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Man & the Universe as Mates Created for Each Other: Its Timeless Relevancy

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    10-15-2006 Ramadan Session 2006 Man and the Universe as Mates Created for Each Other: Its Timeless Relevancy By Imam W. Deen Mohammed Topic: Session # 5
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      Ramadan Session 2006

      Man and the Universe as Mates Created for Each Other: Its Timeless Relevancy

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed

      Topic:  Session # 5  

      As-Salaamu Alaikum. Ramadan Mubarak. Bismillahir Ramanir Raheem. Was salaatu was salaamu alal rasuulihil kareem, Muhammed, salallaahu alaihu was sallam mabaad.

      We kind of anticipated that some would have to go back home to get ready Monday for their businesses or their jobs, or families, take care of their families. So some did leave but we still have more than I expected here, today. Praise be to Allah. I miss some of the students who are very good students. They possibly could be here but I kind of doubt it, because they usually make their presence known to me; and they're from the East Coast, the New England states area. We have a few very excellent students from the college campuses in that area. Insha Allah, they will be able to get a transcription and won't miss what we're getting. I know they want it and need it and will benefit, greatly, from it.

      The focus for this closing session on this Sunday in the Month of October is taken from the words of G'd in the Qur'an, the balanced community, "Ummatul wustaa," in Arabic. We begin addressing this topic by going back to the beginning of time as we are to perceive it through the guidance of G'd, revelation, that is; through His servants, messengers and prophets and especially through the last Prophet Muhammed, alaihe salaam, the peace be upon them and the prayers and the peace be upon him.

      The snake is talking like a man to Adam

      When we recall what we have heard or read in the Bible or scripture of the beginning of time for human beings on this earth we recall man right after he was made or created and put on the earth or in the garden and then in the earth, he was approached by the deceiver, shaytan, the satan, the devil in the form of a hisser that does not talk. It is silent. It only hisses.

      Adam's nature made him aware of G'd

      The snake is quite different from other animals. The other animals are talking and communicating with one another but the snake is silent and he hisses. So this snake is communicating, strangely. He is talking like a man to Adam. And he is working as we said yesterday to give Adam a perception of things, a perception of reality; even a perception of what G'd intended for Adam that Adam knew, obviously. If he didn't know it the satan, the shaytan would not have been trying to give him another perception. He already had a perception and his nature was aware of how he should respect G'd, the Creator of everything. His nature had him know that.

      Satan wants to change Adam's perception of life

      Now the satan is trying to persuade him to buy his perception that satan wants for Adam, or for mankind. When we say Adam we mean for all people, for mankind. Obviously, Adam's obedience in his nature had him in check. He just couldn't behave any kind of way and he was not open to being easily changed or converted from the way that he thought and behaved.

      So the subtle one—subtle means difficult to see and difficult to figure out, difficult to detect, etc.; very subtle, very wise. And we should connect this scene in the Bible or in scripture with the saying of Muhammed the Prophet, upon him be the prayers and the peace. He said that G'd invited the archangel Jibril, Gabriel in English, to witness His creation that He was planning for human beings, for mankind, the universe, the whole creation, earth included, everything. He said to Jibril, "Behold My creation. Jibril saw it and said, "What a wonderful, marvelous creation. How can anyone go astray in such a wonderful creation?" I know you have heard this many times. And within an instance G'd changed the scene and the creation appeared as satan was going to present it. And when Jibril, the archangel, saw that he said, "My Lord."He said my Lord the first time, too. In the first instance he said "My Lord " and I'm bringing it to your attention to let you know that even the most important of all the angels recognized Allah, the Creator, as his Lord. He said, "My Lord, how can anyone go straight in such a creation?" Now these are the two extremes. The satan brought it from an extreme. He made it so attractive, so fascinating but his decorating creation made it very difficult for human beings to keep their good moral nature and good intelligence in such a creation. So that is why the archangel says, "My Lord how can anyone go straight in such a creation?"

      Muhammed addressed religious issues that deviated

      So this helps us understand what was given before. You see the Prophet comes to address major issues in religion that came before and had gotten off track, to correct the perception. Did you know from Genesis to Revelations, from Al Fatiha to An Nas, that these are great books, these perfect Books if you understand what I'm saying... "Oh, the Bible is not perfect." And a lot of what you got out of the Qur'an is not perfect, either. Your perception is not right. But if you have the right perception you will see the correct language and reading in the Bible is perfect. Not all of it, but you will find the perfect language in the Bible if your heart is right and you have the intelligence and the support of G'd. Oh yeah, you can find it in the Bible.

      Muhammed found it in the Bible. "Oh, he didn't read the Bible." That is what you think. He did not follow the Bible. He did not know the Bible. The Bible was accessible. If it was not accessible why did he say to AH his cousin who had a Bible—now this is in established hadith—he said, "Ali what's wrong with the Qur'an that I brought?" I think he only wanted to caution his cousin Ali, may G'd be pleased with Ali, radhi Allahu anhu. That's the traditional saying, meaning may Allah be pleased with him. That is all. The Prophet knew Ali was not going to convert to the Bible, Christianity or Judaism. But he just wanted to caution him. All of us need to be cautioned when we pick up the Bible because it is very, very subtle and powerful as a deception, as well as pure guidance.

