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The Awakening

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    9/14/2001 Jumu ah Harvey, ILL The Awakening By Imam W. Deen Mohammed unedited Dear Believers, As Salaam Alaikum. With Allah s Name, the Merciful Benefactor,
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      Jumu'ah Harvey , ILL

      The Awakening

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed



      Dear Believers, As Salaam Alaikum. With Allah's Name, the Merciful Benefactor, the Merciful Redeemer. We witness that there is none to be worshiped except Allah; He is the Only G-d. And we witness that Muhammed is His Servant and His Messenger, the prayers and the peace be upon him, and what follows of that salutation or salute to the Seal of the Prophets, the Last of the Prophets mentioned in the Qur'an as the Prophet mentioned in both the Old and New Testaments, properly called in Al Islam, the Torah and Injil.

      We see this time that we are living in now as the time of Religion or the day of religion, when matters for mankind regarding how he should live on this earth is coming to a conclusion. The earth is no more an unknown place to be discovered by man, the whole earth is now known by man. That didn't exist for us in the time of Muhammed the Prophet (pbuh), this part of the world had not been discovered. But this part of the world is now discovered and the whole world has come together.  It's like a puzzle and parts of it was missing. The whole continent of North America was missing from it and the whole continent of South America was missing from it. Then man traveled and moved as G-d had already predicted through His Prophets or shown His Prophets that it would come, the day would come when the whole earth would become one again, as it was in the beginning.

      Time of Religions coming together

      We're living in the time of the conclusion of things the day of Religion, never before on this earth did we have the great Religions coming together, their leaders coming together in friendship and working together, discussing the problems of mankind all over the world and working together for a better earth community for us all, a better home for us all on this earth for us all.

      Man was one community and will become one again

      Qur'an 2.213; Mankind was one community

        "Mankind were one community, and Allah sent (unto them) Prophets as bearers of good tidings and as warners, and revealed therewith the Scripture with the truth that it might judge between mankind concerning that wherein they differed."

      Never has that happened in the history of mankind.  In the time of Muhammed the Prophet (pbuh) as we know G-d guided him with the Qur'an and he also was a man created for the job, he had the logic suitable for the universal connection of mankind. And G-d guided him to tell the people that the earth was once one community of people on earth, the people of earth was once one community. And by suggestion or by allusion in the language of the Qur'an, we come to the conclusion that it is saying also that mankind has to one day again become one community: 'As He created you in the first instance, so shall you return." (Qur'an)  

      Qur'an has two reading explicit and implied

      Miskat Masabah 1p.140#238; Qur'an explicit, implied meaning

      Ibn Mas'ud reported the Prophet (pbuh) said: "The Qur'an was sent down in seven dialects. Every one of its verses has an explicit and implicit meaning and every interdiction is clearly defined." 

      Qur'an 56.79; None touch it but purified ones

       "Which none shall touch (Qur'an) but those who are clean"

      And this application is not only to the return from the dead, from the  grave, when all of us have gone from the earth and have become dust or stones or bone again we expect The Resurrection. But Muhammed the Prophet (pbuh) taught us that whatever is in the Qur'an has a direct application and an implied one, that means it has two readings. It has a reading that is obvious to the average language person that can read it, and it has a meaning that has to be given to you by inspiration, by G-d.

      He guides whomever He pleases, and whom He leaves without guidance cannot find guidance." This is G-d speaking not me; praise be to Allah (swt). Muhammed the Prophet (pbuh) taught his students who became scholars, one of them being his wife, as you know, Aisha became a great scholar and one of the leaders of Al Islam for the whole world. He taught them that his language was to be regarded in the same way, when it came to understanding it: That what he said had an expressed meaning and an implied one.  One that anybody, the ordinary person should be able to read but the other one only those blessed by G-d would be able to read and understand it and that they would be taught and educated in this Religion and the pure ones would come to the right understanding.   I'm setting a stage for my presentation or creation the condition for you to receive it easily.

      We know that Muhammed the Prophet (pbuh) also said that there would come a time when you would see "Jesus and myself together" Muhammed the Prophet (pbuh) said that, that there would come a time when you would see "Jesus and the Prophet Muhammed, peace be upon them together. I am sure that this is the time.  And the Prophet (pbuh) also said in his last address called the last sermon, he said: "Listen for those who are here presently, listen and pass it on to those who are absent. And those who receive it pass it on still further to others" he said "and maybe, perchance the last to get it will understand it better."   Now he said that.

      So it may not be me, it might not be you, it might not be this following with me called the Muslim American Society, but we should be looking somewhere to see where is that group that he said that might understand it better than the others. That shouldn't be in the multitudes, that group shouldn't be in the many; that group should be small. Because the many will not have it correctly, according to Prophet Muhammed's (pbuh) prediction, according to his own saying, the many will not have it correctly. And we see the world of Al Islam today, most of it is in confusion, most of it is not in unity, most of it is not giving their people a comfortable living. Only a few who are in ruling positions are in comfortable situations, and the many are denied a comfortable existence.

