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One Little Seed

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  • yahya ibn muldrow
    One Little Seed by: Imam W Deen Mohammed @ 2004 Convention Dawah Workshop When Allah says the likeness or parallel of our human creation is like that of a
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      One Little Seed

      by: Imam W Deen Mohammed @ 2004 Convention Dawah Workshop

      When Allah says the likeness or parallel of our human creation is like that of a plant, we should understand that the most important thing to see in that message is that a plant begins as a very cheap product.

      How much does it cost to buy one apple seed? But look what is in one apple seed. An apple. No, an apple tree. An apple tree will bear many apples. And we will eat and enjoy the delicious fruit from that tree, apples.

      But it is not interested in only giving us something to eat; there are other animals that like apples too.

      There are insects that like apples. So it is feeding the little and the big. The little insignificant creatures and the big ones. Bearing food for them, one little seed now so don't lose the picture.

      One little apple seed came a apple tree. Never was an apple tree produced by two seeds.

      Are you listening? I'm talking to the children over there who are falling asleep. They think this is not for them. This is what made the son of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Wallace D., the man he is now, listening to wisdom. And finding a way to live with it and work it in my life so I can more people live their lives.

      One little apple seed that we take for granted. Who will keep a apple seed? You will just take your thumb and thump it off the table.

      But from that one little apple seed come an apple tree, from that apple tree comes bushels and bushels and bags and bags of apples that human beings eat but also lower, inferior and weaker life eat from it too. A bear will eat it.

      But the tree didn't just produce an apple with its seed in it to just produce more of the same.  It also produced a tree a big apple tree. The apple tree becomes a home for birds and other living things that will come and eat from there right?

      Before the apples comes and the blossom opens up the butterfly and a bee will come and they will get substance. Look at what that one seed has done!

      And men will take the product of an oak tree or pine tree- one seed, never two seeds producing it, only one seed. One little thing! One little speck or one little grain!

      And men will learn how to make use from the body of that tree.  The pine tree, oak tree, or cedar tree whatever. And they will use it to build homes and bridges, look what came from that one little seed! The materials to build bridges! They don't build bridges out of wood mostly now, they use other things. But many bridges are built today out of wood that came from a tree. And the tree came from that one little seed.

      Now it came from the scriptures of before that, if you had faith so much as a grain of a mustard seed, you could do wonderful things. You could do great things.

      The African American race we have it in our soul, in our common soul that is the collective soul you might call it The Black Spirit of the people: we have it in our soul to do greater and bigger things because as a people, we haven't produced like the Irish produced, like the Italians produced: like other people produced.

      So that's a burden on our soul that we carry as a people. So we have this hunger in our soul that some of you register and some of you don't. Some of you are so interested in small dog and rat life. Monkey and pig life, you're so interested in that, that you can't be turned on to human life.

      So you don't feel the burden of your people being naked and out of doors as an industrial agent for G-d on this planet Earth! Like Adam, peace be on him.

      If you only had the faith of a mustard seed. ¦A mustard seed can't even stay in its place if it's put on the ground. It is so light that the wind will blow it away. That's how small a it is.

      But that one little seed will produce a plant like that. Some mustard seeds can produce enough mustard greens to fill up a basket.

      So from that one little seed produces all that plant is giving. So what is that saying? What is Jesus Christ saying in the Gospel to the Christians? What is it saying?

      It is saying produce! Unless your faith produces something, your faith will not be given any value on the Day of Judgment. It will be counted for zero.

      You say, Oh, I'm a believer, but what are you producing?

      When G-d says He made us like a plant, He is saying He made you to come from little and insignificant life, starting off with nothing. Nobody impressed with you, nobody cared to know you, ¦you were a nobody.

      But if you will put your life in the right environment, get with Imam W. D. Mohammed and the workers behind me and with me, you'll be in a circumstance for your growth and one day you'll be a producer if you just stay with us.

      And stay in the mold that we're in and one day you're going to become a producer.

      Just like that seed that need to be put in the right circumstances. It can't grow if you put it on stone, it can't grow if you put it in a bucket of water. ¦It can only grow if you put it in the circumstances that Allah created it for.

      And Allah created you all to be in the circumstances that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad put his son in or help me get in. You need to get in these circumstances that I'm in if you want to live and grow".

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