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The Wisdom of W D Mohammed

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    The Teachings of W D Mohammed – Book I The Wisdom of W D Mohammed By Imam W. Deen Mohammed WORDS MAKES PEOPLE In true scriptural language, `words mean much
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      The Teachings of W D Mohammed – Book I

      The Wisdom of W D Mohammed

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed




      "In true scriptural language, `words' mean much more than spoken words. It means anything that gives a message to your mind. So G-d is speaking to you not only with words, but with all the objects in the physical creation. These messages that reach your mind are called the words of G-d. It is these words that form your mind and your personality."


      "You are really a creation of words. Nothing can make a man or a woman but words. Human beings can be born again. All you have to do is to allow yourself to be fed by a new kind of word and that will make you come into a new person again."




      "If a woman is really a natural mother, her pleasure is to see her husband happy. By nature the woman's happiness is to please her husband."


      "If a woman is to be true to her nature, she has to do what pleases Allah. If she disrespects Allah, her children will disrespect her."


      "Find me a woman that's always tearing her husband down, and I'll find you a woman who will live to see her children tear her down."




      "You have misunderstood religion completely and you have never rightly understood what a man of G-d is. You have thought that a man of G-d is somebody who leaves the world and runs away from money, actual facts, and scientific proofs and closes his ears to all the sounds of the real world. You have called these space-dreamers `prophets,' but they are fools.


      "People like that have never done anything to help the real world. When you want to go somewhere for guidance and leadership, don't go to dreamers. Go to people who have stopped dreaming because they have discovered something real to work with."




      "In the physical world we see fire as something that is powerful to destroy things. Nothing brings about a more thorough and complete destruction of physical things in the physical world than fire. The wise men of religion only used fire in Scripture to tell you how thorough and complete the destruction of this grafted world would be when it came."


      "The soil, the oceans, the trees, nor the animals of the earth have ever rebelled against G-d, so why should G-d destroy the earth? It is the minds of men that have acted against truth, justice and righteousness and have brought the world to a state of hell, confusion, and ignorance."


      "To right this, someone has to come and renew the minds of men. The minds of the people must be renewed (given new life) and given new soil for their knowledge to grow in. They must be given a new sun to feed the growth of that knowledge. Once that new world is brought about in the minds of the people, a new growth will start in the earth."

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