      They can't preach their religion, they can't live their religion as they choose to. I'm speaking of the great majority of Muslim lands. In those lands, those Muslims there cannot preach and live their Religion as they believe they should. If they do, they will be locked up. They will be put in jail. Some of them might be killed outright, depending on how much they upset the ruling order. There is no freedom of religion in most of the Islamic countries.

      The Religion is preached according to the government, the government wishes. The government decides how it should be preached.  So we have to understand what's going on in the Muslim life and in the Muslim world. If you are a Muslim here in America , you should know the state of Al Islam in the Muslim world, that's the whole world of Muslim. And you should know whether this world of Muslims is in line with the Qur'an and Muhammed (pbuh) or not. Because if they are not, you don't  want to be in line with them. And I'm not in line with them and I can never be in line with them.

      Muslims come to America for same as those on Mayflower

      And most of the Muslim scholars and educators in this Religion, they are not with them, they are persecuted in these Muslim lands.   And many of them have left the Muslims lands to come to America for the same reason those who were on the Mayflower came over here.

      Muslim women wear unidentified dress in trouble times

      So that they could have a country where they could live their religion with their G-d and feel comfortable in their hearts that they are living their religion as G-d wants them to live it.  And that is what we want here and we're in America and we want that. So it hurts us very badly to see our peace and our good relationship with the citizens of America , the Christians here, hurt by acts of terror. That is not making us feel comfortable, it makes all of us feel endangered, and I feel endangered. And if my father were here, he would tell you sisters exactly what I am going to tell you. This is a time that is very dangerous for you and is very critical. Allah (swt) does not want us putting ourselves unnecessarily in danger. Sisters should wear loose fitting long pants and wear decent jackets and you should not be able to be distinguished from anybody else out there on the street. Don't dress so you look like Muslims, this is not the time for it, dress modestly, that is all Islam asks.  It doesn't ask for us to have a certain style. Just dress modestly and don't dress like they expect you to be looking.

      Stones thrown at W.D. Mohammed's Son

      My son had stones thrown at him yesterday in the school just because they know his name is Muhammed, his name identifies him in the school.  So one of the little white boys threw stones at him, if I was there I would have told that little white boy I would have said "look I raised Muhammed, I taught Muhammed and he's most likely a better American than you are" that's what I would like to have told that little white boy.  He comes home all uptight, nerves all shocked because somebody throwing stones at him, so this is a dangerous time.

      Do you want someone throwing stones at your women? I don't. So brothers, tell your wife to not go out there dressed in the dress that they are looking for. Dress like them, so they can't tell. And if they speak to you, keep your cool. You can be in dhiker thinking on Allah (swt), subhanallah, al hamdulillah, Allahu Akbar, you be in dhikr when they speak to you, Allah (swt) will have calm on you, you will be responding to them and not be aggravated, and you will give them a warm look and say: "'I think you have mistaken me for somebody else." And they will leave you alone.

      Desperate situation they are living in cause Terrorism

      Believers have gotten hurt in several of the big cities, all the way to Los Angeles   from the East Coast to the West Coast from our community not to mention those that are not from our community. In our community sisters are assaulted on the streets by people who are enraged and angry and they would like to take it out on someone that they think is of the same mind as those terrorists. They are saying "well whatever they believe in is making them behave that way." We know that is not so. It is not the religion that is making them behave that way, it is the desperate situation they are living in and maybe it is their test from G-d, Allah (swt) is giving them a test. Can you be tested and still keep your Muslim behavior? So they are being tested too.

      When Muhammed the Prophet gave his Jumu'ah khutbah, his Last Sermon, it was a Jumu'ah Khutbah, did he say "oh this is my last sermon, let me read the Qur'an and do prayers and glorify G-d?" No. Muhammed (pbuh) said "Let me addressed the problems of mankind", that's what he did in his last sermon. He addressed the problems of mankind, the treatment of your brother, respect for his wife, and don't violate his rights. Don't violate his property. Don't violate his family. Don't mistreat the servant, the slave, the person who is down. Don't mistreat them. Treat them equally with the citizens or with your own sons. This is what he discussed with them; he discussed the problems of the world.

      And your women educate them, you men educated two women, two females, you will get the Paradise . He saw the concerns of that time, and they are the same concerns we have now really. They have not changed. We still have mistreatment of those who are weak financially, those who are not educated, and the mistreatment of females; we still have all of that, especially in the Islamic world. So the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) wouldn't have been going through this ritualistic, formal thing that most of you expect on Jumu'ah. Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) would be   addressing the problems of mankind, the problems of the world.  So why should we be any different? We should follow him. We should be like him.

