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Annual Islamic Convention Jumah Khutbah Part 3 (10/25/2002)

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  • Mubaashir Uqdah
    10/25/2002Muslim JournalAnnual Islamic Convention Jumah KhutbahPart 3By Imam W. Deen Mohammed (This following address was delivered by Imam W. Deen Mohammed at
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      Muslim Journal

      Annual Islamic Convention Jumah Khutbah

      Part 3

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed

      (This following address was delivered by Imam W. Deen Mohammed at the ASM (ALAS) Annual Islam­ic Convention during its Jumuah prayer at the Chicago Hilton and Tow­ers Hotel, 720 S. Michigan Ave., in Chicago , on Fri., Aug. 30, 2002.)

      You should believe in Freedom, Justice and Equality. You have to qualify for freedom. The more you qualify for free­dom, the more freedom you can get. If you want to quali­fy for the maximum amount of freedom that a human being is created to have, then please, put a limit on your own freedom.

      When you see your free­dom is too much and causing trouble for you and others, you withdraw and say, "No, that is too much freedom. I don ' t want all of that free­dom. That is destruction I am asking for. Then you will have not only freedom, you will also have justice. You will be a man not only of freedom but also of justice.

      The equality is the equali­ty of our creation. There is no equality for rich and poor. There will always be those richer than others and those who have to depend on oth­ers to open the way for wealth and material develop­ment. There always will be that; you can ' t change that. That is the way of creation, the Way of G-d.

      So let us not follow the Western world in their thinking and put the poor against the rich, so that the rich will be against the poor. Let us condition the poor to be friendly and appreciative of the rich, so that we will have the rich not fearing us and not hating us for envy­ing what they have.

      This world wants to create the breach and keep the breach growing bigger and bigger. If you know the Guid­ance of G-d that was revealed to Muhammed, you will want to heal every breach that G-d did not intend to be there. And G-d did not intend to divide peo­ple on class lines of wealth and poverty, etc., of those who we know as professionals and those who are not. We are all brothers and sisters.

      In Islam, the habit – and I won ' t say tradition, because we are not consciously doing it – has remained and when we meet with Muslims of dif­ferent nationalities and eth­nic groups and different sta­tus in the society or in the world – one is high and one is low, one is a doctor and one is not – we meet and greet each other and are one and the same.

      The doctor will be looking up to the little man without one degree, because that lit­tle man will have excellence of character a little more than the doctor or professor has. The professional will be looking up to him and prais­ing him, saying, "Make du ' a for me and my family, broth­er." This is Islam. Praise be to Allah.

      I strongly emphasize to you the need for you to fall in love, firstly, with G-d and then love G-d ' s Work. G-d is a Worker. He says that at every time in time, any little part of time, He is at some marvelous event or mar­velous work. Scientists have discovered with their long reaching telescopes that the world is not at rest, like they used to believe – that G-d created the world and then rested.

      Now they know that new galaxies are coming into existence as new creations, exploding out there in the distance. New worlds are being made with new suns and new moons and new planets. They are generating just like people are generat­ing; we are not rested, we keep having children. And the creation is not rested; it keeps having more and more suns and moons and stars, etc. Science has discovered this. G-d has not taken a rest.

      Islam says, "There is no sleep for Him or slumber." He does not even nod. He is awake all of the time. The Prophet said, "One day He shall bring in a new heaven and a new earth."

      When Judgment comes, do you think G-d is only going to gather people from the earth? No. He also says that He will gather those in the sky. Those in the heavens also will be gathered. For what? They must have done something wrong, and that is why we need a new heav­en. It is so we can have a new earth, too. If we get a new heaven, we can have a new earth.

      Understand this, I am not going beyond my authority given to me as a preacher of Islam. I am to obey G-d ' s Word, the Qur ' an, and to obey His Messenger, Muhammed. G-d says: "Obey G-d and obey His Messen­ger." I would not be qualified to be your Imam, if I were disobeying G-d or disobeying His Messenger.

      Muhammed the Prophet said that for every Word of G-d is an expressed meaning and one not expressed. There is an obvious meaning and one that is not obvious; it has a shrouded meaning, one hidden. You will have to use your intelligence to find it. And if you are pure at heart, you will be blessed to find it.

      When G-d tells you about heaven, there is not just one heaven. He says that there are seven tracts in the sky and a like number in you. There are seven in the heav­ens and seven in you.

      For the learned, the intel­lectuals, the inspired to seek the knowledge that is hidden in the universe, G-d says to them, "Don ' t you observe that this world, heaven and sky, was once a continuous whole, once connected before it was separated?"

      Muhammed comes, the mercy to all the worlds, and reconciles spiritual with material. He brings back the wholeness and the purity that G-d created, when He created the world before the Satan decorated it to deceive us and to make us go into the wrong path. This is from Muhammed, too, the prayers and the peace be upon him.

      Understand this. I would not dare give you something if I didn ' t have firm belief that it was the right thing approved by the Qur ' an and approved by Muhammed the Prophet ' s Sunnah, his tradi­tion, his teachings, his behavior, his ways. That is what I seek. I ' d rather be nothing, destroyed and burned up eternally, than to go against that. G-d knows it. I told G-d that, and if you tell G-d that enough, He will make it so.

      We praise G-d and we thank Allah for His Mercy. We know we are not to disas­sociate ourselves from the work of developing the mate­rial community. All of us, no matter how poorly we are equipped, there is somebody who can pick up a brick or carry wood or somebody who can turn on the motor to start up the machine.

      No matter how small the job is that you can do, you help us to take responsibility for our material environment and do something with it. That is where African Ameri­cans are the most lacking. I think when the Satan inspired the English word to be formed B-L-A-C-K, he knew he was going to put it on us eventually. He singled out a people to be called infe­rior and spelled the color he chose for you — not for a black Cadillac — and it says in it lack — L-A-C-K.

      He was saying, "We are going to see that the Blacks are lacking — lacking in intel­ligence, lacking in spirit — the spirit that G-d wants for peo­ple, and lacking in knowl­edge." They made the situa­tion and circumstances so we were not as opportune and advantaged as they were to get knowledge, to know what is G-d ' s Way for us, etc.

      They took our lives and made us lacking. Now G-d has brought His Word and Muhammed to us, our broth­er Muhammed, a man just like we are. He was not a priest or monk. He was not a knowledgeable man in scrip­ture. He couldn ' t read their scriptures and understand it, because he never had their scriptures. He was dumb in their scriptures.

      But G-d took a man who was uneducated and educat­ed him. He took a man who was worthy of great honor and gave him great honor and lifted him above all other men in character and also in mission.

      He gave Muhammed the mission to be a Mercy to all the world. And I repeat what I said earlier, Jesus was a sign pointing to that man, Muhammed, peace be on both of them.


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