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The Power of Truth

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    The Power of Truth By: Imam W Deen Mohammed more than 25 years ago Listen to Imam W Deen Mohammed at www.newafricaradio.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 28, 2006

      The Power of Truth

      By: Imam W Deen Mohammed more than 25 years ago

      Listen to Imam W Deen Mohammed at www.newafricaradio.com

      With its superior language, the Holy Quran lets us know that we should fight that soul, not flesh, that has turned and given itself to misguidance, wickedness, and rebellion. A most effective way to fight the soul of such a person is given to us in the Bible and the Holy Quran. The scriptures tell us that we should repel evil with something that is equally strong (goodness). The Holy Quran says that many times you will find that the avowed enemy will become an intimate friend by the power of goodness. The Book is telling us not to abruptly decide that the flesh is evil, and it is teaching us against abusing or killing the flesh. The human being should keep evil under control by going through the avenues of the mind, or the sentiments of the heart. Traveling this route is quicker and better to bring the evil person into agreement with the good nature of the society than attempting to do so by attacking the flesh.

      The Holy Quran further teaches that the believers are a single brotherhood and that a man should make peace, not war, between his two contending brothers. Most of the people that have been under the influence of the old, grafted world mentality, which seeks to aggravate, agitate and stimulate things to the point of exploding, are really the devil. The ancient wise people had some wonderful pictures (descriptions) of the evils in life. We used to hear that the devil is one who keeps a furnace fired up and that when it is time to send a wicked soul in, he blazes and fires up the furnace until it is very hot, and then he takes the pitch fork and throws that soul into the fire. This is a very good description of the evil nature of this diabolic world because their way is to excite the forces of destruction, to feed them, and to build them up.


      We should strive to keep a conscious and a constant awareness of what G'd wants for us. The Creator wants us to have an obedient, humble and loving disposition. Certainly, the person with this disposition has fears, but he is not trembling with the fear of being whipped or killed because he is humble in the fear of displeasing his G'd. The Book says that we should not be ashamed of what others will say of us but that we should fear the shaming of ourselves before the community of G'd-fearing people.

      Hardly ever does the Holy Quran use fear in the sense of fear of a physical death or fear of a cruel, powerful force. When we read of fear in the Book, we think that the scripture is telling us to fear God because He is powerful and He can squash us at this very moment. Certainly, Allah can do that but He does not want people to be led by that kind of fear. Allah wants the people to have a pious (humble) fear, love and devotion to Him. He wants them to fear to do what is wrong because they do not want to displease their Creator, or to shame themselves before Him. The Holy Quran is constantly reminding us that the human being should have these kinds of fear. We know that Allah can snap us out of this world in the blinking of the eye, or quicker, but Muslims hardly ever are conscious of that kind of fear.

      Islam is a beautiful religion, and while it tells us repeatedly to fear G'd, Allah tells us in the Holy Quran that for the true beliver there is no fear. This means that Muslims will not be conscious of the kind of fear that people have who are wondering whether they will have bread, or the love of a certain man or woman the following day. The true believer never entertains this kind of fear because he knows that he loves his G'd, that his love is accepted by Him and that Allah is his beloved. In this kind of close love relationship, there just is no room for any savage fear.

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