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Al-Islam Came To Benefit Man In Society

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    10/27/2001 Imam’s Meeting Shreveport, La Al-Islam Came To Benefit Man In Society By Imam W. Deen Mohammed (raa) Miskat Al Masabih Roberson 2p1051; G-d
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      Imam’s Meeting Shreveport, La

      Al-Islam Came To Benefit Man In Society

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed (raa)

      Miskat Al Masabih Roberson 2p1051; G-d created nothing better than intellect

      Abu Huraira reported the Prophet (pbuh) said “Allah (swt) created the intelligence, He told it to stand up and it did so, then told it to turn its back and it did so, the told it to turn its face and it did so, the told it to sit and it did so.  He then said “I have created nothing better or more excellent or finer than you.  By you I shall receive, by you I shall give, by you I shall know, by you I shall reprove, by you reward will be gained and by opposing you punishment will be received.”

      Muhammed (pbuh) said G-d did not create or make something better than the human brain, now he meant better in its service and that’s what we look at, service. What can you offer as service, can you serve mankind can you serve this community and people on earth, what do you have to offer as service?  And we know the human brain is what we owe for most of the things that have advanced society, we know G-d is behind it certainly, the human brain you look all around you, you see the products of the human brain.  The structure the building, the light, the coloring, the decorations, everything, the carpet, this mic, this electric system, you’re looking at the products of the human brain and that’s the cultivation of the garden.

      The angels won’t change anything; they’d still be grazing earth like sheep if angels were still in charge. Wouldn’t even have fried bread just good grass, sweet grass.

      Religion says man is a servant of G-d his environment

      This is very important whether this is meant to be for Christianity it shouldn’t be an issue with us, but it is important for us to know that this is the reality for us as Muslims, the reality is that Religion is all about man being a servant of G-d in his own environment. 

      He is to serve G-d by working in his own environment to bring out of that environment what G-d put in it for man in society, man in community life or man in society. He have put all these things into creation for us to use our brains, discover them and utilize them for the comfort and betterment of human community life and it happened in Muhammed’s (pbuh) great cultivation.


      The adhan says come to prayer, come to success, but as many of you know who is sitting here today in Shreveport at this beautiful Masjid facility, many of you know that come to success is “Falah” and “Falah” is cultivation of the earth, it aint success, not by direct translation or literal translation its not success.  But by reasoning its success because if you cultivate the earth you’re going to have success, at least success as a farmer, a gardener.

      Hayya falah is not success, “Falah is cultivation and the common man you go to any Arab speaking country and going out in the field and   say “ayna al faalah” from the same word “where it the cultivator? They’ll try to find him for you.  And just like we have the expression peasants who work the land, poor people they got it in Arabic, Arab countries, “Falaheen” those people who just work on farms like peasants.

      So the Arab he knows Arabic but he can’t get any knowledge from his adhan, here is a Negro, an African American black man turned on to plow the universe with mind by father Elijah Muhammad and he hears his adhan and gets more out of it, get what he can’t get out of it and he speaks Arabic, why?  Because his mind been trained to think in certanin way, he can hear that adhan over and over again he aint going to get nothing.  Because his adhan is for up there, my adhan is for up there and down here too.

      Come alive “Hayy” means come alive the Arabs have again in their common language they have “Hayyun” means living, anything living is “Hayyun” and its “Hayy” the same word, just “Hayye” the “ye” at the end of it is affected by the rule of grammar.  “Hayyun” the same word the “ un” at end of it is the effect of or indicates the grammar, that’s what it indicates, the grammar.

      Eccles. 9.4; Live dog better than dead lion 

      “For to him that is joined to all the living there is hope: for a living dog is better than a dead lion.”

      So it’s the same word in the Bible proverbs they have what they call - and I read this in the Bible its called an Arab proverb and its in Proverbs, but the Bible says an Arab Proverb.  “A living dog is better than a dead lion”, “Al kalbu hayy akbaru menal asad mait” So “Hayy” means living so the expession “Hayye” is an order, its an imperative, it’s a command that you live.  G-d is saying be alive, live. 

      II King 4.32-34; Elijah raised the dead

      [32] And when Elisha was come into the house, behold, the child was dead, and laid upon his bed. [33] He went in therefore, and shut the door upon them twain, and prayed unto the Lord. [34] And he went up, and lay upon the child, and put his mouth upon his mouth, and his eyes upon his eyes, and his hands upon his hands: and he stretched himself upon the child; and the flesh of flesh of the child waxed warm.”

      Isn’t that what the Prophet that discovered the widow’s son told him live?  Be alive, come alive, he was dead but he had the power to tell him to come alive and came alive. Was that the widow’s son or I know one Lazarus wasn’t it? No Lazarus the one that was dead and the widow’s son was, yes, that’s right he told him to live. And we were told that our savior came to give life to the mentally dead not the spiritually dead I don’t think there was a black man on this planet earth spiritually dead even if he was drunk.

      Back there in the thirties if somebody would start playing some church music he’d try to straighten up, “thank you G-d, thank you Lord, ameen, ameen, it was in all of us even if you didn’t go to church it was in you to respect G-d.

      So we know we already said it is two meaning so come alive, yes “Hayy” come alive spiritually yes but the more important in Islam is that you come alive mentally, the brain is what will progress you and bring progress for your life in community and for you in the world and yourself too, even for your spirituality you need your brain  working to develop your spirituality better.

