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Remake The World - Part 1

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    1975 in Philly Remake The World - Part 1 By Imam W. Deen Mohammed First, we should say something on the need to remake the world. If the world has been made
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      1975 in Philly

      Remake The World - Part 1

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed



      First, we should say something on the need to remake the world. If the world has been made right, there's no need to remake it.

      But if the world has been made wrong, then it needs remaking.

      The white man's modern inventions invite our intellectual curiosity, but they don't in any way appeal to our need to worship something. We worship only that that is supreme and superior, and his inventions to us are products of a grafted world.

      The white man is like a big child whose body makes us think that the child must be adult because he's grown so tall and materially he weighs so much, six sex trillion tons. But we know something that weighs more than that. We adopted the Caucasian mind a long time ago and turned the physical world over to them. Their advanced power, the material power at that particular time was mainly a power for war. They came with gunpowder from the Asians, and with steel and with iron and they won a battle or a struggle with us for rule in the earth. They got Africa which was not then called Africa, and put the name of two of their great men on that continent: Africanus, the warrior who battled Hannibal and Africanus, the explorer. They put their men's names on the continent of the Black people that' they had subdued. Then they cut up the land and put their own names on it and divided the people into nations that were really one Nation and put increased hostility among the families of Africa .

      During that same time they brought our fore-parents from that land and put them in physical bondage here in North America, in Central America, and even in South America, but mainly here in North America . In North America they established a whole social system or community supported by slavery: the plantation life. They stripped us of all the knowledge that we had of our motherland and people. As soon as the parents gave birth to children for slavery, they cast the parents away and saved the children. They separated the parents from the children so that the parents wouldn't be able to teach the children a knowledge of their land and their people.

      If you are cut off from the knowledge of your people and then someone also cuts you off from the traditions of your people, you are helpless to find your way back home. You can't find your way back home because you don't have books to read and you don't have traditions passed down from your mother and father to follow. So all you can do is just live the life that you're in. The life that they put us in was a life a little below the life of monkeys, horses, mules, dogs and chickens.

      I'm not here to teach hatred, I'm here to kill hatred. Sometimes we kill the creature and leave the eggs unharmed. Pretty soon the house is infested again with germ-carrying pests because we killed the creature but ignored its potent, fertile eggs. The slave history and the slave mentality still hangs on in the total makeup of our people. It is a troublemaker in the subconscious. Unless we bring it up so that the conscious can see it and deal with it, we'll still be here a long time in slavery.

      The worst form of slavery is not the form that you understand: to weigh a man or woman down with yokes and chains. The worst form of slavery is the- enslavement of your mind. Many men and women go around thinking that they are free while they are mentally a slave. The wisdom of this world is so deceitful. It has the power to escape your recognition and to enter your mind without you observing it. This is the power of subliminal suggestion (seduction). You should read books on this subject because our job is not dealing with the visible; our job is dealing with the invisible.

      The biggest object that you can find of subliminal seduction is the so-called white Caucasian crucifix. You would be amazed if we could tell you this afternoon, just how much that crucifix is loaded with messages that come to your mind without your knowledge and without your observation. It directs your behavior, not in the way of God, but in the way of the big devil himself. The crucifix is the strongest armor messenger of Caucasian mentality.

      The Honorable Master Elijah Muhammad (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said that the graveyard of our people is the Bible. If you are to be raised from the grave, you have to be raised from the grave of the Bible. That work is not over because the Bible is still a graveyard. If you don't believe it, maybe you've been away from the church people for a while. Go back around the church people, visit them in the churches, and listen to what they are saying.

      If they have an appeal or if they attract you, most likely it is because they have left the old church language and have taken on the language of the Nation of Islam. It's not good to leave a thing that has possessed you without understanding it. If you leave it without first understanding it, you haven't really left it. You have only brought about a physical separation between yourself and the thing: that once possessed you. But that thing is still working in your hidden thoughts and it's still making you behave in the way designed by that particular thing that possessed you.

      The devil mentality (the germ that ruled in the Caucasian body) ruled them for their glory and power over the world. They passed the same on to you and it ruled in you for your shame and your destruction.

      In the Book (the Holy Quran) we are told that God made a man to rule. After making a man, God taught the man the nature of things. We must read the Holy Quran with an adult mind and come away from the baby mind because we are no more a baby nation. We are a young adult nation. We have old grownups now looking to us for guidance and strength among the nations of the world. They see now that this is no baby over here in the Bilalian community of America .

      If we expect to keep this respect and recognition that we have gained by the hard work and sacrifices of The Honorable Master Elijah Muhammad (may peace and blessings be upon him) and by the hard work and sacrifices of those that followed him until the end of his time among us, we have to prove to them that we are adults and not still babies.

      What is meant by the nature of things? It means the true identity of the thing. How can I be sure that I have rightly identified a thing? I can only be sure when I have seen and understood that thing's nature. If there is a devil or an enemy mentality ruling in Caucasian people, then I can truthfully say that the Caucasian people are the living devil on the earth. But if I can't prove that there is an enemy mentality working and ruling in the Caucasian flesh body of the earth, I can't prove them to be a devil because I haven't been able to identify them.

      In the beginning we were formed right according to the Holy Quran and Bible. But we went off from that right way of thinking and began thinking foreign to the way of our very nature. Once you begin thinking foreign, strange, or unnatural, you begin to entertain foreign, strange and unnatural ideas and thoughts. What comes about when this happens is a new language.

      Everything in your environment is your words speaking to your mind, forming you in the body. The books you read, the language of your parents, the talk you heard in the home, the words you heard in the streets, the physical' things that you looked at and thought about, the physical things that you looked at and didn't think about, are all words.

      All these things have acted as words, gone into your mind, formed you, and they are forming you for as long as you live in this world. The process of making or forming human beings never stops; it goes on all the time. If you don't want yourself to be created in ill, weak, bad, ugly or diseased forms, you have to get wise to the language of the environment and start selecting the things that you want to go into your mind.

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