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Revelation Respects Man And Nature

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    10/27/2001 Youth Dawa Class Chicago, Illinois Revelation Respects Man And Nature By Imam W. Deen Mohammed There are four surahs in the ending of the Qur’an
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      Youth Dawa Class Chicago, Illinois

      Revelation Respects Man And Nature

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed


      There are four surahs in the ending of the Qur’an that begin with say, “Qul” the last of these is called surah An Nas.  It says,  “Say I seek refuge with the Lord of human beings” or of humanity, mankind and the first surah is, “Say to the disbelievers, the rejecters of faith those who don’t believe.  


      Qur'an 109; The disbelievers


      They don’t want to believe that there is something bigger than their brain can fully grasp. They only believe in what their brain can grasp. Those are the rejecters of faith. If their brains can’t grasp it then they do not want to accept it. That’s the satan and the rejecters of faith, his followers. 


      There are many things human beings can’t grasp. You can’t even grasp space. You don’t know the end of space. The satan cannot tell us the end of space and his followers can’t tell us the end of space.  The atheists say there’s no G-d. They don’t accept nor do they believe that there is a G-d. They don’t care what you believe but they don’t believe that there is a G-d. They can’t tell us the end of space so why reject something you can’t know?  There are too many things in the world we don’t know. So its stupid on their part. They are the stupid ones.


       The modern world benefits from Jews, Christians and the Muslims


      This world was not made by atheist and it was not made by satan. It was not made by the rejecters of faith. It was made by Christians, Jews and Muslims. This world, everything that we have that is great came either from the Jews, the Christians or the Muslims. Very little others gave us, including the electric light and all that benefits us.  Allah (swt) didn’t bless them He blessed those who believe in Him.


      So this is what you should understand and love. G-d, if you don’t love Him you are not my student. You are not suppose to be here.  Love G-d believe in G-d and want to obey Him then you can be my student.  If you don’t have that in you I don’t want you as a student. You have to first be a believer in and love G-d desiring to obey Him. Al Islam is not for disbelievers it is for believers. Allah (swt) does not say “oh Muslims, He says “oh Believers.” all throughout the Qur’an. That shows you who He’s talking to. He’s not just talking to Muslims. He is talking to Muslims who believe. 


       Every Muslim is not a believer


      There is a difference between a Muslim and a Muslim who believes.  A person does not necessarily believe just because he says he’s a Muslim.  So I have a few believers in here and I want all of you to believe I’m going to hammer your brains until you wake up.   I might convert an atheist among these grown ups. There is one here among the grown ups. I am not going to tell you who it is.


      It is not you. I been knowing you too long as a believer, but there is an atheist here among us. A grown up. We are going to hammer his head too until he becomes a believer or he will be hammered out of the world.


      It was Muhammed the Prophet (pbuh) and the studious followers of his time who opened up the sciences for the West.  I have a book here written by a professor called “Qur'an for astronomy and earth exploration from space.” This man is no fool, he is a professor and he respects the fact that the Qur'an is also a Book of science not just a Book of prayers.


      Americans Who believed in G-d landed a man on the moon first


      We are going to begin with the chapter called the rejecters of faith. The Russians and the Americans started out about the same time with space inquiry and travel and it looked like the Russians were going to dominate because they got sputnik up there first. Do you remember that?  They were ahead of America in space travel  but who landed a man on the moon first?  G-d would not let the atheist do it. The Americans did it. A Christian country did it and ended up leading there first and has never lost the lead. 


      Qur'an Touches on all sciences to attract man’s interest

      Bible Is mostly a book of spiritual science


      Believe me some Christians know that the Bible is a Book of science, most people don’t. The Bible is also a Book of science, but its mostly spiritual sciences.  The Qur'an is a Book of all kinds of sciences. It  touches upon all sciences not to teach us those sciences but to attract our interest to be devoted to those sciences. That is the only thing it needs to do.  Man’s brain is made for science. The human brain is made for the creation, for the world.  Allah (swt) made our brain for this world. Nothing else has He made for this world like He did our brain. The animals, cows, the unenlightened human beings all they can do is just eat from the earth, enjoy the physical world but they can’t penetrate the world and bring out the sciences. 


      So they live like animals on the earth. Animals eat and enjoy and everything. Animals were even flying in the air before man. The animal can do a lot with the world, but they can do none of the things G-d created to be done like human beings who are  made to work with the external world, make good use of it. Man can change the whole environment of human beings with the things that man and woman are able to draw out of the world. He can  see in the world and then draw it out things for human benefit.


      Revelation respects man and nature


      If more people knew that revelation respects human nature and the natural world we would have a better world. If they knew  G-d is the Creator firstly of the nature and the natural world, that is what He did first.  And that the same G-d Who gave people religion is the one Who did that.   He would not give us a beautiful world and then give us a religion that has nothing to do with it. That would be crazy on His part. G-d is all intelligent, all knowing, perfect.


      Muslims were able to make great progress when they were thinking like this. When they stopped thinking like this and started being mystics and ritual people just praying doing dhirks and nothing working up here (in the rational mind) in the world they lost their lead in the world. The West took over. They lost it and they haven’t got it back yet. They will never get it back until they go back to the idea of Al Islam that Muhammed the Prophet (pbuh) gave them, his great learned companions and what his students gave the Muslims and the world. Not only the Islamic world they gave to the whole world, all the world their knowledge. So we are going to begin with the first “Qul” in the Qur’an.  

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