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Imams; forming cliques

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  • yahya ibn muldrow
    QuestionAs Salaam Alaikum Brother Imam. How does one deal with Imams who come together and form cliques in order to rule over the people in your name? One told
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 24, 2005


      As Salaam Alaikum Brother Imam. How does one deal with Imams who come together and form cliques in order to rule over the people in your name? One told us that the community doesn't tell the Imam what to do, the Imam tells the community what to do.

      Imam WD Mohammad:

      I've seen their cliques, I know you are telling the truth and they keep most of the people out of the clique. Well that's the way it looks, that's their position, most of them. We have the exception we have some very fine Imams too. I would come to them but since they have no respect for me and the proof that they have no respect for me is that they have cliques. I won't come from what I formulated as words but from Muhammad the Prophet pbuh. In Bukhari the most popular collection of his saying he said "Ad denun naseha," translated "Religion is sincerity." He was asked sincerity in what circumstances or sincerity meaning what or how? He said the Imam is obligated to be sincere to his constituents and the constituents are obligated to be sincere with their Imam. That is why you have it translated also as "Religion is good advice."   The understanding here is that you are to be sincere when advising your followers and your following is to be sincere when advising you.


      So they have the right to talk back to you brother Imam and give you advice according to this report of how our Prophet pubh guided his following to see sincerity and obligation of the leader to his people or to his following and the obligation of the following to their leaders. And isn't it on record that the shining, bright companions of our Prophet bpuh who followed him in leadership Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman all of these great leaders they accepted criticism publicly directed at them where the public was hearing it. I don't know what they are going on, it should be the Quran and the sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh).   If they're going on the teachings of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad a woman would put you out of your position he had women in position. The Hon. Elijah Muhammad had women established in position who would give you a phone call and tell you to sit down or I will send the fruit out there on you. I don't know where you are coming from.

      WD Mohammed is a follower of Prophet Muhammad

      If you're coming from Imam W. Deen Mohammed you're coming from a follower of the way of Muhammad the Prophet pbuh who uses the Quran first and highest and follows Prophet Muhammad pbuh. If Muhammad pbuh said the congregation has the right to advise you that is what Imam Mohammed supports. You make yourself a fool and you cut off your own growth when you refuse to respect your congregation. Some of them, they can't get out of the mindset that they were in as lieutenants, captains in the old order in the Nation of Islam. So they don't see you as equals, they don't see you as brothers and sisters, they see you as people that they are responsible for to keep you in check. What checks does he have? He is limited up here (mentally) he didn't get too much education. What is he going to use to check you with is threats, an ugly face, mean looks and a little a squad of physical men ready to have fun hitting you upside the head, kicking you and throwing you out, that is a shame. I can understand senior citizens, old people. They are not supposed to deal with anything like that, you young brothers are supposed to go and deal with a situation like that.

      If you have a congregation of senior citizens, they are not expected to rise up and challenge them, they are fragile and they just want to be left alone. Their own nature tells them that they are not the ones to go up there and check that man. Some young brothers are supposed to do that, and if you don't it, they tolerate it, they sit there.

      They say "I don't have enough time to worry about this group, I come here because I know I'm a Muslim and I'm supposed to come here and I'll just come here until I die. And I hope Allah swt will free us from this man here and give us a better leader one day." Allah swt says the believers cry to be free from this hard ruler, right? In the Quran Allah swt blessed them with some help, young strong group came in there and took care of business. You might ask, "Is he telling us to do that?" No, I am not telling you that, I'm warning your leaders that may happen. I am not telling anybody to do that, but I know the risk is there brother. Some young brother is going to look at you one day and they are going to come up there and take you out and they won't be taking you out to tea.

      That is a shame but look, you go to market to shop for vegetables, I don't care how good the store is, sometimes something just doesn't look too good, so what do you do? You pass over it. You take only that which you like. That is how you should select your leaders and that is how the congregation should be by their leader and that is how you are. You're intelligent, wise, some of our senior citizens are very wise. As long as he is talking straight they stay alert, as soon as he starts that other stuff (they nod off).

      What is the instruction from our Prophet Muhammad? He said, "We're obligated to resist wrong , if you can't resist it with your hands, then with your mouth. If you can't resist it with your mouth then with your heart. Don't let them get your heart, don't let them convert you to their wrong doings. If my heart isn't with you (nod off).

      When I first became your leader they tried, they thought they could get me to be their servant, to be afraid of them and do whatever they wanted. I got threats but I stood up to them. I   didn't get upset, I didn't get wild, I didn't start hollering, fussing, complaining, I was quiet, I said nothing. But my quietness communicated louder than my physical reaction would have saying it is hopeless buddy, you are not going to handle this. This servant belongs to G-d you can't make him go your way. And they let me alone Allah swt protected me.

      So it is not for you senior citizens to take care of a strong brute who is standing over you, it is for you young men to stand up and demand of him respect of our congregation or leave here. And believe me if they go to court the law will be on their side.

       My advice to you, those who are not following the way of Muhammad the Prophet, who don't follow what I give you of the Quran, the life of Muhammad pbuh and the good understanding of it, they are not worth you spending an ounce of energy on, not worth you spending one second on. You should just get up and leave and never come back.   As soon as he starts that just walk out, leave him with his clique. We'll sure make you do our bidding, we'll turn you into a female," you think you can do that? You cannot harm me in the least unless my G-d wants that done to me. If my G-d wants that  done to me it will be best little pleasant whipping I ever had.

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