      So getting back to the scene of the beginning of mankind in Adam, the satan knew that he had to give the human beings a new perception from himself if he was going to gain what he wanted to gain and that is complete authority in the life of human society. That is what he wants. That is what he aspires for. I didn't continue it, but perception is the major theme in scripture from Genesis to Revelation, from Al Fatiha to An Nas, the last chapter of Qur'an.

      Perception: Certain vision. Every eye shall see him

      So quickly reflecting on the great issue of perception in the Bible it says, "And every eye shall see him". And the Bible talks about light and darkness, the world receiving light and then coming under darkness. And it ends with the whole world becoming light. That's how Revelations ends, with the whole world becoming light; everything. From everywhere there was light. It started on the throne but it went out and filled the whole earth and the whole earth was filled with light. So light is for eyes. The whole book is for perception. It is to grow the right perception in human beings especially in leaders so that the world of man would be established in the best way.

      Perception, isn't that what you go to school for, to improve your perception of things? Isn't that why you went to college to improve your perception of things? Yes. Education improves our perception, betters our perception and when our perception is better the life is better. You just feel so much better. So I'm sure the garden was not a dark place. I think it was a very bright, well lit place, lit with the best of lights.

      Perception. "Every eye shall see him". Why should it be said "every eye shall see him"? Isn't it enough to have our leaders see? No, G'd has put it in the very nature of every human being to want to see clearly, to want to understand. So you are burdened when you have a whole lot of knowledge and you do not understand it. That's a big burden. You are burdened when you hear a whole lot of preaching and you understand but a very little. That leaves you burdened. That's a big burden. Allah didn't create you to carry that burden forever. He created you to grow in intelligence, to grow in perception so the burden would be light.

      The balanced community

      The balanced community. Now, I have to make some notes as I go, too. The satan had a plan, didn't he? Now, when you read in the Qur'an where it says, "And they plan and Allah plans and Allah is the best of planners", don't just hear that and say that's right and you are thinking in a little focus, a little small unimportant situation. No. When you read that be aware of the greatest deceiver shaytan himself, the satan and that he is the one who started everybody else to planning in a way to make trouble. And Allah is the best of planners. It means Allah is going to overcome satan's plan and when He overcomes satan's plan the rest of them are done away with automatically.

      Mr. Fard, I sure liked his courage and great wit. He said, "Can the devil fool a Muslim? Answer: No not nowadays." That day just arrived. Those days he was foreseeing, they have arrived.

      Most of what we perceive has been influenced by the shaytan, himself

      Here is the big problem. Our perception of the universe has been changed. What we perceive is mostly influenced by the shaytan himself, even the way we read scripture. For after all this was a man that G'd, Himself, created and that G'd, Himself, communicated to and the shaytan is talking to him to change his perception. So he is even influencing him so that when he hears the word of G'd, satan says, "Oh no, He didn't mean it that way. You should know how G'd meant that so you can be free to do great things and rise up even with the G'ds". Now we know all of them are false except one.

      Again, I like Mr. Fard's wit. He told the Honorable Elijah Mohammed, "G'd means power and force." Now we know that is not correct. G'd is much more than power and force but that is what he wanted the Honorable Elijah Mohammed to see. Then he told or led the Honorable Elijah Mohammed to believe that the black man is the G'd. I guess that is what he was doing. He was checking that black man by giving him a definition for the G'd in the new language of W.D. Fard in the Nation of Islam hinting, "The G'd I'm giving you is not the most high, not the perfect, pure and just one. The G'd I'm giving you is power and force.' Yes, that is what I'm doing and that is my nature. Ever since I was a boy that was my nature, not to preach so much but to teach.

      Qur'an Bible designed to help man on all levels

      Along with his strategy, his world grows. The more he progresses his plan and strategies the more his world develops and grows. Now, the Bible says this. To save a lot of time I'm not going to go and quote everything. You will get it later, en sha Allah. To save a lot of time I'm just going straight to the point. But I'm telling you the Bible and Qur'an both Books have it. If it is a major issue it is in both Books.

      Bible is a Book of knowledge to achieve world dominance

      So the Bible is designed to serve mankind on all levels just as the Qur'an is designed to serve mankind on all levels. The people who are uneducated, the Qur'an and Bible is designed to serve them. You read them they serve you. You do not have to be educated. But the more your intelligence is developed and informed correctly the more you get out of these Book. That's natural. So what I'm giving you now you should write it, my students, please. The Bible is a Book of knowledge for educating the brightest minds and the most ambitious souls in the knowledge of how to achieve a dominance in the world, or on this earth. That is what it is all about. I'm sure most of you know what a dominance is.

      Satan is a mindset

      A dominance means you are in position to control everything. Everything is under your authority. Now who wants that? Satan, shaytan, he is the number one villain, the number one criminal. He wants that more than anybody, more than anything. He wants that more than anything. And don't think of him as a person. He is no person. He is a mindset. And he can be communicated to any person and that person who accepts that communication and starts to live by it and under it, that person becomes shaytan. So now that this has been done you can't look in the Genesis or in the garden, only, for satan, shaytan. No, you have to look in the whole world, because that is what he aspired to do, get the whole world. And you have to look at the highest places. That means you have to also look, firstly, in religion, because that is where he started. He started to change the way G'd wanted us to see and perceive religion. Now would you believe people who perceive themselves to be angels-beings, humans that perceived themselves to be angels- held high this thing; that they worked to keep it hidden so they could get the benefits because they have knowledge of what is going on, so they could get the benefit of the existence of this thing and its rule over the life of people for themselves and they are not really shaytan?

