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    THE DAY OF RELIGION Part II (Imam W Deen Mohammed gave this Address at the Educational Weekend presented by Clara Muhammad School and Masjid Muhammad of
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 25, 2007


      Part II


      (Imam W Deen Mohammed gave this Address at the Educational Weekend presented by Clara Muhammad School and Masjid Muhammad of Washington, DC, on Sunday, January 14 2007.)


      If we think of whatever is in matter, we can become fascinated, if we are real thinkers and love and enjoy observing the beauty, the art and wonders of Allah's Creation. That is what has brought us to be the creators ourselves of man's world.


      G-d says, "He (Allah) is the Best of Creators." It is so man will not become so big headed and forget Who designed the Creation, for man to have that great opportunity for him to become a creator of his own world.


      First, the idea of Tauheed comes from observing how the outer world looks and behaves. When Abraham saw how it looked to him, he was fascinated. But as he studied its behavior, he came to know that it was not G-d, that some Higher Power, Higher Form had formed the world itself.


      So Abraham is a type or symbol for the beginning of not only the Belief in One G-d but also the beginning of the True Sciences. That is Abraham.


      Allah says in Qur'an and in other Scriptures, "None can touch it but the purified ones." Then He sends Muhammed the Prophet, the Mercy to all people, all nations, all worlds, and He says of him, "He is a Mercy to all the worlds."


      And he, Muhammed, is sent to bond the people who have lost their true bond that G-d gave them in the making or creation of them.


      The breaking of bonds brings about enslavement of human life. If you break your bond that G-d wants you to have with your true self, first of all, and then with other people who have evolved in human society and human life, then Satan comes in.


      If he, Satan, cannot get you to break that bond, then he contrives or invents something to influence you to break the bonds. In that way he usurps your authority to govern your own life.


      Keep in mind the physiology of the woman and the need for her to mate, and she enjoys her children more than anything else. She enjoys her mate and her family, and eventually this brings us to have a public life.


      The work comes from the house, the home, and in time the homes have to bond with each other and form communities. Bond is the marriage and family, and then bond is families that come together and share in the one interest of providing for their life.


      Eventually, there is the public life. Streets to connect the smaller communities and businesses form great transportation and transportation systems. All of this evolves from human life. The needs that G-d has clocked into human life produce all that we see in man's life. If you lose those sacred bonds, you give yourself into slavery.


      We have come now to the unity of the family of man. That we all are the same creation. In science, if you want to study the human species, you have to accept, firstly, that the human species is one life or one creation.


      If you go to the doctor to be treated, the doctor has information that he has to rely upon, and it doesn't tell him too much about what nation you belong to or what color you are – black, brown, white. They give him a chart of your anatomy, and it is the anatomy of everybody. Everybody has a heart, lungs, etc.


      When you go to a psychologist, that is when it changes. So really, it is your mind that makes you different. The way your mind is constituted makes you different, not how your flesh is constituted.


      You may be asked by the doctor what is your blood type, but that will vary across all of the other divisions. The White man will have different blood types among them. Some have the same blood type that we have. There is no White blood type or African blood type. There are certain blood types that are common and universal. There is the universal person, and we all are universal persons.


      But if we are raised up in different environments, that will affect how you think and behave. So when you go to the psychologist about your behavior, he will ask, "What neighborhood did you come from? Where do you live?"


      He wants the factors he can study that are in your environment that will tell him what is happening to you. But those factors didn't exist when G-d created us. Those factors came into existence with mankind.


      We believe like others believe in religion, especially the People of the Book, that the human life is morally fated. Things will seem to you changing in your life and in the society, but to put them in one lump sum they are called environmental conditions and influences.


      We have the saying of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) supporting that, when he said that everyone is born Muslim until the environment that they are put in makes them otherwise. This is the definition of Muslim that is for all people. It is the definition of being Muslim by nature.


      When the Christians say, "Christ within me," he is saying the same thing that we are saying, when we say "every human being is born Muslim." They call it "Christ," and our language in Al-Islam calls it "Muslim." Their language comes to them from the ideas given in Christianity, and our language comes to us  from the ideas given in Islam.


      Christians' term that they arrive at is from Christ and "Christ within me." Ours is Adam, Abraham, Muslim in me – in my nature, my original creation. Christ is the innocence of human life – the soul, the mind, the thinking, the behavior. Muslim is the exact same.


      The word "Christ" goes back to "anointed with oil." When those who try to determine the lineage of Christ, they ask, "Is he the son of David?" Why David? It is because David was the one anointed. And he was anointed to be king. They saw David worthy of that title and role and anointed him with oil.


      Although the tradition has him being anointed by oil, when he cries out he is talking to G-d. David said, "You anoint my head with oil, and my cup runneth over." He is saying that G-d gave more oil than he could use.


      Isn't that the way of G-d, the Creator? It is said in the Qur'an, "He is the One Who gives without counting." When we give, we count. We believe in the innocence of giving without counting.


      Prophet Muhammed said that at some time in the future or in the end, the people will see Christ Jesus and himself together.


      (To be continued)

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