      So we are addressing this serious problem today of terrorism.  

      Al Hadith 3p.410#579;  Prophet's character the Qur'an

      Mishkatul Masabih 2p354#1257; Prophet's character the Qur'an

       Sa'ad bin Hisham reported I went to Aisha and asked: Oh mother of the Faithful, inform me about the conduct of the Prophet of Allah (pbuh).  She asked, "Do you not read the Qur'an?  Yes, replied I.  She said "The conduct of the Prophet (pbuh) is the Qur'an."

      Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) was the reflection of G-d's Word, Qur'an. His wife Aisha, may G-d be pleased with her, she said "he was the Qur'an living and walking among us." that's how close he lived it.  He lived it so closely, that his wife saw him as The Book living among us and walking among us. So the Word of G-d was lived by Muhammed the Prophet (pbuh), he lived the Qur'an.  And we know if you would ask anyone, even those who are driven mad by their circumstances in Palestine and other places, to lose their senses and do the horrible things that they have done in these last several days, I was in Washington, DC when the trouble started there (Sept. 11, 2001), strange coincidence.

      I'm invited by the President of these United States to meet with him at 3 o'clock in afternoon with a few top selected religious leaders, Faith Based Community Leaders to address problem of profiling. And we're thinking about the  average criminal, law breaker or the  innocent person who gets arrested and they take him just because he's black, they take him to be a criminal before he even has a day in court, mistreat him etc, we were thinking about that. African Americans and others who get stopped just because they're suspect in the officer's eyes.  They are suspect even before he catches them committing a crime; we thought we were just going to be dealing with a subject like that, no.

      Profiling problem

      It's profiling alright, but its terrorists and they are given a certain picture. And now here are the innocent who are suspected because they have the same name, same religion, same dress style, they are suspected, look how quickly it shifted from the profiling of the person that's in the street, the ordinary citizen that gets mistreated to the profiling of all Muslims. All Muslims, not by police officer, but that's by fanatics or people who have been insane. And those who have been insane all along and waiting for a time like this to come out and do and say the things they have been wanting to do and say all the time. So we have to be very careful. If my father were here, he would tell you the to stay in the house, if its not absolutely necessary for you to be outside, he would say "sisters stay in the house". I am telling you that myself, right now. If it   is not absolutely necessary, sisters, you all should  stay in the house.   And if you have to come out, dress so they can't identify you. Now, if we catch you in some mini skirts looking like prostitutes I'm going to authorize the brothers to whip you and go to jail for whipping you. Whip you right on street and go to jail for whipping you, As Salaam Alaikum, praise be to Allah (swt) this is very serious time.

      Can't get your share of America until claim your share

      I remember the first time when I knew you all had, if we're going to get to the promised land, I knew you were going to have to claim your share of America.  You cannot get your share of America until you first claim your share of America ; you don't have the spirit to get your share of America if you don't first claim your share of America . Then you'll have the spirit back in you, you will have the courage and strength inside you to help you get your share of America , without that you don't have the energy for it, you don't have the spirit for it.                      

      So I actually risked my life, I was raised, born in this community. I was born a follower or the son of the Hon. Elijah Muhammed who was following his teaching and my mother, Clara Muhammed who was following his teachings.  I was born to them, so I was born inside their teaching, you came in most of you, you came from the outside, you had another mind.  I never had another mind, I only had the mind they gave me as a baby boy, young boy, young man and I knew what we were capable of doing because I knew what I was capable of doing.  If I saw someone really wrecking what my father had established or going against what we really believed in and claiming they're one of us, I know what I was capable of doing.

      W. D. Mohammed carried the American flag

      But I knew it was time and I thought that I had talked to you long enough to at least have the majority on my side for what I did.  I think it was a night I don't think it was a Sunday I don't think.  And I took the American flag; it was left there like they were in the time of my father, our national flag of the Nation of Islam on one side of the rostrum and the American flag on the other side of the rostrum.  I went and got the American flag, put it on my shoulder and I said "if you won't carry this flag I will".  And believe me I was under mortal fear when I did that, I didn't know, I never felt fear like I felt it when I did that because I knew that one brother or one sister could kick others off if they yelled out and said something.  And I didn't know how strong the minds were, I knew some of your minds were not with us as it is now, some of your minds were not with us.

      So I took a dangerous chance that you all would beat me to death inside the Temple, yes, I know the brothers were with me they would beat you to death too, there would have been blood right inside the temple, blood would have been spilled, you know.  But Allah (swt) saved us, nobody even uttered a word, not so I could hear it and from there we kept progressing to this point where we are now.  And we are home now, we are home as Muslims and we are home as citizens of America , that's a big victory.  I don't know how you all fell about it, that's a big victory and as I knew then that's a victory not only for your heart and your soul and your mind and the spirit, it's a victory also for your pocket.