      Man fell from his noble position to material interest

      Now remember who was leading the angels before G'd interrupted it. It was Iblis, a jinn, who had transformed himself an angel and was leading the angels in heaven. I'm giving you Qur'an, the word of G'd. And he caused a disruption in the heavens and the man that G'd was making in heaven had to be rejected and sent down to earth. Now don't think of the sky up there and coming down here. No, think of high principles, high and decent aspirations, pure intentions, etc. Think of that excellence of the soul and now there has come an interruption, a disruption in that heaven that I just explained to you; a disruption in the heavens that made man fall from his noble position to material interest. That's coming down to earth, to material interest. And the satan seduced him and brought him to fall. And the satan was also in the garden. He was there as the leader of the angels and G'd cast him down, rejected him. All of them, plus the man and his mate who was affected, had to be cast down. And they were cast down. Let's go back to perception.

      The problem is in your five senses and in your deeds

      When the satan confused their perception and had them buy his perception of reality that is what started everything. That is what brought them all to fall. And the word from our prophet, communicated to our Prophet by the Lord, Creator of the heavens and earth, is Qubad. "Get you down into the earth, qubad." Qubad means "all together", but it suggests, "like a fist". So where is the problem? In your five senses and in your deeds, because this hand has five fingers and this is what I act with. And it starts with high deeds, not welding like I used to do. It starts with writing. The hand that writes is over the welder in the establishment of the world that is what I am talking about. The welder is small. He is way down here.

      So it starts with writing. That is where the problem starts, i.e., your five senses and your hand that writes; and, as Allah says in the Qur'an, "They write it and say this is from G'd." Okay you want a dominance? "Get down into the material earth and it is going eventually bury you, you greedy satan!" So to get man to go wrong the satan in the beginning of the Genesis invites him to look at the material world and see how great he can become if he thinks freely and not be hindered in his thinking by his fear of G'd. "Look at the possibilities that you have man to explore this material world and become very powerful, very productive and live forever. I'm giving you a wisdom and your rule will be everlasting. It will not be for just one season. I'm going to give you an idea for a rule that will survive all seasons." That was his suggestion to Adam. That means to us, to people back then and now and for all times.

      Okay, I think that is enough for that scene. You see we're going from scene to scene. Now, we are on the dominance. I didn't forget the topic now. The topic is where we're going, ummatul wustaa, the balanced community.

      In the Bible this language for educating the special and ambitious intellect on how to establish a dominance is given in many places in scripture but I'm going to share this one with you. In the Bible the difficulty that a certain element among the Jews were having.. .Mind you how I put that, a certain element among the Jews. Never think that Jews are a bad people. Jews are a good people but they have been misguided themselves by an element among them. They have become loyal to an element that they do not know is the devil, himself, shaytan, himself.

      I was happy to learn here recently that the world Jewry, world Jews, do not accept Zionism. They don't accept it and they condemn Israel taking the position that G'd gave them that land. Now this is world Jewry. It is on the web. You can find it on the web. You students who are serious about following my methab, or my school, you should get on the web and find it and see what they are saying. They say that there is no support for the establishment of Israel in the Torah and they say that there is no support for Zionism in the Torah. That's the majority of the Jews.

      Qur'an: Never condemned all Jews and Christians

      And the Qur'an never condemned all Jews. The Qur'an says most of them. The Qur'an does not condemn all Christians. Allah in the Qur'an says most of them and we know that to be real right now. But Allah says that there is a party among them who believes in G'd and believe in promoting fair dealings among the people. And He says let there be of you a party, a group, doing the same, the exact same thing that Allah with His word credits the Jews and Christians for having a special group among them who are committed and loyal to obedience to G'd and establishing the right way for man on this planet earth; Jews and Christians. Then He tells us, "You be a people, the same, believing in G'd and promoting fair dealings among the people." "Islahan baynan nas". That's the Qur'anic words in Arabic.

      "Your mother was a Hittite and your father an Amorite"

      We haven't changed the scene. The scene is still on dominance, achieving that dominance. So this reference in the Bible that I want to share with you that I saw, G'd blessed me to see, is about the crooked plan, that the bad elements among the Jews wanted to advance, gave this to the world, because it is in the Bible. The Bible is not for Jews. The Bible is for all people who want to follow it. It is given to the world. And it is so clever. Most of us will never get it. Only G'd's mercy will help us get it. These are the Jews now talking to the Jews to make the Jews aware of their heritage in the best and the most powerful way. It says of the Jews, "Your mother was a Hittite and your father an Amorite".

      Now, I want to caution you. When you research what I give you I am sure that there is no source to give you all that I give you. You can't find anything out there that will give you all that I give you. G'd has blessed me special insight. I'm not exaggerating and I want no attention for myself.

      Amorites is really a play on Abraham

      Hittites were a people who were mighty. They were very powerful, materially. And obviously if they were very powerful, materially, they had great sciences, great wisdom. But what we should know most importantly about them is that they were all about achieving a dominance, defeating all other nations. The Hittites, they became very mighty, very powerful. And the Amorites is a play on, really, on Abraham. The Amorites were people who were compassionate, loving, caring about the individual person in society; and trying to bring their people of their area to be a family people caring about each other, loving each other.

