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The tree of Knowledge of good and evil

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  • yahya ibn muldrow
    Imam Mohammed s tasfir on, The tree of Knowledge of good and evil, Genesis 2.9 A Tree/knowledge the rulers of our present society use to keep us in check
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 16, 2006
      Imam Mohammed's tasfir on,
       The tree of Knowledge of good and evil, Genesis 2.9 A Tree/knowledge the rulers of our present society use to keep us in check and corrupt our souls.
      Knowledge of good, using evil to rule good.
      "Believe me Muslims never ate from that tree not as Muslims, but I want to tell you the West has eaten from that tree, they have fed mainly from that tree. And I won't blame it on Christians though, I can't say it's Christians, I don't think Christians started this. I know they didn't. Christians protested it, the church protested it. But they are the ones who have eaten from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The one who eats from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil wants to know how to rule the people who are good and how to use the people who are evil. How to rule one and how to use the other and that is the satan, satan is behind that, the devil himself, the chief devil, the satan, shaytan, he is the one behind that.
      Left hand represents unconsciousness.
      Quoting a Hadith from the Prophet in essence, satan eats with his left hand
      The Prophet (saw) said this, he said in a few words, " satan eats with his left hand so don't you eat with your left hand, you eat from the right hand " This is the teaching of the Prophet (saw) to us, the satan eats with his left hand. So what is the left hand? The unconscious action, now it may have a little consciousness at times but only because the right hand is asking of it to join it in work. If the right hand asks the left hand to join it in a work and the left hand is used, the left hand becomes conscious too, consciously working with the right hand doing the work.
      But after the work is done the left hand goes back to it's sleep, it's rest and whatever it does it does it in sleep, like sleep walking, just automatically too.
      The right hand works with your conscious to write letters or to do whatever you have to do. The right hand works with your conscious and the left hand comes to support your right hand when necessary, okay.
      Quran 7. 12 Iblis refuse to bow, you made me of fire, him from mud.
      So this left is the hand that acts without thinking and that's the devil, the shaytan. The shaytan acts without thinking but not without thinking perse, I mean not without thinking generally but without thinking perse. It acts without thinking on what G'd approves and what G'd disapproves.
      So it is unconscious of obedience to G'd, that is the shaytan. The satan especially when it's seeking it's own interest. It is seeking it's interest, it has no room for respect for scripture or G'd or anything like that, that's the satan. When the satan's interest was hurt or being blocked, the satan rejected the creation of man in defense of his own interest. So if the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is the tree of how to use good and evil for your own benefit, for your own selfish gain, to gain power and authority over man, that's is the satan. The satan is the one who bid man     "eat of that tree " Adam, he bid him "eat of this tree " and Allah swt says "and the man and his wife ate of the tree in Holy Book Al Qur'an
      Quran 7.27; satan caused your parents to remove their garments
      Qur'an 6.12; Lose your soul lose yourself
      Genesis 2.17; Eat of the tree of good and evil you die
      Matt 16.26; Gain world but lose your soul
      And Allah swt says referring to that act and that event, Allah swt says "And it was satan who caused your parents to come out of the original garment that they were in " And Allah swt lets us know what that garment was, He said the garment of righteousness. So to become unaffected by the moral issues and be only affected by real gain, that's is how the devil speaks.
      He will say the real gain, he means the gain for this world. And that's why the Gospel says "what has a man achieved, what has he gained if he gets the whole world but loses his own soul.
      He has gained nothing he has lost everything, why because our souls, that is us, so if you lose your soul, you are not yourself anymore. So that's just like accepting to die eternally, isn't it? If you lose your own self or your soul that is excepting to be dead to your own self eternally.
      So what does a man gain, I repeat the language, what does a man gain if he loses his own soul for this world? He gains nothing. Because this world was made for my soul to know and appreciate and enjoy. This world was not made for my soul for my soul to follow something that is against my own soul, it was not made for that, no.
      Sell your soul for certain job positions
      You cannot work in certain government positions and in certain industrial positions, you cannot be employed in big interest, government or private unless you are ready to sell your soul, not all the time, but sometimes in certain situations. You cannot have it unless you're ready to sell your own soul. And I'm not saying those are devils, but they are going with the devil and they are following the plans of the satan. They may not be satan but they're following the plan of satan, the way of satan, the rule of satan and the way of satan "
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