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What is the Qur'an?

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    12/17/1999 Masjid Bilal Cleveland, Ohio Ramadan Session What is the Qur an? By Imam W. Deen Mohammed What is the Qur an? Q. 2.2; This Book is guidance This is
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      Masjid Bilal Cleveland, Ohio 

      Ramadan Session

      What is the Qur'an?

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed

      What is the Qur'an?

      Q. 2.2This Book is guidance

           "This is the Book; in it is guidance sure without doubt to those who fear Allah."

      Q. 3.7Qur'an is Basic and allegorical

      ..."He it is Who has sent down to thee the Book: in it are verses basic or fundamental (of established meaning); they are the foundation of the Book:  others are allegorical." 

      What is the Qur'an?  Again let's not give our own answers before using what we're taught.  What is the Qur'an?  This is the Book wherein is no doubt Guidance for the G-d fearing.  So what is the Qur'an?  It is Guidance for the G-d fearing, Guidance for those who put G-d above everything else, it is guidance [Hudan lil mutaqeen] for those who reverence G-d or have Taqwa, meaning they put nothing, no authority above G-d.

      What else is the Qur'an, coming from the Qur'an?  The Qur'an, I'm missing a lot, I'm skipping over a lot to bring you just things I want for this particular session.  The Qur'an is clear guidance or clarity that serves to make clear what is Guidance and what is the criterion on that, that enables us to distinguish true Guidance from false guidance.  And not only to distinguish truth from falsehood but it enables us to also distinguish the features of the Guidance.  For the guidance have different features.  

      [Shubaha] means what is given is a resemblance

      Again what is the Qur'an? The Qur'an is plain language, plain language, language that we all can understand and metaphorical language.  And Allah says in the Qur'an while making this known to us that the Qur'an has these features, it is plain language and it is metaphorical language [shubaha]. [Shubaha] means what is given is a resemblance not the real thing.  It resembles the real thing but it is not the real thing, that's what [shubaha] is.  

      [Muhkamaat] that which makes it easy to follow logic

      [Muhkamaat] is that, that makes it easy for you to follow logic, to follow it logically, you can follow it logically, it have been made plain and very rational so that you can easily follow it logically.  And Allah says, this is not something for you all to get here and go out like you heard a sermon, this is not a sermon, this is explanation of the meaning of Qur'an or the terms we use in Islam and the Qur'an.

      You who intend to promote Dawa, to support and promote Dawa, invitation to people to be Muslims or propagation of the Religion so that people will see the Religion and be able to make choice whether they like it or not.  You that intend to do that or you're doing that and you want to continue to do that or you're intend to do that in the future, that's important to you that you help this, you should keep this in your book or in your notebook or whatever you're putting it in to refer to it later when you have to. To refresh your mind.  It should become part of your working knowledge for the propagation of the correct representation of Islam, if you really intend to do that.  

      Ramadan session to all persons with interest in Dawa

      And this invitation was only to those who have an interest in Dawa, whether you're Imams or not, it's not just for Imams here, it's for anybody who has an interest in presenting Islam correctly and giving people a chance to make their own choices.  Whether they would like to stay non, an atheist or a hypocrite in Religion or a weak Jew or a corrupt Christian or whatever, you know.  If they're tired of that and they want to look at something else, consider something else we want to have Islam out there, give the people another choice. And that's what Allah wants to give everybody an opportunity to choose Islam, choose Islam if they want Islam, yes.

      So what Allah says in Qur'an regarding these two features of the Qur'an?  Allah says they, the Qur'an or the Revelation, the verses are [shubahat and Muhkamaat] they are allegorical as one translator puts it....

      Tape II   Side A

      Q. 3.7In their hearts is a corruption who seek allegorical

           "But those in whose hearts is perversity follow the part thereof that is allegorical seeking discord and searching for its hidden  meanings but no one knows its hidden meanings except Allah and those  who are firmly grounded in knowledge say: "We believe in the Book; the whole of it is from our Lord"; and none will grasp the Message except men of understanding."

      ...it's the basis of the Book, the basis of the Book.  So if I want to know Islam and practice Islam in my life should I be more interested in the basis of the Book or in the pictures, the picture language of the Book?  The Word gives us a picture language too, the Word gives us a picture language and it gives us a rational language.  So should I be more interested in the picture language or in the logic, the rational language that forms the basis of the Book?  You know the answer, now what Allah says of those who prefer the picture language to plain rational language?  In their hearts is a corruption, a defect, that's what G-d says, that's what G-d says.  Those who prefer the [Shubahaat] that, that resembles something that G-d is trying to get you to understand, they prefer that over the rational clear teachings of the Qur'an, they have a defect in their hearts, they're perverted.  So remember that.