      The Amorites. You can hear a hint of the word "Amor" which in Spanish and Italian also means love.   So the strategy is to have the leaders be Hittite-like and the community be Amorite-like. Can't you see that today presently? You have a Hittite and the people Amorites, love. Americans are supposed to be a people of love. But the rule may be Hittite. This is reality.

      Asr prayer is the middle prayer

      The balanced community. Do not forget what the topic is "The balanced community, ummatul wustaa." And there is a prayer that is called by that term also; the midday prayer and the same word is given for it, "Salatul Wustaa." That is the 'Asr Prayer. Some think it is the noon prayer but it is the 'Asr Prayer because 'Asr means difficult. When you are going downhill that is the most dangerous part of the mission to go up the mountain and now come down. Going up is not as dangerous as coming back down because your tendency is to forget and you will end up tumbling, falling down and be killed. You still have to be very cautious especially if it is a steep mountain. And 'Asr refers to an incline that is steep, very difficult. And that's the trials of this world. When you are facing the trials of this world it is very difficult.

      You are trying to make your life comfortable, right? That is going down to where ease will be found after the incline. It is so dangerous and difficult the temptation is to maybe make some maneuvers that would not be too nice. You might say, "Brother Shabazz, you go down ahead of me". And if you see him flip and fall you know to walk around the area. So the temptation is to do something crooked, too, sometimes. So you need to keep the balance that Allah wants for us.

      Swastika a sign for Hittites of the axis of the universe

      What does Allah say concerning those who have a desire for a dominance? He says, "Any who wants to corrupt or to have a dominance He denies it." I mean you might achieve it but it is not approved by G'd. That means eventually He is going to bring you to judgment and take it away from you. So we want that to be clear before we go further with this.

      Now, the Hittites, their sign is like the swastika for Hitler and his followers. And what is that swastika? It is a cross. So that Hittites cross was like a letter "Z" and they wanted to achieve a dominance.

      Axis is another cross

      So you hear the president and those in the government now when they are addressing terrorism and problems with the Islamic terrorists or the Muslim terrorists you hear them speak of the axis of evil. It is not the first time that they used that language but now trouble for them in the world is bringing them back to use that language. What is an axis? Another cross. So what is this cross? I have commented on the cross before but now I'm giving you some more comments on the cross. The cross is a symbol of universality just as the Hittite sign was a sign of the axis of the universe, the earth number one. Their sign was that we identify with all that you can perceive with your eyes and senses and we are going to conquer it in your mind and dominate the world. That's the Hittites' aspiration and that is what they sought to achieve; and they did achieve a mighty government, a mighty people, a mighty nation, the sciences and all.

      Rabb is the one who evolves mankind

      So because a nation is advanced in sciences that does not mean it has to be right. That small element is what all of us are suffering from and that is what all of us have to make struggle, jihad, against. But you can't go directly at them. As I said, it is an ideology and whoever is behind the ideology comes under that mindset and becomes one of the devils. It is plainly given in Suratin Nas Chapter 114 of the Holy Qur'an, "Bismillaahir Rahmanir Raheem. Qul authu be rab bin nas," Say I seek refuge with the Lord mankind." Lord of mankind means the One responsible for the advancement over a long history of the human being in society. He is the One responsible for that; the Lord of Mankind Who evolved you and brought you to your best developments until you achieved the growth and the better conditions that you have now. G'd is responsible for that. That is what Allah is saying when He says Lord. It is not the English word, lord. It's a Qur'anic word for Lord, "Rabb." Rabb comes from the word meaning to raise children; to take them from birth when they are delivered from the womb and then raise them. Now man has nothing to do with caring for us. Well, science does, but it can happen without man and science. There are a few cases where we need the help of the hospitals, clinic, science and etc., for the mother who is pregnant. Most mothers they know how to care for themselves while they are pregnant and the baby is delivered and no man or human got into that work.

      So Allah created us in the wombs, or in bodies of our mothers He creates us. He created and still creates us in the wombs of our mothers, in the bodies of our mothers. But when the child comes out it has to be cared for because it can't manage for itself, it is totally dependent. Right? We take credit for raising the child saying, "I did my best." And sometimes your best is wonderful and people say, "You have such beautiful and wonderful children."

      Well the same care and devotion that the mother has for her child that G'd formed in her and delivers after nine months, normally; Allah has that for humanity, all people, for all of His dependents. And His dependents are all living; all the life in creation are the dependents of G'd, Allah, the Creator.

      So Allah, when He says He is Lord that is what He is saying that, "I am responsible for you advancing on this earth. Without my help you could not have done it". So He is Lord of all the worlds and the word for worlds comes from a word meaning "To know." It does not suggest material things. It suggests a process for perception; a process for the intellect; a process for knowledge.

      Don't we say the world of science and the worlds of science? That is what Allah wants us to come to understand; the common knowledge that we could not make the moon, the sun, the stars, galaxies out there, the common knowledge in where we should stop. But Allah wants us to come home to the bright light in that revelation to see that He is addressing the process of knowledge, science, education in the life history of all humanity; that without Him, without an idea or perception of a Cause behind this universe bringing it all to be and seeking to know what it is and finding its consistency, its unity in terms of the logic that holds all the universe, all matter together. If you had not arrived at that you would not have been able to develop your sciences and progress as you have progressed on this planet earth.

