if America falls down as a Democratic nation and turns out to be Socialist or Communist, do not think they have lost, they have merely changed clothes. I am telling you the truth. They have not lost. No, they know what they are doing.


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