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    SOLID FAITH (Imam W Deen Mohammed gave this Public Address on the First Sunday of August, Aug. 6, 2006, at the Homewood Hotel, in Homewood, Ill.) Part 1 Peace
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      (Imam W Deen Mohammed gave this Public Address on the First Sunday of  August, Aug. 6, 2006, at the Homewood Hotel, in Homewood, Ill.)

      Part 1

      Peace be unto you. As Salaam Alaikum. We thank G-d for our presence here today. We always begin, "With G-d's Name, The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer."

      We want to speak to our radio listening audience and our live audience here today on the subject of Solid Faith.    We are here in Homewood, Illinois, again for the First Sunday Address. We are pleased to be together again.


      We thank G-d for life and for the opportunities for a better life. We are living in a time that is bringing religion and science toward agree­ment as to what is reality. Most religion and science require faith. We don't think of it that way, because we are not conditioned to think that way.

      Science is mostly based upon theory. Before science arrives at fact, science has the base or foundation of theories. We have a scientific world. We have a world that tells us all about the nature of matter, how matter is com­posed.

      I remember as a student in our private school in Chicago being taught, by our science teachers, general science and physics. If you had those subjects of science, you know that science says that matter is composed of small parti­cles that you can't see with your eyes.

      It has gone on the theory called the Molecular Theory, that molecules are composed of atoms, and atoms are composed of charges. And none of this can be seen by the phys­ical eye, so it still remains a theory.

      Theory means that they can't prove it to the rational mind and physical eye, except upon reference of observing certain behaviors of matter or believing that since these results come when we use these theories, these results hold up.


      A person believing in life after death or the hereafter or another life or better and higher life to come believes in that on faith. But the faithful persons are recorded in scripture and in regular life, our life, as having cer­tain experiences that give them reason to believe that that is reality — that it does exist.

      The same for the Belief in G-d; it is a belief; it is faith. But the experiences that we have personally as people of faith are as much evidence for our faith and belief in matters of religion, as these theories are for the scientific world.

      We experience it in our souls. We experience it in our minds. We experience it in our life. We see it happening in the lives of others. Many times, we experience it together. Two people or more will witness the same phe­nomena or the same happen­ings in their lives and identi­fy them the same.

      So what is the difference between theory and faith? The scientists would not have got­ten to where he has gone and made the progress he has made, if he had not had faith. He had to have faith - faith in what he believed. He had faith that in what he believed is the reality.

      We are conditioned to think of the world as the world of law and reality. Scripture says the whole world is deception. Deception - you are not really seeing reality, when you are looking at the world.

      There was a time when man was looking at the earth and believing that earth was flat like a table. He believed that if you went so far, you would fall off the earth.

      But observation over a long period of time and expe­rience and increase in knowl­edge brought mankind to accept the common knowl­edge that the earth is round.

      There is some proof that the earth is round, and one is given in the general science courses. It says that if you notice when you are out on the oceanfront and the ships are coming in toward the shore, the banks, the land, you see the top of the ship first.

      Then the rest of the ship comes into view in time, as it approaches. This is proof to a rational mind that the earth is round.

      PROOF there is G-D

      Similar proof is given to us in religion to support what we believe in, that there is a G-d. It is not just G-d over creation, but it is a Living G-d, an Active G-d, a G-d that listens to my personal life whenever He wants. This is what the person of faith believes in. And I say we have evidence of this, as does the world of science.

      We have to change the way we think. We have been influenced by the secular world, science, human claims, man's claims that fascinate us and escape our mental capacity, in other words leave us without explanations and make us think that man is a miracle worker.

      And he is. But he is not the first Miracle Worker, and he is not the biggest Miracle Worker. We are talking about Solid Faith. Both religion and science, I repeat, require faith. Science calls it theory. For religion, it is F-A-I-T-H.

      Humans are born sinless. There is no inherent sin -period. However, humans have a proclivity toward error or sin but are not born sinners.

      There was a time in the history of our criminal stud­ies in the United States, Criminology in the United States, that it was believed that if you could stop a crimi­nal from having children, it would help reduce crime.

      It was believed that the criminal would most likely produce a criminal, that that behavior was inherent. It wasn't long over a period of time that that was rejected here in the United State, and they took the position that no child was born criminal.

      So here we find religion and science agreeing, coming together. Not today but man years ago, religion and science were taking similar positions.

      If you really are an observant person and have a clef mind, and you think on what the world has done and think on what you have read in scripture, the world has just lived scripture. Scripture came before the world, and the world has been living  Scripture as though somebody gave man science as his plan for his life.

      Exactly what has happened is what was predicted.  And I can give you man statements from religion and scripture to explain that and support that.


      To believe I am born a sinner is to be crippled for life spiritually and mentally. Every field of knowledge knows that in order to succeed, one has to have a positive self-image or a view the value of one's self as good and appreciative.

      The reasons why so many people are failing in life that they have a crippling belief or idea that cripples them and prevents the from performing at the capacity or their ability. It is because they have been told that human beings are born in sin or born with sin.

      Somebody was awful messed up, when it came to accepting sex. And they are the ones who thought themselves a special creation, that  they had rejected flesh and pursued religious light and had become another creation above human creation.

      And they imposed upon themselves, as G-d revealed in the Last Scripture, celibacy - to have nothing to do physically or sexually with a female.

      They required that of themselves or of their order, that you don't marry women that you are married to The Word of G-d. That influence is what we see in the belief that man or human beings are born sinful or in sin.

      This is not something that starts in The Gospel. It starts in the early scriptures, that if you do wrong, your children are going to inherit it. Your children will be pun­ished for your wrong; they will inherit your sin. This is in Scripture. But do we understand it? No.

      We take it literally and we take it to be speaking to the matter, which it is not. It is speaking indirectly to the matter or to the subject - not directly. No child necessarily has to be affected by the bad behavior or the sins of the parents. We see that in life; we don't need anybody to prove that to us.

      We see extraordinary chil­dren come up in the worse conditions in some of the worse households, and they turn out to be just super. We don't have to have anybody to prove it to us; we see it in our own life.

      I don't think most of us bought that anyway. I think those who can't find a job bought it. I think those who can't follow good leadership bought it. I think those who can't follow good sense bought it. But I think a lot of us never bought it.

      The human family has human family solidarity. As our destiny, we have to accept the unity of the human family. Man has pro­gressed socially and materi­ally on this earth with a position now, globally speak­ing, that we cannot accept to ignore other nations and other people.

      (To be continued)
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