      Tauheed: One G'd, Creation is one logic

      So the arriving at the monotheistic idea of G'd is what made all that possible. And you don't find any people, any of the nations that didn't grow with the monotheistic idea ruling and dominating things now. It is only those who embraced that monotheistic idea that I explained to you, that you should understand as Tauheed in its complete meaning and picture from "Wahid" that means oneness.

      The idea of oneness in Islam starts with one Cause or one factor bringing all of it about, G'd, the Creator plainly speaking. It starts with G'd, the Creator then it goes to His creation and then we accept and witness that His creation is one, consistent logic holding the whole thing together. Then we progress from that premise to man's life and say yes, that man is one life and should be one family and one community. "Kaanan naasu ummatan waahedatan, all people were once one community" in the beginning with Adam if we perceive it. That means we were all subjected to our nature. We all had the same make up in our bodies and in our minds to start with. We were once one people. And they did not differ until knowledge came to them and then one boasted in his little knowledge that he was able to grab, see and understand and they started separating.

      The black man, he didn't even see any knowledge. He was just affected by knowledge and he started separating. "Imam Mohammed, he brought us to the Qur'an and sunnah". "In other words, "His job is through as far as I am concerned. His leadership as far as I am concerned is finished. He brought us to the Qur'an and sunnah, but now, brother, I'm going my way." Well, that's the way life is. You have to accept it and keep striving, because if you take up too much time with that brother, he'll hold you back. Our time is too precious. We don't want to do nothing to him except say Salaam. We don't want to do anything to him except say, "Salaam" We don't have the time to say, "As-Salaam". "If you are confronted or happen to encounter the ignorant people say to them, "peace".   You don't have time to say, "As Salaamu Alaikum". No, say, "Salaam" and keep going.

      On the cross, now, it is a symbol or sign of universality. Universality in what? Universality in the pursuit of correct perception; universality for the mind, the intellect that wants to know and wants to search and wants to create and build universality for the sciences; universality for the thinker, the philosopher, for the scientist; universality for people who want to improve upon human society.   You heard the expression, "Double cross?" That is what satan did to us. Allah made our nature to be in the right balance. The Prophet, peace be upon him, said, "Qul, amantu fastaqim. Say, 'I have believed and thereafter be upright'." So the balance that G'd created in our nature for us is upright and actually every human being evolves to stand up erect.

      And all you have to do is raise your arms on a level with your shoulders and you form a cross. So the cross also is a sign of the uprightness, the balance that Allah created us for. And obviously the satan, shaytan, wanted to deprive man of that balance in his nature. It was lost when he refused G'd's plan for human beings because satan was cast down and told to do what? "Bite the dust. Crawl on your belly. That's where your problem is in your stomach. So what you're going after is going to pull you down upon your stomach and you are going to have to crawl on your stomach. Your stomach will be your legs".

      Serpent's skin is his means of transportation

      And another thing strange about that creature, called serpent, he has no legs and he moves so spookily around on the ground. He will spook you up. He just moves so easily and swiftly with no feet, no legs. His outer skin is also his means for transporting him. Yeah, I don't want to take up too much time with these things. I want to stay on the course. But, that is food for thought. He is silent and he moves in a very spooky way. And I don't care whether you are a tough man or not, women right away they accept that they are afraid of snakes. But some of these macho brothers they want to pretend they are not afraid of anything. But if you wake up at night or in the daytime, man, and you see one of those big snakes moving around, buddy, you are going to be frozen!

      Cross: A sign of the original state that Allah made the soul to be in

      The cross is a symbol of great advancement, the original state that Allah made the soul to be in, but it is also a symbol of great advancement in the world; that you have achieved balance. Now the ancients also designed the scale that you weigh things in to be a likeness or a symbol for the natural balance that should be in human beings. They designed the scale with a vertical rod like a little small pipe or board and then they suspended a chain or rope from it and two cups or two pieces to hold a weight. They still have those scales around and you can find them somewhere. In fact, I don't think there is any scale older than that. It is the oldest of scales. You know how much one weight is that you have that is maybe 1 Ib, 5 Ib, or a different pound weight. So you put the known pound weight piece on one side and then you put what the person is buying on the other side. So if they are buying navy beans then you put enough navy beans on the other side to balance that weight. Once you balance it then it is accurate. If it was a 1/4 pound or 2 pound piece on the other side when you balance it you have 1/4 or 2 pounds of whatever on the other side balanced. So that's the old scale.

      Adam is not flesh, but soul

      Jesus Christ, peace be on him, in the Bible, is a man after Adam. He is called the second Adam in Christian theology and the Bible establishes that. It says, "The genealogy Jesus Christ" and it goes on to connect persons in his past who where supposed to be related to him or he descended from. It goes all the way back naming different persons in the history and lastly it says, "And Adam who was created by G'd." So his family line or genealogy goes back to Adam. And they take it back to Adam to say that his father was Adam and Adam was not born of male or female. Adam was created by G'd.

      Adam is soul

      So therefore if you understand brothers, students, his father was not male because Adam is both male and female and Adam is not flesh, meat. Adam is soul. So he created his genealogy back to Adam and its says Adam was created by G'd, meaning that whatever happened in between has no real importance in Jesus' life. It was not those in between who produced Jesus. It was the right, correct, perfect soul that produced Jesus; the soul that Allah, Himself, created for all human beings.

