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Yielding The Will To G-D

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    07/22/1977 Yielding The Will To G-D By Imam W. Deen Mohammed (raa) With the Name of Allah , the Merciful Benefactor, the Merciful Redeemer As Salaamu Alaikum
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      Yielding The Will To G-D

      By Imam W. Deen Mohammed (raa)

      With the Name of Allah , the Merciful Benefactor, the Merciful Redeemer 

      As Salaamu Alaikum

      Dear Readers,

      The Holy Qur'an teaches that Allah is Self-Sufficient, Independent of all the Creation—not just us here (the Earth) but all the total Creation. Allah has created it. He did not create it so He would feed from it; He created it so that we would feed from it. How can the Creator be one who has to create for Himself some food to eat. The Qur'an teaches that Allah is the One who feeds but is not fed; He lives and does not die.

      The idea about human beings, messengers, or prophets being G-d is due to the people forgetting or losing sight on the main object in religion and taking up the habit of trying to enrich themselves in knowledge so they can claim to be an unquestionable authority. 

      Once knowledge becomes the attracting thing for us and we come to G-d to seek knowledge—not to obey G-d—then the next step is going to be the worshiping or setting up of ourselves or some other to worship.

      Only Allah can save us from corrupting our worship. As long as we worship for the sake of Allah, seeking His pleasure, seeking to please Him and not for any personal motive or gain except honest gain, then we are going to be safe. But, the moment we begin to seek Allah for any selfish kind of thing, we are going to lose the proper worship. To please Allah, we must live the true' Muslim life as exemplified in Prophet Muhammed about 1,400 years ago.

      The Qur'an teaches us over and over again that Prophet Muhammed is not a G-d, Prophet Muhammed is not an angel, Prophet Muhammed is not a supernatural being. Prophet Muhammed is the Messenger of G-d to all the world—a human being, a mortal messenger. That is what the Qur'an teaches us to protect us. Nothing can serve us as a G-d but G-d. The Qur'an teaches that anything else except G-d is going to ruin life and degrade the human being.

      What is there for the human being to worship except the Creator, who created everything— the One to whom he owes his existence and all of the growth or progress that he has made? Allah is the only One he can worship.

      You may say, "Oh, worship such and such a person; such and such son of G-d." What son? Prophet Muhammed was given the revelation (the Qur'an) which teaches, if G-d ' desires sons, He only has to create them. He does not have to find a wife or girlfriend to "birth" some men on earth. Whenever He wants an obedient man on Earth, He just creates him. He created Adam. He did not get a wife or look, for a girlfriend and say, "Well, let us make man; where are our wives?"

      The Qur'an teaches us that the likeness of Jesus is the similitude or the parable of Adam, and Adam was made from the dust of the Earth. Allah is telling us this so that we will know there is only One Creator. Everything else is Creation and has no equal status with Him.

      If Allah makes a human being from the dust of the earth, and if people in religion accept this idea that G-d made human beings from the Earth, then can't that same G-d who had the power to make a human being from nothing but earth make an obedient person? He doesn't have to look for a flesh and blood virgin. No—Allah doesn't need any virgin women to form or bring about righteous men. He can bring about righteous men from filthy, unclean women. And, life tells us that every day. We see children who are products of filthy, ignorant homes. They are the products of parents who are unclean, immoral and ignorant but we see often a good, upright, highly moral conscious son or daughter born to those unfit parents.

      Dear beloved Muslims— Islam is salvation. It is called in the Qur'an, AI-Islam. Islam means submission, yielding, surrendering ourselves to the Will of Allah in peace (peaceful yielding or peaceful surrender). Al-Islam means that 'religion or that discipline or yielding of the spirit and will to G-d that is given to us by G-d. It is not just any yielding. It is not the Hindu way. They have religious disciplines and they practice too, the yielding of the will. The Buddhists and many others practice the yielding of the will, but in the Qur'an we are told that this one is AI-Islam. G-d has ordered this particular yielding of the will and it is the correct and perfect one.

      We have this religion (Al-Islam) which is the salvation of all human beings and we have as our example, a human being— not an angel and not a supernatural person. How far can I follow an angel? When the angel goes out of my territory, I can't follow. And, when he comes in my territory, I doubt if he can follow. Similarly, it goes for a human being trying to follow a supernatural being.

      But, G-d gives us a human being and G-d says in the Qur'an: Had the Earth been populated with angels, I would have sent you an angel as a messenger. But, since the earth was populated with human beings, I sent you a human being as a messenger. This is the teachings of the Qur'an.

      If the human being comes and says: "I am only a human being; I have to sleep. I have to eat, I have to die, I get sick, I want a wife, I have to marry, I have to obey laws—then that human being sets an example for us. We have no excuse with G-d for not following that example.

      Peace be to you!

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