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Comments on the Hadith concerning Bilal

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  • yahya ibn muldrow
    ASA, Most of us have heard the Bukhari Hadith as reported by Abu Harariah in reference to Bilal s footsteps heard in paradise before the Prophets saw.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2006
      ASA, Most of us have heard the Bukhari Hadith as reported by Abu Harariah in reference to Bilal's footsteps heard in paradise before the Prophets saw. Following is Imam's Mohammed's explanation of this saying:
      "The spirit goes ahead of the voice and Bilal there is representing that type in all people and the Muslim scholars they know that I have been sitting with them myself and they wanted me to feel comfortable I guess knowing that they love Black people and they have no problem with Black people. So they were innocent most of them, loving Muslims, they said to me, " you know we all are Bilal." And I understood that to mean that we all have the same nature. Bilal is not an African in the higher understanding of him, he is a type that is in white black and in all people. He represents the human soul in it's innocence that has been denied an opportunity to have it's enlightenment. G'd created the human soul for it's enlightenment, in Arabic it says, " Fujuraha and Taqwaaha" not only for it's piety for it's righteousness but also for it's enlightenment.
      Fujura means enlightenment which comes first as darkness and then it becomes brighter and brighter like the sun raising from dawn to noon day. We should see Bilal as a type that is in every human, a type of our spiritual life and nature, our soul in it's innocence. He was a very tender hearted person and they said after the Prophet (saw) died he would be seen practically all the time sad, actually crying with tears coming down. And it was so hard for him to stay where he had lived with the Prophet saw and the environment reminded him so much of the Prophet saw all of the time that he left there and went to Syria where he died and there they have a tomb for him and I visited it one day and some of our students, some of your children have visited his tomb there in Syria.
      Understand that Bilal is also in the Bible. Baal riding the donkey is the soul deprived of it's enlightenment, that is the donkey. And the soul deprived of it's enlightenment can never help the situation of the donkey, but abuse the donkey. And it said why have you struck me these three times? The donkey speaks with a man's voice in the Bible. So we understand (three parts) of the human don't we.
      And about the soul being one part of it, but here is the soul speaking that used to be ignorant, but now something has happened to make the soul become a thinker and talk with a man's voice. And what happened? It said there was an angel of light with a flaming sword standing in the way and the donkey saw it and the rider did not. So the donkey stopped and would not go any further and when the rider wanted to force it to move, he said why have you struck me these (three times)? I'm not obeying you any more I want some answers.Allah u Akbar !
      That represents an individual, the donkey is an individual, the same individual, the donkey is one part of the individual. The rider is another part of the individual. Now let me tell you African American people you are the donkey most of you, as a people you are the donkey. And you got baal riding you and you haven't seen the flaming sword yet, so you're not speaking with a man's voice. So what I'm saying with that? Though this represents what happens in the soul of an individual, it also represents what happens in the community of people where the type forms and the rider becomes the soul of the people collectively.
      And the one representing the soul may be the ruling order and sometimes it is the ignorant people you have to bulk, just stop and go no further with them and speak out with a man's voice and ask them, " Why have you struck me these (three times)? Why have you with your wisdom and knowledge of the nature of the human soul exploited the waters of my soul and afflicted me in my body, my mind and my spirit (three times)?" Allah u Akbar !
      Beautiful tasfir by Imam Mohammed. And didn't we when Allah swt blessed the Imam with the understanding of the three times the Prophet was told to read, - and that was shared with us - too say to the establishment that had been manipulating us , "get off my back, the light of understanding has come to me, I won't let you control me any longer." All praise belongs to Allah swt.
      Mohammed Hassan
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