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Muhammed and Jesus Together as prediction

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    06/14/2001 Detroit, Michigan Muhammed and Jesus Together as prediction By Imam W. Deen Mohammed Religions co-exist that recognize G-d as Creator And this life
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      Detroit , Michigan

      Muhammed and Jesus Together as prediction

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed


      Religions co-exist that recognize G-d as Creator

      And this life that we have is a very precious life. So we perceive G-d as the Creator of everything, yet G-d  did not tell Muhammed (pbuh) when He first gave him Revelation that, "I am Allah." Prophet Muhammed (bpuh) later came to know the name Allah (swt). It was not in the first Revelation to Muhammed (pbuh). G-d introduced Himself to Muhammed (pbuh), firstly, as the Creator not by the name, Allah (swt), as the Creator. And every Religion that recognizes G-d as the One Who is responsible for what we see in the skies and for the earth that we live on and whatever comes out of the earth and for man's own existence, those Religions that recognize G-d as 'That,' those Religions can live together. They can co exist together.

      Those religions can do more than co-exist together. Those Religions can work together and cooperate with one another for the future of mankind, because that is the precious idea that makes it possible for us to make progress with our human life in society. That's the precious idea, that there is a Maker, there is a Designer; that this did not happen accidentally; that there is a Designer for what is in the skies of what we see in the sky, this system of matter with stars, etc. There is a Designer behind that and it is the same Designer that is also the Cause for our human existence.  And just as that Designer has designed the course for matter in the skies, that Designer has designed the course for man's life, for human life on earth, and it must be lived in community.

      Q. 95.3; And this City of security

      Matt 6.10; Thy kingdom come

      Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.

      The expression, 'Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done on earth as it is in heaven, "is another way of saying, that as G-d has ordered the universe and brought it to exist in a certain order and design, and has preserved it with that design, that says the sun must keep going the way it goes, the moon must keep going the way it goes, and the stars must keep following the courses they follow, etc."

      The Qur'an, our Holy Book, and the Bible address that. Both our Holy Books, the Book of Christians and the Book of Muslims address that. So the same G-d that has designed that has also created and designed human life to follow laws, to follow definite patterns of behavior, definite patterns of discipline or behavior so that the life will continue and make progress.

      'Thy Kingdom comeĀ…on earth, as it is in heaven."  So these people were visionaries. These people were deep thinkers, philosophers, who believed in G-d. They had a spiritual devotion to a G-d, to the Creator, and they were working to have man's life conform to the universal law, that his life should conform to the universal law. The same G-d that made that up there, made this down here. And as He made an order and a plan for that up there, we have to discover the order and plan that He made for this down here. That's what it was all about.

      So America recognizes that, the government recognizes that, that is the strength of our Constitution. That is the strongest glue or adhesive matter holding together the idea we call Western Democracy. So when we appreciate this as Muslims and identify that language with our language or our language with that language, we are in a good situation to make progress in this society; make progress not just publics, but make progress for leaders. No Muslim should be satisfied just being a member in another public. You should be also should be contributing to the lifeline of the society that you are in. You should identify its lifeline and you should join the guardians of that lifeline and make contributions to that lifeline for the better future for all.

      This is where Muslims should be. We still are talking about Democracy. Insha Allah (G-d willing) we are going to appreciate this Democracy more as Muslims after I am finished. I know some of you appreciate it already. And some of you are still so afraid of it, you're spooked up. I'll tell you the boogieman has got you. But insha Allah, we will get the boogieman out of your life one day. And we want our Christian friends to know how we see America , how we see the idea that preserves this country and this way of life of, the American people's life.

      Muhammed and Jesus Together as prediction

      Al hadith 4p.82#642w; Jesus  Muhammad together  grave                

      We want them to know that we are not that far away from them. In fact, we should not be apart from each other at all; we should be together. Muhammed (pbuh) did not say, "One day the world will see Jesus Christ and me together." He did not say that just as breath in the air. He said that as a prediction. That statement is also a prediction that Christians and Muslims are going to come closer and closer together.   If the world comes to see Muhammed (pbuh) and Jesus Christ as closer and closer together, then the Christians will appreciate Al-Islam when they see that their Christ and Muhammed (pbuh) the Prophet are close together. It means that the two communities are going to come closer together; because of those two figures being seen close together. And it is happening now in the world, and it is growing.

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