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THE DAY OF RELIGION Part I w/correction in "RED"

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    THE DAY OF RELIGION Part I (Imam W Deen Mohammed gave this Address at the Educational Weekend presented by Clara Muhammad School and Masjid Muhammad of
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      Part I


      (Imam W Deen Mohammed gave this Address at the Educational Weekend presented by Clara Muhammad School and Masjid Muhammad of Washington, DC, on Sunday, January 14 2007.)


      On the Day of Reli­gion, I intend that this   presentation that I am going to make now brings us to see more and understand better the Islamic Concept of Unity, termed "Tauheed."


      It comes from a word in Qur'anic Arabic; these terms were not with the Arabs before Islam. They came only with the Prophet as Qur'anic terms. So they are not Arabic terms only; they are "Qur'anic Arabic" terms.


      "Tauheed" does mean unity, but it really means a little more than unity. There are other common words for unity. This is a particular word in Revelation for unity. It is close to monotheism, the idea of One G-d ruling in the human   life and over everything that exists.


      It is understood as that for the Jews and also has some ties to the Christians' concept of G-d, not the shirk or plural body but the continuous Line of Purity and Light that comes from our Creator to the service of G-d through men. How it comes, how we under­stand it resembles something in Christian doctrine and the­ology.


      The purpose in presenting Tauheed in this connection with the most important con­cept for the People of the Book is to show us our connected­ness - that we are not to see ourselves completely separate from the movement in Scrip­ture from its beginning to its conclusion.


      Its conclusion brings us to the language of The Day of Religion. If we would trans­late Yaumid Deen" literally -without interpreting it or translating it or applying it from some other language of the Guidance to Muslims in the Qur'an, we would trans­late it as "The Day of Reli­gion."


      "Deen" in Arabic is very closely associated with a word that means "debt" or the Ara­bic word, "Dane." That is how we are to understand religion in the Qur'an: It refers to the debt of the creature to the Creator.


      We are indebted to the Cre­ator of everything, including mankind, for whatever we have of good use in our own lives and in His Creation. We are indebted to Him, and that should be our most important view of man's relation to his G-d.


      Man is created to be con­scious and for his conscious­ness to reach to the far regions of the heavens and the earth and behold the unity for the logic supporting matter, keeping matter's exis­tence and preserving its nature or performance as G-d created it.


      So Tauheed begins with the observation that not only Abraham made, but Abraham is the Father of that insight being givent to mankind and evolving eventually into exact sciences and higher educa­tion.


      We believe in the unity of matter. The Prophets of old observed that, and I have said that Abraham is the leader of all nations. He is the Father, meaning he is the first leader.


      This unity continues or pro­ceeds from that belief or premise that all matter comes under the same Universal Law or Laws that are Univer­sal, that are tied together by one consistent logic.


      It is a consistent logic that is true for one side of the earth and true on the other side of the earth. It is true in my town and in your town across the waters. It is true everywhere. That truth stands up anywhere and everywhere.


      Recently, we have heard in the news, in magazines and on television that thinkers are saying now that religion and science are coming together. It you understand the Qur'an, it is clear in the Qur'an that they must come together. This is inevitable, because G-d's Truth is One.


      G-d doesn't have a Truth here and another somewhere else that contradicts it. He does not have a Truth in one form of life that contradicts the Truth in another form of life. His Truth is One, and wherever His Truth is does not contradict with other Truths. So religion and sci­ence must come together.


      If religion is true and sci­ence is true, they must come together. Allah says, "Think, that this creation was once one continuous whole before it was separated and made sky and earth." Science tells us that earth was once continu­ous with the sky. It was made of the heavenly bodies or sky bodies or bodies in space.


      Science tells us that the heavens and earth were not truly separated, that the nature and its movement belonged to the family or bod­ies in space. I thank G-d for making my heart stronger than my mind; my mind is too small for all that G-d puts on it. My heart has to bear the weight.



      Tauheed is a logic that influ­ences all of life, all matter, human life more than any­thing else, because it is free with the freedom of conscious­ness.


      We are free to take our minds out of the small con­fines of our created nature into the nature of energy and matter and just delve into everything that our minds can reach. We can study it, get information from it and have our own lives influenced by what we find.


      Most of the time, if you are searching for truth, it increas­es your life. It is like man and wife - mind and matter. When they have a relationship, where they have engagement and exchanges, matter imparts something to me and situates my mind to respond to it, like breathing in and breathing out.


      As it situates my mind to respond to it and I do respond to it, both grow. Look how man has grown his mind over the long, long road of human existence and civilization. Look how he has increased his imprint on matter and how he has changed the environment and has done so much.



      A bee can do a lot with the pollen on the flowers. They make honey and get the wax and make a nice home, that scientists say is air condi­tioned. It never gets too hot in there for them; the tempera­ture is regulated. They have a great science, and that is why the bee is mentioned in the Qur'an.


      The thinkers observed long ago that there is much beauty in science, a message from a sign from their life that we can take into our lives and brain and improve our own life, how we perceive life and how we perceive ourselves.


      The bee has an industry that speaks to us, the indus­trial man.


      And the bee is not the only one. Look how the birds make nests in trees. Look how the snow falls from the clouds or from the colder regions above, forming a kind of solid from a mist in the air. Look how they fall and how beautiful their designs are. Every snowflake is so beautiful in design, so graphic, so artistically designed.


      (To be continued)

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