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"The Progressional Sense in Man as Given to Him

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  • yahya ibn muldrow
    Excerpts from a lecture Imam Mohammed gave in Atlanta in the 1989. The Progressional Sense in Man as Given to Him by His Creator Allah swt says to this man
    Message 1 of 1 , May 7, 2006
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       Excerpts from a lecture Imam Mohammed gave in Atlanta
      in the 1989. "The Progressional Sense in Man as Given to Him
      by His Creator"
      Allah swt says to this man Adam whom He created, " Inform them ( the angels) of their names" What does this tell us about Adam. And also understand that prophet Mohammed has told us every verse of the revelation has an applied-that is to be applied directly, and also it has an implied meaning. It is broadcasting from (two) directions and in (two) veins of communication. Such is the nature of communication.
      When Adam had informed them of their names, Allah swt said to the angles, " Did not I tell you that I know what you know not." Here is Allah clearly separating man's identity from the angles, and he is raising man in a distinct way above the angles. The angle is Allah's creation, but the angels are not so special in His creation that He can't create something even above the angles.
      Allah created man and then challenged the angels as if to say, " You thought I could not do better then you. But look here at what I have done. I have created a mortal subject to defect, subject to error, but with a perfect nature and urge to perceive all that exists. I have created an intellect!" That is what Adam was - an Intellect. Allah created a curious intellect. Every child is born a curious intellect. If accepted, he has to grow to be intellectual. But he is by nature created as an intellect. That is every creature-male and female-is created as an intellect with intellectual curiosity and for enlightened destiny.
      So you may ask, " How is it an intellectual curiosity, when he has not yet become an intellect and has not been exposed to the higher knowledge and learning, etc.? " What makes all of that possible. You may be a Ph.D. doctorate, but you can be so stupid, you cannot stay out of jail. The Ph.D. doctorate cannot stay off drugs. So what is the proof of someone coming into that intellectual life?
      The wise among these doctorate leaders know that it is not possible for them, unless it comes by a way beyond them and out of their control. What must accompany and assist rational thought in the intellect of man?
      The wise will say, " A G'd given natural urge." A certain man has written a book and entities it" The Intuitive Edge." In this book he goes forward to establish that what has made the difference between poor performing societies and great performing societies is this intuitive edge. He established that you don't get this intuitive edge from books. You don't get it from your professors. They cannot give it to you. When you have it you are not in control of it. You, yourself, cannot even control it. It works for you, but you have to wait on it to work for you. It is something given to you by Allah swt -the intuitive edge that man gets that puts him in a better circumstance and a better situation than those who have not yet come by it.
      Some have called it "the sixth sense." Many of us have confused things that have a resemblance. We will think we have it when we do not. We will think we have witnesses it in others, when we have not. But if you really know what we are talking about, it is something that you cannot command. You cannot give it to somebody else. Allah has to create you with it, and Allah swt must make available the possibilities for you to realize it. Allah must bring you into this power of the intuitive spirit, this intuitive activity in the soul and mind. And when I say" man," I am referring to male and female.
      Allah told Adam to inform the angels of their names. This tells us that the first urge in that progressional line of developmental life is the Urge to "know."  I have studied babies for myself. I have learned that babies do not come here with foolishness on the minds, no matter how foolish the parents, no matter how foolish the household. The new baby does not come liking and favoring foolishness. Others will work with that baby daily and all day long talking foolishness. the baby will look back as if to say "What the hell is going on?" After being worked on for days and weeks, then the baby may give in to the same silliness of mind. The baby comes here as Allah swt created it, with an intelligent mind and with a sense for what is intelligent.
      Now I am still addressing the great edifice or building of the individual human person.
      I will now turn to something else that science has brought to our attention. That is the difference between maturation and gestation. For different creatures this period of gestation differs. For some it is long and for some it is short. Gestation is the time spent in the womb or the time of conception to the time of delivery.
      For the human being it seems that the period of gestation is about midway. It is in the balance. You cannot say that he is the one representing the shortest, and he is not the one representing the longest rest. It seems that his period is a representation of the midway. And Allah has said that He has made you "a midway nation." He also tells us that he created the balance. you must face the scales on day! The period of gestation for the human being in the womb according to the information that we get from modern science is 275 days. The huge animal, the elephant, has a much longer period-645 days.
      Look at the gestation for the opossum, which our people in the south learned to eat and love when steaks were out of the question. Let me stop to say that some of us don't realize why we love some things that doctors say are bad for most African Americans people. They will tell you to stay away from certain foods. We do not understand why we have a love for something that means bad health.
      If you take a little poison, you may get by. But if you keep taking a lot of it then you will be in serious trouble. And because we did not have better food available we had to eat unhealthy foods. If you eat it long enough to answer strong hunger, " fat back" starts to taste so good! You are hungrier than hell, and the fat back is good! Chitterlings which is hog bowls were seasoned down with salt, sage and pepper. Now you are eating salt, pepper, grease, and bowls of hog (pork). It is a shame that we had to ever be put into such circumstances.
      Soul..culturing a taste for garbage. It is said that a taste can be cultured. Then you can culture a taste for something bad. This simply means to overcome a natural hesitation and bring about a habit. When the habit is established, then the thing becomes one's culture. Now we have soul food as the culture of the soul folks....."
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