      Jesus is a symbol of the cross of balance

      So here he is, himself, a symbol himself of the cross, isn't he? In his perfectly balanced soul or nature he is a cross, a universal symbol or sign that communicates great insight. Then they took him and put him on across, and they fixed him on a cross so that he had no mobility. They stopped him from having any mobility. The cross that Allah puts us on is mobile. It is flexible. It can come out of the balance to do its work while spiritually obeying the balance, though physically the movements are out of balance. But they are coming from a spirituality that is still in the perfect balance. So his deeds are balanced. His works are just, honorable, because he is respecting the check on his nature that is internal. So he can perform all of these. All of these activities are formed from the core that is formed from the balance. So the actions are good, the deeds are good, the works are good. Everything is good that comes from him because he's coming from his correct balance in nature. So you don't have to have a physical picture; understand the spiritual picture.

      Now I know where I'm going. Be patient like I am. Jesus is also a sign of this great knowledge, this great science for achieving a dominance. So they made him a sign; a sign holding their secrets for achieving a dominance and that is why we don't accept the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. "They neither killed him nor crucified him, but it was made to appear that way. People perceived that but it didn't happen. That's how they perceived it but it didn't happen.

      "And the government shall be upon his shoulders"

      We are talking about the balance now. It is said of Jesus Christ because he had this upright nature just as G'd gave it to the world in the first man Adam before he was deceived, he is the model figure, now; the sign to the world of how man is to achieve the perfect government or the perfect rule for mankind. And it says in these words, "And the government shall be upon his shoulders." Shoulders are balanced. "The government shall be upon his shoulders and he shall be called wonderful counselor". Yes, he will be able to counsel governments, not talking about people only, mainly governments. He will be able to counsel governments, give them the best advice; help them solve their problems that are in the way of their progress, etc. "And the government shall be upon his shoulder". So when we read in the Qur'an that G'd has given us a balanced community that is an answer to that promise in the Bible that the government shall be upon his shoulder; that is that wonderful community that Allah gives us in the Qur'an, ummatul wustaa.

      There is a hadith that they say goes like this. Jesus Christ is coming back. And he is coming back with a mighty sword. He's going to swing it and its going to be so big that he is going to swing it and it's going to reach everybody on the planet earth. And it's going to slay the wicked and break the cross. Break the cross and Prophet Muhammed said, "Do not break the cross"? That is what he told his followers. And when they would fight in a war he cautioned them. "Don't destroy the sacred things of the Christians". And he said, according to the hadith, the report, "Do not break a cross".

      Break the cross means break the code and get the secret

      Now, how do we understand this hadith that certain religious groups in Islam make a big deal of? How are we to understand that the cross is going to be broken? He broke the code and got the secret. That is the way it is going to be broken. You break the code and bring out the secrets. You are not going to the church and break those sacred emblems and things they have in there. There is no Christ Jesus coming back with a sword long enough to go all over the planet earth, slay the wicked and break crosses and stuff like that.

      It was in my genetic life when I was a minister. Don't let me spook you up, now. I am a rational man. When I was a minister for the Honorable Elijah Mohammed in Philadelphia, he had just sent me there. I wanted some flyers put out and I had not heard this hadith about the cross being broken. But I knew, subconsciously, I guess, that the cross was a problem. So I decided myself. I could always write and draw. I designed a cross and gave to the brothers and said go and have leaflets put out like this. I designed a cross that was leaning like the cross in the story about that black man who had compassion on Jesus when they were taking him to the place where they were going to crucify him on the cross; and they were making him carry his own big heavy cross, big heavy thing. And this black man in the crowd got so touched and pained by the suffering of Jesus he ran and got under the cross. This is the story. And he helped Jesus carry the cross to the place where they were going to crucify him on it.

      At the time I was not thinking of that because it has been since then that I saw a movie where this black man came and he supported the cross so Jesus would not have to have too much of a burden on him. So I had it like that. The cross was leaning like it had fallen over. And I had it broken. So the vertical piece was broken but still being held together by a little bit of the wood. But it was open at an angle like that. There were jagged edges showing it had been broken. I did that as a young minister and now in this life of mine over 70 years old G'd has shown me the real cross and the real meaning of breaking the across. Praise be to Allah.

      "And the kingdom shall be upon his shoulders". Man wants to achieve the ideal government. And he wants that government to be compatible with human creation or human nature. So the side of a human as the balance is communicating or broadcasting that knowledge that this government is going to be compatible with the natural urges in the human life. And it shall be supported by the natural design by creation in the human life. That is what is going to support it. It is going to be balanced upon that.

      When Allah says to us, "It is the religion of origin for human life", it is Adam's design, the natural man's nature and design. It is the religion of origin, the one upon which He patterned all human societies. All human societies are patterned on this original pattern G'd put in the life of the individual person. Now when we read our government's language, "We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal", all men have the same creation as created by God that's what it is saying. As created by G'd we are all the same, equally equipped for what we have to do on this earth at birth. That's what it is saying. "We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal and endowed by..." Before, it didn't say "Creator". They added that later, very recently. It just said "endowed with certain inalienable rights, among these rights that you can't take away. No government has the power to take this away".

      Liberty means the right to develop your mind

      This comes with human creation. Government has not the right or the power to take it away; "And among these life, liberty". Life means the right to live, to have a life. Liberty means the right to develop your mind and have progress for your life. And the pursuit of happiness is to own property. This is how they interpret it. This is how they established for that language to be interpreted in the constitution of our United States. The judges and whoever are going to be acting as authority with the Constitution, they are to have that understanding.

