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The Wisdom of Imam W Deen Mohammed

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    The Wisdom of Imam W. Deen Mohammed(Excerpts) Greetings of Peace, a Complete Wish Praise be to G-d. We always begin with the Greetings of Peace to our
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      The Wisdom of Imam W. Deen Mohammed(


      Greetings of Peace, a Complete Wish

      Praise be to G-d. We always begin with the Greetings of Peace to our audience. Our Prophet Muhammed, who came with the Qur'an - the Book that we call the last of the Revealed Books - once advised one of his followers: "Greet a person with peace, whether you know him or know him not."

      That is understood by us who have studied the teachings and life of our Prophet, that he meant to Muslim or non-Muslim, greet him with Peace.

      We greet everyone with peace, when we are making an address. Our Greeting of peace comes from our hearts to everyone in our audience.

      We wish you Peace. Peace for us is a complete wish; it leaves out nothing. There may be trouble from different things and different areas of life that prevent us from having peace inside. So Peace to us is the best Greeting, the best wish.

      (Excerpt from Imam W. Deen Mohammed's address to the Association of Professional Chaplains in Dallas, Texas)

      Faith, Iman

      I want to direct attention to faith, "iman." Allah, Most High, says in the Holy Book, His Book, the Qur'an: "Those who believe and work righteousness, their Lord will guide them because of their faith."

      Throughout the Qur'an, the last revealed Book, we are reminded of faith and good deeds: "Those who have faith and good deeds."

      The word "salih" (good) contains more meaning than is given in the term "good." "Salih" also includes in its meaning righteousness, sincerity and purity.

      All of those meanings are in the word that we read in the Qur'an as "salih" and "saliheen," its plural. "... Except for those who believe and they have good works, righteous works." (Qur'an)

      The nature of religion is faith; that is the basis of religion. Our Prophet is called a Caller to Faith. Our Prophet, the Prayers and the Peace be on him, first approached his people of Mecca to tell them the burden that Allah had placed upon him to declare the Oneness of G-d, that Allah is One Alone, and that Muhammed is His Messenger.

      When he declared that to the Meccans, he appealed to their capacity for faith and trust. The Meccans had faith in Muhammed, the Prophet, so he appealed to something that was a part of them already - the strong faith and trust they had in the person, Muhammed, before he was established as Allah's Messenger.

      Faith is the nature of religion. Faith is the character of religion. But faith without good works, without righteousness, is of no good and nullifies the faith. The absence of good deeds nullifies faith. Reverse the situation and the outcome is the same. If you have good works and no faith, then your good deeds are rejected.

      Do Good Wherever Required

      Many of us will do good selfishly. But will we do good for everything that is justly due our goodness? Are we into the state of mind where we will do good wherever good is required, whether it is for us, for our family, for a stranger, for the community or a call to do good by the household?

      When we come to the state of mind to respond to

      the call to do good from wherever, whether it is for or against us, then we have already become believers. No one having that excellent disposition can be a disbeliever. People who will serve goodness everywhere already believe!

      You cannot have that kind of strength to answer the call of goodness, whether it is taxing you or placing a burden on you or not, whether you feel a burden of cost or no burden at all, whether it will make you comfortable or disturb your comfort, whether it will take you from your home out into the battle field or leave you at home to enjoy — no one disposed to behave so righteously or hold such a strong position for righteousness is a disbeliever.

      When you get the mind to answer the call of goodness, no matter whether it is for you or against you, you are already a believer. Now we may differ as to how we explain our belief, but we have to have solid faith to really answer the call of goodness in the way G-d wants us to answer that call.

      We are told by Allah in Qur'an, Surah 103: "….The whole humanity, the whole people of the world are lost,

      except those who have faith, believe, have good works, cooperate for the advancement of truth and cooperate in support of the principle of patience."

      Those qualities promoted in that short surah (chapter) are to show us how to establish ourselves to prosper and not fall. First is faith and then good deeds.

      "Cooperate" for the advancement of truth and cooperate in support of the need in us to exercise patience, on the part of your brother and on your part....

      (Excerpts from Imam W. Deen Mohammed's book "Al-Islam, Unity and Leadership")

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