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Education: Is the greatest tool for advancing the society

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    Ramadan Session 2006 Imam W Deen Mohammed Government: Works with religion in the ungodly world to control the masses That Pharaoh who is in the Bible as a
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 12, 2007
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      Ramadan Session 2006

      Imam W Deen Mohammed

      Government: Works with religion in the ungodly world to control the masses

      That Pharaoh who is in the Bible as a wicked oppressor, every Pharaoh was not like that. I studied ancient Egyptian history. Some of their leaders were very good. Some of the Pharaohs were very good for their people. All of them were not like that. It was just one in that period of time. The Pharaoh of that time, of Moses, the persecution, or enslavement of Moses' people, he depended on very mysterious, symbolic religion to hold the masses of the people. He had a priesthood that worked directly with him in government to control the people.

      Do you know government and religion work together in the ungodly world to control the masses of the people? That's how it was in that time. I am not saying all churches. I'm not saying all leaders. I am not saying all government people. No, but it is enough support among the church leaders or religious leaders and enough support in the government to keep that thing going. So they have an alliance, a pact. They work together to keep the masses ignorant, babyish.

      Education: Is the greatest tool for advancing the society

      We cannot get where we want to go and get our people where they should go if we just pretend that we do not see these things. No, we have to inform the people. Education is the greatest tool for advancing the society.

      Education is lost often when developers control it

      But do not think that education is always in academia, or in public school systems, or in the schools established for the people. No, it is lost many times. The main help for the intellect, or for the mind of people is lost many times because the world decides education. Do you know the big developers, the big investors in industry, they control government and education? And we only see opposition to them when a bright intellect appears somewhere in the country, or a group of them. Usually, it is a group, because a bright intellect is not going to be happy by himself. He is going to have to find some companions to work with him. So it turns out to be a small group of people who get together and they challenge what is going on. They point at the problem and they expose it or they seek to get it changed. And if they can't get it changed then they expose it; and then we see change for the better in the academic world or in the political, governmental world. We see change for the better. But it isn't going to happen without an interruption. Somebody who is right has to be attentive to what is good for the human public and what is bad for the human public.

      So we have reached point in our growth as a people on this planet earth, as communities of people on this planet earth, where the old must be replaced with the new. This old way of controlling the masses and managing the public has to be done away with. And I know some of you are guardians and they have given you a small job in the establishment. And you always think that you know more than your leader. You think that they have given you something higher than what G_d has given your leader. Well, that is your privilege. But I'm telling you, you can go back and tell your bosses, the day is out. It is a new day. Oh yes, it's a new day!

      We cannot continue to treat grownups in our public and in our residences, our neighborhoods, their brains and their intelligence like they are no more than babies. We have to respect the adult mind, because Allah will interrupt your thing. Yes, He will. He will interrupt it.

      So the change is now from appealing to the emotional side of life to appealing to the rational side of life, the land. That is what Jesus did. When he said come from the waters, follow me I will teach you how to become fishermen of men, that is what he was saying. That was the leadership. Tell me how many was he was talking to? How many did he bring from fishing? Twelve. So that is the leadership. How many are in the president's cabinet? Twelve. That is the leadership. So he was calling the leadership of that time.

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