      You can earn better living now in the United States of America because you have come to this position where you are strong Muslim, you're sincere about being your Muslim that you are, you're living your Muslim life and you're sincere about being a good citizen of the United States of America .

      It doesn't mean that we're saying that the United States of America has become the Qur'an. No. We know it is not even the Bible, we depend upon good Christians to live the Bible and we depend upon good Muslims to live the Qur'an, we depend upon government to provide a place for us to practice our Religion and not have to fear some other group denying us our freedom to practice our Religion, that's all we want from the government.  We don't want the government to do five prayers a day, that's their business, do whatever they want as long as they live up to the honorable responsibility that the citizens of the country has entrusted to them.  And that is to have good government by the people, for the people and to protect the rights of all citizens, that's all we ask for.

      We don't ask them to propagate Al Islam, we will propagate Al Islam, we will do our best to propagate Al Islam, we don't ask of them to give the true picture of Muslims in Al Islam, that's our obligation.  And if we strive to do our part to present our own life as it should be presented, we will win the respect of other Religions and of the United States government as we have won their respect.  President Bush met with Religious leaders and both non Muslim faith groups, Christian and Jews along with President Bush pleaded to the American people to respect Muslims, respect the Religion of Al Islam and respect Muslims. 

      W. D. Mohammed has flag up on his house

      So they are doing their part, they can't do much more than that, so we have to do our part, if you go by my house you'll see the United States flag, old Glory to me its new Glory because a long time ago it wasn't any glory for us because we were denied equal rights in this country.  So its new Glory to me, the old Glory is still bad, my memory still remembers old Glory it was bad, but this flag is still called the old Glory so old Glory, in my mind new Glory is pasted on my front window by me. 

      Go by there now you'll see the American flag right in my front room window.  The Sun Times (newspaper) asked the citizens to show the flag and provided each citizen that received the paper with a flag.  So I took it out of the paper and pasted it on my front window.  I liked the headline so much I put the headline on my back door window, so on the back of the house is the headline, on the front window is the flag of the United States of America which is my flag.  And what it stands for good people I will die for right now, anytime, I will wake up in the middle of the night and die right anytime,   I'll die for it.  And anytime a people are not ready to die for what protects their life something is wrong with you, you need educating better.

      You don't have a home anywhere else, you have a home right here in the United States of America and here is where we have come from being slaves in the South and slaves in the mind of the Northern people.  And subhuman in the South under the treatment and subhuman in the North in the eyes of the people, here we have come from that to being respected now and given equal opportunity to have life in America and progress in America with all the other groups and no one can keep you out of that.  You can go to the court and defend your right if someone tries to hold you back and you will receive the support of the courts if you are standing on solid ground. If you're not lying, if your not a hypocrite, if you're not someone who is doing something to undermine the system, your rights will be protected and you'll be accorded your rights.

      I'm going to bring this khutbah to a conclusion pretty quickly but you understand these things, Colin Powel is loved so much by American people of power, that if he wanted to run for vice president or president he could. And he's an African American so for us African Americans, not just Muslims, for us African Americans we should realize that we have paid a big price to be where we are today in this country.  We have paid with life, with blood, we have paid with time and energy, labor gotten much for it, we have paid with our hearts, with our suffering souls, we have paid a big, big price.  And now G-d has rewarded us through good people of different colors, He has rewarded us now, have given us the benefit of a beautiful political order, constitution etc., that was designed for the best of people on this earth. 

      Now He have brought us to be recognized as being qualified to enjoy this with the best of people of earth. You know what the white folks who have been watching the Hon. Elijah Muhammed and watching his son and I would say Min. Farakhan too, you know what they are thinking when they are looking at us?  They are thinking that we are the people now that can partnership with them and no matter what happens to this country we're going to stand by it and make it better, but not leave it, that's what they're expecting, that's what they did.  The country wasn't always beautiful, but the idea, the promise was beautiful as Dr. King, he called it the promise.  The promise was beautiful but the country wasn't beautiful.

      Now that the country is beautiful and you are awakened in your human nature of human excellence, you have awakened and now you have impressed big white folks. You think I'd be invited to see Bush, I didn't vote for him?  It's what I represent that cause them to invite me, not me.  So we're living in a time when we have risen to great height and have big people, the most powerful people in the United States of America looking at us as partners, yes. 

