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Take Charge Of The Future

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    05/30/1998 Take Charge Of The Future By Imam W. Deen Mohammed (raa) If you understand the religion of Islam as given in the holy book of the Muslim, the
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      Take Charge Of The Future

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed (raa)


      If you understand the religion of Islam as given in the holy book of the Muslim, the Qur'an, and in the right habits and practices and teachings, or example of Muhammed to whom the Qur'an was revealed. That man, that great man, that deft man in Creation that G'd gave the Qur'an to for all people, really for all people. If we study him, study the Qur'an, study him, we will agree that G'd wants us to take charge of the future. Prepare for the future, that's what the desire for heaven is all about.

      Heaven is a home that works within us to influence us in many ways positively to take charge of the future. Not to live just for the day, but live for the destiny, live for the meeting with your G'd, that's the future. So even the idea of heaven is an idea that get into us, to condition us to work for the future. Heaven is the long distance future, the longest journey, I would say destination, is the longest destination, is the destination after all other destination have been met or reached or we failed to. It is the last one in death, and we hope that we have done enough on this side to earn Heaven. A future reality, not present, but future. Our future goal that the soul needs and the soul wants to reach or to have.

      So, if I'm understanding the teachings of G'd correctly and the practice of Muhammed correctly, then I think this obligation means to care about myself, care about my children, care about my loved ones, and I won't just have them see a tomorrow better than today or next year better than this year. Our future better than this present. So we have to apply that in every area of our lives, not just morally, spiritually, but in terms of education. If we applied this in every area of our lives, we'd be working for improved schools, improved conditions for our schools, and improved education. Improved schools! Improved environment for the schools. We'll be working for all around improvement for our schools, our effort in education.

      If we apply the same philosophy, the same interests, if we have that same interest in our business appetite, we'll be very, very successful as business people. The business people have no more than a plan to feed their physical appetite or physical needs. They don't stay in business, they can't stay in business. They have to be motivated by something bigger than just physical appetite. The one who just want a fine car, a wardrobe he can show off, and a big bunch of dollars, a big fistful of dollars, in his pocket, as soon as the money accumulates in the cash register, he's gonna take it out because that's all he's working for.

      But the one who's working for bigger goals will take that money out of that cash register and put it in the bank and invest almost all that money back into his business. And you'll see him going all like he's not making any money at all. He might look poor two years from now than he did when he started, but he's richer. He's richer. His money is going where it counts. His money is going to things that will assure him a better future and this is what we want. And G'd has given it to us. Thank you. Pray to G'd for forgiveness and for success as Muslims. We are on the way.

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