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I'm Making In The Earth A Khalifah

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    10-13-2006 Ramadan Session I m Making In The Earth A Khalifah By Imam W. Deen Mohammed Getting back to where I was with this discussion. G_d says He s making
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      Ramadan Session

      I'm Making In The Earth A Khalifah

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed


      Getting back to where I was with this discussion. G_d says He's making in the earth a khalifa. Now, an individual ruler is he called kahalifa, or khalif? Khalif. If you say khalifa you're speaking of his reign, his rule not him personally. So G d doesn't say, "I'm making a khalif in the earth". He said, "I'm making a Khalifa in the earth. I am forming a rule, a governmental order in the earth that is going to be supported by human excellence. And it won't work without My Own Spirit in it. But once I have put into it My Spirit then you make your sajda to it". "That's what He told the angels. So this is a divinely inspired republic (bringing the language to agree with our language). We don't want to speak our language. We don't have to keep saying khalifa. This is a divinely inspired republic.

      Now, you students, if you don't know the meaning of a republic you should look it up. Republic didn't start with the West. Republic goes way back and people came in out of republics. They come to the concept, it works beautifully with them for a certain time in history; wild people, crazy people, people with a different mind, dictators get into power and the republic is gone. But in time the republic comes back just like human excellence comes back. Now should we look at the Republican Party? Yes. Look at it again and see how far it is right now from being a reflection of a true republic. You are talking about a party. I'm talking about the real deal.

      If you study the nations of Islam right now some of them are republics even though they have a lot of trouble politically in terms of their political ideology. But they present themselves as republics.

      Well, I don't know, some things I hesitate to say to you because even you who have good intentions, beautiful souls, beautiful people, you have good intentions but you are holding on to a spider web; and you think that is what is keeping you from falling. You won't let go of that spider web. So if I say something that will make you have to let go of the spider web you will just hold on to the spider web. And you think that spider web is holding you up. You are too big, too heavy. You're human. That spider web is not holding you up. You can let it go, you are not going to fall.

      The closest ideology for authority over the people providing for them an ideology or a political ideology to govern their lives as a governmental order or a political order, the closest to what Allah planned in scripture before Qur'an and in Qur'an is what we find in the language of the founding fathers for this Constitution, in this society that we have. And I can prove it.

      The royal family of Saudi Arabia they know that they have to make changes. It is slowly coming and the pressure is on them. The pressure is getting stronger and stronger. They know they are going to have to give up that family rule of the people. That is un-Islamic. I love them, too, and I'm still a member of the Supreme Council of Masjids in Saudi Arabia; just like I love our brothers from the Nation of Islam and I'll be their friend until I die. I am going to die their friend, but I'm not pleased with the way their head is situated. "Oh, he's talking about Farrakhan." I didn't say his head. Their head, I'm not pleased with the way their head is situated. "Oh,"their head is Farrakhan." Not necessarily. Farrakhan is here now and he will be gone like I will. But those brothers are already situated in their thinking. And Farrakhan is afraid to turn them around himself. He is afraid there might be a terrible consequence if he tries to turn them around. Then he looks at what he's enjoying. Such is life.

      The ideal society, the way it is supposed to be organized so that all of the members of it come under the one authority, the one and the same authority and it is fair and equally fair by all member; it isn't favoring one over the other. It should not favor one race over the other. It should not favor rich over the poor or poor over rich. Some of us would like to see the poor put over the rich. Now, I won't do that until the poor get rich.

      We have to get our heads together. Allah has blessed us to come through an experience that in my understanding and in my knowledge was a divine intervention. Do you hear what I'm saying? A divine intervention to situate us to get where we are now under my leadership. And now the way is open and clear and the best of the people of the world they will respect the turn that I made. And the Christians, I met Pope John Paul II, a wonderful man, a great man, a great soul. I met him. I didn't know that was possible but I had to meet him. The desire was in me to meet him and do you know what my idea was? G_d was working with me and I did not even know it.

      The name of the Honorable Elijah Mohammed was heard at the Vatican

      My idea was if the son of Honorable Elijah Muhammed... I couldn't go to Protestants, to the Baptist convention, but I thought there was a small chance that the Pope would accept me to visit him. I thought it all the time and when I heard that my friend Reverend Jessie Jackson he went there, visited and had an audience with the Pope, I said if the Pope received him he just might receive me. I said just might because I am the son of the Honorable Elijah Mohammed and I don't have any sheepskins. I don't have anything from them. They can't contact any institution or school of theology, classes or anything. I have not been there. But, I said to myself "I believe there is a possibility".

