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The Day Of Religion - Part III

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    The Day Of Religion - Part III Imam W. Deen Mohammed (Imam W. Deen Mohammed gave this Address at the Educational Weekend presented by Clara Muhammad School and
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8, 2007

      The Day Of Religion - Part III

      Imam W. Deen Mohammed

      (Imam W. Deen Mohammed gave this Address at the Educational Weekend presented by Clara Muhammad School and Masjid Muhammad of Washington, D.C., on Sun,, Jan. 14, 2007.)

      The psychiatrist wants to know the factors he can study that are in your environment that will tell him what is happening to you. But those factors didn't exist when G-d created us. Those factors came into existence with mankind.

      We believe like others believe in religion, especially the People of the Book, that the human life is morally fated. Things will seem to you changing in your life and in the society, but to put them in one lump sum they are called environmental conditions and influences.

      We have the saying of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) supporting that, when he said that everyone is born Muslim until the environment that they are put in makes them otherwise. This is the definition of Muslim that is for all people. It is the definition of being Muslim by nature.

      When the Christians say, "Christ within me," he is saying the same thing that we are saying, when we say "every human being is born Muslim."

      They call it "Christ," and our language in Al-Islam calls it "Muslim." Their language comes to them from the ideas given in Christianity, and our language comes to us from the ideas given in Islam.

      Christians' term that they arrive at is from Christ and "Christ within me." Ours is Adam, Abraham, Muslim in me - in my nature, my original creation. Christ is the innocence of human life - the soul, the mind, the thinking, the behavior. Muslim is the exact same.

      The word "Christ" goes back to "anointed with oil." Those who try to determine the lineage of Christ, they ask, "Is he the son of David?" Why David? It is because David was the one anointed.

      And he was anointed to be king. They saw David worthy of that title and role and anointed him with oil.

      Although the tradition has him being anointed by oil, when he cries out, he is talking to G-d. David said, "You anoint my head with oil, and my cup runneth over." He is saying that G-d gave him more oil than he could use.

      Isn't that the way of G-d, the Creator? It is said in the Qur'an, "He is the One Who gives without counting." When we give, we count. We believe in that innocence of giving without counting.

      Prophet Muhammed said that at some time in the future or in the end, the people will see Christ Jesus and himself together.

      We know that Jesus said, "It is expedient that I go away. For if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you." He says in other places, "He will send you another Comforter." We in Islam believe that points to Muhammed.

      Prophet Muhammed says that he is the "Unlettered Prophet" mentioned in the Torah and The Gospel. That he will come breaking the bonds that weigh down or crush the people. He will break every unjust bond.

      It alludes to slavery, but we know it is not just the slavery of the people put on the plantation, to control our life, movements and everything.

      This enslavement refers to the enslavement of the faculties of the human mind and soul, denying you the opportunity to develop and enjoy the growth of your potential and the capacity of your potential.

      It is the enslavement of the capacity of your potential — your created energies — to a small space that cuts you off from roaming the earth and the universe with your intelligence.

      G-d created all of us to travel the earth and the universe with our minds and our intelligence and with our hearts.

      Innocence in the spirit of humanity brings us to see a concept that has been presented in so many different languages and so many different cultural ideas or concepts.

      The child of common life essence by philosophical and scientific logic is the child of the cosmos or the child of the universe.

      The spirit-born logic emerges upon a magnificent premise shared among religious communities. That is human innocence, and in that innocence is the "inevitable product."

      Nothing is going to prevent it from becoming a product that everybody can see. Nothing is going to prevent it from bearing fruit. With the People of the Book, this inevitable product is termed The Promised Land."

      With the People of the Qur'an, this inevitable product is termed the "justly balanced community." Humanity's unstoppable life strengthen by humanity's most powerful of the Angelic Mediums speaks through Divine Prophecy of Truth, pointing to the nations of mankind to present time for the Day of Religion.

      The Day of Religion - the conclusion for prophecy, the finality on the stage for triumphant global dynamics of humanity's social life experience engaging matter, economic interests - now puts common man and nations at the table I would like to describe as The Table of the Fifth Dimension.

      Natural forces supported by global circumstances are the Table that we are calling The Table of the Fifth Dimension.

      Today, the global hour for the arrival of transparency, the new term of the religious leaders on high and now down below, is the opportunity for all eyes favoring of the common people. As Scripture says, "For all eyes to see...."