      W. D. Mohammed is a student

      Look at those who are hung up on the wayside Imam W. Deen Mohammed keep walking down the plain, clear path, I keep going forward with my supporters, my students, yes my students, because I am a student more than I am anything else.  You can call me minister, you can call me Imam, call me whatever, but I know what I am.  More than I am anything else I'm a student and in being a student is what has lifted me up above others that I have been associated with.  Being a student and a good student and a hard working student.  You ask one of my wives, I'll tell you which one Shirley, you ask Shirley say "did minister Wallace when you were married to him did he study?"  She say "wow" she say "sometimes he sit up all night and we go to bed and we get up in the morning he's still right at the table where he was when we went to bed, with papers everywhere, books open." And when I got to bed, I went to work or got busy doing something else, I slept when I had to sleep, I got sleep you know I did, I wouldn't be here if I didn't get sleep. I got it but I did what I had to do, I devoted myself to study and I had a strong urge to do that, I just had to do that.  I was interested in bringing this people who followed my father to where he promised us where he would take us or that we would go.  

      Freedom, justice, equality, independence, now I don't know what you think but I know I have brought you there, Allah has blessed me to bring you there, to freedom, justice, equality and independence.  Thank Allah yes siree.

      Nation of Islam footing was in [shubahaat, allegory]

      So where was our strong footing as people who claimed Islam, where was our strong footing?  In the [shubahaat], it was not in the logic, it was not in the plain teaching of the Qur'an, it was not in the basis of the Book it was in the [shubahaat].  And we had mis-interpreted the [shubahaat] and had our own false religion that we were calling Islam, we didn't know, it was given to us, they gave it to us like that, we didn't have any choice in the matter, we were mesmerized, yeah we were, the magnet was too strong for us. It just got us, we cling to the magnet we had not the power to pull away from it.

      Magnet two ways to de-magnetize it

      But there are two main ways to get the magnet out of a magnet, one way is when it make ________, the other way is to take something and hit it real hard, take a solid, just as solid as it is and keep banging it, it will lose its magnetism.  Why I sure have been banging it a long time.  I know I got all the magnetism out of it, I got free, yes siree.

      Nation of Islam teaching had inferior and superior sides

      So you know its plain, simple and clear, it's time for us to stop wasting time, don't waste time on that old stuff that confuse your minds, tie up your energies so you can't make progress in a real world.  I know there's a superior part of it too, there's inferior part of it and superior part of it.  The superior part of it was that, the way it was given to us it influenced better behavior in us and better life, cleanliness and G-dliness, G-dliness and cleanliness, it influenced that in us you know, so that's the positive side, that's the superior part of it.

      How far can we take that, go with that?  When the light is coming on brighter and brighter to show up that, that had attraction power.  That really, its attraction is not good, not accepted, so as the light increases and you're embarrassed to keep hanging on to those things with the light shining so brightly on it you know.  So there come a time when you got to separate from that and then separate and make a complete separation and don't go back.  "Oh it was so good to me, my son would probably be in jail now or dead if it wasn't for that method, so I have to go back and look in this chest and go down in the basement, I think I put some of those lessons in a box.  I just got to go down here look at them and read them a little bit". You mess yourself up.

      Make a clean break like a man being just terribly, helplessly in love with a woman that's the finest thing on earth to him and the longer he lives with her the more he see her defect. And after a while everybody knows her defect, can't even go outside without somebody looking at that "there that whore is."  But he just can't forget you know,  so finally one day he decides to really get ready to separate, now he's done in Chicago he done moved way over to south Africa somewhere, in south Africa, Capetown but every now and then he got to go and look among his __ and get her picture.  Pull her picture out of his old collection you know and look at her picture.

      You have to make a clean break, you have to make a clean break with it, once you make up you mind that something is good for you and the other is not, you make a clean break.  There's always something good in something, you know Hitler is the worst man I can think of in modern history, Hitler, Adolf Hitler but I bet you if I heard everything about his life there will be something that will attract me.  Hey that guy was good, yeah.


      Q.14.22satan had no power over you

          "And Satan will say when the matter is decided: "It was Allah Who gave  you a promise of truth: I too promised but I failed in my promise to you. I  had no authority over you except to call you but ye listened to me: then  reproach not me but reproach your own souls. I cannot listen to your cries nor can ye listen to mine. I reject your former act in associating me with Allah. For wrongdoers there must be a Grievous Penalty."

      Even satan if I start looking at him carefully I'll find some good about him.  Say well how in the world you can find something good about satan brother Imam?  Ok I'll tell you, I don't know I'm going to find something right now, right now I start, I'm thinking and in less than 2 minutes I'm going to have you something good about satan.  

      In the judgment G-d says when you're charged and you say, charge it to satan, satan is going to say "I had no power over you".  He'll say "I only invited you and you responded", I got to admire him for that, that's ok, that's one attribute of satan that's alright.  When he's really before the big Judge he let the Judge know, say "look Judge I just saw a weakness in them and I appealed to their weakness and he accepted it" now he know what G-d is going to do for him, he's not going to escape.  But that is something to be admired in him and when he's before the mighty court he's going to recognize G-d and going to tell G-d that I didn't force them to do anything, I just found a weakness in them and I came through that weakness and they accepted it"

      And satan is going to help you know that you were wrong and you have to answer for yourself, right?  Yeah, so I found something in satan to admire, that's good, satan.  I'm not talking to nobody here now.  I know some of you all, you're just as crazy as you can be, "yeah I believe the Imam, I know he was looking at the brother, I know just who he was _____".  That's somebody you want to hurt, you know.  "I know just who he was looking at, did you see the eye go over there brother?"

      What is the Qur'an?  Ok, so much for what is the Qur'an

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