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Study Knowledge To Make Relevant Connections

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    12/16/2000 Ramadan Session Study Knowledge To Make Relevant Connections By Imam W. Deen Mohammed (raa) Prophet means Warner The Prophet Muhammed (pbuh)
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      Ramadan Session

      Study Knowledge To Make Relevant Connections

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed (raa)


      Prophet means Warner

      The Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) and we should say this in our hearts if we don't speak it aloud, prayer and peace be upon him, because Allah (swt) tells us to do that, the way to salute him.   Allah (swt) told us the way to salute him isn't that wonderful, G-d Himself in the Qur'an tells us how to salute Muhammed the Prophet (pbuh) when we know him as the past Prophet, it doesn't mean that he's the last Prophet because the word Prophet means Warner. It comes from a word meaning to give news but that news is a warning, it's a news that carries a warning with it So Allah (swt) doesn't speak of His servant Muhammed (pbuh) that many times as a Prophet but He speaks to him just constantly over and over again, repeatedly as His Messenger (pbuh).

      Prophet many sent to local communities only

      Qur'an 4:171; Jesus sign, word of Allah

      "O People of the Book! Commit no excesses in your religion: Nor say of Allah aught but the truth. Christ Jesus the son of Mary was (no more than) a messenger of Allah, and His Word, which He bestowed on Mary, and a spirit proceeding from Him: so believe in Allah and His messengersÂ…"

      Now the last of the Prophets is to be understood because this is the universality of Muhammed the Prophet (pbuh). There were other Prophets who were sent to local communities not sent to all people.   Jesus Christ peace be upon him, he is a sign of the last Prophet, he's a sign of many things. He's a sign of the Word of G-d, how the Word of G-d lives in the world and how its treated in the world. He's a sign firstly I should say of the Word of G-d and G-d's way, G-d's Will or G-d's Spirit, that's what he's a sign of, First. But being a sign of that and not being the real thing except in his nature but in his message and in his life, the way he lived it, the way he demonstrated himself, I like to use picture, the way he pictured himself or gave his picture to others. He is only a sign both he and his mother, may peace be upon both of them, only signs. But in his nature he was the real thing, in his own nature he was the real thing, the real human being, the real person receiving this great knowledge and wisdom and everything, he was the real person, he's not just the sign, also he was a real person, which it took me a long time to get. But I finally had to come to the conclusion based upon the evidences that I saw that Prophet Jesus, the Christ peace be upon him was a sign yes, but he was also a reality.

      Jesus suffering tells us mistreat Word of G-d 

      He was also a real person who lived among the people and who did these wonderful things and who presented himself in such a wonderful and beautiful picture as a sign of how the Word of G-d should be seen and how it should live in the world with people and how it should be treated. His suffering tells us "you shouldn't treat the Word of G-d like that, its terrible the way you have treated the Word of G-d", that's what his suffering tells us, yes. And it tells us the human being that is bearing this message to give you this sign is a very special human being because he does not even exist for himself, he's not existing for himself, "oh that's you brother Imam" please don't, I heard you thinking, "he says he does not do this for himself, that's true many others didn't, I'm not Christ Jesus, yes. So any way he is not doing this for himself, he puts himself out of the picture, he doesn't want anybody to see him, he's out of the picture, the human person. And he's only showing you the person who is personifying the Word of G-d isn't that wonderful?          -

      Qur'an 16:30; Heaven now and later fully

      "To the righteous (when) it is said "What is it that your Lord has revealed?" they say "All that is good." To those who do good there is good in this world and the Home of the Hereafter is even better. And excellent indeed is the Home of the righteous"

      Oh this Religion is so wonderful, I wish everybody could see the Religion in its true beauty and greatness, all of us humans would be Religious, Christians, the Jews, the   Muslims all of us would be Religious. There is no better life than the Religious life, its so great that when you're in it really as you should be, you're in heaven on earth, yes you are. You're in heaven on earth and in Al Islam you know we believe that we come into a dimension or a measure of heaven while we live. And if we understand the message of Gospel, the Gospel says the same thing, how does it say it?

      Did I mention that we would be talking about Scripture? I don't want you to be irritated, "this is Ramadan why is he talking about the Bible, why is he talking about Christianity?" I think I mentioned that we would be talking about the Scripture?

      Al Islam's universality, Muhammed the Prophet's (pbuh) universality but from Scripture we're not just talking on our own, we don't perceive any of this correctly or start to perceive it correctly until we start to look for it in the context of Reveled Script or Revelation, alright, yes.

      Last Prophet yet warning come to humans     

      Qur'an 3:30; Allah warns through His soul

      "On the day when every soul will be confronted with all the good it has done and all the evil it has done it will wish there were a great distance between h and its evil. But Allah cautions you (to remember) Himself. And Allah is full of kindness to those that serve Him."

      Prophet Muhammed as the last Prophet (pbuh) thank you, so when we see him as the Last Prophet we are not to see him as the person who got the last warning, G-d is going to be warning human beings forever, as long as we're human beings on this earth. And He will warn those that will never be known as warners, some of you are warners, yes you are, I'm a warner, but I'm not a Prophet in that sense; therefore, we can't be called Prophets.

      So this warner, this particular warner that is the seal of the warners or the Prophets and the last of them how is he that and we are not that, but we all can be warners?   G-d can inspire all of us to be warners, any of us pardon me to be a warner, okay. And that continues, that's not going to stop, G-d is not going to stop doing that, G-d will be warning us through women, through men, G-d will be warning us and through things. But things won't be called warners, human being are called the warners.       

