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Crown the Natural Development with a Higher Moral Intelligence

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    01/28/1979 Samson and The Conspiracy Crown the Natural Development with a Higher Moral Intelligence By Imam W. Deen Mohammed When we make the Pilgrimage to
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      Samson and The Conspiracy

      Crown the Natural Development with a Higher Moral Intelligence

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed


      When we make the Pilgrimage to Mecca , we put on Ihram. Two white sheets, or white cloths, with no dye.  The natural fabric.  Not fabric made artificially.  But the natural fabric as G'd made it in nature. We put on that.

      One piece around the lower part of our body and the other piece around the upper part of our body.  And the color of that fabric is white.  White.  Why? Because white is comparable with light.  Light gives a whiteness or brightness. And light, even without a light, gives off a brightness.  Is that right.  Yes.

      Don't worry if you're black.  You got the white I'm talking about, if you're a decent human being.  Now, lets continue.

      Some of us have gotten so black; we don't think we have white teeth.  We forget we have white in our eyes.  I'm telling you. We had gotten to the place that we thought nothing white should be accepted by us.  You eat white sugar?  Brother what's wrong with you?  Won't eat white sugar.  Won't eat white rice.  Don't eat white bread.  Many of them stopped eating white cakes.  Made the cake with whole wheat flower.  I'm not joking.  I'm not making fun of nobody.  I'm telling you the truth.

      One of the poor scientists, he couldn't see that milk was white.  He went on a total milk fast.  He drank nothing but milk.  Refused to eat anything else, or take anything else.  Taking all white, nothing but white milk. But his mind had become so warped, with an artificial black consciousness, that he couldn't even recognize that the milk was white.  He wouldn't eat any white bread. (laughter)

      Black and white is necessary for vision.  The pupil of the eye is black.  And the field about that pupil is white. Without light, without whiteness, there's no vision.  And without blackness, there is no vision. Black is symbolic of reflection.  Memory.  Light is symbolic of learning.  White is symbolic of learning.  And morals come with learning.  Is that right?  Yes.  Morals come with learning.

      You don't call, (or) term something a moral, unless there's some learning involved.  If there is good conduct without learning involved, you don't call that morals.  You just call it natural behavior.  Is that right?  We don't say the cat acted morally because the cat cleaned itself, or buried its waste.  We don't say it acted morally.  We charge that and attribute that to nature.  Is that right?  But if a human being does something properly, we say, he's a moral person.  Right.  Because learning was involved.

      So we have to understand that morals and learning are tied together.  Morals don't come before learning.  Learning and then morals.  You see. Yes.  And this knowledge is symbolic of light.  And the whiteness of it is symbolic of the morals that develop in our knowledge.  Yes.

      And the black is symbolic of the conscious, before the knowledge comes in.  It's sustained by nature.  Is that right?  By nature.  So black is nature.  Black is natural spirit.  Black is nature.  Black is consciousness before knowledge starts coming in.  Yes. And Black is memory.  Because often the light goes out.  And we have to get the facts back from the darkness.  From memory.  Is that right?

      So don't think that you're bad because you're black.  You're good. And the white man should be proud that he's white.  Black and white are beautiful symbols in nature.  And they can't work without each other.

      When the eye becomes all white, we call that state glaucoma.  That's blindness.  And I'm sure you wouldn't want that pupil to just keep growing and the whole eye becomes black.  Now that would terrify everybody.  (laughter)

      So the pupil should stay black shouldn't they?  Yea. He shouldn't leave nature.  I'm going to make it plain to you.  I'm not going to leave you in the dark.  The pupil should not leave nature. But it should embrace the lightness of moral knowledge that comes with learning.  Now, let's continue this talk.

      Dyed garments represent this world knowledge.  This world's knowledge is made artificially.  The garments made as G'd made it is speaking of the natural knowledge.  The natural knowledge, created by G'd Himself. Our moral excellence.

      Our moral purity should not be determined by human thinking alone.  It should be determined by human reflection seeking the guidance of G'd.  Yes.  So we wear those two simple white garments.  White pieces of cloth.  One on the lower part, representing the earlier development of the human society.

      Human society is more, socially oriented in its early development.  It's more conscious of mom and daddy.  Rights and wrong in the family.  Simple morals.  Good and bad.  Clean and dirty.  Right?  Yes.  This is the baby language.

      And we need that cleaning, in this region below the naval, in the early development of the baby.  It is momma, that cleans the diaper, cleans the fanny.  Is that right?  And keep you nice down there. And it's momma who gives you your first sense of proper spirit.  Proper attitude toward the members of your family and the society.  And it's momma who gives you your first knowledge of cleanliness and morals.  Is that right?

      So that first knowledge, it should be natural as G'd developed it through the human conscious.

      Then we come up to this higher knowledge, after man grows up and gets on his own, the pangs of sex development in him, puberty starts to irritate and aggravate him, and he becomes a passionate creature.  He's wild after the girls.  Or wild after something else.  The wild spirit comes in him and he just gets wild.  Become a little hoodlum maybe a little vandal.  Tearing down everything or maybe he's beating up on everybody.

      All of this outburst of energy comes with the puberty, is that right?  And he's just aggressive; he's going after the girls.

      This development in us puts pressure on the mind to save itself from the wrath of passion.  So with this comes, mental maturity, emotional maturity, and mental development.  Higher learning.  Is that right?

      So the elementary development, the home knowledge should be natural as G'd developed it.  And academic pursuit and its rewards also should be natural as G'd have developed it in the creation.  That's what this is saying.  And we shouldn't leave off the moral substance.  We should keep the moral substance of our early development, and we should crown that with a higher moral intelligence. And the two should look alike.  They should come from the same natural source.

      Yes.  The two pieces of garment, they look alike.  They're not different.  And they can't be sewn, I can't sew it.  That's me.  That's my knowledge influencing it.  How does it come to us?  G'd shows the way through His great prophets.  And G'd has revealed to us what is moral excellence for society and for leadership.  Yes. The same morals that we use to judge the home should also apply to the leadership.  If it's wrong for us to behave a certain way in our family life, it's wrong for our government to behave that way, because they represent a family and leadership.  Yes.

      See how wonderful the signs are?  How they can give us such a rich knowledge of the human development, and how it's to be maintained in the form created by G'd. Yes.

      Says, who did they come down to see?  Someone in dyed garments?  Look again to the scripture.

      When the followers of Moses were grumbling He said; if these are the things you want, go to any city.  You don't have to follow me to the promise land……  He said what'd they come to see?  Someone in dyed garments?  Did you come expecting this leadership to be wearing the colors of your society?  To be wearing the colors of your appetite?

      No.  Should wear the colors of the appetite (of) that G'd inspired man.  Not the colors of your appetite. Your taste is for the worldly things.  And if we follow G'd, we'd get both.  It ain't no big thing to get the material goods.

      G'd says of the material goods, that those things He has made open, available to all.  The good and the bad people.  But He says; His special blessings are only for His devotees.  Only those that are devoted to Him.

      You want physical money, you want good homes, you want Cadillac, you want a Rolls Royce?  Go to any old city.  But we are going to the promise land.

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