      Fatara means He originated

      Well, the same thing is said to us, "Deen al fitratul latee fataran naasa alayhaa, the religion of the original nature or the religion of the original design or pattern the one upon which G'd formed all nations or all people; originated, not just formed. Fatara means originated. Fitraa means the original pattern. Fatara means He originated, He formed for the first time societies upon that original pattern.   That is the only way man has evolved. He has evolved upon the best of his nature. He has used his intelligence as it has been created or given to him in his original life by nature. And he has respected the best of that life, the excellence of his own life and developed worlds because of his respect for that design in his nature; the best design in his nature.

      Come back to that innocent pure life

      So that is how man forms the world, forms societies and we have signs and symbols, or signs and wisdom in Jesus Christ and in the cross and crucifixion and we have clear language in Qur'an. So to have this beautiful world that our souls hunger for and search for we have to be connected with the best of our creation or our design as humans that Allah, our Creator, gave us.   We have to come back to that innocent, pure life that has no bad motives, no bad intentions.

      The world went wrong when Adam went wrong

      In the Bible it says the fathers have to be brought back and connected to the children and the children with the father, reconciled. If it doesn't happen the whole earth is going to be hit with a curse. This is what the Bible says. Now, I don't know how a preacher would comment on that to his congregation. He might think that the father is G'd. He might say the father is Jesus Christ, that we have to accept Jesus Christ, the son of G'd and G'd. He might say that, though he is the son not he father. But it is simple, as plain as day. The world went wrong when Adam went wrong. And Adam is a universal type representing the common life that G'd wants in all of us; that we take an interest in this creation, because He charged Adam with being a caretaker. There were no houses like we understand them. There were no buildings, streets and cities like we understand them. So what was he to be a caretaker of? What was he being held responsible for? The natural environment.

      So he created man, firstly, to be responsible in the natural environment, responsible to Creator in the natural environment. G'd said, "Whatever is in the sky I made to come down and yield its benefits to you. And whatever is in the earth I made it to yield its benefits to you, all people." So that is the Adam that we have to be reconciled with, if not all of us are going to be cursed down here on this earth. You have to come back and get the mind of the first man, get the heart of the first man, male and female. You have to come together in that posture and in that position as the caretaker, custodian, khalifa, responsible for the environment to your wife, responsible to your children, responsible to your community. You are supposed to be a developer. Allah put Adam in the earth to be a developer and that is how he became the one qualified to teach even the angels the language, even their own names.

      And even in this day and time we're living in the developers are still more Adam than anybody else. That preacher is not Adam. The typical preacher is no Adam. After the honorable Elijah Mohammed said get some of this good earth and said take responsibility for your community and build things these preachers now are trying to build homes and they are doing a lot of good work. But they didn't do that before. So now they are becoming little Adams, little developers, and that's good. I like that and we like that.

      Muhammed was taken up into the heavens

      Well, we're about to close this out. So it says they have to be reconciled with their fathers. Muhammed was taken up into the heavens and on the ascent and night travel the first level that he witnessed as he was rising in the ascent of the human soul was the level upon which he greeted Adam. He said, "Peace be unto you my father Adam". And he was taken up to a second level. There were seven levels he was taken through. On the second level he saw there Jesus Christ and John the Baptist. I'm saying it in the language of the church. He saw Jesus, Isaa and John, Yahya. He said to them, "Peace be unto to you my brother Jesus and my brother John". And then he was taken up to a third level and he witnessed Joseph, Yusuf, in Qur'an, and he greeted him likewise, "My brother".

      But, on the first level he said, "My father, Adam; then on the second level he said, "My brother" to John and Jesus, Yahya and Isaa. And then He went to the third level and it was his brother, Joseph, Yusuf. He said, My brother, Joseph". And he went to the forth level and he greeted him, "My brother, Idris. Then He went to the fifth level and there he witnessed Aaron, the brother of Moses and he greeted him, "Peace be unto you my brother, Aaron". And on the sixth level there he witnessed Moses who was higher than Aaron, of course and he greeted Moses, "Peace be unto you my brother, Moses". And he finally arrived at the seventh level and there was Abraham, Ibrahim, and he said, "Peace be unto my father, Abraham, or Ibraheem". From there he was taken on the travel.

      So it was an ascent. That's vertical isn't it? He went straight up from where? He went straight from the Kabah, from the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca into the heavens. So the vertical mustaqeem is the path of uprightness. The development of the soul in virtues, purity and high principles, etc., that is the ascent. Then he travels. That's horizontal. Now you tell me that isn't a cross? If the ascent is vertical and the travel is horizontal you have a cross. So see how the mysteries are addressed in so many ways to educate the blessed ones? Praise be to Allah.

      So the horizontal is the important relationships that man has with man, families have with families, industry has with industry, communities have with communities. That's the horizontal. So he was taken to the place that was the symbol of the glorious time for the Jews, to Jerusalem where there was the kingdom of Solomon and the ruins are still there. When they go to the Wailing Wall they are weeping on what is left of that great kingdom. What are they weeping for? "We lost this, enemies conquered us"; not the Muslims. Before the Muslims it was the Romans. Really the Muslims did not want to conquer them. The Muslims never wanted to conquer them. The Muslims just wanted to have their rights like they wanted to have their rights.