      It is for all to be in a situation to see the Divine Light of Truth, in a climatic moment, for the social situation of dynamics that promote rational wholeness. Today, in this present generation's time, the hour on the Global Nature Clock of G-d says, "Wait, until I bring My Timepiece, My Clock...." This is in Scripture.

      On the Global Nature Clock has the arrival coming and appearing at not a rectangular or square table but at a round table.

      Today, we call ourselves soul brothers, but all people are soul brothers. Today, soul brothers are favored by the circumstances that are forming because of globalization.

      This time is inviting all to sit together for the prophesied meeting in a global circle, like we have Muslims who make pilgrimage. That permits us to sit face-to-face.

      If we sit in a circle, like many of the devoted thinkers in Islam do, we see each other and sit face-to-face. When you speak to the persons, you look directly at them.

      All shapes, forms and colors — soul folks — are sitting at The Table of The Fifth Dimension. We can say while sitting at that table in the new light, that we see our savior transfigured. All eyes are opened now upon the promised, sacred, soothing, comforting, even cooling but fiery sunlight.

      It is the fiery sun, but it doesn't hurt. It doesn't burn your eyes. You can look at it, if you are blessed to be one of the innocent. And it is so soothing. Finished is that non-scientific sun. But we say to the non-scientific sun, as a sign, "live on."

      At the crack of dawn, yesterday's savage world and its sun appear to be rising, to the non-scientific mind or non-educated mind, and coming up out of the earth from the east. Then it has a pass over to the west.

      When you look at it, as it passes over to the west, it appears to be going down into the earth. If your view is an ocean, it appears to be going down into the ocean. From the east, if the scene is that of an ocean or lake, it appears to be rising up out of the ocean or lake.

      Hence, the idea or the concept in religion of birth and life and death and resurrection. You have to turn to the east, the place of its birth to see it come up again. There is much to say about this, but I am going to make it very short. Hence, the cosmic child.

      This needs studying; be a good student who will not be satisfied in not knowing one word in what he is given. The good student will seek to understand every word in the text, use his dictionary to increase his vocabulary, language and knowledge.

      I began with the concept of Tauheed and brought you to the concept of human innocence and how Allah blesses human innocence to rise and expand with mind and thought and interest, to feed on the heavens and the earth, to feed on sky and earth.

      If he feeds on sky and earth with his mind, he is being increased in knowledge, in sensitivities, in human body and what that body can do. He is growing as a person, as though he is now in the womb of mother again.

      But his womb of mother is the universe, the womb of the cosmos. He is born a cosmos child. What does Allah say in the Scripture: "He provides for you your food from the skies and the earth."

      This is true by scientific learning and inquiry, but it is also true spiritually. The material principle and spiritual principle always go together. Everything that G-d made materially speaks to what He made for us spiritually, our soul and its nature and how it performs.

      Men go to schools to get knowledge in religion and theology and metaphysics and study all of this and just treat it as though this is just knowledge, just history, just science of matter and spirit. Something is missing.

      I am a student of it. G-d has guided me to study it, and I don't see it as just knowledge or just language or just logos.

      I see it as the evidence of "Whatever" formed matter -because "Who" is too small for my G-d - rules in matter, stays with matter, is in matter and in me.

      I see Your Matter speaking to and communicating in my existence and showing me myself in a much bigger picture.

      That increases my faith. We are promised that The Truth, Heaven and Hell — these things that we doubt, question and argue over — shall be seen with Certain Vision.

      There will be no doubting; it will be so clear. There will be no guessing. It will be with Certain Vision, seen in Reality. That is The Promise.
      G-d says, "When they behold these things, they will say this is what we were given before." It is saying of our G-d, Allah, that He created the human life firstly in the heavens.

      And there was a disturbance in the heavens, because there was one Jinn who had performed as an Angel and lost knowledge of his own creation or own identity; he argued against man.

      G-d revealed that He was going to make a human and put the human in the earth and give him charge of the earth, make him a custodian in the earth, one charged with responsibility of G-d's creation.

      This one Jinn, who believed he was an Angel, who had forgotten he was a Jinn, disagreed. Understand this, G-d is giving us a scene to show us what has happened in His great creation. The figures that are speaking are not speaking to G-d, because they cannot speak to G-d directly.

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