      Angels work and live with us

      We have angels. G-d have given us angels to work with us, to live with us I know this.  This is too much for us to let somebody say they're Muslim touch our hearts, it's a waste.  If I saw a crazy dog looking to run into the traffic, going against traffic I'd feel sorry for that crazy dog, but I am not going to get hit by the traffic trying to help it.  I'm not going to get out in the traffic and try to stop it from getting hit, I might get hit.  And if I got it I'd give it what they call a peaceful sleep, I'd put it to sleep very peacefully because it can't do nothing but harm itself and others "oh you would kill those Muslims, that's only fighting because they won't do this and they won't do that" you have to even if its our own child, if it was my son Wallace or my son Saddrudin or my daughter Ngina or Laila had done something like that, you know what I'm going to do?  Get to them before anybody else and put them out of their misery as easy as I could, yes.

      Your son or my son could have been killed in one of those places, they weren't looking for the guilty, they're just looking for people, American citizens and targeting places where they would get to send a signal they wanted to send a big signal.  So they target certain places, you could have been there, in fact I believe some, we're going to find out soon, some of the members of our community I bet you have died in one of those explosions.  I bet you we lost somebody from our own community because our people are in the government now.

      Listen for us, you think about Colin Powell the position he's in now, he's in the position to be vice president or president of the United States .  He's in the position to be president of the United States without the vote, if I remember the ruling, the law the secretary of State is in line for the presidency.  So who knows what could happen, that's close whether he never gets to be president or not that's close, that's real close. And I know he can get support from the citizens of this country if he wants to run at some time in the future for vice president or the presidency of these United States .

      So we should see the value that we have now as a people and the value we have in great figures like Colin Powell.  And the white folks all of them, they're going to hear what I'm saying too, all the white folks of this country and the world really because many of them in Europe that had a hand in our enslavement and Arabs, whoever had a hand in it they should look at us now.  And those who have been responsible for the law in this country they are gone, they're in their graves, they're dead, but if they can hear me I want to tell them "don't you feel awfully bad now in hell or where ever you are in your grave, don't you feel awful bad with your civilization that you claimed and your Christian life that you claimed, knowing that you held back many Colin Powells.  You could have had Colin Powells 200 yrs ago, you could have had Colin Powells 100 yrs ago, you could have had great black people standing by you and making your government stronger and your civilization better if you had not written us off as subhuman.

      Qur'an 5.8; Let not hatred cause you to swerve from justice

        "O ye who believe! stand out firmly for Allah as witnesses to fair dealing and let not the hatred of others to you make you swerve to wrong and depart from justice.  Be just: that is next to Piety: and fear Allah for Allah is well-acquainted with all that ye do."

      Allah (swt) says in This Book that I have before me right now that I'm going to be reading from, this Qur'an, this glorious and sacred Book Allah (swt) most High, G-d that is says "do not let the hatred for a people to you cause you to do wrong and swerve from justice or from what is just."  Says "be just' at any cost, it doesn't say at any cost but that's the understanding.  "Be just for it is the closest to Taqwa", for it is the closest to the consciousness that G-d wants in the believer and they call it piety in this translation.  It is the closest to piety or it is next to piety; its says.

      The language says it is next to piety or closest to piety, Taqwa, consciousness that G-d wants in the believers.  And it also suggests that it is the strongest position you can take. It is the closest to righteousness and piety and it is also a position that requires great strength, it takes great strength.

      Qur'an 4.135; Be just against self, rich, poor 

         "O ye who believe! stand out firmly for justice as witnesses to Allah even as against yourselves or your parents or your kin and whether it be (against) rich or poor: for Allah can best protect both.  Follow not the lusts (of your hearts) lest ye swerve and if ye distort (justice) or decline to do justice verily Allah is well-acquainted with all that ye do."

      G-d says "be just though it be against a near relative or against a person big or small sometimes you can't help it you got to defend the big shot that has been paying your bills or gave your son a good job, you owe him something.  So when he's before the court you don't want to go in the court against him.  Well a Muslim can't do that because G-d says whether it's a big man or small, you're suppose to stand for justice, there's only one right and when you put the right down, you're wrong, when you leave right you're wrong, no other way. You're either right or wrong.

      Look at what they're doing now, say "oh well in this case you know G-d says if you're starving and you can't find any meat except pork you can eat the pork in moderation until you can get some halal meat or something suitable to eat."  Is that behavior moderation?  Didn't say this is the time of desperation, this is a desperate time for the Palestinians and for the Muslims of the world who can't get justice.  Lets say it's a desperate time for them, is the behavior that we see in them, in New York , in Washington is this behavior now in moderation where they're eating the pig, they're doing the wrong but they're doing it no more than enough just to survive, they're doing it in moderation?  No.  Then there is not justification for ever killing, mistreating innocent persons, none.

      War not allowed to hurt innocent women, children

      If we would ask ourselves, peaceful Muslims or those who have resorted to terrorism any of us no matter how extreme we are, if we would ask ourselves "would Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) kill innocent children, women, men, and elderly people just to get at the enemy?"  Would he do that? No we know he wouldn't, the worst of us would say "no, the Prophet (pbuh) wouldn't do that".  So we are not allowed to do it then, we can't do what he wouldn't allow himself to do. 