      Madinah established after the Ascent and night travel

      Allah took him to the great peak for excellence in the life of those people symbolized as the government under Solomon, the wise, upon him be peace. And you know what happened. Later, almost right away, he decided to go to Madinah to answer the invitation of the people of Madinah. And with the experience and knowledge that Allah gave him in that ascent and that travel, night visit, he was prepared to go and establish the first Muslim world in Madinah. It was a world he was to establish. So he went to Madinah. We say government but it was a world. It was a new world. He went there to Madinah and he became the leader for the establishment of the ummah, the new world of Islam.

      Jesus, Muhammed excellence from their original nature

      So He had to first be in the excellence that Allah created for all of us when He created Adam. Muhammed was in that excellence. Jesus and Muhammed are to be seen together. He said there will come a time when the world will see them together, Jesus Christ and himself. He (Prophet Muhammed) said that, peace be on him. So we are to see them together most importantly in that Jesus Christ did not get his human excellence from the environment that he was born in and lived in. He got his human excellence from his own original nature, that man is not to be given credit for because it came directly from his original nature; kept for him, preserved for him and communicated to him by his Creator, G'd, most high. Yes and the same is for Muhammed, although Muhammed had a mother and a father. Muhammed had a mother and a father but in actuality it had little importance in his coming up, because his father died before he was born and his mother died when he was yet a child. That would be like in his first years of elementary school. So he did not have parents and is more like Adam, isn't he? He had no mother and no father to take over his life and care for him like Adam. Adam had neither father nor mother. And Christ Jesus did not have a father, which is perfectly understandable. Allah doesn't reveal things to man that he can't understand. You just have to grow in knowledge and experience so you will be able to digest what is not for children, but is for adults.

      Jesus is a sign of where man is to take his life

      So in the closing of this session we come back to the individual; Christ Jesus as a plural type for all people and as a sign. He is a type serving as a sign pointing to where man should take his live on this earth to establish it and have a great society. And Muhammed is actually the human guide guiding his followers to that. Allah says that He, "Evolves the kingdom or the throne, the rule over people". He causes the rule of a people to come to whomsoever He pleases. He revolves it, meaning it is not going to stay with any one people always. His covenant will not stay with any one people always and the rule over society that He approves of will not come to any one people and stay with them always. No. It revolves. It goes from one to the other.

      But if you understand this word in Arabic, it does not suggest revolving at all. But the natural order of creation and development that Allah inspires when it is lost to come back, it is like a revolving. But what is it revolving around, the earth or around the geography of the earth? Yes, it does that but it might back up that way. That way it might come eastward or westward to Africa and it might go back the other way through Asia or some people in Asia. So we can't see it that way. You can't see the revolving in that way. It revolves from the original man back to the original man. It starts with the original man and it goes from him to the philosopher, to the nation builder, to commercial order and that is what has the throne right now in America, the commercial order. They have the rule. So it revolves. But where did it come from? How did it get started? It started from the original man, from his original nature and his purpose on this earth to develop matter, to develop earth or land, etc. in accordance with G'd's will that is imprinted on his very nature. G'd's will is imprinted upon his very nature, upon his very biological flesh, etc., constitution. G'd has inscribed it inside him and it manages to one day come to his conscience and he begins to progress on this planet earth.

      So that is how G'd evolves it. What is the word? The word is taken from the Arabic verb meaning to encounter, to meet. This world with shaytan's design on it separates us from our own originality and we take up different pursuits that G'd intended for us because that is inscribed in us, too. It is called, "Subulnaa," Allah's paths that He designed for man's nature, enlightenment and productivity. They are all inscribed upon his nature. So man is going to pursue these sciences, etc. These are the paths of the Creator, the paths of G'd for him. And these paths sometimes cause us to separate and get lost from each other, lose the central purpose and we have to come back to it. And those who come back to it they come back to the fullness of life for mankind on this planet earth, community life. And when they are blessed to come back to the original nature, the original pattern in man's creation, then they light the whole world. These separate possessions cannot light the whole world. But if you come back to your universality which is your original nature you can light the whole world.

      Son of man is sun of man

      Sleep repairs and rejuvenates the life

      So when that happens it is though the sun was absent in the life of the people and the sun comes and makes the whole land bright. And the sun is so compassionate. "Now why is he talking about the sun?" You're supposed to understand if you're my student. The sun is so compassionate that it goes away so that the people can have a good night's rest and as one says, "I repair. I go to repair." It means go to sleep and sleeping repairs the life, rejuvenates the life. It gets you ready for another sunrise. And the sun says, "Okay, I have given you time to get the benefit of the night. Now, get up it is sajda. I'm coming. Now be up before I make my presence.' Isn't it wonderful? When you read in the scripture the son of man it should be spelled S-U-N. S-O-N is for us in this common language. But in the real language, in the knowledge, it should be S-U-N. And that is the way it was to begin with and they stopped writing it like that and starting writing S-O-N, son of man. Both are correct.

      We descended from the first man. We are the sons of man but more importantly for scriptural understanding and enlightenment we are the S-U-N. of man. And it is a natural light. It is part of the creation of man. It is in the creation of man. So he was created to be an illuminated body, to rise up out of his gross matter and illuminate the world of man as Allah says, "And He made the day for activity so man can get b

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