      So I put little something out there fishing to see what would happen. And nothing happened for a few years, and finally Abdul Malik Muhammed, my former partner, he had lived in Washington and Baltimore and he knew of Cardinal Keeler. So he said, "I think you can get the visit". So he went and talked to Cardinal Keeler, actually he is the bishop of Baltimore. He gave me an audience. I told him exactly what I expressed to others and Abdul Malik was one of them. And he said "I think it can be arranged" and Cardinal Keeler arranged it. The okay was given for me to go and visit the Vatican and I visited the Vatican and I met with the Pope. I was invited back again and went with top leaders from around the country in the presence of the Pope while he sat there and I delivered a short speech very carefully worded, very carefully worded. And the name of the Honorable Elijah Mohammed was heard in the Vatican, in the Pope's ear and in the ears of those special leaders who had come there from around the world, among them Muslim leaders too from the Islamic world. Yes, I gave my speech and sat down, went back to my seat and sat down. I said to myself, "If I can get a visit to the Vatican and be in the presence of the Pope we will be known all over world. And we will be known in the right picture because what I'm going to say in his presence is what I want to be heard all around the world; that we are a new people, a special people and the Honorable Elijah Mohammed had more than one feature". He had a feature that you saw and a feature that he revealed, or he shared with close friends like my brother, Imam Muhammad from Nashville, Tennessee. He was welcomed in my father's house as a blood brother of the Honorable Elijah Mohammed. He sat at his table, ate with him, laughed and talked with him. They had good times together. Not just minster business, they had human business together, praise be to Allah.

      Allah made Muhammed for the whole universe

      I said all that to say this, don't underestimate your value in the world of human beings, in the world of religious orders, religions. You are like the pagan Arabs who have been converted from shirk or from paganism and you are not familiar with the Qur'an and you are not familiar with the Bible as scripture. You know Christianity. When you were Christian, you knew it by faith, not by knowledge, not by logic. So, you have to support me by faith. Some of you come and listen to me and say, "Okay, are you finished, brother Imam? "Yes, I'm finished". "Well, that speech was the best talk you ever gave." How do you know? Do you have the knowledge and insight to give me an A, B, C, D, F or whatever? Give it up man. Turn back from that and follow me on faith".

      When Allah gave Muhammed to that environment he was in he was not to stay there. Allah made Muhammed for the whole universe, for the world, all people, all nations, but he was immediately placed among the Arabs. And when he began speaking to them they could not understand much but they knew his character. They knew his truthfulness, his honesty. They knew his high human worth among them. They knew all that. So they followed him based upon what they knew of him as a wonderful, special person of excellence, on the highest level when it comes to character. They knew that.

      But his knowledge they differed with him. Didn't they? That is what caused the problem. It was not his character it was his knowledge that G_d gave him. When he started to speak that knowledge it interrupted their thinking and interrupted their way of life and everything, then they had a big problem with him. But the problem was not with him as a person.     

      And you all, I know you have little things to say about me too. "Well, I heard when he was a boy he used to go to dances." I still want to dance! But I wasn't a bad dancer. I wasn't indecent. I wasn't trying to take some woman to bed off of the dance floor. I knew how to leave her there or take her home and not touch her. I was human. I was a teenager and a human teenager. Did I like pretty girls? You bet I did! Did I like to hold them in my arms and dance? You bet I did! But you know looking back on my life after waking up and getting a higher understanding of what my behavior should be as a creation of G_d, some of the things I prayed many times for Allah to forgive me for that. And I just stopped praying after a while. You know I said, "G_d has given me all of this help with the Qur'an; all of this help with Muhammed, the Prophet. He has given me all of this help and I am reaching people and goodness is growing, why should I ask him to forgive me. He has already forgiven me! He did more than forgive me. He forgave me and then showed me mercy".

      The most beautiful nation is in the wilderness of North America       

      I just want to say to you all in the words of Mr. Fard, "I can sit on top of the world and tell anyone that the most beautiful nation is in the wilderness of North America"! - And believe me, that is not exaggerating a bit. I've shared this with you all on many occasions. When I was as a young minister on Greenwood, that is where the temple was in Chicago, one day, I think it was a night when I gave this address at the Temple. I said, "We need to see our self as a new people on this planet earth". I said, "Yes, there are Africans, but they are no new people. They are in Africa. But we are not African anymore. We have been completely separated from that lifeline, so we are not African anymore". Now if we are completely separated from our lifeline with Africa then we are a new people. And if we not comfortable with our existence as a people in this new circumstance on these Western shores in America then that tells me as a people, spirit-wise, customs, etc. we are not yet formed as we want to be formed. So actually we are a new people forming or trying to be formed in the United States of America.