      I come to join you today in Prayer. Imam Darnell Karim told me that we're going to have Prayer here today so I come to join you in Prayer praying for peace, praying for the souls that have been murdered, and praying also for the victims who are suffering in hospitals and other places and praying for peace for the Palestinians and the Israelis.  Because we know that, that's perhaps the situation that's contributing and motivating these people more than anything else to do what they're doing.

      Qur'an sent as warning to all worlds                              

      Qur'an 25.l; Blessed is he Who sent down

         "Blessed is He Who sent down the Criterion to His servant that it may be an admonition to all creatures."

      I want to read now from the Qur'an and I'll read in English to save time because I want you to understand, most of you won't understand Arabic.   Blessed is He Who sent down the criterion, the criterion means the rule or the logic that we must apply when we're trying to form judgments and make decisions, and it's the standard.  "Sent down the criterion to His servant" meaning Muhammed the Prophet (pbuh). 

      Nadheera" means warner 

      But it was sent down to others before him that's why it says His servant not to him by name but meaning him directly Muhammed the Prophet (pbuh).  That it may be an admonition, a warning and the translation here says "to all creatures", but what does it actually say?  Lil aalameen, this aalameen means all the worlds, Leyakuna lelalameena nadheera". That it may be for all the worlds an admonition or a warning and you know the language "nadheera" means Warner, that's one of the name of Prophets, Messengers and Prophets of G-d they are called warners and the word is "Nadheer".

      Public Education not before Al Islam

      So we have to understand that Muhammed the Prophet (pbuh) is not just to Muslims and this is his day actually, Muhammed the Prophet (pbuh) his leadership is leading the world today.  All of this respect for public education did not exist in the mind of rulers before Al Islam. It was Muhammed (pbuh) bringing public education and requiring that all citizens be educated, he's the one that led this movement for public education. 

      Muhammed led movement for freedom of Religion

      Qur'an 22.40; G-d check one people with another

         "They are) those who have been expelled from their homes in defiance of right (for no cause) except that they say "Our Lord is Allah." Did not Allah check one set of people by means of another there would surely have been pulled down monasteries churches synagogues and mosques in which the name of Allah is commemorated in abundant measure. Allah will certainly aid those who aid His (cause); for verily Allah is Full of Strength Exalted in Might (Able to enforce His Will)."

      Muhammed, he's the one that led the movement for the freedom of Religion, he freed Christianity, he freed Judaism and he had the Muslims protect their sacred places and also their sacred relics.  The Muslims had to protect it with their lives if those places were in Muslim lands or territory, under the protection of Muslim government.  The Muslim had to protect Churches and Synagogues with their lives if necessary.  And you go overseas now to Muslim lands like Egypt and many other places you'll find churches that's been there ever since the day of the Prophet, they were there then, they're still there.  So we have to understand these things. 

      Qur'an 21.107;  Prophet a mercy to all the worlds

         "We sent thee not but as a mercy for all creatures."

      He's a Warner to all the worlds and he's a mercy to all the worlds.  G-d says here he's a "Nadheer" a Warner to all the worlds and He also said "Rahmatan lelaalameen", he is a mercy to all the worlds.  So Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) is not just for Muslims, he's for humanity, he's the last Prophet from G-d for all humanity.  So who should have the beautiful constitution about human rights and the dignity of the human person and their rights to have their life, freedom, liberty, pursuit of happiness etc, their right to have all that under G-d their Creator, who should have that in their constitution?  The Muslim because that language is more in accord with the Prophet's (pbuh) leadership than it is in accord with any other leadership.  It's his leadership that came for that.

      Qur'an 2.193; Fight them until Religion is for G-d

       "And fight them on until there is no more tumult or oppression and there prevail justice and faith in (Religion is for) Allah; but if they cease let there be no hostility except to those who practice oppression."

      Qur'an says "fight them until there is no more persecution" the fanatics read that and they don't hear the whole language, they're looking for one thing, fight.  All they hear is fight.  "Fight them until there is no more persecution", so who were they fighting?  They were fighting those who were persecuting them because of their Religion, say "and they have been treated like this for no other reason than that you say you believe in G-d", that's what Allah (swt) says of them in the Qur'an.

      So they were being mistreated and beaten and killed for no other reason than they wanted to worship G-d in Al Islam. So the Prophet (pbuh) was told to fight those people who were persecuting them until there is no more persecution; and look at the language that follows it, it makes it very clear what it is talking about. 

      Side II 

      Qur'an 4.78; Good, harm only G-d gives

        "Wherever ye are death will find you out even if ye are in towers built up strong and high!"  If some good befalls them they say "This is from Allah"; but if evil they say "this is from thee" (O Prophet). Say: "All things are from Allah.  But what hath come to these people that they fail to understand a single fact?"