      Prophet, Scripture from G-d  

      So G-d will be warning us, they are not the last, so is it okay for us to called the Hon. Elijah Muhammed a Prophet then since he was a warner? No, its not okay, because in proper Religion you can't give that title to warners unless G-d has them in His plan for mankind. So these warners we call Prophets in Scripture, Scripture means G-d gave this and somebody wrote this, but G-d is the Speaker, G-d was the Giver of that body of knowledge. So if G-d is the Giver of that body of knowledge and those warners are in that body of knowledge, in the Scripture then they are the warners that G-d selected for a specific job, for a specific plan for mankind on earth. From the first one to the last and to understand these warners that G-d selected that are called Prophets entitled to the words Prophet meaning that they are G-d's Prophets, that's the difference. They are G-d's Prophets.

      Now G-d has given us the nature to be warners and to get help from Him but are we G-d's Prophet's? No, we're G-d's creation, we're not G-d's Prophets, we are our families prophets, we are our neighborhood's prophets etc, we are our friends prophets, but you can't use Prophets that's only for His servants, you have to say warners. You have to use the literal language, the literal translation, warners. We are warners, alright, that's important to understand and because this makes us uncomfortable, when we are hearing this said that there will be no more Prophets, some of us not all of us, but it makes some of us uncomfortable until we understand it.

      We're uncomfortable because we know G-d is still warning and G-d have people who are very sensitive and they are still able to pick up things that others can't and warn people of things that they can't see or know, we still have human beings like that. So we now know that, we feel a little uncomfortable with this saying that there will be no more Prophets, since Prophets means warners. And we know that there are some warners.

      ... We know of some there are some warners warning us about the way we live, warning us about the way we see our life in the future, warning us, the nature never changes, the Will and Law of G-d never changes. So we have to understand G-d's plan separate from our nature, ok? Separate from our powers as human being or from our attributes as human beings. We have to understand G-d's plan and understand that when G-d says "this is My servant and he is the last, seal of the Prophets" G-d is addressing His Plan and His Plan has always been since man, the creation started, even before creation the Plan for it was with G-d. So it was existing all the time with G-d. And then He cause it to exist, materialize, ok. So He is saying "in My Plan for mankind to guide him, My Plan for his guidance alright? In My Plan for his guidance I had to first - - one Adam, that's the first one Adam, peace be upon Adam. I gave them Adam and everyone following Adam as a Warner or as a Prophet I gave them those individuals, I selected them and I gave them, the mankind, the families or the nations, those persons because I needed them in My Plan for the life and guidance of mankind, that's the way you understand that?

      So if that is the case at some point G-d would have everything in His Plan, hence at some point we must have a last Prophet and that last one is the Seal of the Prophets. Now if that isn't clear something is wrong with your mind, you need some extra help and I hope you get it but get it from some of these fine students that I got out here. You probably won't hear anything from me on this again, alright. "Oh he's going to die", I don't see it, I don't know when, when I see it I'll let you know, "well you all tighten up, I won't be with you long", yes alright, praise be to Allah (swt).

      Seal of Prophets is authentic representative and hope

      So that's the way we understand the Last Prophet and the seal of the Prophet, when you bear the seal of someone that means you are the authentic representative of that one. So Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) is the authentic representative of all the Prophets before him, all of them, but what else is that saying? That says that he is their hope, every Prophets hope was to have Muhammed the Prophet (pbuh), they couldn't be him but they were struggling in their own nafs, self or soul to be as much of Muhammed as they could be.

      So Allah sends sends (swt) Muhammed (pbuh) as a picture of the human being He wants in Adam, He sends a picture of the human being he wants in Noah, each time He's given you more of the features of that human being He wants. He finally sends you Muhammed the Prophet (pbuh) with all features of the human man He wants. And he's the seal of the Prophets because their human nature was to fulfill that prescription that G-d had in their nature too. That's why G-d had Muhammed (pbuh) say, G-d tells Muhammed to say "say to them I'm the mortal human being just like you", says "Qul anaa basharum methlukum" "say to them I'm the mortal human being just like you".

      "T "Ta marbuta" symbol for "And

      Now what does this have reference to? Because you're talking about tying a knot, right? So you know when you say and, you can make and with a sign, different signs but one is a tie "and" you're connecting something that went before with something coming after. So the symbol for "and" in English is like that m. 53 [__} right?

      And actually its "Ta marbuta" for those who understand what I'm saying. Our symbol for and is "Ta marbuta".

      Say "no brother Imam "Ta marbuta" has two dots over it" they put the dots after Muhammed (pbuh), Muhammed (pbuh) was gone when they put the two dots there, this is history, am I right or wrong? ,

      Connect knowledge

      So history says they put the dots after Muhammed (pbuh) not before, the first Qur'an had no dots. So our English, this Western world has a symbol for "And" and its just like that, its "Ta marbuta". "Marbuta" means tied is that right? From "Rabita", "Ta marbuta", ok. So we are to make connections and my advice to you is just don't study knowledge. Study knowledge and try to see its relevant connections, that's the way scientist study and that's the way Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) taught us to study, his original, first followers. He taught them to study with the object of trying to see relevant connections.

      When you study the Qur'an, you want to profit from it, you want to benefit from your studies the most, be aware that what went before had some connection with what's following it, its all connected.


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