      I think that will be true of the Islands, also; wherever we are existing. I went down to South America and there are many of us in South America, in Brazil and the way they ran and greeted us when I was down there. Do you know what they said? It was years ago when Muhammed Ali was still floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee. They saw us, they knew we were from the United States they came in a crowd it looked like of a 1000 youngsters or more. They started running towards us saying, "Ali, bumbaye. Ali, bumbaye". We could see that they were so happy to see us; our people.

      Now what is it that caused them to gravitate toward us like that? Is it that they have the same genes or the same ancestral life that we have? Not necessarily. In fact I do not that is what brought them to us in that spirit. What brought them to us in that spirit is that we are people of the same experience. Environment and what you experience that is what shapes your spirit. It leaves impression on your spirit. It forms your spirit. It forms your spirit in you all over again when you are subjected to a different environment and a different experience over a period of generations. So this is what formed the people. So we are a people of one spirit. The spirit determines your life. We are a people of one spirit.

      Their spirit is that we are put down by the world. Their spirit is that the world doesn't think that we are of the same human value that they are of; that our human value is less than theirs. That is their spirit. And we are social rejects. That is what we were. And they were social rejects. And we were brought here to be slaves. They were brought there to be servants, indentured servants, or slaves, the same. And they look at their faces and say, "They are not one of us. You all stay to yourselves." The same thing was in South America that was here. And I don't care how much freedom we have been given and how good things look, on the whole most white people still have that same spirit when it comes to us.

      Don't fear the criticism of the criticizers

      They accept your rights, "But please stay to yourselves!" And that's exactly what we should do more so at this time than any other time in our history of thousands of years in Africa and America. Now is a time for us to stay to ourselves and build a model society; and answer G_d's invitation that He extended to the Islamic world, "Let there come out of you a community upholding the best of what I have revealed and given to you in Muhammed and not being afraid of the criticism of any criticizer!" That is Qur'an. You will be the ones that will be successful.

      Well, I say the covenant has lost it bearers and we are picking it up. We are going to carry the covenant. Yes, we are going to carry the covenant of G_d here in America and we are going to establish a people and a community inside of this Unites States of America that will be a witness, that will be a testimony, before all the nations of the world that a marvelous thing has been done by G_d here in the United States of America. And I am telling you that our model will have more power to convert the world to Islam than anything they ever had going for them other than Prophet Muhammed himself and the best of his followers at that time.

      So don't doubt. You don't have enough insight. You don't have enough scholarly knowledge to test me with what you know. So please accept my faith in you and be like I am by you. I want you and I accept you on faith. I accept you because I have faith in you. Okay, you accept me because you have faith in me and don't let those so-called scholars and learned people who just don't want to see anybody in America recognized as an authority for Islam but themselves. Now I'm not pointing at any ethnic group or race because all of them are like that.

      The focus is on human life      .

      So don't let them get into your head and mess your mind up and tempt you with theater garments and whatever, draw you into Alladin and his lamp time. Don't let that happen. Ali Baba and the 40 thieves, Alladin and his lamp, that is what I see when I look at a lot of you all, the way you act and the way you dress, and the way you make over a little soft tree stick called the miswak. Your sandals, your stage garments, I'm telling you.. .and it is not a regular theater. It's one that twists your head. So don't let them play with us like that. Our Lord Who created us has made us very special and we don't want to the shame the high place that He has invited us to...

      The focus is on human life, man in the universe, mind, human mind, in the universe. That is what we mean by man, mind, because man if you look it up in the dictionary it is plural. It means male and female not just males. When we say man and we say man in the focus that we have, this is religion, G_d's revelation, we're talking about the plural body that is male and female.

      So man and the universe, that is what we're talking about and how Allah made the universe for the mind of human being to engage and in turn as we seek to know what the universe says to our human mind we get something to put or add to our perception of the universe and the things inside the universe. So this engagement is like the universe is alive, too. The universe is communicating to our mind and our mind is communicating to the concept that we see and the concept is growing. The universe is changing its picture. It is just growing. It is becoming a living thing with so many beautiful natures and beautiful identities that we never saw before because of our intelligence discovering these things. So it is an interaction. And then we take that knowledge and apply it to our circumstances down here in the neighborhood and that knowledge grows up the life of neighborhood. It makes the community more beautiful, more intelligent and more productive. This is what we want and this is what we are going to have. So this is where we are. And I am going to will dwell on human identify so much and for long you are going to think that human identity is Kabah. Thank you.

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