      I didn't read that for all of that just for one part, they have not control, not only those who claim to be a G-d but those who follow other ways.  Those who even follow the way of the Book, even Muslims, we have no control of hurt, harm or good, its Allah (swt) Who decides who will get good, who will get bad, who will be hurt, who will not be hurt.  So don't say "oh those people lost their lives, G-d knows it, we regret it but it couldn't happen without G-d's permitting it.  Those innocent lives could not have been taken without G-d permitting it.

      Speak out Trade center towers don't be afraid

      And those perpetrators, those terrorists, those insane person who did the horrible things they couldn't have done it without G-d permission.  They couldn't have died without G-d's permission, so what are we to do about this, are we just going to stand still, afraid to speak?  I'm not afraid to speak, can't make comments, its too serious, no I'm not afraid to speak, we have to speak. 

      Bombing is an awakening to come back to our better self

      What's going to come out of this?  This is an awakening for the great powers that be it's an awakening for our beautiful and great country, an awakening to help us come back to our better self. This is a time coming now when we can lose a lot of our good quality as American people, but this great tragedy where lives of innocent are sacrificed, given should not be in vain.  I wouldn't want to think its just been in vain I would want to think that those people were unwilling martyrs, the innocent that have died, they are unwilling martyrs.

      Trade center victims are martyrs

      They are martyrs that weren't prepared for martyr doom but nevertheless their death is going to affect this country and the world like the death of saintly martyrs because they were innocent.  There might have been among them a drunk or a gambler but he's no more a drunk or gambler, he's a person who was innocently killed and his life is going to make America a better America .  The life that was taken from him is going to make America a better America , its going to make the world a better world.  So they haven't died in vain their death is going to wake us up, going to wake up the people in power, going to wake up many for them to research and look back and say "could we have done these things better, is there something that we could have done better here in America, in the Middle East?  Is there something that we could have done better?" 

      I believe that if president Bill Clinton had been president the desperate people wouldn't be as desperate because he reached out to them.  So we have a man who knows money and he knows government but he's not a minister, he wasn't ordained.  President Clinton was an ordained minister, a Christian minister so he knows G-d's Word and he knows how to feel for the people and he know how to take a risk for human talent, not just for material talent. I believe it wouldn't have happened this way if Bill Clinton had been president, they wouldn't have gone to that extreme.

      Terrorist murders need lethal injection

      So it's a wake up call, yes it is as the papers are saying it's a wake up call. Now don't think I'm soft on the terrorists, no a lethal injection is the quickest and easiest way because they are not good for themselves and no good for anybody else.

      Terrorist death G-d not will respect for them

      If G-d had willed that they be used G-d has not willed that they be respected, G-d put a lot of things here to be used but not respected.  And if they had listened to the Qur'an they wouldn't have gone to those extremes, if they had followed Muhammed the Prophet (pbuh) they wouldn't have gone to those extremes.  So they are really out of the circle, out of circle and framework of Al Islam with their conduct, so we're not talking about Muslims, we're talking about terrorists.

      Qur'an 25.45-49; Shadow Lord prolongs

      45.     "Hast thou not turned thy vision to thy Lord? how He doth prolong the Shadow! if He willed He could make t stationary!

      46.     Then do We make the sun its guide:" Then We draw it in towards Ourselves a contraction by easy stages.

      47.     And He it is Who makes the Night as a Robe for you; and Sleep as Repose and makes the Day (as it were) a Resurrection.

      48.     And He it is Who sends the Winds as heralds of glad tidings going before His Mercy and We send down purifying water from the sky.

      49.     That with it We may give life to a dead land and slake the thirst of things We have created cattle and men in great numbers.

      We're living in a great day.  He it is Who sends the Winds as heralds that means Messengers, good news, heralds of glad tidings the winds blow and they're strong and violent and they're going before His mercy, His mercy is coming behind it. "And We send down purifying water from the sky". Yes and the waters are going to be pure now after the winds.  "That with it We may give life to a dead land", hearts dead, feelings dead.

       "And slake the thirst of things We have created", isn't this beautiful, those who been suffering the dryness and hardness of the world, they are thirsting and G-d says He's going to slake the thirst, He's going to give them water to drink, take away the thirst.

      Prophet said don't destroy things people need after the war

      "Of things We have created cattle and men in great numbers." G-d cares about cattle not just people, Muhammed (pbuh) said see that you don't hurt trees, don't destroy those things that people have to depend on after the war, that's the leader we follow, peace and blessing be on him.


      Qur'an 25.50-63;

      50.     And We have distributed the (water) amongst them in order that they may celebrate (Our) praises but most men are averse (to aught) but (rank) ingratitude. 

