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God Alone, Is Dominant

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    WITH THE NAME ALLAH, MOST GRACIOUS, MOST MERCIFUL God Alone, Is Dominant From: African American Genesis W Deen Mohammed Allah is the Owner of everything in the
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      God Alone, Is Dominant

      From: African American Genesis

      W Deen Mohammed

      Allah is the Owner of everything in the Heavens and in the Earth. All power and glory is a possession resting entirely in His control. He created everything, and has power over all. He denies dominance to all who seek it. History teaches us that at one time the British Empire sought dominance over all the nations of the world. There used to be a saying, "The Sun never sets on tha British Empire ." But, did they gain complete dominance over all the nations? No, they always had resistance, and they were not successful.  In time they had to pull back their big fleet and other great forces from the lands of other people.

      I repeat, Allah denies dominance to all who seek it.  It is not accepted that associates or partners share the rule over creation or the universe with Allah. God says that the Muslim is to hold to the spirit and purpose of his position. He has not called us to be nationalist or racist. He has called us for a more noble and bigger aim. He reminds us that our contention is not with anyone but the unjust, the oppressor.

      If God tells the Muslim that our contention, our protest, our campaign is not aimed at anyone but the oppressors and the unjust, then I have to accept that. I cannot say that Muslims are put on this earth to have some kind of Holy War with Christians or Jews. That is not our purpose. We are not here to fight Christianity until there is no more Christianity, and we certainly are not here to fight Judaism until it is driven off of the earth.

      God has said that if He wanted us as one people or nation, He would have done so. And furthermore, God obligated Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and his followers to protect the sacred places of the Christians and the Jews. We are to cooperate with them for the great destiny of man intended by our Lord. I know I am going to get some negative responses to the above statements, but I don't mind. The earth is too small for this petty thing that some of us trying to keep up. Of course God has made known to us that among the People of the Book are some who busy themselves in wickedness.

      By the term "People of the Book" is meant the Jews and Christians, and perhaps some other religious groups that had received Revelation from God prior to the time when the Holy Qur'an was being revealed. Our religion brings our attention to that fact of wicked­ness among the People of the Book. However, we must give greater attention to those among them that share with us the same God-given spirit, and the same God-given aspiration for the fulfillment of human potential and excellence.

      We must accept the fine merits of such people and their honorable commitments to advance the excellence of man on earth and in fighting corruption. God tells us in the Holy Qur'an that you will find a party among them that stand for justice. They are quick to rush in promoting the things that are good. They invite to the best of standards, and prohibit that which is unjust, cruel and corruptible.

      I hope that those who are non-Muslim take an appreciable look at what has just been stated about our religion Al-Islam. As an American citizen, whether Christian, Jew, or whatever your religion; you cannot possibly think that people who really obey this re¬≠ligion and this Holy Book are a threat to civilization or to the peace of society. The Muslim is no threat to American society or to civilization.  In fact, those who live this religion are the torch bearers and the genesis of civilization who represent the best in man.

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