      Heart precondition for brain development

      And some people say the heart, yes the heart is the conditioner, the heart conditions the brain, if the heart is a bad heart it will condition brain to follow the way of destruction.  But a good heart will condition the brain to follow the way of health, production and creativity, production etc., a good heart will do that.  The heart is important as the soil for the brain, the first soil for the brain.  The brain should first get is roots in the human heart, yeah, know what the human heart wants, the good human heart. Will farmer put his good seed in bad land and bad ground?

      No, so the human brain shouldn’t get its roots in bad ground, it should get its root in good ground the human brain.

      QUR’AN 26.192 - 194; Qur’an revealed on Prophet’s heart

      192.  Verily this is a Revelation from the Lord of the Worlds:

      193. With it came down the spirit of Faith and Truth-

      194. To thy heart and mind, that thou mayest admonish.


      QUR’AN 59.21; Qur’an revealed on mountain it would crumble

      21. “Had We sent down this Qur'an on a mountain verily thou would have seen it humble itself and cleave asunder for fear of Allah such are the similitudes which We propound to men that they may reflect.”

      So the human brain should get its start in the human heart “And He revealed it upon his heart”, said “if He had revealed it upon a mountain, not together now these are separate, two separate texts in the Qur’an.  The first text, one text I’m quoting it said the He revealed it upon his heart meaning Muhammed (pbuh) upon Muhammed’s (pbuh) heart, He revealed the Qur’an upon Muhammed’s (pbuh) heart.   But in another text of Qur’an Allah (swt) says, “had it been revealed upon a mountain the mountain would have crumbled into dust, the mountain couldn’t take it, its too heavy, but the human can.

      Mountain represent the human intelligence

      Now what is the mountain? Intelligence the mountain represent the human intelligence, if He had revealed it upon man’s intelligence man’s intelligence would have been destroyed by it.  But He revealed it upon his heart.  An innocent good heart won’t question what G-d says, but a brain will.

      Muhammed (pbuh) was prepared not to question it because he had not been taught before, he was ignorant of Scripture, he didn’t know anything about it.  So his brain couldn’t come in and say, “Well this isn’t what I was taught” he wasn’t taught anything before. “This isn’t how I was taught to see it”, he couldn’t say that he hadn’t ever been taught Scripture or anything like that before. 

      QUR’AN 87.6; We shall teach you and you won’t forget


      But then G-d says “And we shall teach you so that you will understand or know” so that you will not forget. We shall teach you so that you will not forget.  So here G-d was revealing to Muhammed (pbuh) and at the same time teaching Muhammed (pbuh). Teaching Muhammed (pbuh), revealing to and teaching him.

      So the man that had no knowledge was given knowledge directly from G-d.  So after Revelation came then you couldn’t say he had nothing but a heart, he didn’t have any intelligence in his brain or any knowledge. 

      No G-d had given them plenty intelligence, plenty brains, turned his brain on to Scripture, he was already turned on to money, he was working in business for his wife, may G-d be pleased with her lady Khadijah first wife.  So he was turned on to business, to the world but was not turned on to Scripture, unlearned, unlettered in the Scripture.  And G-d says “and we shall teach you and you shall not forget”; “Fa la tansa” and you shall not, then you will not forget.

      “Fa la tansa” means we will teach you then you will not forget, so you will remember because the way you’re going to be taught is going to make it easy for you to remember and you will not forget.  Says “ we have made it easy to learn, easy to recite, to commit to memory, made it rhythmic, rhyming etc., “we shall teach you so that you shall not forget”.

      Man Woman roles life nature ordained   


      So all of this is said to you this afternoon, this evening to say one thing, in Al Islam we are to understand that this Religion came to benefit man in society and we say man we mean females, male and female. Came to benefit man in society, but why man so important, why you say man and not woman? Because G-d created man and woman differently, created man to cultivate the field, and bring in what he finds in field so he can make his home life better.  But He created the woman to develop the home life where she will be tied up for most of her young life bearing children and being responsible to rearing them to send them out when their old enough and strong enough and big enough, mature enough into the field with her husband, especially the boys, the men, the males.

      So this is the natural way of life, this is the way life, this is life; life has done that can’t blame man for that, life did that to man and the woman. I don’t think no man said “ ok you stay in the house” in the beginning of man’s life on the earth, I don’t think he said “you stay in the house, I’m going out”.  He said “ got damn it I got to go out, its cold as hell out there, its some wild things out there I may not come back baby.  Pray for me please”. He didn’t choose that, nature put that on him and now the women going to blame us for keeping her in the house who we going to blame for sending us out in the field?  Her, say you greedy thing you couldn’t get enough, you never get enough, hell I planted a garden right around the house, you had to send me way out there to get you something special. You learned that there was something else out there 500 miles away, I had to be away from home for 5 months to go and bring you back that chinchilla coat whatever you’re asking for. 

      Male symbol & Female symbol 

      The woman send the man out that’s why in the symbol for male sex and female sex it has the circle firing the arrow out.  And believe me that’s just what happened to us brothers that circle have fired us out. We have to recognize these natural distinctions for males and females.  And Allah (swt) says the male is not like the female, this is in Qur’an.

      Man woman differ roles same spiritually

      So where we have to know the commonality and that’s the spirituality, that’s the human intelligence etc., so when it comes to the role in society, there comes the difference, the roles in society are different, historically different, naturally different, historically different the roles in society.

      Now modern world is trying to make them the same, right?  Its going to make the roles in society the same, woman does the same thing the man, whatever she wants to do, ignore nature, don’t’ want any children, that’s the jinn order again, I didn’t’ say devil, that’s the jinn order again taking over the world say “it aint gona work this way”.

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