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    RELIGION and BUSINESS First Sunday Address, May 4, 2008 By Imam W. Deen Mohammed Part 2 The creation is similar; the same elements we have on earth are also
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      First Sunday Address, May 4, 2008

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed

      Part 2

      The creation is similar; the same elements we have on earth are also out in space.


      Creation is similar, and man knew long ago by G-d's Plan - yes, G-d planned this - that small meteors or objects would fall from space, some would burn up before they hit the ground and others were so big they would hit the ground and be burnt but not burned up.




      They found that there was iron in them. There is a reference to this actual thing that happened back then, and it may happen again. In the Qur'an, it says, "G-d sent down iron for mighty war." Man would increase his power as a war maker, fighting wars using swords of iron.


      Man did not start out using iron or metals. He started out using his fists. He then saw a limb broke off and if handy, he learned how to make a club out of wood. I'm sure he wanted mahogany wood, if he could get it. But if it were a soft wood, he would use that. Finally, he was able to make iron tools for peace and iron tools for war.


      These are the things we should progress on. Now I want to tell you something that should make you believe in something big­ger than man. I don't care what you call it. But you should believe in some­thing more powerful than man, more helpful than man.




      Although the world has advanced, it is still having a lot of trouble. So we still need something more pow­erful than man and more helpful than man. We are always going to need G-d; the more we progress, the more we will need Him.


      Look how hopeless our leadership looks. The earth looks the same to me. We planted flowers and they look the same as they did 25 years ago. But our leadership is deficient.


      I want to bring this to your mind and tell you that the great scientists of this world are on the same level that you are, when it comes to asking this question that I am going to ask: Where does time start and stop? Science has not answered it and will never be able to answer it.


      To have time, you have to have something in motion. And to have some­thing in motion, you have to have space. Where does space start and stop?

      G-d, The Creator, made the man and put the man on earth in some space. Then He told him of the great future that He planned for that man.


      He said, "Everything that you see in existence, I made it to serve you." Man did alright when the "you" as G-d used it included all human beings that would come from that man or that time in generations. It included all the people of the world.




      But he was seduced by the Serpent, or The Satan in his raw picture, to think independently, to not fear something bigger than he is, to not fear something that made all things exist and made him exist to uti­lize or get help from all things.


      He stopped thinking like that and fearing to disobey or doing something wrong. He was put in the figure of a serpent but it wasn't like the serpent that would bit you and you get to the doc­tor fast enough and it may never affect you anymore. This Serpent, if it bits you, you will be suffering forev­er or until you find G-d again.


      I am asking you where does space start and stop. They can map Chicago or map the earth. They can map the solar system. But eventually, they will get out so far, they cannot map the Universe. There is no map to say it is the map of the Universe. They will never have it.


      Another question about space: If you have an idea of where space runs out, what is on the other side? The Great Creator on the Holy Pages of our Book says, "Observe the skies and those things you see up there. They appear to you to be held in space without any structures holding them up."




      Why does G-d speak to man and to woman in that way? It is to tell us, "I want to help you, for the material objects have caused you to believe in them. You think they are real. You say of them, 'That's the truth; that is real.'" And G-d wants to change the way you think.


      He says, "Even that that you think is real and is supposed to follow some kind of reasoning that you respect, then explain how these big objects are up there?"


      The farther an object is away, the likelihood is that it is huge in size but the smaller it looks in our eyes. An airplane up high will look like you can put it in your hand. But the closer it gets to you, the bigger it gets.


      Your eyes cannot see size correctly, unless you are close up to the thing you are trying to get some idea of or have some reasoning about. G-d is telling us that those things that you have faith in, you don't know everything about it.


      Some smart ones who went to school are saying, "We know what holds those things up." Yes, from the great pioneers of sci­ence, you were given theo­ries. But theory is not nec­essarily fact. Theory in the material world is like faith in the spiritual world.


      (To be continued)


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