      51.     Had it been Our Will We could have sent a Warner to every center of population.

      52.     Therefore listen not to the Unbelievers but strive against them with the utmost strenuousness with the (Qur'an).

      53.     It is He Who has let free the two bodies of flowing water: one palatable and sweet and the other salt and bitter; yet has He made a barrier between them a partition that is forbidden to be passed.

       60.    When it is said to them "Adore ye (Allah) Most Gracious!" they say "And what is (Allah) Most Gracious? Shall we adore that which thou commands us?" and it increases their flight (from the Truth).

      61.     Blessed is He Who made Constellations in the skies and placed therein a Lamp and a Moon giving light;

      62.     And it is He Who made the Night and the Day to follow each other: for such as have the will to celebrate His praises or to show their gratitude.

      63.     And the servants of (Allah) Most Gracious are those who walk on the earth in humility and when the ignorant address them they say "Peace!"

      "But most men are averse (to aught) but (rank) ingratitude " Mean they are not will to go this way, all they want to do is follow the path of those who are not thankful and appreciative under G-d. "Therefore listen not to the Unbelievers but strive against them with the utmost strenuousness with the (Qur'an)."  And he has here with the Qur'an because that's your best instrument in struggle, the Word of G-d and Muhammed's (pbuh) own example.

      "It is He Who has let free the two bodies of flowing  water: one palatable and sweet", means it is nice to the mouth that sea water if you put it in your mouth right away your mouth is in a lot of trouble.

      "and it increases their flight (from the Truth), they do nothing but get worst and worst when you try to call them with the sweet language, they get worst and worst.

      This is a serious time when the ignorant address you say with your face, with your looks, with your heart, with your feeling I wish you nothing but peace, you got the wrong person I'm not a terrorist I'm a peaceful person trying to serve my G-d through my service to mankind.

      Qur'an 25.64-65; Those who spend the night in adoration of their Lord

      64.     Those who spend the night in adoration of their Lord prostrate and standing;

      65.     Those who say "Our Lord! avert from us the Wrath of Hell for its Wrath is indeed an affliction grievous.

      "Those who spend the night in adoration of their Lord prostrate and standing;" these are Muslims while others are sleep they're standing up for the night prayer, standing up and bowing down, prostrating with their forehead and noses on the floor.

      Burning time for G-d fearing in this life

      "Our Lord! avert from us the Wrath of Hell for its Wrath is indeed an affliction grievous."  Now this has two applications, when this world is finished there will be hell fire for those who deserved it and there will be the waters, the rivers that run deep underneath and the paradise in the garden for those who earned it.  But it has another application, what is it talking about?  This life, so what has happened has thrown Muslims into hell, we're in hell, this is a burning time for us and for all true G-d fearing people this is a burning time for us.  It's a burning time for the Palestinians but we're survive it.

      Qur'an 25.66-73;

      66.     "Evil indeed is it as an abode and as a place to rest in";

      67.     Those who when they spend are not extravagant and not niggardly but hold a just (balance) between those (extremes);

      68.     Those who invoke not with Allah any other G-d nor slay such life as Allah has made sacred except for just cause not commit fornication and any that does this (not only) meets punishment

      69.     But) the Penalty on the Day of Judgment will be doubled to him and he will dwell therein in ignominy.

      70.     Unless he repents believes and works righteous deeds for Allah will change the evil of such persons into good and Allah is Oft-Forgiving Most Merciful

      71.     And whoever repents and does good has truly turned to Allah with an (acceptable) conversion.

      72.     Those who witness no falsehood and if they pass by futility they pass by it with honorable (avoidance);

      73.     Those who when they are admonished with the Signs of their Lord droop not down at them as if they were deaf or blind:

      "Evil indeed is it as an abode and as a place to rest in"; who wants to live in these conditions we want to see them pass quickly, can't rest in this condition.  We can't rest now, there's no rest for us now until the thing becomes normal again, the situation has to become normal again for us to rest.  "Those who when they spend are not extravagant and not niggardly" they don't waste money and they are not so tight fisted they can't help worth causes, they spend but not extravagantly.  Not giving and wasting and not denying just causes your support, your family members, your community, your obligation to your Religion etc. "the Penalty on the Day of Judgment will be doubled to him and he will dwell therein in ignominy" and that's the worst punishment when you don't have anybody looking at you, nobody saying `oh that's the guy that took down the world's trade center'.  No Allah (swt) is going to deal with you and you aren't going to have nobody recognizing, no t.v., not prime time, nobody seeing you what your punishment will be.  Nobody in court but you, not even an attorney, it will be you and G-d.  And G-d won't even speak to you.  G-d said He will not speak to such, you'll just get punishment.

      Now isn't this a Merciful G-

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